Multi-dimensional & Kundalini Activation

This is Openhand's Multi-dimensional and Kundalini Activation meditation, which is frequently applied on the Openhand courses. It is purposefully designed to help you feel the different dimensions of reality, upto the 7th. Then to infuse soul consciousness through the dimensions, into your 7 bodily vehicles of expression, and to embody this expanded awareness in your daily life. It connects you to the creative Toroidal Flow of Life.

  • Duration: just over 28 minutes in total
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Hi Open

I have listened to the meditation several times and am unclear as to how exactly to do the torroidal breathing pattern in the last 5 minutes to activate kundalini.

The sequence of using  anti clockwise and clockwise breathing is unclear. Please clarify.

Thank you

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Hi Ingrid,

Breathing in sync with the Toroidal Flow is what I'm referring to in the last part of the meditation. Before I explain it, it's important not to get wrapped up in the form of it otherwise it will take you out of the feelings of what you're naturally experiencing at this moment.

As with all meditation, begin with what's actually happening for you rather than efforting to shape it in some particular way.

The Toroidal breathing I've described is meant to help a person harness and amplify the activation of the Torus within them. Which people begin to feel as a swirling spinning sense that begins to naturally move their body - swaying for example. But this will only commence when you've unleashed enough soul energy from dedicated inner work.

At the point the body begins to naturally sway, or your feel the spin beginning to happen, then you can apply the breath to support this natural movement. As you inhale, you inhale consciousness up from the base in an anticlockwise spiral to above the head at the 8th chakra, then hold and expand in that place. Now connect up with the sense of a descending clcokwise spiral and engage that as you exhale back down to the base.

This is the basic form of it. It's designed to help you naturally integrate the toroidal flow.


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Hi Open

I have tried it twice and found that it kicks in slowly afterwards for me. It has changed the usual kundalini energy to one that feels more like a powerful burning sensation and when it subsides leaves a feeling of loss (which I find myself trying to attach to circumstances around me as you do!)... I am getting the same sensation with the chakra meditation now too. I will make a day of it today and report back

Much love Heather