Openhand New Year Retreat - La Palma, 20th-27th January 2018

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How would it be to breathe a fire of inspirational change into your life that would ignite profound possibility?
It's going to help you greatly to get away from the usual routines of life, to create space so you can reflect, receive resonant guidance and unleash new aspects of yourself. That's what the Openhand New Year Retreat is all about - we're using tried and trusted, cutting edge inquiry, to help you peel away blocking density, open an internal space, and allow the light of your soul to shine through.

How can your surrounding world not fail to change?

This year, we're also greatly excited that the event will be taking place on the stunning Volcanic Island of La Palma, in the Canaries, where the vibe is exceptionally high. How blessed we are!

(Please note: this retreat qualifies as Openhand level 1...See Openhand Course Program.)

We stand at the dawn of a Miraculous new Beginning

A new level of 5D Consciousness is emerging across the planet that is beginning to shine from our hearts. It's a way of living and being, which is at one with all life. It's about picking up synchronistic flows - the divine benevolence of the Universe - and having it direct us to miracles and magic. It's where we feel nurtured, cherished and unconditionally loved by all of life.

However, even when you're awake, it's not always easy to feel and align with this consciousness all the time. It's because our own blockages draw us into fragmenting density in the world around - to limitations and restrictions of the old consciousness. We need to step back from this, feel where the density hooks within, peel it away, then unleash profound new gifts of beingness through the support of constructive facilitation.

This is why we've purposefully chosen the remote, yet accessible, Island of La Palma in the Canaries, where there's very little 'matrix'. The vibration is high, the feeling very natural and the veils over reality thin. Coming together, with like minded 'birds of a feather', in such a high vibrational space, is sure to have a lasting beneficial impact in your life; where insightful intuitive facilitation can guide you to the right inner inquiry, and where the resonance of a synchronistic reflection from another participant on the retreat, might be all it takes to ignite a new sense of purpose and direction.

  • That's the incredible possibility the Openhand New Year Retreat on La Palma offers.

Retreat Approach

Openhand is a bridge into high dimensions of consciousness, where we're finding the hand of benevolence flowing with ever increasing strength through our work. As we get clearer, more expanded and open, the energy gets stronger, which is having a profound affect for participants. Many are experiencing powerful breakthroughs that is greatly accelerating their journey and uplifting their lives. In particular, Openhanders are saying the energy is helping in a number of ways:

  • it helps attune to the soul, unfolding your divine beingness
  • it catalyses and accelerates the next step on the path
  • it removes inner blockages which veil the soul's light
  • it infuses light into your life and the wider world
  • you become a positive force for change

During the Retreat, as always we will create a safe and protective environment and then facilitate the energies of benevolent consciousness to catalyse your unfolding. We'll be on hand to help you interpret the feelings and insights that are arising. Above all, we'll help you integrate the infusing energy of your own higher self to shape your life in a more successful and positive way, one aligned with your destiny.

Retreat Outline and Format

We'll be hosted for 7 days at the rustic, spacy and highly conscious Aurora Retreat Centre, near to the Volcanic heart of the Island. You'll be staying in restful, quiet and quirky, 'cabin-style' accommodation, that is highly conscious and comfortable. It's perfectly configured to give you plenty of space and time for reflective contemplation.

During session times, using meditation, breathing, movement and guided inner inquiry, the work will naturally guide through blocking consciousness, that you may peel it away, and then shine the light on new emergent aspects of soul that want to come through. These then go on to radiate positively through your life. It is only such authentic beingness that can make such profound and lasting change.

You'll be arriving in the early evening of Saturday 20th of February, where we'll convene at 6pm for a tasty, conscious, vegan meal courtesy of our onsite retreat chef. Sunday will be an acclimatisation day where we'll connect you with the prime energy centre of the Island. Formal self-realisation sessions will take place from Monday to Thursday, with plenty of free time for your own inquiry and rest. On the final day, we'll be taking you either on a pleasurable and relaxing boat trip with whales and dolphins, or else peaceful hiking before departing on Saturday in the morning of the 27th.

  • You will be rested, rejuvenated and unveiled to unleash powerful waves of creative energy into your life!

Guided by Higher Dimensional Bridge - "Open"

Open, who developed the Openhand Philosophy, works as a Catalytic Bridge into higher dimensions of consciousness. His approach is to use intuitive meditation techniques, and self realisation exercises to align you with your soul. He is skilled at activating one's Higher Self and removing karmic past life blockages. He can help you attune the authentic frequency of your being. Participants find themselves dropping into the profound nature of who they truly are; an experience which then infuses beneficially into every facet of their lives.

The group will be lovingly supported by Openhand facilitators Richard and Marije. They've been through all of the various levels of Openhand work and qualified through our facilitation accreditation process. They both have deeply intuitive - and totally unique - facilitation gifts between them. Richard tends to act more as a gentle catalyst, whilst Marije is an energy moving empath. You're be well looked after!

The Magical Island of La Palma

La Palma has a stunning 'other worldly' energy... The Foliage of this place upholds the higher vibe - it's totally stunning... I just love the cacti... And of course the Palm Trees too... Plenty of time for great food and fun... Not forgetting boating with whales and dolphins, resting and paddling on the beaches!...

Administration details

  • Venue in The Canaries: The retreat will be taking place on the magical Island of La Palma, at the rustic, secluded and highly energetic Aurora Retreat Centre near the Volcanic Heart of the Island.
  • Dates & Timings: The retreat takes place from the 20th - 27th January beginning with a welcoming dinner on the 20th at 6pm, and departing after breakfast on the the 27th. This includes two days of rest and relaxation where we'll take you out to see some of the natural sites - the amazing energy of the volcano for example, and a boat trip out with the dolphins and whales.
  • Cost: The full price, including all facilitation fees, healthy vegan meals and conscious 'cabin-style' accommodation at the Aurora Retreat is £650.
  • Travel: The budget airline Easyjet has recently established a low cost route from London Gatwick. This is also a great connecting flight if you are flying to La Palma from outside of Europe. There are also lots of daily flights to La Palma from Tenerife, and a number of other direct flights from destinations in Europe such as Berlin and Madrid. Collection from La Palma airport is available - a telephone number will be provided prior to the event. You'll be dropped off at the airport to meet flights on Saturday 27th (or Friday 26th if needs be).
  • Booking info: To book a place or to get more information, email Aspasia... ***IMPORTANT*** We will respond to your email as soon as possible, if you have not heard from us within 24 hours, check your spam folder
  • Not-for-profit: Openhand is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the upliftment of mankind through the sharing of this unique philosophy.


For those who join this very special retreat, in a totally magical and mystical part of the world, you will have not only a deeply transformative experience, but the time of your life as well! The 5D Shift is gathering at a strong pace now. Taking time out to reflect, in a high vibe location, with intuitive facilitation and the camaraderie of like-minded souls, can have such an uplifting impact on your creative flow through life.

Come and join us - be uplifted and empowered into 2018!

A reminder of those booking details again...

To book a place or to get more information, email Aspasia...
***IMPORTANT*** We will respond to your email as soon as possible, if you have not heard from us within 24 hours, check your spam folder.

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Wonders will never cease - we've got a lastminute place on the La Palma New Year Retreat.

Someone is going to snap up the chance of a lifetime - this Island is the most fantastic high vibe place, with minimal matrix, and stunning Volcanic landscapes.

It's the perfect place to get some "you" time, inspire deep inner inquiry and find soul attunement for a blessed and magical life though 2018.

Has the place got your name on it? See you there!
(Scroll up for full info)

Open smiley


Oh, wow, those pictures of the island are amazing. I can already - almost - feel the incredible energy. And isn't it fascinating, I was almost on my way to bed, closing down all the tabs I had open, but then there was something that told me to click on my Openhand bookmark, just for a quick glimpse at the website, there might be something I need to see ... And was there ever! Mailing Aspasia now to sign up. :D