Feeling lost and uncertain? There's nothing more powerful than "Show Me!"

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At times everyone gets a little lost on the path, a degree unsure or uncertain of the way forwards - that's entirely fine. Life is a living, breathing, growing experience. In the moments of unresolution, lies the potential for a greater resolution - the Universe is working to reveal something to you. Therefore, whenever you might feel lost or uncertain, probably the most powerful statement you can make is "Show Me!" The Universe can't, and won't, fail to answer. Here's why that works and how to apply it in 3 steps...

Nothing but the revelation of The One

The Universe is formed entirely of The One. And there is nothing going on but the revelation of The One. Which is happening through you constantly. So the entirety of the Universe - every situation and circumstance - is but a mirror of The One which is self-actualising. This includes every single circumstance you find yourself in. Therefore, if you ask "Show Me", you will always be answered. But there are some clues as to what to look for and how to look...

How to Look:

If you ask "Show Me!", you must then become really attentive for the answer. Because you won't notice the answer if you simply drop yourself right back into the old habits, patterns and circumstances where mind and emotions are completely engaged in old patterning. If your mind is full, then the answer will struggle to come through.

And always, if you don't get an answer, you are being answered... pause, breathe soften, get more still, go deeper.

What to look for:

Your current cycle of inner exploration and evolution will generally be in one of three stages:

  1. You're in the density of the false self and conditioned behaviourisms and need to break through.
  2. You're breaking through the density and authentic beingness is beginning to emerge, although it's not at full power yet.
  3. You're new, authentic beingness is already coming through and you're ready to take a creative step forwards in "Right Action".

And so, if you ask "Show Me!", and truly watch, listen, observe, then the Universe will reflect back to you where you are at within that cycle and what you need to work on.

Free Wheeling:

On the level 2 course 5GATEWAYS, I guide a wonderful process called "free wheeling". We're using various meditations to unleash the flow (try this Breakthrough Breathing Meditation). And then set off into the world for a couple of hours with no intention at all, but to go with the flow as experienced in the heart-felt pull. Then witness what you observe. If you don't understand what is reflected back, simply observe, feel and embody the senses you get. Then begin again..."Show Me!" Consider how what you see and feel, might provide a guidance on what to work with, in whatever creative cycle your consciousness is now in (1,2 or 3 above). So I would encourage everyone to take time, soften, breathe, meditate, then engage the flow in this way and see what it reveals. It will ALWAYS speak to you. That is certain - even if what you get back is the invitation to be more still.

Happy free wheeling!


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Oh this is so me right now! I'm standing in the middle of this road more or less looking up and just saying hmmmm!

I have been doing this ALOT, this "show me!" It's kind of like having a meet and greet more or less with the universe, with God, with myself. My last three encounters of this are a comprising of
1. Show me people like myself, people that I can relate to. OH did it ever show me some very intriguing things!
2. I said well alright then, show me support and value! I saw this and oh so much more!
3. I said hmmm, not to shabby then. Can you show me communcation?!!! I was not only shown communcation, I was told by several people I encountered how thankful they were to just know me, how I am a teacher to them, how I broaden their views/perspective on so many things.

#3 has me standing still. Ive never saw myself as a teacher. An influence yes. But mostly just a lone wolf that see's the world far more varied than most people. Yet through this exploration I am coming more and more out of my shell, my cave, my hmm ok maybe just maybe I might have a place here too among humanity.

Yet I don't know if any of you all have encountered this or not but at the moment I'm in a bit of shock to be honest. With #3 I had a few weeks prior to the "happenstance communication" watched a comedian whom had a name I had not heard in a long time. I liked the name, I even told my husband we should maybe name our next dog this name because for me it seemed a good solid name.
Well, the communication I had was with a random stranger that had the name I had been thinking of.
I feel like maybe my "show me" just went a bit to far with that LOL! Yet at the same time I am honoring it you know.
Honestly though I guess I really wouldn't have it any other way and just in case anyone out there does not believe this "show me" is possible. Come talk to me, I'll tell you stories that would have you going.. hands thrown up in the air and voice saying...SHOW ME!
Much love!


Yes, "Show me" is very powerful tool! Thank you for reminding. I also noticed that even without deliberate attempt to ask the Universe, the Universe is always speaking and it is just a matter of noticing. Kind of works the same with your Higher Self - you make the first step in the direction and it comes and meets you.