Level 1 9th/10th May

I just want to say a huge thanks to Open and Lesley for a fantastic and profound weekend. Also to all the people on the course that weekend who I shared a deep connection with. The course was truly a catalyst. I had 3 profound moments of which I'm still coming to terms with and trying to understand. The type of experience that words cannot describe. Prior to the weekend I was completely afraid of what I was experiencing and had no idea that the pennies would begin to drop with such synchronicity, and it's continuing each day. I feel my vibration has raised, out from the depths of despair I have been in for some time now. My meditations are feeling more and more connected and I'm beginning to trust the answers the universe is clearly showing me.

I really cannot thank everyone enough.

Until our paths cross again, I wish anyone who reads this love and light in there life.

Journey well :) <3


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During my stay at the retreat and for a few days afterward I began to recognise that I was experiencing very subtle emotional states simultaneously. I was both feeling calm and boyount whilst energetically feeling whatever was the topic of conversation. And yet it was more than this because there was an awareness of emotional shifts at a separate level. It was just enough to be able to intervene and soften into an egoic need. Most of this 'morethanme' awareness has subsided, but I remain lighter and calmer. Thanks again

I echo my son's thoughts and add my gratitude to the Universe and it's expression through the Openhand Community. The Openhand experience has been truly inspirational and I would whole-heartedly recommend it to any seeker.

In my reality I have gone from a quasi-intellectual appreciation of my spiritual path to direct experience of my path. Nothing less than revolutionary as well as revelatory. The expansion of continuity consciousness (active kundalini) is now very real. And its expression in me is already nothing short of profound.

My friend's young daughter whom I have not seen in weeks, yesterday exclaimed, "there's something different with you??"

Yes, I said there is. And as the doorways Open and the path continues to unfold I hope to be able to share in gratitude my unique expression of the universe.

Thank you <3


It was so great to see you "lapping up" every second of the course! And wonderful to feel the boundless enthusiasm you found within. It was also great to have some time outside the course connecting with you at the Retreat House.

Until our paths cross again,
Much love,

Commitment is the path I am on now.. As you said in the workshop and your book.. 'Once pandoras box is open there is no closing it' It has truly been the best decision of my life to attend. And I know the universe directed me to openhand :)

Great photo :) Lesley caught the moment perfectly :)

Thanks again open <3

Here's the lovely group of souls who attended the recent Breakthrough (Openhand Level 1) course here in Glastonbury. Currently several are on the level 2 with us, which is in full swing - photos to follow...

Hi Kyle,

Thanks so much for sharing. It was wonderful the way you committed to the work with an open mind and heart. That's when true alchemy can really happen.

Wishing you well on your path

Open *OK*