Living the Merkabah

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The "Merkabah" is the new configuration of Human consciousness as we transition to 5D Beings. Discover what's involved in activating it and working with it for tremendous benefit in your life as the world teraforms around us. Be inspired from Openhand's DIVINICUS retreat on vision quest in Snowdonia UK...

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It's true - yes, as humungous and impossible as it might sound, the Moon is artificial. 9 Astounding Facts prove it. But then it's essential we dive deeper to explore its impact on Human life that we've all accepted and gotten used to. In my lead article, How the Moon has Impacted All Life on Earth, I've shared direct exchanges with the extraterrestrials that built it, what it actually does, how it works. It makes astounding and sobering reading. For many, it will be quite shocking.

But rest assured, this illumination is the very next step toward empowered liberation.

Once you know the truth of something, you can equalise with it and expand out. In a recent Ascension Exchanges gathering, we progressively expanded out to encompass the moon and Earth within. You can do it, because you are the One. You can even expand out to embrace the Solar System and the Galaxy. Upon which, the Moon is merely rendered as a drop of salt in the ocean, a speck of dust in the desert.

The ancients spoke of a "TIme before the Moon", where life was more balanced and original. Mark my words well, we are returning to such harmony on Earth and within Humanity - a more evolved version of both. The Merkabah holds the key, which we must now orientate toward. It's about purification of the lower bodily vehicles, of mind, physical and emotional; processing karma in the energetic, so as create a chalice to receive the infusion of higher dimensional light.

Sound too fantastical? You can do it - because it's entirely natural. It's only the Intervention, orchestrated from the Moon, that prevents it. And once you become aware of it, then illumination, unravelling and liberation follow. That's exactly what Openhand's latest video is all about. It's taken from the recent DIVINICUS retreat, in the mountains of Wales, where the Red Kundalini Dragon was rising. Be inspired!

Bright Blessings <<< Open đź’Ž

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