Ra: the Unseen Spymaster, playing both sides of the 3D Chess Game

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The Shift is rapidly turning new chapters as we move inexorably to the ultimate conclusion - the culminating "Event" in the Grand Galactic Convergence. But awakening souls need to be profoundly awake and aware - on your toes. Because an ancient spymaster, Ra, is playing a game of smoke and mirrors with you. It's playing BOTH sides of the game. Using AI, it's playing BOTH the Intervention AND the alternative narratives - what do I mean exactly?

An Intellectual Game of Chess

Did you watch the Tucker Carlson/Putin interview? It seems the whole planet has watched it by now, dissected it, pulled it apart, analysed it from tip to toe. Plenty of alternatives are revelling in what it exposes of the various machinations and coverups of their governments' population control dramas - like that in the Ukraine for example. It could even be that the developing narrative is stacking up to topple the current US administration - but exactly whose narrative is it anyway?

It's the same with the Bogus Pandemic and the growing Lableak theory. Maybe so, yet it's still an intellectual game of chess that's being purposefully played out in front of your eyes. But who's moving the pieces?

As long as you're pulled in intellectually, actually believing that there's a possibility to win this 3D chess game, and the shadow will fold its hand, then you're being blinded by a game of smoke and mirrors. We must extract from the game of charades, and play in the much bigger game. That of the Shift to 5D.

Did anyone watch the recent interview between Alex Jones and David Icke? Late in the interview, a mysterious questioner appeared, sounding pretty much exactly like Elon Musk. The questioner was extolling the virtues of AI and the Matrix - essentially 'how we should ride it, rather than try to destroy it'. For plenty in society, it might well have represented a plausible point of view. But as Icke pointed out, who actually is pulling the strings of this new reality? Who exactly will be free?

No one, if the system has its way.

Skimming Over the Truth to Blind You From It

For me though, it was two key points the questioner skimmed over right toward the end, which were the real illuminators: 1) Essentially, if there are aliens controlling it all, where are they? There's no "evidence" to presuppose they're actually here. 2) That we need to escape the planet due to changes in the Sun taking place 'over millions of years' - whereas the impact of the immanent micronova will happen within two or three decades.

The "elites" already know, and are probably banking on making it out of the 3D devastation - hence the billionaires building launch pads or underground bunkers. But for the majority, they'll be left to face the solar micronova music.

Actually, being one of the "plebs" left behind is good news - provided we embrace the true picture right now. Because then we can work with it - we can expand our consciousness and ascend into 5D: Here's How

The shadow doesn't want you to know this though - just how immanent the Solar Flash is, and that you'll be left behind. Because then you become uncontrollable. Why would you continue to play the chess game according to their rules?

Was it actually Elon Musk? For me it was as clear as daylight: whether Musk was speaking or not, you were actually hearing the entity, Ra, behind it all.  Browse the link and make up your own mind (but then do return here for the rest!).

Icke/Jones/Musk Interview

This is the point we need to hoist on board: Ra is playing the narrative on BOTH sides. It's playing a game of Chess, with itself. And blinding awakening people by pulling them in. You think you've got one thread of truth, and it weaves you up in knots with it. If you watch the interview, notice how the Questioner - the entity - steers exploration of the 4D "Astral Belt" instead toward the "Wifi field". It doesn't want you expanding into 4D and beyond. Because the 4D astral plane is exactly where it resides. This is where the aliens really are. And by breaking through there, you break their influence, their hold on you.

This is how we overcome it - by NOT playing their 3D chess game.

Opening into the Multidimensional Field

When you engage in the 3D chess game, if you engage it, and you're sensitive, you'll feel the wall of density around you that wants to close you down and consume you in it - the hi-tech cloud. What we have to do, is notice the 3D game, yes, but then use it as a tool. We must use it as the spiritual gym, to go to work - you feel the contracting tightness and open out through it. You expand through it. Then look for the real source of news, which is the feeling sense of the energy field itself.

You must work to feel the subtle nuances and inflows of soul consciousness, that click in through you, with a sense of "rightness". Those which get confirmed as signs and synchronicity, all around you. Now you're unfolding into your original mulitdimensionality - you'll expand into 5D/6D/7D, way beyond the nefarious clutches of Ra.

As your soul infuses, then dormant Lemurian Starsoul frequencies can come alive in you. Activate them. Animate them. Create from them. THIS, is the real antidote to the machinations of the new AI iterations of the Matrix.

Mission of the Starsouls

The old spymaster, Ra, is playing games with both sides of the fence. Better to balance on it, watch what's going on, but extract out - expand your consciousness. And then you become the master of your own game, the Captain of your own ship.

That's what we've worked to communicate in Openhand's latest video from the La Palma Stargate. And if you ever wonder exactly why Openhand doesn't gain much traffic in the mainstream for our work, well maybe, just maybe, it's because we're actually offering an antidote to the chess game that's being played with people!

Been inspired? Want to extract from the 3D Chess Game? Then explore the advanced spiritual work of Openhand:

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright Blessings

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Hi Open, what is your knowing of the Elohim...It is suggested by Mauro Biglino & other respected theologians that this group has played a large part in the affairs of mankind including DNA alteration etc. Biglino also stating the Sumerian group (Annunaki;Enki,Enlil etc) being part of this Elohim Group (and Ra by the way)

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Hi Adrian - I'm not a theologian, but as I understand it, Elohim is the term used in the Bible for the Hebrew God. Which could indeed inadvertently refer to Ra.

The Bible also refers to the term "Nephilim", which is what I believe you're referring to - the Annunaki, etc.

Best wishes

Open 💎


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Thanks Open,  Yes I’m aware the Nephilim were created with the Union of the Daughters of men & ‘The Sons of God’

You may find what Mauro Biglino has researched on the original texts of the Bible very interesting (he translated the original texts for the Vatican etc) Biglino maintains the term ‘Elohim’ is plural & mistakenly replaced by the term ‘God’ …also because the Elohim were mistaken for God(s) & there were many Elohim (Yahweh being one of them!)   If you have time look at Biglino’s work.. it may resonate!


It occurred to me, that in a way, this article has some parallels in my own life recently. The day before you posted this, i had been playing an internet game and had been repeatedly losing the battle with the "big boss", a two headed giant, (which i could associate with my own duplicity and the people i engage with here at the house, mirrors of myself of course, and now 2-headed Ra). After losing yet again I tried to understand what the lesson was telling me, what can i glean from a situation i just cant win ie the typical "she did this so ill give cold shoulder and then she gives back the cold shoulder' etc that ive struggled with for seemingly a millenia, and it occurred to me that if i didnt play the game it wouldnt matter. i cant lose if i dont play, and why play if i just keep losing, like being stuck in a never-ending loop. Like being offended and then getting stuck in that game where no one wins. The only way to win is dont play. Stay aware yes, so you can keep healthy boundaries through non-judgemental discernment. And so you can notice your own reactions and thus work them out, just as you say. But just dont do it, you get nothing from it but loss of energy and being trapped in a loop of ruminating, the heart closes down and prescence with higher self is cut off. So the focus is on the work of figuring out why it is i still keep playing these games with others? why cant i let go? why am i so hell-bent on not letting them "beat me"; of being better? Of hurting them more than they hurt me? How to overcome such a formidable advisary, the ego? And i have the tools: face, unravel, infuse, in a nutshell. No more games, just freeing my soul. Transmuting defensiveness and resentment to higher love and acceptance.

The other thing i noticed was the way the game sucks you in and zones you out, like being attacked by a dementor in Harry Potter. And the longer i stayed on the more drained and irritable i would feel. The good thing about playing it is that i'm completely done. I hate the way it drains me and makes me feel like i'm trapped while my energy is being sucked out of me. Even just getting online and the "news" feed that just sucks you in if you let it. Feels silly but relevant nonetheless; a small fractal of the bigger issue you speak of.  Thank youPraying Emoji


Hi Open

Yes I have watched both of the interviews, I kind of felt that was mainly a History of Russia, the bits where he said we should all be much closer to China or words to that effect. I think that would be a very worrying thing. Also the fact that Boris Johnson said to go to war, well it would not be surprising but Putin is also a big player in this, we don’t know if all he said which in fact was not a huge amount is to accelerate his and Chinas agenda or another reason. It definitely looks like you said bring down the US administration. 
I am not sure why David does not discuss the 5D shift I have wondered why that would be. He did state that the aliens were in the Lower 4th Dimension. Does he know about the shift he must do I would have thought. The interview was very good but points needed to be got out and that kept being interrupted. When the voice first came in I found it felt very strange and I didn’t recognise it as Elon Musk at all, then just as Alex said it’s him, I could hear straight away the voice sounded very much like Elon Musk’s but a slight difference to it, i also did notice the way he referred to aliens and there being no proof, then saying about 4th Astral area, I hadn’t thought of RA but I would think you are right there. I will I am sure and my family be one of the plebs left behind lol 😂. As you say it may not be such a bad thing as control would have gone, that’s if this part of the world still exists, I am not sure which areas may not, looking at the map on the suspiciousobservers it’s likely still in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s such a strange time at the moment it’s hard to know who to kind of trust for information Do you think David Icke is Genuine ? Alex Jones is so grateful that he got back on Twitter he has kind of put Elon on a high, I hope after the interview he will do some more research himself on Elon and see what he finds out and what connections he has to so many companies and projects putting up satellites. I know I don’t want no AI in my Brain so I hope the humans will rise up and say no, I think that has to happen now and in quite a few other things. Do you think Alex Jones is Trustworthy, I don’t know much about Tucker Carlson I’m still summing up, perhaps tell me what you think of him. Do you honestly think we are going to get to the point of cashless and a credit system living in small places where you can’t stray far or you would lose your credit, so essentially your home and any money you have now would all be taken away. Basically David says look at China that is the blueprint for what they want to achieve all over the world.  I will leave it at that for now but I will have more questions as things go on, I hope you will not mind me asking them. Please check my email about the Zoom I am not sure if I have this wrong and all dates are for facilitators only, let me know. 
Thank you ⭐️

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Hi Open

in fact I am just in the middle of writing a letter to David and I have mentioned the 5D shift and the space channel on you tube. I also have a story that I think Ickonic may be interested in airing, as mainstream does not want to know. I will be sending the letter first so it will be interesting to see if I do get a response I do know he has a lot on so possibly could take a bit of time. 

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In short, I think David Icke is definitely genuine. And, it has also perplexed me why he doesn't speak of the Shift? Why also no mention of the Pole Shift and the convergence into the high energy segment of the galaxy - causing all the atmospheres on all planets in our solar system, including ours, to be changing strongly. Why not speak about the 12,000 year cycles of the Solar Micronova that we're moving into? I felt to bring these topics to Ickonic and have expressed them in the three sequences of Interviews I did there.

Some of the views were aired. But, as yet, they've not followed up on the key ones.

Perhaps they don't think the majority are ready for it? Perhaps they're not yet fully ready for it themselves?

If your story, thus far, is only about overcoming the shadow, and focussing heavily on that, then you might not bring into perspective the bigger picture - the much bigger picture.

You have to realise that each is looking through veils of karma. And always, karma skews the vision of the landscape we see.

It's a huge realisation to consider the Earth could be completely wiped clear in the 3D. It takes a lot to come to terms with. I don't even think, for all their evidence, Suspicious Observers are seeing it accurately - the evidence points to a complete cleansing. "But be safe folks" - a simple statement, but one that conceals a massive amount of disconnect from true reality - the nature of who we truly are, as spiritual beings. Yet again, to my mind, the veils of karma obscure... "We can survive this. We are determined to survive it". But they can't yet see that "survival" is that of the Soul, shifting to a higher vibration - not some 3D "survivor ranch".

Well wishes

Open 💎

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Hi Open

Thank you for your response, I have now included In my letter to David will they be talking about the 5D shift, as many people know nothing about it, is this something Ickonic will be airing soon.

I think you are right though, I do believe it’s because they are worried people are not ready yet for this information, and that even they may not be ready, his Son’s have young children and his Daughter as well, but going by myself personally I’d sooner know than not, so I am very pleased to have Openhand and you to be able to discuss this. When you say my story if you’re meaning the one I’m sending to Ickonic, this has nothing to do with anything related to the 5D or what’s going on in the world or who’s controlling it.

But if you mean my personal story, it’s partly what can we do to overcome the evil ones that are controlling things from where I cannot see, and of course some that are in sight. David basically says about that we stop agreeing and say no, but sometimes things happen and are put in place before you’ve even had a chance to say no or even know how you could say no.

Like voting for instance I don’t want to anymore, but then when David says that if the others get in the agenda moves faster, if it was that they got in due to my missed vote I would then be wishing I had. There are only two choices and both the same really except the difference that the one in now may push back on a few things. 

I am also concerned too about this credit system and that all our assets and homes will be no more and the plan to have us all living in these small box houses. I am trying to push it out and I kind of feel that there will be some way that this won’t happen, I don’t know how hopefully the people will all say no together. So I’m not letting that all take a grip over my life I’m trying to be in the higher vibrations as much as I can be. My mum is worried so much about this, as she’s concerned for us.

As for the 5D yes that’s a very weird and strange thing to come to terms with too, and a massive Solar Micronova that Will completely cleanse the earth. I dare not even mention this to my Son. I know at this moment in time I’m not able to connect to my spiritual self in 5D but whether that will happen when the time comes for all of us that can’t, I know whatever happens we are going to go on, not sure yet if that will be still on the 3D Survivor Ranch or to have moved over to the new 5D Earth. 

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Hi open

I forgot to mention. I am very pleased you think that David is Genuine. I am getting a lot of my information from his books, Ickonic and various other alternative Media, to get a picture of what each one is saying

Have a good evening and Thank you so much. 🌻


my DSL won't keep a signal very long so hope I can post here before it cuts out again.  I thought that interview was wild.  I've not heard news or any of the things, but that AI stuff with supposed Elon Musk sure makes me want to keep growing spiritually and move on beyond 4D. I want no part of AI chips in my brain!  I don't always post or sign in but I'm always here reading and listening to your videos.

Sherri Praying Emoji



12/02/2024 Vital Shift Update

I'd say this is probably the most vital of recent Shift updates - how the unseen entity Ra is playing both sides of the 3D chess game against each other: BOTH the mainstream AND the Alternative narratives

Why do I say this?

Check today's article and let me know what you think in commentary below.

Let's explode the illusions!

Open 💎

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The game is a crucial aspect.  It's fun, stimulating, strategic, and challenging.  It feels like it's what metaphorically gets Ra out of bed in the morning.  If there was no game, if the game loses the qualities that keep Ra engaged, it feels like he would get bored and stop playing.  I can't say if it would be enough for him to unravel or re-align but at the very least it does feel like he'd find a new playground.