Living the Shift: 5GATEWAYS retreat, SEATTLE 5th-10th April 2019

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There's a Divine Being inside of you, an expansive sense of presence which is beyond the drama. And yet, at the same time, there's your journey and your unique expression through it all, which is the very expression of your soul. In these times of profound evolutionary change on the planet, it's easy to lose sight of your Divine Being or else surpress the soul in denial, attachment or fear. How can you engage in the multidimensionality of The Shift, unleashing the expansive majesty of You, and yet not lose the profound inner presence either? That's the essence of Openhand's "Living the Shift" retreat. It helps you thrive as your Divine Being.

This 5Day retreat is taking place at the gorgeous "Harpers Hill" retreat, on a secluded Island, just a short ferry ride from downtown Seattle. It has the perfect ingredients for profound transformational alchemy. It's being brought to the USA by Chad Novac. All information and bookings:

Retreat Highlights

  • Guided meditations to connect with your authentic True Self, process karmic blockages, and unleash unbridled expression of soul, that your majesty may thrive in the outer world.
  • Experiential understanding of your emergence of soul into expanded "5D" consciousness, to manifest greater success and fulfillment in The Shift.
  • A Spiritual Compass and 5GATEWAYS Routemap to help you demystify the varied inner influences on the path and integrate your expanded spirituality into your daily "3D" life.
  • Helping you integrate the higher dimensional interplay of The Shift, negating the effect of Entities & Implants and connecting with your cosmic soul family to support you through your evolution.
  • Relating your transfromation to global events from Abrupt Climate Change, Civilisation Instability and the effects of the Pole Shift that you may ride the Earth's transformation successfully and resiliently.

"These 5GATEWAYS Retreats are all about resonating a higher vibrational frequency, that unravel karmic density, resonate authentic characteristics of being, and help you come from higher consciousness in life."

Guided by Higher Dimensional Bridge: "Open"

Open works as a Bridge into higher dimensions of consciousness. His approach is to use intuitive meditation techniques, and self realisation exercises to connect you with your Divine Being and align you with your soul. He can resonate, and help you attune, the authentic frequency of your being, process past life karma and negate the impact of interdimensional interference. Participants find themselves dropping into the profound nature of who they truly are; an aligned experience which then infuses beneficially into every facet of their lives.

Arranged and Supported by Chad Novak

Chad, who is based in the USA, is arranging the event and managing all aspects of it including reservations. He will also be acting in facilitation support at the event. Chad has a gentle, calm and supportive energy. He exudes the sense of a 'rock in the storm' and at the same time is sensitively empathic. He's an accredited Openhand facilitator and skilled breath worker.

Chad will be on hand during the event, welcoming you, taking care of your needs and acting as support facilitator. We are blessed to have him on board.

An Expansive and Safe space to work in

During the retreat, an expansive yet protective environment will be created for you, accepting you totally as you are. Then using highly evolved meditation techniques combined with powerful self realisation exercises and intuitive questioning, you'll be guided deep on a journey of self discovery, sinking into the deep existential presence of your Divine Being, dissolving karmic blockages and unfolding profound gifts of authentic soul beingness.

We'll be connecting in an expanded field of consciousness, that helps you pick up the divine flow of the Universe, activate and release karmic blockages, remove interfering entities and implants and also attune to your etheric soul family, to resonate and shine forth the unbridled majesty of You.

The Openhand Approach incorporates guided meditation with movement, breathing and emotive music, to unveil lost aspects of your being and to set your soul free on the wings of multidimensionality. Participants experience the process as deeply liberating, expansive and evolutionary. Higher "5D" consciousness can then integrate directly into your daily life for successful and resilient spiritual living.

Attuning Your Spiritual Compass & Routemap in The Shift

The Earth Shift is gathering pace now. We've entered a crucible of profound evolutionary transformation initiated by Abrupt Climate Change and the Earth's Pole Shift. This will dramatically change the natrue of our reality, where the old karmic construct will steadily breakdown and be peeled off in the immediate years ahead. When you understand the fullness of what's unfolding it is nothing to fear, because the expanded "5D" reality of the New Paradigm will progressively ermerge from it. The point is though, to be a part of this magnificent Shift, is to begin to live and express it right now.

What's needed is to attune your Spiritual Compass - one that helps you align with the routemap of your evolution; one that you can trust in; one that integrates expanded "5D" consciousness into your life right now and changes the reality to one that fits with the authentic core of who you are.

On this retreat, aswell as Openhand's acclaimed 5GATEWAYS routemap, we'll be presenting and guiding "Openway" as a means of listening to and aligning with your soul - to attune your own spiritual compass. It helps peel away the distorting veils which so often confuse. It helps you build trust in your True Self. Furthermore, it is a means of infusing the authenticity of your multidimensional inner light, the only true way to shape a new "5D" reality more closely aligned with the core of who you are. It leads to a life of divine destiny: cherished, held and nurtured as the child of the universe that you truly are.

Even if you've done this Openhand stage 2 retreat before, plenty prefer to experience it several times, gaining new awareness and new alignments each time. Much more than just a 'course', we're performing deep alchemical energy work that meets you exactly where you are right now.

5GATEWAYS Retreat trailer

Here's a short trailer that gives a sense of what the 5GATEWAYS work is about...

The Gorgeous Harper's Hill Retreat - just off Seattle

This event will take place at the wonderfully secluded and peaceful "Harper's Hill" retreat, on a wooded island with beautiful walks, just off the coast of downtown Seattle.

The Adventure begins, with a ferry ride from downtown Seattle, just a bus ride from Seatac International airport. Can you spot the Orcas?...

Cosy and homely retreat house...

Low impact, high vibe meditation space to work in...

Soul stirring grounds, trails and wildlife...

Cosy bedrooms and hanging out spaces...

Great conscious, plant-based food courtesy of resident chef...

For more stunning photos, check the Harper's Hill Photo Album... Harper's Hill Photos

Administration details

  • Venue in Harper's Hill: This long weekend, "Living the Shift" 5GATEWAYS retreat, takes place at the secluded and highly energetic "Harper's Hill" retreat in just off downtown Seattle... Harper's Hill Website
  • Timings: Arrival on Friday 5th April, between 3-5pm ready for a gathering dinner at 6pm. Closes Wednesday 10th April by midday.
  • Cost: The full costs, including comfortable accommodation, high vibe plant-based food, instructional fees and facilitator support is:  $980 (one or two reduced price bursary places are available for those who are resource constrained).
  • Payment: A 25% deposit secures your place on this gathering. The balance is payable one month before.
  • Travel: Harper's Hill is accessible from the Fauntleroy to Southworth Ferry Port close to downtown Seattle, which is accessible easily by bus from the City Centre and Seatac International airport. We will collect you from the arriving ferry port of Southworth. The ferry leaves Fauntleroy regularly, around every 30 - 45 minutes. You can check the ferry schedule here. On booking please let us know what time you expect to arrive at the arrival ferryport... We will give you a mobile phone number to call so you can be collected. Participants will be dropped off again at the port by noon on Wednesday April 10th.
  • Not for profit: Openhand is a not for profit organisation. All surplus revenues are reinvested to facilitate our objective - to help others in their journey of spiritual awakening.
  • Booking info: This event is bring brought to the USA by Chad Novak. For all info and reservations:***IMPORTANT*** He will respond to your email as soon as possible, if you have not heard from him within 24 hours, check your spam folder


We can no longer deny the tumultuous changes happening to Humanity and the World. Our lives and the way we live are beginning to change, right now. A powerful wave of higher consciousness is rushing in to sweep the old reality steadily away. We're being called by the divine to join the new dawning in expanded "5D" consciousness.

It's a way of being you know well in the core of who you are. It speaks into the fibres of your heart. It's an interconnectedness, cherished, nurtured and supported by the divine in your every step. You can live that 24/7, now, in your relationships, work and every facet of your life. That's what successfully navigating the path of the 5GATEWAYS can achieve.

Come ensure you unveil the fullness of your Divine Being; Infuse and live the light of your soul in every moment; Join the shift into the New Paradigm in the 5th Density as the old reality peels away.

Booking Info:

That Booking Info again: This event is bring brought to the USA by Chad Novak. For all info and reservations:

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Hi Open,

My untold story is only now slowly being revealed to me. Right now it’s all about shedding the old.  The snake power animal has been a recurring theme for me these past few weeks. 

I’m so looking forward to seeing you again in Seattle!!

Safe travels, I hit the road tomorrow...

Much Love,



I love the feeling of being undefined, of being beyond identity, of being a flow of consciousness that is constantly creating reflections and animations to inspire the emergence of life. I guess if you had to put it in a nutshell, that's what the Living the Shift work is all about - unleashing the story in the heart of your soul and giving it wings. That's what I get from this video I came across. I feel it inspires the limitless infinite potential in us...



I'm travelling again! Off to Seattle this time for Living the Shift this coming weekend, 5th-10th April.

I find meditation crucial for keeping my vibe high whilst travelling. I just came across this great piece of music including American Flutes, which seemed entirely appropriate, because I can feel the elder Chief Seattle helping host the event from the ether. So for those wishing to also tune into the vibe, here's the music I've been listening to. Enjoy...


Hi Megha - awesome, after how much you've connected, it will be wonderful to meet and work with you Slightly Smiling

I imagine Brussels would be closer. They're both great locations.

See which you feel and which one flows best.

Much love

Open HeartPraying Emoji


I'm looking to attend a retreat in either Brussels ( closer by from India 😀) or Seattle ( I have a valid visa to the US ) . I have read all the books and am doing many of the meditations but have not attended any retreat yet . Do let me know would which one would be appropriate for me .