Raptor Consciousness and familiarity

I've found myself drawn to the Jurassic Park theme music often in the last few years. Aside from it being a truly beautiful piece of music (especially if you know the original film), it seems to hold so many reflections for me to learn from.

The Raptor consciousness of excess consumption and dominance is still huge in our world right now. Society continues to consume a huge amount of resources even while talking about the importance of climate change. And this energy has been around for so long, I doubt that it will leave the planet easily.

So, is it any wonder that its so familiar? I observe many spiritual people who view the raptor consciousness almost as being evil and something to really fight against. And even those who make an effort to work with the energy to transcend, how many notice this: This energy has made us comfortable, given us a feeling of power and has been behind some truly beautiful creations such as many of the man made landscapes in our world and of course the Dinosaurs. Although this is all distorted can we all recognize the beautiful truth behind the energy?

I must admit, although my soul yearns to transcend these energies completely, it does come with a sense of grief as well. To say goodbye to this energy that has been so comfortable and familiar for so long. And it will be different for everyone. For me its particularly associated with over-consumption of food and that wolf-pack energy in team sports - the competitive desire to win.

And I think this is beautifully depicted in the Original Jurassic Park film by the Character John Hammond played by Richard Attenborough. He has a fantastic vision of creation and puts his soul into it, but overseas the amount of consumption that goes into creating it. His favourite line is "We spared no expense!" And his creation is beautiful. Who can forget the scene with the Brachiosaurus or the Tricerotops, or even the magesty of the T-rex on the hunt. But this consumptive energy can't last and eventually destroys itself. The films protagonists escape. And in the final scenes you can really sense the disbelief and beginning of grief in John Hammond as he has to say goodbye to his lifes work.

Its interesting though this energy hangs around as the aligned truth behind it is never fully realised. Hence all the sequels ;)

So, can we accept that this energy is distorted while also acknowledging the beauty and familiarity of it? Can we recognise the aligned truth behind the energy in order to transcend it? That of co-creation where neither side is exploited, that of personal power and the will to carry out these creations?

Here's the theme tune. It has brought me to tears before. You can even recognise the process of the creation and the beauty, followed by the fall and the grief:
0:00 - The idea. What could I create?
1:00 - beginning to realise the vision.
2:00 - Pride in your creation. Ignoring the consumptiveness. Showing off
3:20 - The beauty of the creation
4:30 - The expression of the creation - Magnificence, power, dominance but somehow a beauty in all that.
6:00 - Power - but it cannot last
6:35 - Saying goodbye, grief.
7:15 - The underlying energy is still there.


With love,

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Thanks Open and Tigger for your replies.

Indeed Open I can see what you mean about the applying that wolf pack energy in an aligned way, and thank you for pointing it out. And I totally get what you mean about applying it like a game of chess to the revelation of truth. It can actually be quite fun and interesting watching how the game board plays itself depending on what piece you play. And it can be a challenge to know exactly which piece to play in each moment. Sometimes I overstep and become too challenging and aggressive and sometimes I get the feeling I could have gone further. But other times the aggressive move is the right one, or conversely playing your pawn.

Tigger, thank you for your quote on Dr. Ian Malcolm. He does seem to often be the voice of reason in the movie, but you can also see the predator instinct coming out in him in the scene where he is flirting with Ellie.
Indeed, what we can do and what we 'should' do are often not the same thing as the bigger picture is often overlooked in the name of progress or achievement. I guess the key is to trust that we may not always have the answer and that life will unfold how it wants to.


Rich, I really loved this posting about raptor consciousness because I often forget the beauty and familiarity and I thank you for the reminder. It takes me into softness.

My favorite character in the movie is Dr. Ian Malcolm, especially this: "But your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should." For me it is a reminder of the terrible consequences of genetically modified organisms being masqueraded as food.

love, tigger


Wow Rich - some wonderful explorations for you. Yes, the raptor consciousness does have its beauty. I see as a necessity, there to bind a reality together, so that karma can play itself out. Perhaps the most accurate expression of this energy, is in the Alien series of films with Sigourney Waever and then in the film Prometheus. They're brilliant metaphors, and frequently in the films, you get the odd person trying to preserve it (the raptor consciousness), because of the "majestic purity of it". Strange to say, but it is absolutely perfect in its ability as a predator - to consume. Same as the Veloce Raptors in Juarassic Park. Yes, it is possible to admire that.

You mention the loss of "that wolf-pack energy in team sports - the competitive desire to win". We don't have to lose this as the raptor consciousness is caused to evolve. Consider the martial arts - which I was involved in many times - initially it was perfected as a means of self defense, in brutal, feudal times. Today, the same - perhaps more advanced - skill is applied to sparring; where the aim is to land a perfect technique on one's partner, but without inflicting injury or damage. It takes even more speed, agility and intuition to master this.

And you can take it a step further: you can evolve that 'sparring sense of combat', to the revelation of truth. Like a game of chess, but with ideas and revelations. Absolutely nothing can unwind reality as an accurate idea of truth - a meme - eloquently placed.

That's certainly the evolution of this energy that has occurred in me. I apply it in many areas of my life, in a productive, constructive and motivated way. It can be successfully applied to work with the material, not against it.