Intervention: How the Moon has Impacted All Life on Earth

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I shared recently the 9 Astounding Facts that Prove the Moon is Artificial. It's now essential to explore deeper what the intentional effects are on Humanity and the Planet, so we can work to equalise with them and thereby mitigate them. The impact occurs on many levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. The ancients speak of a "Time before the Moon". Likewise, in meditation we can expand out and minimise the moon once more, by empowerment of our multidimensional being.

The Moon Didn't Come into Earth's Orbit by Chance

If you haven't read the first article, then I commend you to do so. It's a bold statement to say the moon is artificial, but plenty of others have previously expressed similar and the evidence is extremely compelling, the odds infinitesimally small that the moon came to Earth's orbit by chance.

What stands out for me most of all, is the fact that the moon is exactly the right size and distance, with exactly spherical geometry, so as to exactly block out the sun in an eclipse. The chances of this happening naturally are so small as to be inconceivable.

Here is the article: 9 Astounding Facts that Prove the Moon is Artificial

So why is it there, what does it do? What I'm about to share below comes from meditation, informed support from Benevolence, and by actual connection with those who built it - the Annunaki.

The Moon: A Perpetual Energy Device

When you consider the rotation of the moon, only once as it traverses the Earth, this seems totally mathematically inappropriate. The moon is a quarter the size of the Earth and so by gravitational forces alone, you'd expect it to rotate much faster - at least several times. So what slows it down?

The Moon has precise orientation, configuration and distance from the Sun. What I've been made aware of is that the Moon is an energy harvesting and generating device that connects to the Sun through electromagnetic coupling, which the Annunaki creators applied to slow its natural spin down, thus to have a gravitational breaking effect on the Earth - this and its unusual orbit creates, for example, the Earth's tides and slows it's rotational spin down. This in turn creates a reverse gravitational breaking effect within the moon, which then generates energy within it. You could say the Moon is thus a "perpetual energy device".

But harvesting energy in this way is only the beginning of the story. The energy harvested is then applied to the Earth in the 4D morphic and magnetic fields so as to influence, especially Human life. Here's where it gets sticky, but we need to go there so as to equalise with it ♥️

The Hybridisation of Homo Sapiens

By working with several people who've now regressed into past life experiences as a part of this Annunaki intervention, we've been able to piece together deeper insight into the Human hybridisation program of the Atlantean epoch where Homo Sapiens was introduced. I say "introduced" because the genetics, and the 46 chromosomes count, clearly reveal that all Homo Sapiens were genetically hybridised from Original Humans from the Lemurian times. I share the compelling evidence for this in...

DIVINICUS, rise of the Divine Human.

It's always been clear to me that where you introduce a strong weakening effect into the DNA, the beings could evolve out by reintegrating soul and reverse engineering the negative effects - that's exactly what we do in the Openhand work.

And what we've now learned, from the Annunaki genetic engineers themselves, is that they did indeed struggle in the beginning to propagate their genetic intervention (the Humans kept reverting to the original form) and thus they needed a much more precise and systemic oppression. The Moon is exactly that.

(NB: at this point I should add that the Annunaki species are fragmenting into various groups, some of which being ready to acknowledge the tremendous negative impact on humanity and the Earth their Intervention has caused. Hence, if handled in a sophisticated non-judgmental way, they're ready and willing to regress through what happened, accept responsibility and then help bring illumination, which in turn accelerates the emergence).

A Passing Asteroid Comes Their Way

The Annunaki first used the application of sound technology, of which they are masters, to alter the genetic code in the Original Humans. It appears they did so by luring some of the early tribes into believing they'd receive some God-like deification. Actually, the Annunaki believed they were fulfilling this - the introduction of the voice box for example.

There are for example, over 1 million stone circles in South Africa that are very curious constructs I visited during the writing of DIVINICUS. They have no doorways, windows or roofs and the stones resonate sound when struck. When I stood inside one, I could feel my DNA beginning to shift. And so sound resonance was applied to pregnant Original Human Females so as to adapt the DNA of their offspring in the direction of the Intervention Agenda.

These experimental developments happened over many thousands of years - the Annunaki were patient. However, the strength of spirit in the Original Humans kept breaking down the hybridisations - the natural Torus strength, connected into Gaia's flower of life, kept emerging out. How could the Annunaki deal with this problem? (it also speaks directly into how we can emerge out today).

This is where their ingenious sophistication as energetic architects, mastered through the aeons, comes in. They needed a more systematic way of suppressing Earth's Toroidal Flower of Life and that of Humanity too. And then a passing asteroid came their way, which they were able to hollow out from the inside (the physical evidence supports this) and engineer in such a way so as to electromagnetically couple with the Sun and thus slow the Earth's spin down as previously explained. Thus they can harvest an enormous amount of "Free Energy".

The Moon Affecting the 4D Morphic Fields

What they then configured the Moon to do, is to broadcast frequency at the 4D morphic and magnetic levels, which they anchored on the Earth through the construction of various crystalline-containing megaliths. The 4D happens to contain the blueprint for the 3D being - influence the energy body and the adaptations cascade into the 3D. In this case, the intervention frequency particularly adapts the Mitochondrial DNA of the female species. It also affects the hormones of women, and the emotional and mental states (of both men and women).

Consider the menstrual and birthing cycles...

Why should a woman menstruate, bleed, 12 times every year? Why should a large proportion (at least in the early days) have synchronised with the moon?

Humans are quite unique in relation to all other creatures - a newborn baby cannot even walk until at least a year, and then it takes a number of years for it to be able to fully function and fend for itself, hence it needs a great deal of care and attention. So if you consider that an early human female might give birth to and raise, let's say, on average 6 offspring in her lifetime, but is fertile for at least 20 years, why should she menstruate 240 times?

It makes no sense at all. Especially when you consider that frequently so much blood is released (which is strongly different than in apes for example) and there's so much emotional and energetic depletion. What the Annunaki genetic engineers revealed to us, is that the principal intentional effect on humanity was to deplete women energetically (psychologically impacting men also), through their womb power centre, so as to render them less able to resist the hybridisation program and subconsciously making them acquiescent to the Intervention. In this way, the Annunaki have been able, through the Moon cycle, to suppress humanity into the hybridisation program - essentially to enslave humanity into their agenda, which we clearly witness through its systemic grandiosity in society right now, especially with all of the overt machinations since the bogus pandemic.

Phew, take a breather for a moment because yes, it's massive. And the Annunaki we connected with experienced much shame and grief as they recounted this information. But there's more yet to come, including how we unwind out of this, so stay with me, because the time of planetary liberation is upon us. 🙏

Synthetic Womb Implants

Human intervention goes even deeper than this. What has been revealed within the Openhand facilitator work, and again, by reference directly to the Annunaki, is that synthetic womb implants have also been created, and for some women inserted, that suppress the natural workings of the 3D womb so as to birth lower dimensional entities.

Yes, as gross as it may sound, we've actually now directly experienced these implants in one or two women, and I might add, successfully removed them. Illumination is the key, once we activate the 4D field, then you can remove what is unnatural.

These implants include a tentacle that goes up the spine and attaches especially through the sacrum into the emotional body, through the throat chakra thus blocking higher mind, and into the 3rd eye, intentionally to diminish soul sovereignty. There are also 4D earpiece implants to communicate subconscious direction and to gain insight and information as to the progress of the being.

We have now directly experienced the truth of this. In which case, you'd expect to see the impact at the 3D level, because the 4D implant would ripple down. I believe we do see direct evidence of it. Not least in the unnecessary strong menstrual bleeding occurrences, but also with peculiar diseases such as endometriosis, in which tissue similar to the lining of the womb grows OUTSIDE of the womb. And polyps that grow inside. Roughly 10% of all women have the disease endometriosis. Wow! Why should such a genetic disorder, that suppresses natural 3D childbirth propagate through the species to such an extent? Were it naturally occurring, you would have expected it to have bred out many moons ago.

Not only this, but we already have reports from empathically sensitive women becoming aware they have released some kind of energy, as if having a mild birthing experience.

Yes, it's full on. BUT, there most definitely is a way to unravel all of this, where the womb becomes an energetic centre of empowerment reconnecting into the regenerating Toroidal Flower of Life of Gaia. So stay with me, because widespread liberation is coming!

In meditation, these implants can be removed, for which I can share the main stages below. You have to become sensitive and expanded into the 4D energy body. You also must make peace with this intervention, because any sense of anger or victimhood means you're unable to fulfill it. We have to accept that humanity co-created this karmically, so as to empower and evolve out into fully cognisant multidimensional beings within the Galactic Family of Light.

Explore Becoming a Facilitator in Openhand's Advanced Facilitation Program

Reclaiming the Womb as a Power Centre

It's high time to reclaim the womb from the Intervention as a key power centre that helps regenerate the Natural Flower of Life - the Torus, which strips out the Intervention. That's what the Annunaki struggled with in the first place. I should also add this is just as important for men, all of whom will most likely at some point have been incarnated as women - in the process of exploring this, I've already encountered the karmic impact of this in one guy!

With this in mind, I share the meditation approach below. It is advanced, requiring a good degree of energetic mastery, so if you need the support, do reach out to us and we'll connect you with a facilitator able to help you undertake the work.

Womb Empowerment Approach

- First you'll need to empower as the One, recognising that all has been created within you, through you, in order to have a myriad experience of life. This can be done through breathing meditation such as Openhand Breakthrough Breathing
- Centre in the Sacred Ground of Being and anchor into the core of you
- Open and attune the chakras so as to expand into the 4D energy body: Openhand chakra attunement
- Now explore intimately into the womb area, identify anything that feels unnatural and by intentional strength, begin to detach it
- Work up the spine, specially into the sacral cakra, the throat, the third eye and the ear, disloging any implanted material you might sense there
- Connect into the angellic realm and ask them for support to remove the implant
- Now undertake strong "dragon breathing" from the base chakra into the Womb, and then upwards in a similar way demonstrated in this Openhand 5D Shift Podcast: Red Dragon Rising
- Feel the empowered liberation through the Toroidal Flower of Life through your being. Feel the connection of the empowered Womb centre into Gaia.

I'm pleased to say, this approach is highly effective.

The Final Twist

You might understandably wonder, how and why, both humanity and Gaia drew this humungous intervention in the first place! But we must learn to accept the law of universal karma - to empower ourselves by taking ownership of what we create. That way, we have a mechanism by which to become aligned co-creators with the divine - to resolve out such distortion.

A curious fact, sparked for me a chain of inquiry up into the Akashic record - why is the Moon older than the Earth?

I realised the Moon is a hollowed out relic of an asteroid that came from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Material evidence has revealed it was hollowed out from the inside. In the book DIVINICUS, I've shared a phenomenal direct experience with Gaia: she had an aborted attempt at incarnation earlier than Earth, where in the formation of a protoplanet, she was unable to hold the intense gravitational resistance and thus exploded. This is what created the asteroid belt in the first place. Her own karma required she come to Earth and be suppressed so as to contain these kinds of reactive explosions.

How ironic then, that a fragment of her earlier attempted incarnation, should happen by Earth and be applied to suppress her. What goes around, comes around!

I do believe Gaia has processed out this karmic energy now and her Kundalini is rising once more - as evidenced in her increasing Toroidal spin and the activation of her volcanoes. She will ascend into 5, 6 and 7D to shake off the intervention and the Moon will decouple from Earth's orbit at the Pole Shift. What should become of it then? I can imagine a nice warm place in the Sun!

People all acoss the planet are letting go of the old world lunacy and embarking on the journey of Ascension into the new 5D Paradigm. Here's how you can join them...

Openhand Ascension Portal

See you there.

Open 💎

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These last few mornings I've been out in my back garden here at Openhand HQ way before sun up to watch the "Super Blue Moon" (nothing to me about the moon is "super" other than its grandiosity!). What's been fascinating is to watch it waning as Saturn came more strongly into view.

Of course we've had a massive journey here in the Openhand community with regards the moon, revealing its true artificial nature and the intentional negative impact it's designed to have on life here on the planet (scroll up for full article). Since the work we've been doing in the community these last few months, I've actually felt the negative emotional influence of the moon waning. And so as I watched brightness of Saturn seemingly replacing it, the sense as I looked into the night sky was that the natural alignments of the planets and the solar system returning more to authenticity. The feeling of Saturn, which was right on my southerly base line, was very strengthening, realigning and emboldening.

Have you been watching the phenomenon? What does it say to you?


05/07/2023 Shift Update: Crop Circles and the Moon

It's quite stunning how the crop circles speak into the planetary process of the time. Let's be clear, humanity is being spoken to by the Star Being Nations, who are illuminating what's happening in the field and reaching out across the divide.

Openhand has explored recently the massive, orchestrated, systemic effect of the Moon on the Earth and Humanity - how it's influencing especially the 4D Morhpic fields by the harnessing of electromagnetism from the Sun, and then suppressing life energetically on the planet, so as to control it. For a full understanding on this, review my article above: how the Moon is Impacting All Life on the Planet

What I believe we're being shown is now a concerted effort, by Benevolence, to reach out and work with the Ancient Alien Architects of this megalith and to progressively disengage its inner mechanism. To be clear, this must be a gentle, reverse engineering process, that involves those who created it, so as not to cause massive, sudden upheaval on the planet. There has just been a sequence of two crop circles in the same field (which is highly unusual), that to me, clearly speak that this is now going to happen. It's something I picked up intuitively when considering them, after which was confirmed in the dream time. Take a look at the sequence...

Whats does it Say?

Clearly to me, it speaks of the Moon and the Earth. The smaller representing the electromagnetic radiation of the Moon upon the Earth, but crucially, now turned away. Which means that its impact will be progressively negated - let's see how that can happen. And the larger crop circle clearly shows the emergence of the flower of life on the planet, as the Torus now re-establishes itself. Personally, I find the communication quite breathtaking!

What do you see in the crop circles? Do share. Remember, when you connect up with the conscious inquiry, then you're rippling that energy through the field, which has an amplifying effect. And this is all about the freedom of humanity and the Earth.

Bright blessings

Open 💎


Thank you for bringing forth this information forward. It's very exciting to see how humans are opening up to the factual history of the moon.

I am writing to let everyone know there was human participation in an intervention in attempting to shut down the moon matrix machinery. It is already in a state of decline as the hologram glitches and sputters. I was part of a human and non-human group that traveled to the moon consciously to see if we could hasten its demise.  Not the physical moon shell itself, which is actually a repurposed biosphere, but only the AI software and hardware that run the moon matrix program. The group had the capability to do this but the major concern was that shutting it down could create too much upheaval too quickly, particularly in relation to tidal upheaval and impacts to coastal and estuary biomes as well as the human female reproductive system.

This mission was undertaken during the COVID period and it was felt and agreed upon that humanity did not need any further trauma than it was already facing. So, after making two recon trips to confirm the status, we "let it be" to fail on its own.

Our group did not communicate with the Annunaki but what you have explained here about their shame confirms this was the right decision. The karma must play out and all beings involved must be allowed the time to do so. You and your Openhand work is helping to fulfill this need with grace and dignity. On behalf of all humans, thank you,

In reply to by Raven Du An (not verified)


This is fantastic confirming information about unravelling the impact of the moon Raven - thanks so much for sharing. Sometimes I feel we are alone out there in the work we are doing - thankfully not!

Yes, I totally agree that shutting the workings of the Moon down too quickly would have a too drastic effect on Earth and Humanity. Therefore it must happen gradually over time, and I'm sure will do so. This was the same discussion I had with the Annunaki leadership about the matrix, in general, leading up to galactic alignment in 2012. We agreed it must be done steadily and in layers. Otherwise, it could be catastrophically destabilising. It must happen progressively, in layers.

What I have witnessed recently, is the prevalence of synthetic womb implants in people, but how readily they are removed. So I would say that's a much needed widespread approach right now. It leads to empowerment at a personal level.

It sounds impressive what you're achieving with your group.

Much love and support for what you're doing.

Open 💎



In reply to by Open


This is timely! This transcript was published two days ago, it is confirmation of our recent discussion and IMO reliable technical information for your group. This information comes from an off-world team on a Taygetan ship orbiting above earth who have been speaking with a woman named Gosia in Finland for many years. The information is not channeled, it is direct contact.


Hey Open,

When you shared about the moon I had a very strange reaction- I was not surprised in the least. I didnt feel outrage about it or anything really,  which I find rather strange as I usually feel something being empathic. 

Also I have had a very quiet time in my field lately which is also unusual. It is nice not to be continually processing I must say but I am not sure if its all ok. 

So I am wondering if I am somehow cut off from my emotions, shut down in some way or maybe filled with implants that cause disconnection. 

I am trying to trust it will all sort out.

I have asked to be shown but nothing has emerged as yet so I thought I would put it out there for some feedback.

Sat nam

Erin 💖⚘



What I'm picking up from the inquiry is the feeling of failure - of things breaking down and not going according to expectation and able to sustain the soul feelings! Of course this is from my personal story but I guess this relates to the wider inquiry as well. I wonder is this how the creators behind the shadow feels like when it ultimately breaks down. Through the feeling, there is the sense of rightness, this is exactly how it feels like and there is nowhere else to be. But thr kind reacts with all kinds of judgements, comparisons and fear of uncertainty. I believe this is karmic as this has come up many times before and the impact is around the heart centre. I was wanting to go out to the nearby stream and take a bath but the feeling sense guided me into a dark room and feel into it. I trust something wants to emerge from this.

Vimal 🔥


The following seems pertinent to share.  As I started reading this article maybe a group but feels like it could be a being came into my field carrying a lot of anxiety.  The anxiety grew and turned into a combination of rage and panic.  It seems it was involved in the design/creation.  The rage and panic seem related to having the inner workings of such a complex (finely tuned is the phrase I'm being given) project discovered.  As I sit with it and ask the question why are you in my field, the answer that keeps coming is damage control.  I inquired within to determine if a piece of it is mine (from past life) but I do not believe so.  Rather I think it was drawn into my field because of my current location.  I'm in Washington DC. and am finding the area to be a massive complex control center.  The being/group is still with me so I will work with it and see what comes.

In reply to by Ann B


Yes, I'm aware of this Being - the "Commander of the Moon".  And I'm aware of the impact of my sharing.

All I can reiterate is that the time is now up. As with every construct there is a beginning and an end. Nothing persists indefinitely.

The Moon is actually already inching out of orbit due to Earth's increasing Toroidal spin and lowering magnetic shield in the ongoing Pole Shift.  And there are other, extremely powerful, Benevolents such as Metatron who has taken position in the Earth's higher dimensional vehicles. Thus helping her own Merkabah to re-establish. The Shift is now irreversible due to the Grand Galactic Convergence. It is in the interests of all to realign with this. No resistance to it will work. The moon maybe be big, but it's merely a spec of dust in the grand cosmic cycle - the mighty cogs that are now swinging into gear.

Gaia will have her glorious rebirth, and humanity too!

Open 🙏


I heard 40 years ago that the asteroid belt is an exploded planet that occured as a result of nuclear war. Is that wrong or does it dovetail with your story of Gaia? Thank you. And thank you again. Your efforts and insights are deeply thought-provoking. They touch the heart too.

In reply to by Lauren Ollsin (not verified)


Hi Lauren - is there any factual evidence to the story, or personal past life experience of it? Plenty of stories get banded around that don't necessarily have much substance 😉

What I've shared is from direct empathic connection with Gaia, expressed directly, at the time, into an Openhand group. Yes, of course it's my interpretation, but it is also backed by some evidential science about how the asteroid belt was formed. It's been described that a protoplanet exploded in the early formation of our solar system.

Best wishes

Open 🙏


This is truly an intricate perspective regarding Moon and its (actual) influence upon earthly and heavenly affairs. For me, it brings together so many puzzle pieces. The article feels like mastery of piercing together informations and threads of energy to weave them in coherent story. I’ve been spinning all the time, whilst reading it.

I feel to integrate my relationship with the moon through this sharing. I am realizing that it encapsulate the process that kicked in for me, just after retreat in La Palma. Also, just like Gaia, I had my own challenges of "coming in" this body. Some of you, might have recalled (and hold space), as I temproraily lost my Consciousness, whilst the pilgrimage in Egypt. It was just one step in the consecutive journey of equalizing with this density for my being. 

So, is Moon just another story in this roller-coaster of humongous twists upon the earth-plane? I am starting to feel like this. When the meditation has been introduced at the Ascension exchanges, I found myself spinning, which came with the notion - Let’s bring Moon in the Torus. Immediately there was question – what is “The Truth” in the Moon story?

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been spinning in different directions, encountering many of the energies that were coming in, for the last few months. At some point, I had to dive way beyond the story of Intervention and meet Gaia as she was raising from the primordial waters. Just that it wasn’t yet Gaia, at that point in time. It felt more like the potential of being birthed through the planetary body.

What I’m getting from this article, speaks of Moon being some sort of buffer as she has been anchoring in this planet. Sort of physical and energetic berries, that ensures the progressive unwinding of her (birthing) process. I had to sheer many tears of pain, sitting with Gaia in last weeks, acknowledging the transition that is once more on-going. Wow, it just makes sense now, the karmic unwinding that attracted the Moon, as it is. Thank you for this perspective Open, and also Cedar for sharing the illuminations regarding Mother Serpent energy, already back in La Palma. It’s deeply felt and appreciated.

What feels captivating around this story, is that it reveals the trajectory of shared karmic construct that binds humanity in the process. As the Annunaki were mentioned many times in their role, it feels they are once again regressing in their notion (and memory) of loosing the control over consecutive planetary bodies. It seems to be in their nature, to take dominion over the creations, also in this case. There is no need to hang on, anymore, just let it go, guys…

However, in my experience, the influence within the Moon story is not just in Annunaki domain. There are at least two other peculiar energies, that has been strongly present in my field, since dwelling more with this inquiry. The mechanical Greys/Whites seems to have utilized “moon energies” as the equivalent to their emotional body. In some way being fed by it, almost like a program that ensures them the intake of “earthly energies”. And there is also the sense of Draconian fleet that occupied the Moon as some sort of landing station. It feels to be working towards recuperating the threads of reptilian energy from the etheric field.

There are probably more energies, that can be mentioned. Nevertheless it felt like giving the voice towards some of those that really wanted to be addressed within me, as I was on the way of spinning with the Moon in the torus.

Another question, what happens with moon at this stage?

The metaphysical example of mirror came to my perception. It is going to serve as the mirror to the humanity in the process of transition. Reflecting those parts that needs to be integrated within the collective human Psyche in order to be released in the process of re-birth/ascension.

The bubble of (hidden) mechanical operations has been pierced through and just how liberating it feels for everyone included. There are some interesting scenarios regarding the body of moon, it might be for another story...

Let me first, honour the initial impulse in sharing my perspective regarding Moon. When, as humans, we are discovering the magnitude of (sub)conscious influence by its energy, it might come shocking at first hand. It just seems way out there, somewhat sci-fi and at the moments even very grotesque. However, I brought moon within my own toroidal field. And whether there are still unconscious threads of denial or just the view of more expanded higher-dimensional perspective, I trust it is going to find its righteous place in the Universe.

Through this deeper interactions with the moon, the spin has definitely been accelerated within my own being, as well as Gaia.

Thank you Open, and the openhand community on the behalf of both.💚Praying Emoji🌎



In reply to by miha


Miha, I'm not at all surprised by your welcome, very colourful and rich, addition to the Moon inquiry. Once activated, the awareness is now rippling far and wide around the planet to those tuned in 🙏👍

You said...

There are at least two other peculiar energies, that has been strongly present in my field, since dwelling more with this inquiry. The mechanical Greys/Whites seems to have utilized “moon energies” as the equivalent to their emotional body. In some way being fed by it, almost like a program that ensures them the intake of “earthly energies”.

Yes indeed. And so there'll have been a dependency on it. But we'll continue to speak into them and help them reclaim their own emotional expression through aligned reincarnation.

Thanks so much for your abundant sharing.

Open 💎


Since writing my first article about 9 Astounding Facts that Prove the Moon is Artificial, I've now had direct encounters with an Annunaki Group who've shed much light on the exact function of the Moon to extract energy, but then also how it's applied to effect the morphic fields on Earth and within Humanity. This is something I encourage all to refer to and work with. Hence my detailed sharing above...

Intervention: How the Moon has Impacted All Life on Earth

Please do take time to read and digest, as this pertains to nothing less than the liberation of Humanity and the Planet. Please do ask further questions below and if you need support, do reach out to us.

The time of liberation is upon us!

Open 💎