Openhand at the Global Spiritual Awakening Conference

Submitted by Open on Wed, 10/16/2019 - 04:47

I've been invited to share the Openhand Energy at the upcoming "Global Spiritual Awakening Conference", an entirely web based weekend, involving speakers and musicians from all around the world. It takes place on November 16th/17th. In essence, for my part, I'll be sharing a 45 minute webinar, exploring the principle aspects of Earth's 5D Shift. It promises to be an interesting weekend for sure. Here are the details if you'd like to take part...

As you can see, it's gathered a good degree of interest around it. Here is a short intro of what I'll be sharing, which will run as a 45 minute webinar, including guided meditations on key aspects of the Shift, such as how to activate the Spirit Light Body and embody it in daily life...

You can find out more at this link...
Global Spiritual Awakening Conference

If you want to buy a ticket, use this link, where Openhand is gifted a part of your ticket fee (thankyou!)...
GSAC - Purchase a Ticket Through Openhand

The flow continues.

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I've been asked to speak at this event, and felt to do a 45 minute webinar about Earth's 5D Shift that includes appropriate meditations. Do join me if you feel the resonance (details of tickets above).

See you in the flow!

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