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I recently sat down with the editor of the alternative media channel, Ickonic. What unfolded was a deep and revelatory journey through the multidimensionality of life on our planet and in the galaxy. Humanity is emerging from the shadows of intervention. We're forging soul and shaking of the karmic shackles to come into a new 5D paradigm. Explore the material, be inspired to begin your 5D Ascension Shift.

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I found this quite interesting - a translation of the Sumerian Tablets that shows the Annunaki leadership were aware of the inbound Solar Micro Nova event 9,800 BC. That's fascinating because it's right at the time we would have expected the arrival of the last Galactic Superwave. They clearly had advance warning that the surface of the planet would be deluged in a flood. The translations are a bit clunky, but very interesting to take note of.

Here are some of the translations...

After the Deluge, I will return the Sumerian Lands Beyond the Oceans! So, did Ninurta proclaim this? Nannar, Enlil's firstborn on Earth, has a peculiar wish: he wishes for the Deluge to survive not in Earth's skies but on the Moon. Enki arched his eyebrow; Enlil, though perplexed, gave his approval. Ishkur, the youngest son of Enlil, has decided to remain on Earth with his father. It was decided that Nannar's Earth-born children, Utu and Inanna, would remain. Enki and Ninki chose to remain, and Earth did not abandon their decision; they announced it with pride. Igigi and Sarpanit cried out, "I will not abandon!" Marduk's response was one of anger. One by one, Enki's other sons declared their intention to remain: Nergal and Gibil, Ninagal and Ningishzidda, and finally, Dumuzi. When all eyes were on Ninmah, she proclaimed with pride, "My life's work is here!" I will not abandon the human beings I created! Her words infuriated the Anunnaki and Igigi, who inquired about the Fate of the Earthlings. Let the inhabitants of the Earth perish for their abominations, declared Enlil. Enki exclaimed to Enlil, "We have created a marvellous being"; it must have been due to our efforts. Enlil responded with his own shouted words: From the beginning, each choice you made was correct! You granted Primitive Workers procreation and endowed them with knowledge! You hold the powers of the All-Creator in your hands.

The video might be worth a perusal...