New Openhand Team Line-Up for 2021

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Openhand will have a new Core Team line-up to support you as we sail on through the shift in 2021. After three years of sterling service and profound support to Openhand, Aspasia will be moving on to a new chapter in her life, whilst an Openhand old hand, Tilly Bud (whom many of you will previously know as Lesley Lord), rejoins the inner team as the new "Community Connector". Meanwhile a new hand, Jye, will be joining the team as the new "Outreach Coordinator", to connect our work with new spiritual groups. Here's what the changes are all about...

Aspasia Moving on to Chapters New

Aspasia came to Openhand when we were in a time of transition, recentering and refocussing our energies. With her veritable wealth of experience on the path and compassionate warrior like steadfastness, she has steadied the ship through many choppy waters since. She's been the first port of call for community connection, event organisation and your general support inquiries. Her service has been simply faultless. And we will miss you. Praying Emoji

Aspasia is now stepping back from the core team, and will be leaving Glastonbury in 2021, to begin a new chapter in her life furthering her facilitation craft, "Aspasia Awakenings", and exploring living in conscious community.

You've been of tremendous service and support to Openhand Aspasia, it is with tremendous gratitude that we wish you well on your journey and with excitement at what the future may hold in store for you. There will always be a mutual bond of deep love and respect between your higher dimensional warrior team and that of Openhand. We're blessed that you'll be offering your services as a facilitator in the Openhand Facilitator Network.
Check out Aspasia's Facilitator Biog Here

Tilly the Urban Shaman becomes Community Connector

Tilly Bud, "Urban Shaman", will be taking the new lead role as Community Connector. Many of you will previously know her as Lesley Lord from 5GATEWAYS. Her journey has taken many twists and turns, much deepening since then, which has led to a stripping away of the previous identity and a re-emergence in her new shamanic rainbow frequencies. We're blessed that she's bringing this profound depth of experience and rock steadiness to the role. She'll be your first contact in seeking info, support and event booking.

Tilly has been around since the very early days of Openhand and will often joke that she was the "guinea pig" in the development of the various spiritual development processes we now apply - there's many a story we'll certainly share with you all on the gatherings for sure!

It's simply brilliant to have our "Grandmother Openhand" back on board. Do check out her website here. I can tell you her Zoom version of the Shamanic Sweat Lodge, what she calls the "Sweet Lodge", has to be experienced to be believed!... Tilly Bud, Urban Shaman

Meet Jye, Openhand's New Outreach Coordinator

Jye travels with his hand on his big open heart, and that's the way he's connected with Openhand. Young in years, yet deeply traveled through life's rich tapestry of experience, and especially so within the world of social media.

There is a vertiable wave of younger people out there - "indigos" if you like - who are fascinated by the concept of 5D Ascension and where it is all leading.

Jye has come on board as the new "Outreach Connector", whose purpose will be to open channels of connection for Openhand into new groups and streams of awakening consciousness. Openhand will be reaching out to connect in 2021!

Jye has thus far been responsible for the development of into5D, Openhand's new instagram channel, where he's been taking snippets of Openhand Philosophy and turning them into inspiring designs. Jye is also in the process of launching his own venture, which seeks to provide inspiration and conscious products to people on the path... The Good Buddha. We're thrilled to have you on board in this new role Jye. Praying Emoji Check out Jye's profile here

Openhand Blazing a Trail of Light in 2021

Personally speaking, I'm hugely motivated by this new chapter in the Openhand story as we venture into 2021. Openhand has made great strides in 2020, despite having been hit hard by censorship. I have no regrets. You have to express what's in your heart, no matter the cost. And we will not be defeated. Where one avenue closes, we'll waste no time or energy looking for new ones; we'll evolve, innovate and create, again... and again... and again.
You can help us out there too. Help us to help others, by word-of-mouth referral. Do point people to our articles, videos, meditations and various social media posts, but always remember that remains our virtual home.

The Openhand energies were crafted for these times. Whatever may come in 2021, whatever shenanigans the shadow state may pull, you can be sure of one thing: we will be blazing a trail of light!

In 2021, I will be leading the charge from Openhand's base in Glastonbury.
I'm very much looking forwards to connecting with you all.
Let's have a bright and blessed 2021!

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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Thank you Thomas, Rich, Zee, Aspasia for the good wishes, they are appreciated! Heart It has certainly been a fast paced start to the New role! Special thanks to Aspasia and Open for the help in my transition.

What wonderful words from Mother Theresa, Aspasia, thank you! They speak to me of being true to oneself, following the Soul and making allowances for distorted behaviour patterns and mixed energies that try to thwart. As I mature, I find it more possible to look for the gifts in the distortions. Just reading her words, makes me feel a new commitment to that. Emoji CloudEmoji Sun Behind Cloud EmojiThe Sun Emoji

So much love to you Aspasia in your new chapter. HeartHeartHeart May the wings of freedom carry you! 

Tilly Kiss


Thank you everyone for your well wishes and beautiful thoughts. All heart-fully received  <3

Its been a wild ride full of magic found in the most unexpected of places, and full of discoveries of pure love and truth in every moment.  Thank you Open, I love the new energy of the Eagle flying forth into 2021! Let us all RISE to what is most needed right now in our Embodied Souls. <3

Tilly, thank you for stepping into this role, Openhand is SO blessed to have you! Looking forwards to staying in touch.

Jye, love your work on Instagram! Its really fantastic for Openhand to have your bright energy flowing in.

Erin, give my love to all your beautiful animals, so touched by our connections <3

Rich, thank you for your presence through all conditions and circumstances. Yes, living in Nature and with conscious community; when it has some form, I will share xx All the best with your own visions.

Thomas, I still remember our conversations and its been so long! I love your spirit and commitment to the deepest of your longings <3


Indeed, may we all step into this year with a sense of Focus that is unwavering.

This year will be intense...for the greatest good of all beings...

And there is also deep inspiration to support us! I find the words credited to Mother Theresa very inspiring right now. Some sources say that these words were written on the wall of her room. Its also interesting that there is an earlier version of this text attributed to Dr Kent M. Keith called "Paradoxical Commandments". Life is certainly a Great Paradox!

Love to all <3



People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered.  Forgive them anyway.

            If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.  Be kind anyway.

            If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies.  Succeed anyway.

           If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you.  Be honest and sincere anyway.

            What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight.  Create anyway.

            If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous.  Be happy anyway.

            The good you do today, will often be forgotten.  Do good anyway.

         Give the best you have, and it will never be enough.  Give your best anyway.

 In the final analysis, it is between you and God.  It was never between you and them anyway.

Hi all,

wow, what a wonderful start into the new year ... feels so warm and right in my heart.

Thank you so much Aspasia, i remember very well our encounter in glastonbury in 2018 and i am still feeling grateful. Your warrior spirit touched me deeply. All the best for your endeavours!

Welcome Tilly and Jye! I don't know how to say, there is just this warm and deeply blessed feeling in my heart that this is a great new year beginning for Openhand with you two on board Hugging 

Heartfelt greetings,

Aspasia: It's been great connecting with you over the last years. Thank you for your stability and understanding. Great that you're exploring conscious community! Good luck with that. I'd love to hear how it goes. It's something I'm greatly interested in creating too.

Tilly: Lovely to have you back in the core team. Your down-to-earth-ness and care bring such a lovely energy to the Openhand community. I'm so happy you're back on the team. Hopefully we can see each other soon!

Jye: We haven't met yet, but I've noticed what an awesome job you've been doing on social media. Keep up the good work! The website looks stunning by the way.

Much love


Wow! you go Aspasia! I have been so blessed to connect with you, thankyou for all the help you have given me. Love ya girl!xo

And Hi to Tilly an Jye! my heart feels so glad you guys have stepped into the roles you have. I am looking forward to connecting more with you. I just feel so warm towards you like you're fam. 

Love to you all

Big hugs

E 💚🌳🐎

Hi Openhanders!

Well its certainly a thrilling start to 2021 to wake up as Community Connector for Openhand! 

Big love to all the Openhanders I know, and those I've yet to meet Heart

Soooo looking forward to working with Open again, and Jye! Great that our paths have already crossed in Zoomland, Jye Slightly Smiling  Big hugs to Aspasia for her exciting moves ahead, and feeling glad we will still be in touch, many thanks for your help in this transition Heart Eyes Emoji

There were wonderful firework displays at Midnight here last night.The most unintentionally co-ordinated and congruent flashes of colour and energy from all different directions, visible from every window of my house, like being bathed in bursts of multicoloured energy. It was certainly a New Year unlike any previously. It gives me great heart that in these abnormally quiet streets, the beating hearts of those indoors can still feel passionate!

Let us have a colourful and passionate year of radiating our Soul vibrations out into the field. The density simply cannot withstand such ripples.

The way is simple and colourful, Soul friends!!! 

Be the light!

With a warm smile,

Tilly Star EmojiPraying EmojiStar Emoji



The New Openhand Core Team, myself, Tilly and Jye, wish all Openhanders out there a successful, venturesome, majestic, magical, alchemical, peaceful and simply biblical New Year!

We look forwards to serving you in 2021 here from our viritual home Openhandweb.

We're positively brimming with excitement and anticipation of new chapters that will unfold.

See you all down the flow!
Open The Sun Emojivoltage emoji iconPraying Emoji