Openhand Facilitator Spotlight - Margaret

1)     Tell us a bit about how you first resonated with the Openhand philosophy and how this may have developed over time?

One day, around spring of 2012, I came across the Openhand site. The articles and comments evoked a sense of recognition and familiarity. I see clearly now how the Openhand philosophy spoke to the part of me that wanted to wake up. I allowed that part of me to take charge. A few months later, I found myself sitting on the floor of a Manhattan yoga studio across from Open, thinking: “Yep, this is it. I really connect with what this guy has to say”. The Openhand philosophy brought me back to myself through the habit of honest self-inquiry. My awareness had shifted countless times since that weekend in NYC, each time revealing a new reality. No matter what’s the current story, I keep remembering to redirect the attention within myself. This practice brought me the ultimate empowerment – the recognition of the Creator within.

2)     Why did you become an Openhand facilitator and why is this different from other training programs?

At some point after the Transfiguration course, I felt a strong current steering me towards the service-to-others path. I quit the corporate world and embarked on this new journey. The facilitator course presented itself as the natural next step. The program further intensified the expansion of my consciousness and taught me how to work with a variety of energies. The key lesson was the importance of embracing where others are at in their own journey, without judgment or expectations, and simply explore from there. I imagine that other spiritual courses could be about how to apply energy to achieve certain desired result. However, the Openhand way recognizes the importance of the organic unfolding in the moment, holding space for the right expression to come in, and from there allowing for an unlimited potential to manifest itself. That is why it’s such a powerful approach.

3)     How would you describe your work and what are some of the challenges you have encountered and overcome?

Over the last few years I have developed a philosophy of my own. It is shaping my work now. It’s a fusion of the spiritual and the physical aspects of awakening. In parallel to the facilitator training, I took a 2-year biodynamic (non-manipulative) craniosacral program that allowed for an in-depth exploration of the physiological qualities of consciousness expansion. I have witnessed beautiful spiritual awakenings in others, including Kundalini activations, during my craniosacral sessions as well as physical adjustments and trauma releases during Openhand facilitations. This made me think that the two aspects (spirit and body) must be connected at an intimate level. 

I’ve gone through a number of intense transformations over the last 2 years. At one point it felt challenging to support others while going through my own process. I’ve eventually learned to crate a healthier balance between giving and receiving.

4)     What makes you unique as an Openhand facilitator?

I would say that it is the understanding of the interplay between the body and soul. This awareness can produce really powerful shifts. Through my somatic and Openhand facilitation experience I can tune into people’s physical blockages and energetic/emotional make-ups.

For example: during a Skype session I may feel an energetic spike as the client speaks about an event.  The energy of the event might be tied to a karmic memory or an implant. This, in turn, manifests as a physiological disturbance. If the physical side presents itself the strongest, we may want to go into that aspect first and release the emotional, karmic, and other qualities of that energy from there.

Another characteristic of my practice is that I hold a very strong non-judgmental space and powerful emotional releases do not throw me off balance. This allows the client to soften and open up about very difficult issues.

I’m supporting people in their unique process of awakening, no matter in what way, shape or form it manifests. I’ll meet you where you are and we’ll explore from there.

5)     Tell us about an event in your life that has been deeply inspirational.

I met a retired Aikido teacher few years ago. During the practice, he asked us to line up on the mats, sitting in seiza (legs tucked under). Then he slowly approached each of us and pushed us using only one finger. Nobody could hold the posture. Some of us ended up falling on the mats. He then led us through a grounding meditation and repeated the exercise. This time, some of us resisted. This happened several times and I could feel the frustration swelling up inside the dojo. The Sensei led us through the meditation probably about 4th time, when I finally got it. I felt my center drop 1-2 meters into the ground. It was actually effortless! The Sensei came around pushing us with his index finger one by one. Most remained seated. When he came to me, I didn’t budge. I said to him: “you are not applying any force…” He answered: “Oh, I am. It is you who is grounded. Now, to move you I’d have to move the whole Universe.” You can only imagine the sense of empowerment that came out of that experience. I had the whole Universe behind me!

6)     How do you like expressing yourself?

Oh, that is such a good question! I like to paint and draw, expressing through shapes and colors. I’m interested in the aspects of light: how it passes through various materials, or gets reflected in surfaces. I have a strange case of synesthesia. I taste and smell colours. Watching a sunset can be a truly delicious experience; painting it is an explosion to my senses. I also love to dance to whatever moves me. I find that allowing the body to express freely is very healing on many levels. I sometimes feel like an overflowing chalice of creativity.  Depending on how the energy wants to be channeled, I move, draw, write, get into conversations with friends or strangers. There are so many outlets for that!

7)     What’s your favourite film and why?

I find huge inspiration in stories taking place in space; the very favourite one being “Star Trek - The Next Generation”. It seems very real to me as traveling in space feels very familiar or perhaps it’s something I’d love to experience… I’ve never felt like a 100% earthling. I feel the planet and her support, but my being mostly grounds to a “place” beyond our Sun. From what I’ve experienced in higher states of consciousness, I gather that I am attuned to a group of light beings from the Andromeda galaxy. The way that communication happens is truly fascinating and unusual and a topic for a separate post ;-) Getting back to Star Trek: what I find striking in that show is that it portrays humanity being humane despite the omnipresence of technology. It is a vision of how we can evolve, a possibility that I would embrace.

8)     If you only had one day to live how would it be?

Oh, this is such a great question! The awareness that there is only one day remaining would probably put me deep in the moment. I can’t quite tell where this awareness would lead me… it depends… perhaps somewhere into a timelessness? ;-)

9)     Is there anything else you would like to share with everyone who is reading this now?

Yes, there is. I would like to encourage you to slowly come out of your mind and softly shift your attention to the heart. Right here, right now, as you are reading these words… Place your fingers gently at the center of your chest. Bring all your attention there. Then, reach out from inside of your chest and touch the tips of your fingers. Just soften as well as you can and allow it to come forward. If the thoughts arise, don’t touch them, just gently redirect your attention back down to the heart. All thoughts will eventually stop. Open your eyes and look around. Loosen yourself up, everything is flowing… Settle deeper in the heart center within you. Let it become effortless. Can you feel the joy of just being, the completeness, the total awareness of the True Self? It requires nothing, it doesn’t need concepts, information, it doesn’t need stimulus, schooling. It’s perfect. And notice how everything works just great. Your 5 senses continue to work, you can read these words without thinking about them. You don’t have to analyze what I’m saying. The body and the mind run on an automatic pilot. The soul is in the driver’s seat. The true wisdom doesn’t originate in the mind. It resides in the heart.

We’re at a pivotal point in our history as humanity. It’s time to awaken the wisdom you’ve been carrying and step forward.

If you wish to share your journey with me, simply reach out. We’re all here to support one another in this wonderful process of remembering of who we really are. With love. Margaret
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(in interview with Openhand Community Coordinator Aspasia)
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Hi Margaret,

Thanks for giving us more insight into your journey. I loved the story about the Aikido teacher.

It's been awesome knowing you these past few years, and seeing your journey since. You have such great insights into things - noticing things that others may have missed in a way that's totally unique - so you give such a fresh perspective on life. Soft and cutting to the point. And a great heart.

Lots of love,









Hey Open:

It’s been quite a privilege to travel with Openhand for the last 6 years. And there is so much still to come! Your personal support during retreats, facilitation training and other communications is simply phenomenal. I really don’t know how you do this while being a human. Hahaha! I have so much gratitude towards the enormous work you’re doing.

I was just pondering on how, despite the deep changes that occurred within me over the last few years, I’ve not felt like leaving the Openhand community in a search for something else, something more suitable, more "advanced". What occurred to me is that the Openhand work is strongly anchored in the Truth, while just changing its expression of that Truth. Your articles are also multilayered and I find new wisdom in postings from few years back.


Thank you for not uttering a word to me about the Andromeda connection. These things are best discovered within and at the right time. It doesn’t really matter that much anyways, but definitely explains some things and brings in more focus recently.


Hello Ultraviolet:

Nice to meet you :-) It feels good to share the flow with you. The voyage can be quite an adventure and it’s lovely to know that others share some elements of it. 


Isn’t it just simple and wonderful to connect with that heart space? The profound wisdom is right here, at our fingertips, just waiting for us to be open to it, if we choose to. I especially like the bit around allowing the heart presence to come to me. It creates a very different dynamics, compared to what the mind is used to. When we are really able to experience this connection, we might find ourselves in the void itself, in this beautiful sea of pure potential. It may come with practice or suddenly in a moment. You never know what the next moment may bring! Hahaha



Thank you for your feedback. Yes, you are quite spot on. The fire runs strongly within me, and at the same time I have this affinity for watery depths and expansive tides.  Funny how they don’t try to extinguish one another anymore, but mostly work together.


It makes me happy when people appreciate the embodiment part of awakening. Many changes and releases can be initiated from that consciousness. The embodiment touches onto how we define ourselves. If we appreciate the body and perhaps even see it as an expression of our divine self, not a hindrance, it’ll work with us, for us in a powerful way. I see it as an amazing “technology”, a perception instrument and an expression of deep wisdom. I have recently realized (through my work with the Andromedan connection) that the body (especially the DNA and the fluid matrix) can carry or unpack a phenomenal amount of consciousness information. Embodiment can be an incredible journey, that’s for sure!


Lots of love.


Margaret <3


Margaret, it was an immense delight to read your sharings and indeed very inspiring!

To me, your vibe feels a combination of fiery presence, honest empathy, somatic expressiveness and inner steadiness. All qualities that, in my opinion, direct ones life towards greatness.

Your fully embodied approach to awakening and facilitation is, for me, a HUGE advantage when it comes to really supporting people in their unique journeys of evolution here on Earth and beyond.

Thank you for being of service and being unequivocally you,




Wow Margaret, that was some awe inspiring stuff.

Ive felt the same way in so many aspects of my life, especially pertaining to the Openhand Philosophy regarding the unfolding of our authentic path.

I just completed the exercise you suggested at the end of your post, regarding the beingness of the moment and our spiritual perfection needing no stimulus to be perfect, and bringing awareness to the heart. There is nothing better than coming back to the realization of ones perfect beingness in the moment needing nothing rather than just awareness of it.  I can tell you have a beautiful soul just from your short read.

Thanks for the daily inspiration, and reminder to just be ourselves, and go back to the state of perfection we are in each moment.


Hi Margaret - I can still recall your first event with Openhand in NYC as if it were yesterday! And how far you've traveled in such a relatively short space of time. I recall the energy of many of our exchanges, the density you've worked through, and the amazing sense of presence you've now come into.

What I admire most of all about your approach, and what makes you so successful as a facilitator (in my view) is your profound sense of honesty - calling it as it is. Nothing hidden, nothing swept under the carpet. No need to win friends or placate people - no doubt like the wise old Aikido master!

And I simply knew you had strong Andromedan connections! It's the honesty, integrity, connection to all things science. There are a fair few Andromedans drawing to Openhand these days... "to boldy go...."

It's a privilege having you in the Openhand Facilitator Network.

Ohm. Open Praying Emoji