Nordic Star Beings in Support of Humanity Crossing the Karmic Plane

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2024 will be a massive year as growing wave of humanity is invited to cross the karmic plane in the Great Earth Shift. As you process through your past lives, it will likely get very turbulent in all aspects of your life because you're breaking apart the very fabric of the Old Paradigm, inside yourself. There's much disruptive interference in the 4D astral layer. However, amongst other Star Being Nations, the "Nordics" are making themselves available to act in our support. Here's how.

Crossing the Karmic Plane

There's no avoiding it, if you are to truly progress with the Great Earth Shift to 5D, you must process through the karma of your past lives. That is the purpose of our incarnation here. It's where we forge Soul through the trauma of the past - humanity has aeons of it to process.

Some spiritual approaches claim there's no need to undertake this. Beware, these are false teachings and likely influenced by the Ra Intervention - a deception to take people into a 4D collectivised bubble as they harvest Souls in their agenda.

Explore the Crucial Difference Between Reincarnation and Soul Harvesting

The only way to truly ascend to 5D is to journey through these regressions so as to forge coherent Soul vibration. It means you lose your triggering attachments in the lower 3D construct, so can flow more vibrantly and creatively from 5D consciousness. This, we must undertake in the immediate years ahead so as to be ready for the culminating Solar Nova Event somewhere between 2040 and 2050. Be sure to do your due diligence about the Grand Galactic Convergence so as not to be deceived and led astray...

Grand Galactic Convergence 11:11 Awakening Code

The Blue Nordic Star Beings

It's clear, there's much investment by the Intervention trying to deceive and dupe awakening souls into some collectivised "non-duality" bubble - to sit comfortably back on the "sofa" by not truly doing the inner work. But when you do forge forwards by going deeply inwards, it's going to greatly help you to call in Star Being Support, to steady the passage through the astral 4D layer, by keeping disruptive Intervention energies at bay.

This is where the Nordic Star Beings come in - they are offering their support to ascending souls. Recently they presented themselves in two Openhand Events, and demonstrated how they could ease the karmic process. Who exactly are they?

The Nordic Star Beings made it clear their original heritage is from the Pleiades. But due to the challenges the Pleiadians experienced here in the seeding of Original Humanity, they integrated Draconian DNA and formed a hybrid configuration that's given them a tremendously steadfast and coherent presence.

That's why when they presented to several empathic souls in the Openhand group, there was a degree of uncertainty at first - they had the joy, compassion and vibrancy of the Pleiadians, but the steadfastness and coherency of the Draconian warrior nation. They were a peaceful blend of both. Once we realised this, it felt like a match made in heaven!

I've travelled with them in the dreamtime several times since then, whereupon they showed me some of the dynamics of their history.

Lemuria: The Seeding Challenges of Original Humans

The initial Sacred Contract of the Pleiadians here on Earth was to help in the emergence of the Original Humans from the hominids. It was a tremendously challenging process for them, and their original incarnations failed with much trauma in the process - they found it extremely harsh in this dense 3D environment. And so a different approach had to be taken.

The next successful attempts involved including a significant amount of Pleiadian DNA into the Hominid makeup - DNA that came from Lyra. This supported the physical evolution, which then also meant some of the Pleiadian Souls (and other starsouls) could incarnate into the new human form - at the time collectively known as "Lemuria". There was much joy in the Benevolent Mission as this was successfully actualised.

However, the Pleiadians still carried much karma relating to those early traumatic times here on the planet. And that's where, I understand, there was the impetus for one offshoot group to generate a more resilient and steadfast evolutionary version to continue in support here. Hence the Nordic species came into being.

Early Soul Contracts of the Nordics

They made it aware they had various soul contracts since those early times. For example, they were contracted in support of the Vikings to prevent the wholesale takeover in Europe of Roman Catholicism. Likewise, their consciousness helped the Germanic tribes prevent the complete takeover by the Roman empire in Europe.

To be clear, I understand more gentle souls here today might have resistance and take umbrage at the thought of that gentle Pleiadian energy being somehow involved in warrior races. But we need to also embrace the fact that it's been immensely challenging and traumatic for humanity emerging from those very brutal times. The "pagans" had many upstanding characteristics, including a closer connection to nature and supportive divinity in the ether - they embraced the energy of the "Gods" into their culture. They lived a more pluralistic and interconnected divinity than the more religious dogmatism.

As the Nordics have presented to the Openhand group, they wanted to emphasise their peaceful nature. But they're certainly no pushover either! Their Draconian DNA has made them tremendously resilient and steadfast. That gives them the ideal configuration to support humanity as a broad swathe of souls now ventures across the karmic plane.

Crossing the Red Sea

You'll know when it's your time to venture forwards as you go deeper inwards - because you'll experience greater turbulence in your outer physical life: in relationships, in how you live and work. You'll likely experience projection, pushback and interdimensional interference. That's why it's often been likened to "Crossing the Red Sea". You've got to somehow part the waves on the conflicting astral plane.

This is why it can be extremely helpful and supportive to have this kind of presence from the Nordics in support. In order to work with them, all you need do is go inwards and request they help you. But do be careful, you'll need to test their incoming presence to ensure you've connected with the authentic vibration.

You'll likely feel the Nordics first in the higher chakras - from the throat upwards, as they're essentially 5D Beings, which you might see with your inner eye as a bluey-grey metallic hue. I experienced a strong sense of coherency from the throat upwards as they came in. To be clear, it was in no way restrictive - instead, it was vibrant and emboldening. Then the invitation was to draw the energy down to the heart chakra - holding that energy there, helps you part the waves across the astral plane. It's a calming coherent influence.

What this means is that you'll gain a steadying support on your inner journeying, which will then reflect into your outer life. It will help reduce (and possibly eliminate) disruptive 4D intervention.

Nordic Star Beings Supporting Your Journey

I offer the insight and introduction of the Nordic Star Beings to support your Journey in the Shift. They have come to help humanity at this pivotal juncture as we venture across the Red Sea of the Karmic Plane. It's a vibrant and coherent energy you can work with - highly contrasting to the dumbing-down effect of the Ra Intervention energy.

If you'd like more insight and support in engaging with the Nordics, consider getting involved with the Openhand work:

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings

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29/05/2024: Shift Update - Nordics Support Passage Through 4D

Today I felt to draw attention to this article above that I wrote back in January, about my welcome experiences with, what I came to know as, the Nordic Star Beings. Others have spoken of them, but it was my first reunion with them here in this incarnation. Who are they and how can they help?

The Nordic Star Beings made it clear their original heritage is from the Pleiades. But due to the challenges the Pleiadians experienced here in the seeding of Original Humanity, they integrated Draconian DNA and formed a hybrid configuration that's given them a tremendously steadfast and coherent presence.

What I've experienced is plenty of subtle disruptions going on in the field from especially Tall White synthetic beings. They create a dumbing down depletion, that prevents one from following your true soul path. They create inertia and an acquiescence to the simulation. I've found the Tall Whites especially active at night, when you're in deep sleep. I've often been awoken by my etheric team to feel the TW subtle vibration around me. I've then worked to eject the vibration from whatever chakra point it's attacking. However, I've also then found they'll quickly move to another chakra - if you fall back to sleep for example.

This is where I've found the Nordics of particular help. By applying chakra breathing techniques, to especially open across the 4D karmic plane, then to connect up with their sense of coherency in the 5D. You can then breathe this stronger/firmer energy down around you. I find the Tall White energy quickly ejected and stays that way. It does mean, however, learning to "sleep consciously" - to maintain a degree of conscious connection as you go to sleep. You settle steadily and progressively into a deeply relaxed state, without going fully unconscious.

This is something I'm going to be working with people on the upcoming Ascension Exchanges this coming Saturday. If you feel the resonance, here's the info...

1st June: Ascension Exchanges: 1/2 Day Seminar, ZOOM (UK/EU/AFRICA/INDIA/AUS)
Spend a low-cost, easy-entry, half-day with Open on Zoom. What's your most pressing issue in the 5D Earth Shift right now? What's the game-changer beingness that wants to activate and shape your new reality? Gain invaluable illumination for your pathway.
One-on-one Exchanges with Open.

See you there!
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Hey Open,

I sure need help with conscious sleeping as it is an entirely new thing to me! I am sure I have been visited by not so helpful energies whilst sleeping. 

To be honest I have been battling with the enormity of the journey and felt like it was all too much as I have so much karma and many mind patterns to wade through. I feel like a beginner really!

Yet, I have nowhere else to turn, I cant go back and languish unconsciously into the matrix my soul would die. I can only go onwards up the mountain step by wee step and if I don't make this ascension I'll hopefully be ready for the next one! 😉

Thankyou for all the encouragement you give us travellers it is greatly appreciated. 

Big Hugs

Erin 🙏⚘💚


I have been connected with the Openhand Energy since 2004/2005 and would like to thank Open for the info on the metalic blue energy

Around 2008 I was told by a Technology  Ascension Group I also belong to that we should invite the energy from the Nordic Blues in as they cannot act without our invitation - so cannot interfere with our free will

I have been seeing metallic blue mixed with golden energy for about 6 years now in my meditations - so will work on bringing it down now into my heart chakra

I also see electric blue sparks that come from nowhere.

I have identified as a Nordic Alien and Pleiadan for some time now - I also have Viking DNA in my ancestral line - so resonate with what you are saying about the Star Beings.

Also about the clearing that we have been doing for many years to unearth and reveal who we really are

Namaste Ann and Dave




Hi Open

I did say I would have many questions, the picture is that what the Nordic Star Beings look like, if yes then they are beautiful. It seems to me you all are a very special group of people with abilities that I do not have, I would kind of like their assistance in helping me to unlock my consciousness and be able to tune into other dimensions and feel the correct vibrations in fact I did ask before I read the rest of the article saying be careful. However I didn’t feel anything so I don’t think any harm was done, I do know about other entities that come in and are not necessarily who they say they would be.

It’s just as well I am not tuned in as I wouldn’t have a clue how to handle these situations. I am never going to be able to attend anything with Openhand but am grateful that you accepted me to be a part of this website/group. If this concerns you my email is with Tilly.

I am also confused about Karma I have just read David Ickes new book The Dream not sure if you have yet, but I know you know David as you’ve been featured on his Ickonic alternative news channel. I am going to get a subscription very soon so will be looking through lots of information on there. David says we do to need to make up Karma when we pass it was all a con by the handlers to lure us back to this world to then wipe our minds and return as a baby, so you wouldn’t ever know what karma you had to make up for anyway, he says that if you’re sorry for what you may have done and don’t want to repeat it again you have already made up for your Karma at that moment.

To me what he says in the book makes sense I can’t imagine why he would say that unless what you quoted about another old energy, again I would be surprised and quite disappointed as the few books I have read of his I have thought quite informative. Strangely my Son does not trust all David has said,  though my Son does not believe their is an alien on earth at all now or ever,  though he does believe there are lots of other dimensions even parallel worlds.

For me I would never be surprised and would say very likely been visited many times I also watch Ancient Aliens. Would there be someone who is trustworthy to perhaps help me remotely I can’t say by mind/consciousness as I doubt they would get through.

I am also not vegan and I will never be I don’t like plant based foods fruit or vegetables. So I don’t juice I drink tap water I’ve been jib jabbed 4 times so probably highly toxic. From this and most of what else I have said I am guessing it’s very unlikely I will ascend to a 5D Dimension, I am not clear what this will be I will say what I am thinking.

It will not be as we are here you will essentially be conscious beings that will have different experiences you will no longer be the named person you are now, though the energy form will be you, you may not be with your family in 5D Dimension world, I think it will be a whole new plane, I am not sure if it will be the same as here but better say more vibrant certainly more peaceful where every being is kind to one another.

I think that it’s very likely in the next 10/20 years I will incarnate, by the time I do though I would like to think I won’t be tricked into coming back here if here is still viable. I know I want to explore into the higher dimensions and have different experiences I have never wanted to re incarnate back on earth not as it is now that’s for sure. I may possibly consider if I was sure I wasn’t being tricked and it was a whole New Earth with peace and love for everyone but considering I have no abilities what so ever I could well find this a hard one. I did say I had many questions I still have but I may find some later in what you’re saying or others in the group.

Thank you 🙂

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Greetings Findanswers - welcome to Openhand.

Yes, I do understand that plenty of what we share here, such as the Blue Nordic Star Beings, might seem "out there" and inaccessible to regular people - but this is not the case. We all have that capacity within. We just have to venture inward and peel back the layers of density and illusion. That requires much dedicated journeying and inner mastery, that only comes through the daily practice of meditation - hence you progressively work through the various layers and integrate through them.

Yes, I have appeared in the Ickonic work. And I respect it greatly. But I certainly don't agree with everything that is said there.

Karma is one example. In what we're sharing here, there is no such thing as "good" and "bad" karma that we can simply drop. Karma is where the Soul gets identified with the illusion of the physical and then fragments into it, like a mountain stream passing over a bolder that creates an eddy current in the natural flow. Thus there are two aspects to karma: 1) the unrealised aspect of soul that fragments into the illusion and gets entrapped in it. 2) The karmic debris that builds up as a result.

It is the weight of the attachments that cause souls to then reincarnate, time and again, to fully clear it - leading to Enlightenment and Ascension. It is an entirely natural process, that many gurus and mystics have spoken of through the ages. Including the Buddha, and the Dalai Llama.

To add complexity, yes there is a harvesting technique going on by the Intervention - where they're working to entrap souls into a harvested, collectivised bubble - the bogus pandemic was an example of that. Here in the Openhand work, we refer to the entity "Ra" as now leading that Intervention. It's where the karmic energy is stripped from the person's 4D field so they can't remember their past lives. It makes it more difficult to regress through and thereby reclaim the soul fragments - journeying which the shamans call "soul retrieval".

For anyone to postulate "not having to process karma" risks falling into this bubble, instead of going with the Shift into the Higher Paradigm. It's a tempting allurement, a deception, by the Intervention to thwart people from going deep enough into their inner layers - I've seen many leaders fall into this trap. You often see it where people speak of "oneness" or "infinite consciousness" as the source. It is not. It's often the final trap before passing over into the pure presence of the source - which is Enlightenment. You have to step over that final precipice within, into the absoluteness. Rather than simply speculating about things, we actually need to do the meditative inner work, on a daily basis. And then the inner landscape will become clear. It will progressively reveal itself.

I refer you to this article...

The Crucial Difference Between Reincarnation and Soul-Harvesting

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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Hi Open

Thank you very much for your answers and response to my post, I think I may have put this in the wrong part, not sure if it should have gone into the forum section. I have read the link you suggested and am trying to understand it all. There is a lot of information to read so I hope to be able to do that and understand it too. I will I know have more questions so very much appreciate your help. 

Thank You 🙂


08/01/2024 Shift Update: Nordic Star Beings in Support

In recent Openhand events since the turn of the New Year, the Nordic Star Beings have presented into the group and made themselves available in support of the work - and wider afield for humanity too. Who are they exactly and where did they come from? Most importantly they can support safe passage across the 4D karmic plane by keeping derailing intervention energies, such as Ra, at bay. Hence I encourage all to explore Openhand's new article above today, because already, I've already found them of invaluable help.

The future is bright!

Open 💎