North America Sanctuary

Hi there,

I would like to explore the idea of creating self sustainable and resilient terrestrial community of like minded souls resonating with Openhand philosophy laying the foundation on which to build such a community.

The idea is to create a space for 5D living sense here and now in a specific place in North America. This topic is to share ideas and see if there is an interest.  If there is enough interest, the next step would be to create a recurring zoom meeting to explore deeper such a possibility.

Also, check out a related forum topic to cover common ground on creating conscious communities

With Love,


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Hi everyone. 

Great idea Anatoly!

I wish it all the best in being created. 

It's something I'm also very interested in. So, I've created another forum thread for everyone, wherever they are in the world to share experiences and ask questions, so that we may learn from each other and create more communities world-wide. 

I've also linked this thread in the description. 

Much love


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Hi Richard,

I am glad you have created a global space for sharing on this topic!  There is definitely a need to this - we can learn and share from each other worldwide.  At the same time, it is good to have area specifics space for sharing as each place will have its peculiarities, twists and turns.  I have linked this forum topic as well.

I am currently living with my family in North Carolina, USA.  My first sharing of an existing place called 'Mountain Light Sanctuary' not far from Asheville, NC which I frequent. It is mostly a retreat center and gives me a sense of 5D living with nature and people. It inspires me to see how it is possible to co-create with Mother Nature to weave buildings (personal and common areas) and landscaping. The place has a work exchange program and building a tiny resident village.  I am only sharing it as an inspiration of what is possible to co-create with Gaia.  It feels quite magical!




i would be very intetested and have already began exploring; there is a similar type of community being started in Owen Sound, Ontario. i feel a great urge to connect with like-minded people to explore not only our ascension but to help each other unravel and heal all this distorted conditioning that holds us back from evolving. And to be able to live a more authentic, simple, self-reliant, loving and sustainable life outside of the system is not only my dream but my goal. i'm in!💜💜💜🙏Barb



Hi Anatoly - this is a brilliant idea - excellent!
Such ventures always require a  person to lead it, inspire it and manifest it into being. Then others will follow. So if you feel that's for you, then really explore into it and see where it might lead.

I'll stay in the loop for sure.

Open 🙏