Kundalini or Cold/Flu Symptoms??

Yesterday i was either experiencing a really bad Cold/Flu Symptoms or Kundalini symptoms??

In the early part of the day I felt very strong tingling sensations all over my body, especially the legs and arms, this seemed very odd and it did not quite feel like what i was used to experiencing when the Col/Flu symptoms started. I had a very minor headache as well and felt very sluggish and sort of dizzy or buzzed; something was definitely happening or starting? Being at work this was very awkward and uncomfortable, i went to my daily meditation at lunch and felt very apprehensive to do my regular Kundalini mediation that i had been doing more and more of lately, actually i did not even do much spinal breathing, I just practiced basic breathing in and out and tried to feel my body, after the 45min mediation the symptoms had subsided but i was not completely me (at this point i was still not sure if this was a Cold/flu or Kundalini symptoms)?
As i arrived home it had subsided more but i was very tired and went to bed much earlier than usual...after a very good night’s sleep and much rest the Symptoms are completely gone!? I meditated for 1 hr today and felt strong energy, but i felt it more than usual and i had a landing or knowing of sorts that came to me, that landed in my awareness...I was becoming more familiar with this new Energy that had been flowing in my body the last few weeks and i was now able to master it more, but not control it but to let it freely flow through me, it felt like i was connecting with something new!? A dance of sorts that I was developing with it.

I feel this was indeed Kundalini Symptoms more and more, regardless i know how this Experience felt and how i am still feeling (peace, serenity and joy) and that is what matters.


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I appreciate you taking the time to respond Open...much appreciated :-)

Hi Steve - yes I'd say that's right. You've been releasing energy through your body, which then activates density - the flu symptoms in this case.

When pretty much all the density has gone, then the kundalini will rise strongly.

It's just a matter of keeping on working with it.

Open *OK*