Openhand Mexico Vlog 2021: The Great Escape

Submitted by Open on Thu, 05/13/2021 - 04:11

Hola Openhanders - I just arrived in rainy Mehico City. Wow, it's like a scene from The Great Escape movie getting through airports and navigating the system. But all flowed perfectly and I had bags of etheric help. I felt it would be fun to run an ongoing journal vlog/blog whilst I'm here and share in the energy with you all etherically. So do tune in daily and share your resonant thoughts/feelings about what's going on in the world where you are. We need to keep blazing that trail of freedom. It's our divine duty!

Rainy Arrival in Mehico City

Here in Mehico, there's no PCR testing on arrival (massive advantage!), however they do insist that ALL wear masks. Having got this far in the "pand-e-mic" without wearing or owning one, I'm not about to start now. It's all about the sovereign energy you embody with these kinds of things. You have to exploit the grey areas. So on arrival a quick jaunt to the loo to set down some DNA (have a pee!), form a dimensional bridge then summon George the Dragon - my earth escort, then wear the energy, he's an awesome dude 🐉

Wear the Energy

You wear the energy and look like you belong there, like you own the place. Many authoritiarians avoid you. But for the occasional one that challenges, invoke some "white lie" based on truth (we are in a war on consciousness afterall) - in this case, "Gulf War PTSD from fighting the fascists - all those anthrax filled scud missiles". Works a treat - no one wants to go near you after that.

The interdimensional DNA connection works like a diamond too. As I was walking across the airport to the shuttle bus, all the way across the terminal, my flow just happened to tuck in behind a security guys. It looked like I was being escorted, and of course, I was!

We just have to believe in the work we've set down over the years and that it can penetrate the 3D just as it can the 5D. Where there's a will, there's a way.

The Great Escape

I'm calling the vlog "The Great Escape" because getting out of London and Heathrow through the aptly named "Terminal 5" feels just like an escape into the higher dimensions.

Come join us this week for some fun and adventure. Of course all the deep meditations and illuminations too.

See you in the ether

Open 💙🙏

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Dear Open and Openhanders,

my deepest gratitude for the divinicus retreat, which passed so quickly and gave me the unbelievable opportunity to leap forwards in my inner journey. Thank you Open for holding us during the whole retreat and thank you Tilly for your great support. Thank you to all wonderful participants, there was so much we were able to show one another about ourselves. What a joy!

The encounter with the mayan energies left me deeply touched and i realized the magnitude of what must have happened to their civilization a long time ago.


The day before yesterday, Jye and I visited the Mayan ruins in Palenque, which was one of the main centers for the ancient mayan civilization. I came here with the intention of redeeming more earthbound Mayan souls. This Intention didn't feel like coming from my ego, so I was intrigued. There were many signs for me personally and also we took some time to establish and anchor a Torus over one of the main buildings.

A day later, I get a strange feeling in the back of my throat during my morning exercise. As if the neck had been cut or so. It looks like I have been here before in another life. People were so unfriendly towards me during the visit, it all pointed to that. Tonight "stones" flew on the roof of our dwelling and a bird shit landed in my face.

Back at that time I made myself unpopular - criticised the regime and its methods. I was an old spiritual man and I wanted to enlighten that their ways were misleading and based on power-grabbing. This way, the local population would not see the long awaited ascension of their consciousness. No one wanted to hear that and I was made an example of for all critically thinking people. For my opposition, my head was cut off, impaled on a spear and put on public display. I knew my death was going to happen and did not go into this unprepared. It was so utterly important to me so it was my last resort and i accepted the consequences of my doing. This aversion towards me was clearly noticeable during the site visit and I thank for all the signs that were given to me to recognise what happened here in the past. I forgive them and myself and let go.

Now during the night there is a thunderstorm coming in which brings the soothing rain I was already expecting. During the divinicus retreat it happened in the same way - thunder and rain and then a soothing atmosphere.

All the tightness of past and present mayan people was back again in the form of an immense contraction in the chest area. It felt like anger and frustration towards what happened in the past (the complication of their ascension) but also what humanity has become now. On the other side there was this feeling of being endlessly stuck in this 3D situation and not being able to find a way home, so to speak. This is accompanied by uncertainty and helplessness as of how to proceed from this seemingly endless halt.

The center of the thunderstorm remained steadily above us for about an hour and the portal felt more active than before, so while working through the energy, its Torus-like movement which was now expanding more and more, was able to take in all the energy that wanted to be transmuted and realigned. Many earthbound souls were able to find a way out of their long lasting suspension.


There was a song coming up in my mind that I felt to share during the process with the mayan energies, which is simple in its message. There is something about it that facilitated the process in a way that takes the uncertainty and makes it more like a shimmer of hope on the dawning horizon. We repeated it many times until the thunderstorm moved on and the rain stopped. I felt to write these lines at the end of the experience in the middle of the night. Now there is a clarity and freshness in the air, like a renewal on many levels, and frogs and crickets sound very much alive ... Beautiful.

Much love,


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Hi Thomas - what a ride we've all had whilst out there in Mexico - thanks so much for sharing your feedback and insight 👍

Sounds like you had quite some karma from those past times. I'll be intrigued as to how it unravels for you from here. Openhand will definitely be back there running another event in the autumn - there's much more to explore with the Mayan connection.


Open 🙏


Hola Openhanders,

Here it is, my final video sharing from the Mexico DIVINICUS vlog, summing up the tremendous experiences we had, sharing some insight into the travels through the matrix, and a "cunning plan" for getting back home. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to those who tuned in and shared the journey - for your uplifting feedback loops ♥️

"Hasta la Vista!", well actually for those who speak Spanish: "Hast Luego!"...

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Hi everyone whose been following the Mexico Vlog - it revealed many things about how to travel in the times of Covid restrictions. Many of the legalise has been established clearly to put people off travelling, BUT there most definitely ARE ways to mediate through, particularly in Europe and the USA - I suspect many other countries too including Africa right now. To be clear, you DO NOT need a negative PCR test to get back into Europe and the USA. I know this is what put several people off coming to Mexico.

There is a crucial difference between the Covid PCR test and an ANTIGEN test. The PCR is indeed invasive with much speculation as to what is being inserted into the body - definitely one to avoid. But to get back into Europe and the USA right now (probably many other countries too) you only need a negative ANTIGEN test, which is a simple dry swab (like a cotton bud), with no chemicals on it, which is lightly inserted in the entrance of the nose and/or the back of the throat. You get a test result usually within an hour which is emailed to you, so should you get a positive, you could easily take another. But everyone who took one from the Mexico tour all got negatives, so no problem with that at all. What's more, we hear from people arriving in Texas and Florida that they weren't even asked to show the result. In the UK they do check at border control, but it's an easy passage through.

So let's NOT let this put us off!

Much love

Open 🙏

PS: the PCR test and Antigen test are BOTH Covid tests (don't confuse "Covid Test" as meaning PCR).

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A profound thanks to Tilly Bud, our community connector, for the tireless investigation into all the regulations and legalise concerning travel during the times of Covid. For those prepared to be persistent and read the detail of what's required, plus understand the actual law, there are ways to mediate through the system. We'll certainly be helping people through in the future.

Great job Tilly!

Open 🙏

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Thanks for the thanks, Open!

Ha, ha, ha, for someone who generally can't be bothered with "the small print" it was certainly an exercise in discipline, persistence and careful interpretation!

However the big bonus was I felt very prepared, very clear-headed and therefore very relaxed about the various "check-points" that lay ahead. Indeed the layers and layers of legalise on our UK Government website combined with so many repeated warnings of fines between £500 and £10,000 all turned into very tame, if not downright friendly "paper tigers" when meeting with the representatives wearing the uniforms.

Having been through all the layers of self examination around the rightness of the event, it was definitely the "RIGHT" call to go.

Epic thanks to all those who tunnelled through their own layers; asked their own questions; harnessed their Inner Warrior and heeded their heartfelt pull to make it to Mexico amidst such uncertainty. Love to you all Kiss

Many memories were made to savour HeartHandshakeHeart

Tilly x


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I greatly enjoyed the vlogs from your Mayan trip.  That last one where you toured the Mayan ruins seemed like a very barren feeling to me.  

I'm glad you explained the covid test differences as I have no intention of ever letting anyone put something deep into my sinuses or into my body at all.  IF they come to my house, which they're doing in Oregon to try to push their agenda on people,  I'll spit on a swab, that's the limit of what I'll allow.  I avoid anything and everything to do with that whole scenario.

I'll be watching for more news from you and I'm planning to sign up early for your August online event.  Supposedly my internet provider says I need a new modum so I'll check into it to be sure I can use the zoom rooms with ease.

Thank you for sharing all of this with us, it was excellent!  Praying EmojiHeart





Hola Openhanders - sending you some sunny warmth on my last day here in Tulum, Mexico. It's great here actually, a very relaxed and authentic vibe, with definite resonances of the ancient Maya. Speaking of which, I've just been to visit the Mayan ruins here, with a spectacular setting, on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. What might the Mayans and what happened to their civilisation inform us of our current situation in society and the 5D shift? That's what I set off to investigate on my visit. Come and tune in for a while, see what you pick up. Do share, I'll be very interested in your view...

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What an amazing video .... especially if one really tunes in and picks up on the energies ... I was feeling so much here; I can only imagine what it felt like in person.. I felt at times over whelming sadness as you walked around- but also knowing it was within that karmic sadness the Mayans ascended. Such paradoxes I felt in the video. I really cannot put it into words, it is more the energy and frequencies I was picking up on and feeling at a soul level. 

The tripod "police" was an interesting density... he found you twice as you were filming... I felt he was stuck in the 3D for sure , but felt a curiosity from him....he wanted to inquire but was afraid to explore further , as if he could not connect to this part of his soul or soul fragment  :( 

And yes I agree that the number 3 is stability- the power of three....I think it represented stability and to him, he was unable to connect with the three energy. It added an interesting part of the video indeed...and his timing was almost humorous if not a bit annoying (trigger for me obviously) . 

Thank you for sharing this. I have watched it a couple of times as the energy is quite paradoxical and most powerful. 

Much love, Heart

Betsy Praying Emoji



Hola Openhanders, here's my sharing from the last day of the retreat (stay tuned for more yet though - just about to head off to film at the Mayan Ruins in Tulum). It was for sure a deeply transformative gathering. Thanks to all who made it out here and all of you tuning in from afar; your presence was very much felt ♥️

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Awesome video and an awesome week! 

Thanks all for being there and thanks all for tuning in from afar, your good wishes are felt.

The UK Government locator form for my return does not want to accept my passport details - is it telling me I should stay?

Should be an interesting exchange at the airport tomorrow Smiling Face with Closed eyes

See you all down the flow....

Tilly HeartKiss

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Another great sharing again. Somehow this reminded me of an old Openhand video Being is the change( which I can't find on youtube) which was one of my favourite. Though I feel the message has stayed relatively the same a lot has shifted in my perception of it as I settle more into my soul. It's a great sign. 

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Hi Open,

I've sure enjoyed the retreat and wonderful things you've shared this week.  I'm learning a lot.  I also had been reading your Divinicus book again.  It's like I found a lot of new things in the book.  I feel as we progress along the path, new things are opened up for us to see that we missed or weren't aware enough to see the first time.  I've felt some changes, some pains, and even like I'm stuck sometimes but I believe all will come to light and be worked out.  

Over time I've learned to trust and follow those pulls and promptings as I learned they're accurate.  I'm looking forward to seeing your next vlog.  Thank you for sharing  Praying EmojiHeart

p.s.  I noticed you had remembered my facebook name on here, which has never been used here, and which I thought was amazing.  I'm Sherri but I use the other name since fb didn't like my real name. lol  But I knew you were knowing the energy, not just the names.  It all made sense.



Hola All,

We've been having a magical time for sure on our Mexico DIVINICUS retreat here on the island of Cozumel. On Friday, we took time out for an excursion. Here's a taster of our fun and relaxing but also alchemical tour...

The crew gathering for some "free-wheeling"...

Tilly reading the early signs...

Picking up some Ganesh (elephant medicine) from this tree...

All aboard the magical mystery bus!...

Mayan Ruins next in the oldest village on the island...

Creating a portal to recover earth-bound Mayan souls...

Anchoring the portal...

Time for fresh coconut!...

Fresh coconut juice - yum!...

A croc, waiting patiently for his sustenance - mind if I don't get too close!...

On the beach (in the rain!) with Ella and Thomas...

Kyle getting some crafty shelter...

Jye, "who cares about the rain when the sea's warm!"...


Here's the latest vlog I wove together here from Holistic Tikun in Mexico, exploring the nature of true spiritual healing? What are the two fundamental considerations to pay attention to?...

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Beautifully synchronistic. This week was forced to face karma from my own ego-based resistence and entitlement. When i finally let go and decided to accept fully and flow with the situation, and after almost having a heart attack from stressing myself out so much (which in itself held very important key areas i also need to face and process), i opened up, and resolutions to the situation arrived on their own. Amazing! And feeling my guides through signs (the day before my "event" an ambulance with the numerology numbers of my name flew by me all sirens and lights blaring!) has made the feeling of being alone subside. I really am not alone! Feels like important breakthroughs that will help me finally face the traumas that have held me back for so long. And a realisation that i can't rise and evolve until i truly process and heal the trauma that has separated me from myself, that make me feel this deep unworthiness and self-deprecation. Still so much work to do but at least i'm finally doing it. I may get to the mountain yet! So much gratitude💜💜💜🙏Barb 

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Great videos. What an amazing place,it has got an humble energy to it.  I wonder how you can do it all together - film it while the work is taking place. However it is ,it is of great help to listen to the Openhand philosphy and feel the energy to keep my orientation in check.  

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Thank you Open,

Today's vlog was very helpful to me.  I can feel changes happening within me.  That Mexico place is really powerful I feel.  Greatly into what's going on there and I'm checking in daily.  Thank you for sharing.

By the way, did you notice Vimal's comment posted at 11:11?  What cool synchronicity.  Slightly Smiling

Praying EmojiHeart


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It's great having you tune in Barb, Kellyanne & Vimal,

I like keeping you all involved in the energy out there, so yes, an important part feels to be capturing the essence of it. Especially since this is the first terrestrial retreat for 18 months!

What I tend to do is rest early after the day's work, then do the film production in the early hours - sometimes all-nighters as with this video!

Good to have you along for the ride

Open 💙🙏


I must admit I had a degree of personal trepidation at running a sweat lodge in the Mexcian heat! But it turned out to be a fabulous occasion that was deeply sacred and healing for all concerned. It was a small group, just 8 of us, but with deep passionate heart sharing, it after lasted around 3 hours! The sense of relief and letting go afterwards was simply miraculous. And then especially to dive in the pool and eat some soothing melon. Words can't describe!

Joan displaying her marvellous "icon" - a model of the false self...

Alfonso our Mexican Shaman encouraging the fire gods...

Don't get too close Jye!...

The fire takes ahold...

Drumming in our spirit guides...


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Goodness, what a privilege to be a part of such a beautiful Lodge! 

Alfonso gave such caring, joyful service and to have the pool right outside for our emergence was such a blessing.

I have so many memories from the heartfelt sharings that will remain in my heart, as well as the many synchronicities before and after.

Thank you to the whole group for a sublime experience. HeartHeartHeart


Hiya folks all tuning in - thanks so much for joining us, your presence and your love is felt Heart

It's going swimmingly well here. I think we've found the perfect environment to challenge and alchemise. People are getting well out of their comfort zones and breaking deep through the layers of identity - that's exactly what DIVINICUS is all about. I'm feeling blessed to be doing terrestrial retreats again. It's that personal connection which I find so deeply moving.

Here are some snapshots of the last couple of days. View and feel. Maybe you can empathise and quantum jump yourself all the way here!...

Agnes digging deep...

Thomas all hung up!...

It's like this...

The cool pool meditation...

Jye finding shadows amongst the palm trees...

Sometimes it's all too much!...

Tilly guiding to the studio, or is that just a crafty way of getting a back rub?!...

Getting the energy moving in the studio...

Time for Deep Diad Inquiry...

The only thing to do is surrender!...

A time for forgiveness...

"I forgive you"...

All smiles with Mexican Tacos...

And after days "in the desert" of deep energy work, we all sit down together...


Hi folks - it's so lovely having you tune in - thankyou for the warm and friendly feedback loops 😇

Everything is going tremendously well here. We've just completed what I call the "Softening Phase" where we're getting inside the loops of the ego and breaking them down by direct confrontation - activating reactive triggers and then working to open out through them. Here is a guided meditation from one of the cullinating sessions I felt to share with you all. Click on the link and it will take you to the podcast. Enjoy!...

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Open I'm just only discovering your Vlog! Thank you for this incredible meditation.

And like some others comments here...I was There, just now, transported through and by some energetic wave. Beautiful.

It's been many decades since my own feet touched down on that ground called Cozumel. I feel I've somehow returned to delight with you all in your gatherings! No matter that it was a few days ago... there is no time:) 

Michelle xx 

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It's great you enjoyed the meditation Michelle - it did feel like it flowed well, and what was most remarkable at the venue, was how the birds seemed to blend tremendously well with the meditations - it made it a sheer delight.

I'm spending a few days in Tulum not too far from Cozumel right now - an ancient Mayan settlement - it's got some amazing energy too.

Best wishes

Open 💙


What an awesome place!  I really feel a connection, more so than any other place you've been so far. 

My thoughts are there with you and the group and I look forward to coming here to see your newest vlog each day. 

Thank you Open, for sharing this  Praying EmojiHeart



We're well into the retreat here at Holistic Tikum, the stunning connection to nature greatly supporting the breakdown of false self identity. In this latest vlog, there's a sense of how we approach that here at Openhand - how do you work to breakdown the ego?


Hi Open,

I will certainly be tuning in to that mayan energy this week, the videos thus far have been inspirational and i feel a deep longing to be there too.

After watching the latest Vlog, i felt to click the " i feel lucky" button on the google search engine. What came up were some incredible pictures of "reflection nebula" Further investigation revealed that reflection nebula are millions of particles that reflect the light making incredible images in space;  it seems to me very synchronistic of the openhand community; reflectors of light.

Check out this link to the "Lucky" webpage:

Hava a fabulous week,

Namaste  Kev The Sun EmojiPraying Emoji




Greetings everyone tuning in to our Mexican DIVINICUS adventure. And adventure is the game here for sure. Our intrepid group of travellers all made it safely, but with most quite late, and with one or two looking decidely wobbly! Firstly from the travel, but also the frequencies of energy are very different here. I feel that strongly myself, and if you're tuned into the field, it does take time to adjust. We are no doubt in an oasis here at Holistic Tikun...


Hi folks - I'm still in transit, but almost at the retreat destination. I managed to weave this intro video together en route. I trust you enjoy...

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Open, you are indeed an inspiration to all! I also encourage everyone watching this video to watch for synchronicites, because there is a plethora of them! To mention but one: the expanded reality is 'available to all' who are ready to experience it! (just look at the TV screen on 2:15 in the video).


Wishing you all a very succesful Divinicus course and to you, a safe flight homeward bound! 



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Thanks for tuning in Betsy and Barb ♥️ Knew you'd be on the ball with the synchronicites Mark 👍
Like when I put the film together it came out at 747, the iconic "jumbo" jet. I've been getting the power of elephant medicine everywhere.

Don't you just love it - synchronicity - you couldn't make this stuff up!

Open 🐘🙏

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So fun! Thank you so much for taking us along; a great way to live vicariously for those us grounded by our own mental prisons. You give us hope and inspiration. So looking forward to more adventures! I think i did in fact pop in on your trip; i had a dream last night you were riding through some foresty area in a sort of golf cart car bopping along having a great time and i was riding along in the back seat. Hopefully i'll be able to connect more over the weekend. Have a wonderful time! 💜💜💜🙏With love Barb

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Hi Open,

I loved your video and it appears we're getting a reprieve in the U.S. finally.   All over the country yesterday (Thurs.),  the Centers for Disease Control said those who are fully vaxed can take off their masks now as a reward.  I had to laugh at that one.  Everyone else is on the honor system to wear theirs.  They said there will be no checking.  Wow, so happy to see some of the control being relaxed for now, things are opening up.  I expect there will be many unvaxed enjoying freedom from the masks.  I'll be waiting excitedly for your vlogs and meditations.

I don't see many movies, but did watch the Pete's Dragon version you showed and I loved it.  I enjoyed those synchronicities in your vlog.  I did notice some of them.  That was great! Thank you for sharing with us.

Praying EmojiHeart



Hola, so wish i could be there, i dream of escaping all the time, but i've come to realise i only want to escape the hard stuff and that historically has never got me anywhere. As they say, wherever you go, there you are. So for now, i stay, knowing if i can transmute my bs once and for all, i may for the first time in my life actually start getting somewhere. Maybe soon i'll get it all together, shed the old ego attachments and really learn to fly in freedom and adventure, and hopefully get to some of those retreats. Funny, i keep having planes and even a helicopter fly directly over me; perhaps a sign? Also saw a bald eagle today and that i'm pretty sure is a thumbs up for the freedom (from my conditioned self) im yearning for. Enjoy Mehico, give my regards to George and may you and the group fly to ever greater heights and plumb the depths of your souls😊💜🙏With love, Barb


I am glad you made it to Mexico.... I will be following and can't wait to see the vlogs. Wish I was there. Sending everyone lots and lots of love and I hope it is a great retreat....

New motto.... Wear the Energy you want to be!!

Betsy HeartWhale Spouting