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Hello. I hope this is okay to post art here. I've been waking up a lot with urges to paint and not really knowing what I'm doing but my friends think that I'm actually telling a story without realising it. This morning I got up at 5 and [I think] completed the 'story' and it's only now coming together. As it forms a sequence I thought I'd share them. It only makes sense now that it's completed!

First off was the world we live in, it's rampant chaos swirling with so little to anchor it.


That led me to my own interior strife


Which in turn led to the 'synapse exploding' moment of realisation that something in me was changing


and I began to learn to extend my thoughts to draw inspiration in and go deeper into myself...


and THAT led to a greater level of meditation and the beginning of a feeling of 'oneness' with everything


which as I went deeper allowed me to question everything about what we were doing, 'hand of God or mind of man?'


which led to a realisation of 'true home'


and a clarity over our eventual place in the Universe, unlimited, Acsension


I hope they make sense to you as they do NOW to me! Until I finished 'Ascension' this morning I didn't even properly realise that they form a narrative despite having an idea of what the 'individual' meanings were! [Also I'm convinced that some elements were 'channeled' as there are parts of almost every picture I have no memory of painting!

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Hi Chivz,

Unfortunately we aren't able to allow people to freely post imagery because it tends to swallow up too much data - but you could include urls to where the images are posted on the web.

Best wishes