Planetary Shift: The Greatest Opportunity of Existence is NOW!

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You'd be forgiven for looking out in the world and seeing only the dark veils of intervention and control. You might pray at times for an easier journey and wonder why you ever incarnated here in these complex and confusing times. You might wonder when the planetary "Event" we're concluding to will wash it all away. But you'd also be missing the point of the shift. We manifested this spiritual gym. We were seeded for it. Plenty of us have sailed through similar a zillion times. It's the greatest opportunity of existence. Here's how.

A Terraforming World: how to Cope?

The world is terraforming around us day by day. As one karmic veil after another gets activated and manifested in the external, it feels at times like a veritable assault-course of pushback, challenge and turmoil. Take now, for example, the major changes happening in the financial sector, that which underpins the old karmic construct and plenty of our lives. You might well wonder, how do I cope?

In these kinds of situations, it's utterly essential to intuit the movement of the quantum field itself, and to align yourself with it. That will ALWAYS  be the resolution.

So what's going on exactly?

What we've incarnated into is a karmic construct going back to Atlantean times when Homo Sapiens was hybridised by an interdimensional intervention to be enslaved within a civilisation of an alien agenda and purpose. 11,700 years ago it was obliterated in a solar nova event that blasted the casing off the pyramids and sent a deluge of meltwater from the last ice age around the globe. It spawned a zillion planetary myths, but all were built upon this underlying truth. The evidence is abound.

Check out this video by the Egyptologist Robert Shock

Don't miss the heavenly glory!

Since then the intervention has gathered itself back together, reformulated its strategy and rebuilt itself into the high-tech agenda we're moving rapidly into today. Just like before it will fail, due to another 12000-year convergence of galactic, solar and earth pole-shift cycles. Based on experience, these intervention powers know what's coming. That's why they're now ramping up their various machinations of the metaverse to go off-planet with a swathe of humanity encapsulated within it. It's seen what's coming and is desperate. That's why its measures are becoming increasingly extreme and outlandish - just look at the current White House incumbent to see the ridiculousness of the situation!

But it is essential for evolving people to realise this is just one side of the coin.

We must be aware of it, yes, because it can impact daily life. But if that's all we focus on, then we'll miss the other side of the coin and the enormous opportunity the times present. In short, we'll miss all the heavenly glory!

The intervention is ramping up its efforts BECAUSE of the tremendous infusion of galactic energy. It's trying to dumb swathes of humanity down BECAUSE of the tremendous widespread awakening.

What we also need to hoist on board, is that we now exist within a hybrid reality. The controllers are ushering in new measures in the 3D daily. But the light is also breaking through. Take cryptocurrency for example. Despite all the shadow's attempts to repress and control, new developments are springing up daily. It matters not whether you're tech literate - there's a veritable army of developers all beavering away at the liberation of humanity as we transition the storm; from which, we'll all get to benefit, providing we stay tuned in and go with this emergent flow. They will not fail. Just like you, they were seeded for this. The shadow will not be able to put this genie back in the bottle.

Explore the nature of the 3D/4D Hybrid Landscape we're living in

The Grand Galactic Convergence

Many now realise we're moving toward to an extraordinary "Event" - the culmination of Grand Galactic Cycles which will set the planet free into a New Paradigm. BUT, what I witness is that too many are waiting for it to happen, not realising that this Shift is now. And in order to go with this gigantic wave, is to flow with it now, as much as you can, in each daily activity and action.

In any given day you'll need to appreciate you're likely seeing reality through a karmic veil. Perhaps that of poverty consciousness, as the way you've created life from the old version of you gets progressively unravelled. Many try to hunker down, or go into fear and anxiety about what the future may bring - like the realignments in the current financial system for example.

You are much more than these fears and anxieties. You're an extraordinary being of expansive consciousness. But where you go into fear and contraction you artificially limit this limitless possibility. You don't even realise you're doing it to yourself. But that's where the massive opportunity exists - providing your orientation in these times is aligned. Providing you're turning into the karmic contractions and expanding through.

By that I mean you've got to own the internal impact of the contraction. This is where you're identifying with the physicality of the world - whether a challenge in resources or in transforming relationships for example. This is where we can inadvertently choose to be small. We must turn into these fears and contractions, express them out around us so we can illuminate the attachment. Then work to unravel through and out. This is the spiritual gym we're each being invited to occupy on a daily basis now.

You might at first resent it and hunker down again, go into fear about the terraforming 3D. But at some point you catch yourself, realise this smallness isn't you, and work diligently to process through - where's your attachment? Where's your fear? How are you identifying? Work in and let it go.

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The Extraordinary Illuminescence of You

That's when you'll experience the tremendous revelation of the next iteration of you. Sometimes that will come as a simple sense of knowing. Sometimes it will come as a peak experience. Each time you're peeling back a layer, integrating a new aspect of soul and expanding out into a world of new possibilty.

THIS is how we transform our reality. THIS is the extraordinary power we hold within. Reality crystallises around this new emergent beingess by what you express and unleash out in the world. It's high time to stop holding our light under a bushel!

Yes, the playground bully is getting increasingly loud. But it's all bluff and BS. Don't focus on that, it's designed to distract and contract. Instead, use every daily situation that presents, in relationships, at work and general living, to unleash the next grandest version of you - that which is being invited and called for.

And wait not for the culminating Event, sometime when. The Event is now. The energy is shifting now. It's impacting you now, on multiple levels. So in any given day, seize the moment, work with what density is coming up, then unravel through. Now you're infusing amazing new energies of the shift. What's more, you're being supported by the proximity of the Star Being Nations positively willing you on to your emergence and freedom.

Develop your daily 5D Shift Practice: what to focus on?

The Times of the Merkabah

You have the capacity to create differently now, from your infusing higher consciousness and your establishing Merkabah. It's built for transformation through terraforming multidimensional landscapes like this one. It's built to thrive.

When you catch yourself for a moment and contemplate all the different civilisations you must have incarnated in, all the challenges, all the break downs, and all the Shifts through - then you just have to pinch yourself and realise the enormity of your being. Not in a grandiose or arrogant way. But the deep inner knowing of your existential capacity to thrive.

Now is the time to pay daily attention to these immaculate aspects of you; to outstretch your wings, and positively soar through these incredible times of transformation.

If you'd like to seize the opportunity these extraordinary times present, if you'd like to unleash your soul from the old karmic construct, then get involved with the groundbreaking work of Openhand. See how we might support your evolution...

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings to all

Open 💎

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I felt to feature this article again today, about the massive opportunity before us in the Shift. Plenty out there are hoping things will "get better", that somehow all the problems in the 3D will get fixed. Let me calm those anxieties - society is broken, you can't fix it!!

So stop trying. Stop hoping. Stop struggling.

Instead, surrender into the only sensible option available - that was EVER available. And that is to come into your deepest spiritual self and let your pathway in life be shaped from there.

What about resources?

Have you got enough to take the next step? Then take it and don't worry about what comes the step after that. Just be clear about what you're being invited today, stop boldly into it and let the Universe come to meet you.

The massive opportunity is to grow as spiritual beings and recognise the Universe will shape around you.

Therefore take a refresher of my article today. I'm sure that it will inspire your day!

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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Watching this under the influence of the approaching Cancer full moon (i'm Cancer native so double effect) has me weeping; and yet the end. The end! It feels like that's exactly my mission: to somehow break through my own petty self-concerns and take on a much more important mission. It feels right. I'm in the right place. Thank you for this.


Dear Open ,

I am continuing to undergo some extremely intense experiences . Karma continues to rear its head. I have recently moved to a new organisation ( the old one felt too small !) and have immediately stirred a hornets nest as the prevailing regime which consists of a  rather bullying team of physicians are extremely disgruntled by me holding my ground . I have started things off with a bang :) 

Expectedly I am being called to work deeper and all my codependent tendencies as well my tendency to avoid confrontation and dither from speaking my truth are now at the fore. It is continuous often tearful practice. What keeps me going is the willingness to ask at all times -what am I feeling in all my chakras. And progressively soften into the tense muscles in my base and the constriction in my throat. In meditation I am reliving many past lives especially Sirius past lives . I saw a series called Earthstorm recently and the sight of Tsunamis and volcanoes seems to have rekindled a memory spark of helping souls through similar cataclysms . 

I am reminding myself of staying within the Torus and with my Truth at all times. It is a constant practice ! And yet within the massive inconvenience ,is the spark of a new me ( This me is way more forthright ,confident and unafraid of popular opinion compared to the last iteration . )

This is a piece of art I made in the midst of all the intensity :)

Playing with crayons in the midst of crazy 3D


Deep Bow to all my fellow travellers 



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Hi Megha,  so much going on here too.  I keep focusing on making sure my chakras are open and I'm dealing with a tightness in my back of neck which may be karmic.  Deal with one thing and immediately more things come up it seems.  I think your persistence working with all the karmic stuff is so awesome.  Sometimes I have to let out some humor when it all seems so hard to deal with, and maybe this will help you.  Our light swords have been through so many battles that I felt mine had worn down to a short nub.  So I said if you can't slay them with your nubby sword, do it with your humor.  I've actually been saying that out in public a few times and people laugh out loud and love it.  So this may offer some humor relief for you when you need it most!  I hope so. Heart

I thought your latest artwork was really awesome and I love all the colors. You really express so well with your art! 

Amazingly, since the weather here has refused to let Winter go away, I've been indoors a lot.  I found that same documentary called Earthstorm 2 days ago and watched it too!  So much happening with the planet.  In an effort to take steps towards what I'd like to create in my life, I went grocery shopping and suddenly felt to go look at leggings in the store.  I've really wanted some bright colors to wear.  There were some leggings that had the exact colors I pictured in my mind, and gorgeous design that jumped out at me.  Like ocean vibes.  Very inexpensive so I bought a pair and love them.   

Do you get time to go free wheeling?  It sure helped me to pay attention to that thought of leggings "out of nowhere" ( haha) at the store when I just wanted a few groc.  I love when the prompts come to check something out.  I think working to make sure my chakras stay open also helps make it easier to hear those whispers to check out something.  In the midst of shitstorms, it's so nice to be able to just "flush" it all away for a little while!  

I have to remind myself constantly about the Torus too.  It reminds me of the tornado rotation in those storms on Earthstorm.  I hope some of what I said will help lighten your day.  I used to be so shy out in public but now just say those crazy comments and am amazed that people bust out laughing.  Humor is very powerful when things get heated between people.

Much love to you Heart

Sherri The Sun Emoji


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Greetings Megha - it's so deeply inspirational and illuminating for all in the community to witness how you courageously turn into and confront your activating karma. It's the only way. And although unpleasant and inconvenient at times, nevertheless, it's what we came here to do and we'll gain massively from it.

Much love and support to you.

Open 💎

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Hi Megha,

An inspirational sharing - I commend the warrior in you for holding your ground when confronted from all sides. I guess there comes a point when we realize to stay in the flow, being in the warrior like that is all we can be.

I'm also being called to stay in the torus and truth at all times. For me it comes with a feeling of let go of control because in order to do it fully I have to risk hurting those who are closest to me. I've been very good at softening the edges around my truth, which feels aligned when it encourages openness, but not when it leads to compromise.

What I get from your picture is like a shattering process as the rays of light come in (or break out?) through the built up patchwork of identity.

Much love



08/04/2023 Shift Update: It's all happening now!

The central point of my article above is NOT to be waiting around for the shift to happen to you, or for the Solar Nova "Event" to conclude, whereupon, you'll find yourself living in 5D. The point is the shift is NOW!

What do I mean exactly?

We're ALREADY travelling through a high-energy segment of the galaxy.
The sun is ALREADY going through its grand solar minimum, with the sunspot cycle activating.
The Pole Shift is ALREADY diminishing the earth's magnetic shield increasingly by the day.

Hence the energy field is transforming strongly and progressively. Never mind the reactive machinations of the shadowstate. The point is the elevating energy is growing here and now. Which will increasingly impact everyone's field. Karma will be kicking off in layers. New aspects of beingness are wanting to come through, embody and express. Major breakthroughs and expansions of consciousness are possible. You can make quantum leaps in how you perceive and act in reality.

So how can you best respond?

Turn into any activating density and work with it.
Expect each day to be different and offer new opportunities.
Keep meditating and downloading the new energies.
Seek and express the new aspects of beingness coming through.

This way, you're going to make progressive manageable changes that then lead to huge leaps.
The one thing you don't want to be doing, is sitting comfortably on the sofa.
The time is NOW!

Bright blessings to all

Open 💎


07/04/2023 Shift Update: Incredible Opportunity

I felt to share this new article today about how the shift represents the incredible opportunity of our existence, and rather than waiting for some culminating Event, we must ride the emergent energies now, in all that we do.

We're going through lots of new phases where karmic veils get projected and manifested into the outer. Like the financial system for example. Humanity is constantly chasing down resources, which of itself, is poverty consciousness. The tail is wagging the dog. Instead, resources and opportunity shape around the beingness that you're unleashing out into the world. The space-time continuum always crystallises around what you're being. If you unconsciously think you don't have enough, then that's exactly what you'll manifest.

If on the other hand you orientate your life in the direction of the emergence of your being, then the field will always shape around that in order to actualise you - it's what the universe does.

So if you find yourself challenged by the near constant new machinations of the shadow, realise it's all just a game of smoke and charades. Don't be fooled. Peel off the karmic blinkers and create from a new aspect of being. That's what I felt to express and share to everyone today...

Planetary Shift: The Greatest Opportunity of Existence is NOW!

We've got this.
We were seeded for it!

Open 💎