Same patterns in romantic relationships - am I really evolving?

Hello dear travelers,

in 2016 I dated a woman who was in a period of self-discovery and change. For example, she was always telling me how she would change her bedroom to suit her new feelings. She was about to enter a new college, she lived with her mother and also had many problems with her.

We eventually broke up and now I'm dating another woman with the SAME patterns above.

This makes me wonder if I'm really evolving, because I feel like I'm in the same landscape!

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Hi Open,

I agree! Maybe it's too easy for me to put these existencial questions here for you to answer (although I only ask when I really need).

Now I'm seeing this as a "second chance" to put in practice what I've learned in my first relationship, so I'm feeling very willing and motivated. It feels I'm in a comfort zone because I can kinda presume what's coming - but I will stay aware!



Hi Eduardo,

Well it would seem the synchronicity is pointing in that direction. heart

I picked up from your post here and the last one regarding the pessimist, that potentially you might be looking a little too much 'out there' rather than within for the answers.

So when working with these external mirrors, it's about not just seeing the reflection but feeling it inside. Where are your own consciousness blind spots? Then working with those.

Wishing you well

Open smiley