Lessons learned from a year without showering

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Hi all - that was a great article Samantha - amazing what can be done. How wonderful to connect with nature bathing outside in natural waters rather than our chlorinated and polluted tap water.
I have been using Lisa's home made lemongrass soap - completely natural and the lemongrass smell is divine -

ps Lisa if you read this - the bar you gave me on new years eve has just run out!!!

Love and hugs to you all Myra x


Hahaha Yeah, you got that right! :-D

And maybe then I should come again soon, to supply a new one? haha

And I forgot to say something about bath/ hot tub. Aaaaah! If there is no lake, pond or stream around, and the body needs some water time... bath can be such a priceless gift. Sigh.

I love you, Trin-Trin <3



The link is a very happy link, and this is how it was meant to be :)

Now, in the 'real' world we're living in, I've tried both with and without shower. My deduction:

It depends where you live and on your lifestyle. There is a big difference between living in nature and living in the city, and a big difference between somebody who barely moves and sweats and somebody working, let's say, all day gardening under an Israeli sun, sweating his guts off, and getting covered with dirt and sweat n'stuff, and lives far away from a natural water source.

In the city: If you don't shower in the city, you will collect a lot of chemicals and pollution on your skin, which will also penetrate the protective layer and get into the blood stream. The same with hair. Not to mention the energetic pollution that is also absorbed by the energy field and the bodymind. And I will carry it around for as long as I don't shower, and I'll feel it, especially if sensitive.

The same goes about showering without soap in the city. Water is also polluted and too hard (high salt concentration) for the skin and stratum cornea. In other words, soapless water, unsoftened, will damage, clog the pores and peel the protective layer away. Soap softens the water and helps remove the 'unnatural' dirt.

After a couple of years of trying things and experimenting with dosages, as well as trying all kinds of eco-friendly soaps and shampoos, I came to conclusion that I should shower every time I get back home from outdoors (in the city), with soap that I found is good for my skin in combination with the local water!!! which is different for every water source used in a given area. It can take months to find the right one, by watching the skin's and hair's response. The same shampoo that was great for me in Binyamina (north), destroyed my hair in Givataim (center). Dr Bronner's soap is a disaster combined with hard Israeli water, etc

This has taught me a lesson: there is no one rule that is correct for all under all circumstances. It is a continuous search for balance in a given state. So, if at the moment I don't live in a natural, clear world, but in a poisoned environment, then I should make my choices according to my body's and soul's response, according to the situation, and not some ideal.

It is a different story in nature. And the sad truth is that there is no nature in its pure form today. Everything is polluted. So again, I would watch and feel out.

About the smell... I know people who eat everything and don't smell at all. For all the rest diet can play a big role. So it might be also about finding what is right for the 'belly' :) before stopping showering. For people with oily hair and skin, maybe watching all those nuts and seeds and oils, etc... can make a difference. There is an amazing fruit-based diet that I tried, 80 10 10, that really helped with that. But it didn't help with skin hydration problems I have since childhood.

Anyway, it is an exploration for each and everybody, to find individual balance and rightness, both with the body and environment. This is what I believe is right.


I love this Samantha - thanks for sharing.
Early in my journey I was encouraged to wash but without soap - just plain water. It's awesome if you eat a purely plant based diet. The body cleans itself - just as it should. What's more, you feel more connected into the field. There's no unnatural substances and toxins creating energetic barriers.

Time to find the Original Human in us once more!

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