Meditation - the Time to Dig Deep

Submitted by Open on Thu, 04/02/2020 - 16:55
Meditation - the Time to Dig Deep with Openhand

There comes that moment where you hit the inner wall. You've made the commitment to surrender and go deeper within, to journey into the stillness. It all goes fine for the first part. But then, maybe two or three days in, you grind to a halt. Boredom takes over. Distraction, tiredness, aches and pains. Now is NOT the time to stop!

Here's the point of maximum growth potential. I call it the 'anvil'. You are actually entering the boundary you need to break through.

When this happens, don't turn away, but turn in. Focus. It also takes the will of the warrior to surrender at this point. How ever tired or achy you feel, these are only physical experiences. How ever distracted with thought the mind is, you are NOT the mind. Dig deep. Find that thread of beingness and 'pull on it', meaning to focus right into it.

This is the deepest alchemcy. Here's where you break into new depths of being. And it's utterly priceless. Beyond words.

So keep digging my friends. Into all the density. Remember, roses grow in the compost!


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I felt to create this post today. I can really feel that people out theree have responded some while ago to dig deep within, especially in light of the lockdown. So this goes out to you when you hit that inevitable inner wall. It always comes! But when it does, that's exactly the time to turn into it. To focus.

How's your journey going right now? What are you experiencing?

Much love and support

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