How Foraging (at least some) Fresh Food can Heighten your Vibe

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"Your body is your temple to the divine!" Because put simply, we need a vehicle through which to actualise the soul - to truly experience it. But the soul can only infuse if the vibration is clear and high. Meditation and conscious bodywork help open the temple, but you also need some high vibe resonances to create the right 'atmosphere'. This is where high vibe food comes in. Sadly, in society, a good deal of the vibration is dampened through toxicity and the deadening distances traveled to your doorstep. Hence foraging, at least some, of your food is beneficial for activating enzymes, healing the body and raising vibe to enable full soul infusion. Be inspired...

Something special about picking direct from the plant

There's something incredibly special about picking food from the plant yourself, then eating it pretty much immediately. It's like you're embodying mother nature, and can feel it infusing your cells. I find it doesn't matter if only a small portion of my diet at times contains fresh picked live food. Just a small amount makes all the difference, and if done consciously, it's just so enjoyable.

"It may sound strange, but I absolutely adore eating raw nettles. Of course you have to be careful! But that's the point, if you first make peace with the plant, I find it doesn't sting you. I carefully pluck the juiciest leaves and fold them into a little 'packet', before placing them carefully on my tongue. And there you have it - nature's superfood, delivered direct to your belly!

I felt to share this great video on foraging I came across - be inspired...

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I love this, I love seeing others going out and foraging food. I do this too when I can. I cannot wait to try your recipe as well, thank you so much for sharing it!!