Wonderful Eco Lawyer, Polly Higgins, Journeys On in Spirit.






I feel shocked and saddened to see that Polly Higgins the amazing eco activist lawyer has recently passed aged 50 years. Polly gave much of her life to campaigning for a law to make governments and corporations culpable for ecocide. The light within her shone so brightly it's hard to take in she has left this plane. For anyone else who missed seeing the news, it was broken here:




Polly’s comments are featured in this trailer of The Bentley Effect, a film by long time friend to Openhand, Brendon Shoebridge. 




Love and thanks Polly.

May all your efforts be picked up and carried forwards as the beacon of light which you so brightly burned becomes an eternal flame. <3 <3 <3



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Hi All,

I have just discovered there is a place to add your name to a list of earth protectors and also to donate to help carry on Polly's work, for example by funding small, low lying Island Nations to take International Legal actions.

See Here:


Please join the love!