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Hello musicians, singers, lyricists, music techies and lovers of music. 

Let's start the conversation HERE -- I have collected names of those interested so far.  At the moment we have — Richard W, Megha, Paul, Vimal V, Lyra, Open and myself-Gwyn.

Thank you so much already for just chiming in.  It is so obvious the gears have been turning about how we can make this happen.  And I am really excited to just get started in whichever direction we feel comfortable with.

Paul, you have given some suggestions about maybe picking some music genre to focus on what kind of music we are interested in creating.  For example, gospel or reggae etc.

I think that maybe we just start talking things up here.  Anyone that writes songs/lyrics, it would be lovely to have those shared here as well.  That will allow us to collaborate, add to, create music/chords/refrains etc. Or if you feel we might work easier with a different way of communication platform so that we can do group chats and share things immediately (i.e. telegram) that will be a good possible as well.

One thought I had was maybe to do a practice run musically and video-wise, we find an inspiring song that already exists, i.e. Let it Be or something with lovely harmony, and we practice, figure out instruments, and create our own arrangement and video.

And finally, coming up with a time/date to have our first “garage” rehearsal — that is something we also need. Does anyone have Zoom capacity for more than 40 mins to meet up?

Again, the joy I feel about creating this is making my Pleiadian heart dance and my angel wings ruffle happily!!



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Aloha! I am excited!
I write lyrics and have a song that might resonate and I can zoom too if anyone wants to hear a rough rendition of it!
Its called-
Listen to your heart
O heed its call
It is your compass
Pointing true

Creative power
Flowing through
let love be the measure
In all you do

Listen to your heart
O heed its call
It is your compass
Pointing true
Listen to your heart
Listen to your heart
Listen to your heart.
ej 27.5.15

Erin- (Zee)



I have some basic equipment here. Or perhaps I could borrow some better equipment from a friend. 

Which song to start with? What do people feel about a Rising Appalachia song? One of these would be a good place to start:

Otherwise, the singer songwriters can feel free to offer their suggestions. I suggest a more well known song would be good to start with though. 



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Great-- we have a few communicating !! let's do this...

I love Rising Appalacia--'Harmonize' might be easy, and I love 'Resilient'. 'Sometimes I' also has some fun back and forth.
  I am curious to hear maybe both male and female harmonizing. 

At this point--Paul, Richard and Barb let's connect via email and then maybe find a way to call to have a first video meeting to set this up and keep moving forward.



Slowly but surely we will get the group together and moving forward.  I will just continue to make a comment or two here so that it doesn't get lost in all the new posts that happen daily. 

Again, all those interested in creating a music video with both a well known song AND then our own written creations--PLEASE start chiming in here. 
THE MAIN few questions at the moment are about 1. Who has recording equipment possibilities at home to begin with laying tracks for the sound we would then record to

as well as 2. What song to start with ?? 

Again--all musicians and music loving creators--please show up here to start the communication to roll.

Paul -- Let's give this another week and then we can just start with whom and where we stand come the beginning of March :-)


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I have nothing but a tablet at the moment lol so not sure if I even could contribute though I'd love to. For me, On The Turning Away by Pink Floyd is such a moving song, I imagine an outdoor concert in some high energy nature area and the finale is this song and angels sing as backup!😊 That's all I can think of rn...

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Hi Cosmic, yes absolutely, I just have to set up zoom, I've never used it before. I did a test recording on my old school flip phone and the sound wasn't bad so my tablet should work well enough. This will be fun! So I'm a right-off during the week but I'm available anytime for the w/e, just let me know what time. Ttys!



Hello all, I am not set up currently for zoom or live rehearsals, but am up for the idea of starting small and working on a song where everybody who can play an instrument lays down a track, sending the track round as we go, each adding to it. I would be happy to help compose and with vocals and keys/ Piano. Does that sound interesting? Who of us has the means to record ourselves, access to recording equipment? That would be my first question. I alright here, as I have a small set up.


So loving this, singer/songwriter here, would love to share. No computer at this time so not meant to be but if this is still going on down the road I'd love to get in on it. Been silent too long. Meantime so eager to see what you guys come up with! Have fun!!!💜💜💜🙏