Pyramids in Bosnia

Have you heard of PYRAMIDS IN BOSNIA? In 2005 it wast was discovered that the „hills“ in Visoko valley are actually pyramids. Discovery was made by a passionate and open-minded archeologist Semir Osmanagić. They are more than 29,000 years old, which means they are from the previous cycle.... And when sensitive people go inside them (it is already possible to go inside/or beneath the pyramid of the Sun), they say the energy there is really high and clean. Amazing, isn´t it? ...I believe there might be more such places on the Earth. The pyramid of the Sun in Bosnia is said to be the biggest on the Earth.
I recommend browsing articles and videos on the Internet, it is full of information. Very importantly, feel about it and see what resonates.
I have watched this video: ... It is quite interesting (do not be disturbed by the dramatic music, however).
My sensitive friends have been there and they say that they felt deeply present and comforted. It also triggered a lot of healing processes, they say their bodies were literally vibrating. I remember they returned very much lightened up, much more open, radiating more Love.
In the pyramid of the Sun there is Schumann resonance and also the frequency of 28 kHz which clears body from any parasities, viruses etc. Some people even say that it is the safest place on the Earth.
It has a very healing effect on human aura.

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Thanks for bringing up this topic, Naty. I also find it fascinating.

According to Osmanagic the whole world is teeming with "undiscovered" pyramids, although they are mostly nearly impossible to oversee. They seem to be as much of a taboo as extraterrestrial intelligence and "visitors". Osmanagic has been ridiculed, sabotaged and fought against. He claims that the Bosnian scientific community together with European scientists put such pressure on the Bosnian government some years ago that it passed a law forbidding any further excavations of the pyramids so that the work was blocked for years.

Why is this so? Osmanagic thinks that one reason could be that if the pyramids were to be acknowledged, the history of mankind and of the Earth would have to be rewritten. They were built in prehistoric times and cannot have been built by humans. No one knows who made them, how they were built and to what purpose, at any rate in mainstream science. The pyramids in Gizeh have no evidence that they were built as tombs, although that's what everybody is taught at school.

The pyramids seem to have a function as energy centres. Naty speaks of a very positive energy in the Bosnian pyramids. I remember reading something submitted by Open where he described the energy in Gizeh as extremely dense and "heavy".
I was just wondering whether the pyramids that are one of the main symbols of the Illuminati could have played a role since the beginning of the intervention, to densify Gaia's energy, for example. The alignment with the Orion belt in Gizeh, Noto (and how many more locations on Earth?) could be another indication for this.

Can somebody say anything about this? Open?


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Hi Cristiano,
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Hello everyone
Bosnia pyramid, great topic, I looked into that, yes.
A few months ago a friend of mine living in Sicily sent me a picture where he was standing in front of a perfect pyramid. When I asked him to drive me to that peculiar site just north west of Noto, I could clearly see three mountains of which the sides look perfectly shaped as pyramids. It was obvious, just like the Bosnian one is. But that's not all. After taking them off google earth, I then proceeded to superimpose a picture of the Giza pyramids, which as we all know are lined up with the Orion belt and it's a perfect match. I could upload it, but I'm not sure there's an option to do that here. I'd be happy to send it to whomever wants to see it. ciao!