One Moment of Now

Submitted by Open on Wed, 05/18/2016 - 05:39
space time

I believe there's a big misunderstanding in the spiritual mainstream about 'the moment of now'. And it leads to distorted action. Everything in the universe is of one space-time-continuum - so it all moves together. That means in any one 'moment', there are influences of the 'previous moment' (the same, just in a less advanced form), together with 'future-landing-now' (the next form the universe is coming to). It means that when you're truly open to multidimensionality, in this moment, you will likely get visions of 'the future' and knowings about what is to come - future is already landing now. It's important not to throw this baby out with the bathwater. Put your attention on it. You're birthing a magical future.


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Love this Open , so well articulated . Thats exactly what i have been working with for the past weeks / months through the field . It just seems to accelerate the more i tune in deeply to that multidimensional vessel . It just feels more magical that ever . Intuition is getting refined as well as the Higher mind 's reach / tapping deeper into what feels to be happening next . Signs of synchronicity deeply plays a very important role such as to offer clear confirmations about what was felt previously ( in the latest close moment ) to take place ... not easy for me to explain how i live & explore this incredible multidimentional landscape on that path but it seems i am getting better at it .
Aloha , Jean