Anastasia Energy

This is probably a question for Open but anyone with insight is welcomed to share! I was wondering how does Anastasia energy relates to Openhand energy. In my opinion, i feel that both energies are complimentary and can connect/bridge. There are a series of books which i read a while ago but i think the main idea is about creating a Space of Love where all energies (human, plant, animal ...) can harmonize which offers one way to achieve human being full potential.

Open talked about the islands in the storm during the Great 5D shift. I feel like the settlements that Anastasia talks about could be one way to manifest those islands.

There are a lot of resources on the web. I am just offering one link i found with some overview.

With Love,

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I am almost if not always contemplating something or other. It seems I have a plethora of idea's ranging from absolute fantastical froo froo style to downright life changing and I share them constantly with everyone I know.

The sustainable community living style concept is not just my own, it's been an extremely large thought-form in the universe for awhile now. Yet for me, it is a "timeline" moment. Right here and right now is exactly where I need to be, not just for myself but for my family. Yet this does not stop me from researching codes and designs and areas. I know it will be south of me, an area that is close to the Ocean, the forest, the desert and mountain. Exact locations though I'm not sure "yet." It's like Ive seen it, but haven't actually seen it if you know what I mean.

As far as the idea/concept etc, its for anyone to just take a hold of and bring to fruition. Which many many people here in Oregon are doing right now.


Imagine a living and breathing house of plants and creatures that naturally blends with the landscape and is part of it. Imagine a space of love unique with its own vibration where you or your family lives which reflects your soul vibrations in harmony with all other life in that space playing its own song. Its own microclimate. And you may have many but different of these spaces together by choice. That's what i imagine when i tune in to my soul.
As Jane said: "the path to these communities starts with whereever we are. And then from there following the pull of authentic unfolding." I completely agree with that.

With Love,

Hi Wyndé,
My sense is that the path to these communities starts with whereever we are. And then from there following the pull of authentic unfolding. What blocks your contemplations become actions? Is it attachment to current life or being divinely given to be exactly where you are right now and that authentically inhabiting the present is the only real contemplation?
It's interesting too me that there is already an Openhand community. An etheric one connected through this website growing steadily and creating a web of interconnection around the earth, which, as each member authentically confronts their density builds the bridge, a resonating link to the 5D world.

Heyas all!
I've never heard of Anastasia, but the books look very intriguing to me. It seems to have a very freeing way of being. Perhaps I'll check them out!

I'm not sure if you noticed it Anatoly, but there is a beautiful thought-form in what you said just waiting to jump out of the page and be created lol!

A community, with the open hand type of approach/way of life. I suspect either way that is the direction this world is headed in anyways because most of humanity right now is screaming to be let out of its confined dwelling way.

Let's say hypothetically one would want to create this, you buy an acre of land in the forest somewhere. You then cut down the trees on this acre of land and sell it to a lumbermill. That profit goes to getting permits, developing the land, etc and then creating some 30/60 tiny sustainable homes upon the land. It all depends upon the size really and how close ones comfort to another living nearby is. Either way there is still space for "other things for the community to sustain themselves with."

One day, I want to make one of these type of communities! I've been contemplating it for several years now.


Hello Aspasia and Jane!
I am so happy that you were/are inspired by Anastasia's essence as it also inspired me on my journey before i met Openhand about a year ago. That inspiration has never left me and stayed in the background. As Jane writes:
"What I don't remember, which Openhand works so much iwith, is insight into how to engage head on with that which binds us in the matrix."
I feel this is exactly where Openhand approach and Anastasia's ideas of settlements (Space of Love) can connect/complement each other as the 5D shift unfolds.
On several occasions, I was moved to explore some of existing and forming settlements that were inspired by Anastasia's work but i wasn't impressed. And that's understandable as people moving to settlements also brought with them all the challenges that wouldn't dissolve by itself just because living in nature with like minded people. In fact, living in community only highlights all these challenges but at the same time provides the greatest opportunity to breakthrough them as described in Openhand approach.

With Love

Hello again Anatoly!
Anastasia accompanied me for sometime on the path just before I met Openhand four years ago.
Thank you for bring her here.
From the books I remember her vision of the communities living in parallel with (what she didn't refer to as) the matrix.
What remains with me after I've forgotten most of the narrative of the books is what the essence of Anastasia feels like to my system - her presence, Interdimensionality, vitality, humour, athleticism and sexuality and the complete harmony in which she lives nourished intuitively by the leaves, fruits and energy of the forest - pure fifth dimension.
What I don't remember, which Openhand works so much iwith, is insight into how to engage head on with that which binds us in the matrix.
im sure others will have taken more and different memories from the books but, as I think she says in different words, it is the essence, vibe, feeling of her work which resonated something in
Me - like a resurrection. And I recognise this meeting as being part of the synchronicity of Twin flame support I've experienced on my journey.
Thank you Anastasia, thank you Anatoly, thank you Openhand, thank you Jane! *backfips into the water*

Felt to say ‘thank you’ Anatoly for reminding me of Anastasia, especially at a time when I feel very shaky. Her story I haven’t read (yet) but recognise that the books contain universal messages channelled through by a true female shaman. About a year ago, I was in a SoulMotion conscious dance workshop (fell in love with this modality and getting into it more) where I met this woman who upon connecting with she felt convinced that I would love Anastasia’s story because she was a beautiful soul who wants/ed to change the world. Soon after, I did a bit of research on Vladimir, the author, the stories etc but postponed reading the books. At the time I really wanted Anastasia to be real, to exist but now I know that this really doesn’t matter because it already exists within us all. I am thinking (not going into details...) …Anastasia is a name which is also found in Greece and means resurrection/rising/ascension. So, rising by creating/reconnecting with inner and outer spaces of love - an unconditional love for ourselves and ALL life. I don’t feel I need to read the books…Anastasia is in my heart, nature, all animals and each other :) … and referencing Openhand on ‘What is Ascension?:
“We are unfolding into a higher vibrational reality based on unconditional love, joy and mutual respect for all life. This new reality exists here and now all around us; some call the process "Ascension".”

Hi Open,

Thanks for the insight and reflection! It resonates with me as well but not all of it (at least the way it is presented/filtered in the books). Anatoly.