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Beautiful Nature

I felt to start a new thread here for us to share on "Beautiful Nature". It's about reflecting the tremendous beauty that we still have left, and the stunning connections of consciousness that happen with creatures. It must surely be the case that their consciousness is going through a quantum shift. What do you observe and feel happening?

Anastasia Energy

This is probably a question for Open but anyone with insight is welcomed to share! I was wondering how does Anastasia energy relates to Openhand energy. In my opinion, i feel that both energies are complimentary and can connect/bridge. There are a series of books which i read a while ago but i think the main idea is about creating a Space of Love where all energies (human, plant, animal ...) can harmonize which offers one way to achieve human being full potential.


I'm feeling to relocate myself, possibly to Spain where the living costs are quite reasonable and the weather is nice.
First I thought it would be fun to have a house mate, then the feeling started to grow further and now I feel it would be wonderful to build a commune with like minded people. Who are more like minded than fellow Openhanders, right? :-)
I'm putting it out there, let's see what happens.

Raptor Consciousness and familiarity

I've found myself drawn to the Jurassic Park theme music often in the last few years. Aside from it being a truly beautiful piece of music (especially if you know the original film), it seems to hold so many reflections for me to learn from.

The Raptor consciousness of excess consumption and dominance is still huge in our world right now. Society continues to consume a huge amount of resources even while talking about the importance of climate change. And this energy has been around for so long, I doubt that it will leave the planet easily.

geothermal thoughts

We've just bought an older bungalow that requires a lot of renovating. Newer homes are totally soulless, have no property/trees, and are filled with chemical laden materials. Older homes are already renovated with the biggest, best and grandest of everything. Those of you who know me know that I don't fit into either of those with much comfort, but we found this wonderful small place with a good sized lot that needs to be totally gutted and then, with tlc, be rebuilt.

Dinner with Dave...living at-one from my cabin

I've been really excited about starting this thread, a place where you can share as little, or as much as you like, about what is going on for you at the moment. I have not always found it easy to find words to express what I feel, so this space is specially dedicated to anyone wishing to start somewhere.
You are amongst friends here, let the words open a doorway to your soul.


Survival tips...and living at-one with nature

Well, the things are not 'that bad' yet and might not get that bad ever, but it feels like getting my survival 'cookbook' ready, just in case, and I share here whatever info one might need when it comes to survival.

Ususally, unlike all the important can't do without long list of stuff average person might feel he needs, when it comes to survival, there are only 4 things needed and sought after during tough times, in order of decreasing importance: drinkable water, food, staying warm when it is cold outside and 'disinfection'.