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Ive been collaborating with a local musician, putting my words to music. We have 6 songs completed from some of my older poetry. This has me writing again, for first time in months, and it feels incredible to tap into that creative flow again. Wrote this the other day and thought I would share.. This is the first time I have written with a song in mind. The chorus we usually do together, so that is unfinished. Hope to meet some other musicians along the way as well. This is a series of questions from the journey.

Deep in the Mystery

Can we dance in the moonlight
And just close our eyes
Dive deep in the mystery
From which we arise

If we walk through the forest
And hunt down our ghosts
Will we find that their absence
Is what we fear most

Can we wander the desert
and lose what we’ve got
Then walk into darkness
To see what we’re not


Can we be like a mirror
Reflecting what’s true
And hold on to nothing
Each moment anew

If we stare down our demons
Refusing to blink
Will we find they’re just puppets
Of all that we think

Can we find our true kingdom
And forsake the crown
Still rise to the throne there
yet never look down


If we look to the future
Will shadows then cast
The hunter who snares us
In nets of the past

Can we enter the dungeon
And face who we are
Break free of the shackles
And not leave a scar

Is the temple still burning
With the angriest fire
Are the flames being fed here
By thwarted desire


Can we dance in the moonlight
And just close our eyes
Dive deep in the mystery
From which we arise


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how enganging and heart opening is your song/poem! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I would love to listen to it perhaps :) this is creative inquiry that definitely activates Higher Mind! :) it just happened and tonight I came across a quote by Brennan Manning on Ruthless Trust, which feels relevant to your writing. It's also what I'm working on!! I'm sharing:

"The dominant characteristic of an authentic spiritual life is the gratitude that flows from trust—not only for all the gifts that I receive from God, but gratitude for all the suffering. Because in that purifying experience, suffering has often been the shortest path to intimacy with God."

Keep taping into your creative flow - superb!

With gratitude