Mirrors? (understanding mirrors to the soul)

Hello - am not sure I really understand about mirrors. For example I am unsure about my relationship with my partner wether to continue or not. I was advised by Jane to ask "what is this relationship mirroring to me" and to soften etc. to ask how is this feeling in my body (all the noise) Howeverr I don't really understand how I relate the mirroring to me :) The morning I asked about this and said "show me" within minutes workmen were in next door hammering, drilling generally creating a lot of noise. So I took this to be a mirror :) however I don't know how to relate this to me - to what I need to see in myself? Does it tell me the relationship is disturbing my peace - my spiritual path (as I was trying to meditate lol)or does the way my partner is in the relationship show me something? He is not on a conscious spiritual path. I asked myself how do I feel about this - and tried to tune into the anxious feeling I had and asked what is this feeling telling me - I felt then I was upset and anxioius because if I have a partner I need them to be on a conscious path alongside of me perhaps. I then thought about my daughter who has been staying with me - to avoid partying so much and she feels really depressed and is addicted to the binge partying. Is she then a mirror for me? is my grandson who gets frequent coughs etc also a mirror and if they are how do I relate it all to me? thanks sorry its all a bit jumbled in my head love Elaine

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Hi Elaine this is wonderful - brilliant - a soul beginning to truly listen and empower themselves!

When we really ask, from the soul, "show me!" - yes it works.
Let's be clear on this though - it's not about "show me how to make this or that work out". It's "show me exactly what is happening now, so I can bring awareness into it." When I bring authentic awareness into the situation, then my soul will infuse and the landscape will change. A path of light begins to flow inviting me to make different choices.

So go for it. Have the courage to confront the things you might be resisting. And even though it will be challenging, a path of light will open up through it.

Sending love

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Hello again
well I went out asking "show me" and within two minutes I had to slow down behind a van that said COMPLETE - I took this to mean its time to complete with the relationship just like I have been feeling on and off for a while.I did think that it was my soul urging me to do a meditation yesterday and keep my time free for that and now I feel I have resisted my soul urges many many times in last few years. I think I am beginning to tell the difference between the soul urges and the small I urges. I then another five minutes into my journey (and on thinking how will I do if I end it) and there was a lorry with RECOVERY written on the front of it! This amazed me to have signals/synchonicity so quickly happen when I asked. Then I was when parked up looking at why I panic and am desperate for time alone (being empathic I do really feel others stuff like its my own. I looked out of my rearview mirror and a van with "Clearview" drove by - haha I need to be able to be clear of others vibes in order to have a clearview of what I need etc. Then I realised that the angel knecklace that I have hanging on the mirror in my car was pointed/angled straight at me and it gave me an incredible feeling of peace I felt it was my twin soul perhaps just letting me know/feel it is there for me. I just sat and softened into all the feelings associated with my relationship and being around others and feel much more peaceful and my throat is no longer sore :) I could feel how so many decisions I have made have been from a fearful place and how its led me to pretty serious problems. Always going with the "safe and secure" way and missing some opportunities to be more soul-ful in my work etc. I really felt I had been evolving but looking at all the reactions/tight spots I have triggered over and over again I am beginning to wonder ! Quite a process ahead. Thanks so much for your time and help much love Elaine


Hi Elaine,

What you said here below stands out strongly, and it's very typical of many people in relationship situations, especially those with a strong empathic and diplomatic "ray 4" consciousness (but one which becomes distorted by being too compromising)...

    "Initial reaction was I didn't want him (my partner) to (visit) - that I had planned a meditation (and the) only free bit of time was exactly when he wanted to come. However I didn't say this to him as we hadn't seen each other much. Today I have a sore throat and feel exhausted."

I'll share my intuition - but it is MY intuition, so it's important that you explore and find your own truth in the reflection.

You said the initial "reaction" was.... But my sense is that this was an authentic response of the soul, which you - the ego aspect of you - then overrode.

So I would suggest you regress into the situation - take time out, close your eyes, visualise the situation, see the images, then feel the feelings. Explore what it is that you think you need from your boyfriend - something to make you feel whole and complete? (you already are whole and complete, at your deepest level, just as you are). Maybe there's concern that if you express yourself, it will have some unpleasant effect? Here is the fear and control of the ego expressing itself (potentially). And that's manifesting in the throat chakra - not expressing your truth. I'd say this is the mirror here.

In which case, when you regress into the situation and feel the contraction, imagine yourself now expressing your truth - what are you afraid of? What do you think you need from the relationship? Work to let go of this - The One in you needs nothing from it. Not to say you shouldn't get something from it, just that YOU - as The One - don't need any particular thing. It's only the ego that does.

This is the opportunity to confront, work into, and expand out of - to integrate that lost fragment of soul which is creating the disortion. Here's the classic Openhand way of dealing with such tightness...




Thankyou. So maybe if I describe a circumstance - yesterday my partner said he was coming to visit. Initial reaction was I didn't want him to that I had planned a meditation only free bit of time was exactly when he wanted to come . However I didn't say this to him as we hadn't seen each other much. Today I have a sore throat and feel exhausted - should I have made myself become one with the feeling I didn't want him to come ? Or did I just fail to express my needs and ended up messing up throat energy ? I feel am ill - is this a physical tightness then ? Am not sure which bit of all this I need to work with:) was the flow for him to come but internally I resisted this or was it to say don't come? I feel difficulty in "being a partner" can't handle living together , sometimes don't like expecting to spend time together when he feels like it and I don't . Feels imprisoning - so this is a stuck point that I need to work with ? There's so many other aspects in both our lives there almost no time to be together then if one partner doesn't feel like getting together it causes an issue. Feels might be easier to be a hermit! Thanks so much for taking time with me - this will "click" soon am sure blessings Elaine
Ps will purchase book suggested ASAP


These are all great and important questions Elaine. How does 'mirroring' essentially work?

We draw everything to ourselves by the Law of Attraction (see Law of Attraction (unveiled). Our configuration of consciousness is just like a magnet - whatever we hold on the inside, draws the reflection on the outside. This is true both for our aligned consciousness (when we're being authentic and in the soul) aswell as for our distorted consciousness (when you're in the false self).

    It's vitally important to first realise therefore, that nothing is ever done to you - we each create, and draw, everything that we experience. And what's the purpose? - integration and infusion of soul - essentially evolutionary growth.

So by understanding that we create the moment so as to invite greater integration and infusion of soul points the way to understanding how mirrors work.

A mirror or a mirroring situation will kick off some inner tightness - where we might go unconscious and react to the moment from some kind of fixed judgment about it; or else some resistance to how the moment truly wants to flow. When most people in society feel this tightness, the immediate reaction is often a prescribed conditioned reflex. The typical approach of society is then to try to fix the situation because there's a perception its broken in some way:

    - You lose your job, so instead of dealing with the attached pain, you try to fix it by finding another
    - You have a bust up in your relationship over something, so without fully exploring why you created that, there's a trying to fix it to make it better.

What's necessary in any of these kinds of circumstances, is to explore how they make you feel on the inside. These 'hot' touch points are where the soul is getting stuck in the density and identifying with the illusion of reality. This tightness could be on the emotional plane, the physical, mental or karmic (in the 4D field).

When you ask "show me!", the universe will help to explore where it is your soul is getting stuck - for what reason. Where is the attachment or resistance (to the situation going a particular way).

I often find it useful to ask "what's the worst fear you might have about a particular situation?" For example that my relationship might end. Then feel into the reactive tightness to that - express it outwards and become as-one with the pain of it. Then you start to become The One in the pain. The attachment dissolves, the fragment of soul integrates, and now we're in a place to make more aligned choices in life.

I know this is quite a shift in terms of perception of how we truly create the moment and how to align with this movement - this flow. It's described in detail in the book 5GATEWAYS under the Gateway 2 "Realignment" section... 5GATEWAYS Book


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