Secret of Life: It's all about the Flow

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I'm traveling around the world at the moment, sharing the Openhand Philosophy on life, and I find myself on a stopover in Hawaii, on my way to the US West Coast. Hawaii of course is considered a paradisiacal destination - sun, sea, sand and surf. This morning I was out early on the beach, catching the waves myself, but not surfing ones, these were waves of my soul. With each breath, the unleashing of soul became ever more blissful. As I watched the surfers working hard to catch each wave, I was feeling life can be so straightforward. We don't have to effort and struggle at all; in fact that just takes us away from the heavenly nirvana which is in everyone's reach...

Wow. What a feeling!

Soul is that intangible elixir that so many seem to struggle to find. Yet it's the answer to all our dreams, all our desires, wishes, goals and ambitions. How do you feel when something good really happens? What about when you're in love? How is it when everything seems to just click magically into place around you? These feelings are essences of soul. And when we're connected to it, we're momentarily connected to the entirety of the universe. It feels like you just came home to yourself. Wow. What a feeling!

For many, sadly, these experiences are momentary. It's because the soul is intangible, like the wind in the trees - you only know it by the trail that it leaves. And society is good at mirroring aspects of soul, through fleeting activations that feel good: comfort food, entertainment, exercise, soft drugs; 'victories' through attainment of some goal or objective.

Society seems purposefully configured to attach people to the object of their desires rather that subject - the subject being the unleashing of soul. So we're conned into believing if we strive for a particular physical phenomenon, then that will deliver the relaxation, expansion, love, joy or peace that we're looking for. In actual fact, the striving delivers ever less of the feeling, and so we need to greedily consume ever more just to get it. This is why society - and our environment - is in the predicament it is.

Taking to the waves

This morning I was doing ever-so-simple soulmotion, something Openhand has developed. The best way to describe it is a combination of basic yoga type postures, combined with a pilates 'squeeze', which then unleashes free flowing movement similar to Tai Chi (although it doesn't take 30 years to master!). Each movement was bringing me ever deeper into expansion, joy and bliss. It was profoundly simple, and yet profoundly rewarding.

During my session, a surfer took to the waves in front of me. He was clearly a good surfer, yet it occurred to me just how hard he had to work to catch each particular wave, and that each had a limited duration - a flash in time. What was he getting from it I wondered? Soul of course. Each activity in life that we truly enjoy, will capture that momentary glimpse of the intangible.

It also occurred to me that I was seeing a metaphor of the matrix. You are in the matrix whenever you're controlled by some kind of program that fixes you to a certain behaviour or activity (which, paradoxically, could even be 'spiritual' or surfing!). You see the flow is exactly that - the flowing soul has no fixed direction or plan to do anything, it just flows. And so this surfer seemed completely dependent on the movement of each wave, just as people are in society. Society has regulated the flow, cut across it, packaged it up in bite size chunks, which it then sells to people and enslaves them with. This may work for a while, it may deliver that 'bite-sized-chunk', except there's an ultimate limitation to it. Even every bite of energy is interconnected to the whole, a whole which is constantly moving toward realignment of interconnected flows. Unity consciousness pulls even on these bite size chunks and steadily reconnects them. Which is why resources in a particular form don't last for ever (fossil fuel industry beware!).

  • So what does this tell us about the secret of life?

Look always for the sense of 'Rightness' within

Don't try to fix on any particular thing or behaviourim. Each aspect of society is simply designed to capture a momentary bite out of flowing consciousness - of soul. Instead, get to know how you can unleash soul ALL THE TIME, in many varied ways. It could be with something as simple as deep breathing, or body movement, creativity, a walk in nature, observing the natural wildlife. How does it make you feel inside?

Look for that sense of rightness within, the subtle vibrations of expansiveness and freedom - the timelessness of not needing it to go a certain way. Then keep focusing on these feelings until they start to guide you in life as an inner pull or higher knowing - "go this way now". Commit yourself to following these guidances - where will they take you?

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It's time to let go!

They'll take you in a direction to deliver even more of this flowing experience. But this includes all the places where the flow closes down in you: perhaps there's physical attachment which causes density by the type of food that you eat; there could be emotional attachment in your relationships; or else there may be some attachment of mind in your career or general living circumstances. This is where the flow closes down so the soul is inviting you to soften and expand through - to unravel ego in those places which limit the flow of soul.

Society is steadily collapsing as the bite size chunks of soul-consciousness, in all sentient life, release and reconnect in the direction of the Higher 5D Paradigm. So there really is no sense clinging on to the behaviourisms of the old reality - they'll progressively have less and less energy, which you'll have to work ever harder for.

It's time to let go. Connect up with the soul and simply flow with it. Yes it will challenge you, yes it will break YOU - your ego - down. But as it does so, soul is unleashed. You connect up to the majestic realigning movement which can be realised in the simplest of things, the most 'ordinary' of moments. Now life is truly worth living. You've discovered its eternal secret. What a blessing!

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In loving support

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Yes, what a blessing to read this article! I need to remind myself of the flow in all the things in life even in most mundane and routine. There is just flow and that's it! Thank you.


So what I needed to read and acknowledge today. Lost myself in the week and with it my energy. Taken a day out today to just reconnect even though that's meant letting someone down. So many gems in this for me. Thank you x


I had a Reiki training day yesterday and have been walking in lightness since, apart from interruptions to my bliss bubble from a teen, a pre teen and a hubby who has just finished a week of nights so is tired and tetchy. Reading this and watching your video, again, I realised that my response was to push them out, to create a barrier....not wanting them to enter my bubble
and 'destroy' the bliss state. That I should be feeling into the tightness, feeling it deeply and then re expanding into lightness. Always so much work to be done, but there is a moment of release when another piece of the puzzle suddenly makes much so that I can't believe I wasn't aware of it before....because it feels so right x Julie