Lightworkers of the Planetary Shift

Submitted by Open on Wed, 12/07/2022 - 05:07

What does it means to be a lightworker, healer or facilitator of the Great Planetary Shift - what's involved? Exploring this essential topic amongst the sacred stones and crop circles on Facilitator Retreat in Avebury 2022. Join the alchemy and high adventure...

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Very beautiful and touching video. There are no words to describe the retreat in Avebury..and you seemed to capture the essence of it in this video. I also loved the Canine energy that showed up as well- simply Divine. I feel the canine souls here at this time have a pivotal role in the shift as well, which is why they incarnated here at this time. Their energy is simply not of this dimension but rather so much higher. 

So much love to my Openhand family and I feel so blessed to be a part of this shift with each of you. 

Lightworkers, keep your sword of light in action and keep moving Forward!

SO much love,


Fantastic video (as always!) - thank-you for sharing 💙

The ripples of alignment extend far and wide..

Keep them coming 👍

Remy 😊

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire video!  I love the humor that's always present too. 

Thank you to everyone involved in making and sharing this.  Heart


Oh my god! This is such an amazing video. Beautifully shot! Im sure Thomas is behind the camera weaving the magic. It's getting increasingly professional! 

Your words are special as always Open. 

Such great words of wisdom, Cedar

Haha loved Andy's comment in the end. Beautifully Spontaneous! 

Who was playing TT when betsy was speaking..! 

Great to see everyone. Grateful to be in this group and take part in the work! 

I very much enjoyed reflecting back on the marvellous time of high alchemy and adventure we enjoyed amongst the sacred stones and crop circles at the Facilitator Conference in Avebury this year. Dive in with us and soak up the amazing energy. Then let us know what you think of the video. Enjoy 💙

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