The Sense of the Cosmic Divine Being

Submitted by Open on Wed, 03/04/2020 - 17:41
How the Cosmic Divine Being Within You is Like a Tree

Openhand is all about the revelation of the Cosmic Being within, during these times of great transition. So if you resonate here, then it's highly likely that your soul is engaging with something like that journey of multidimensional revelation.

To be clear, this is no big-headed, egotisitical, grandiose projection or delusion. People everywhere are now remembering that they came from somewhere deeper in the cosmos, in a multidimensional sense at least. They know that they have emerged from somewhere beyond this limiting 3D box. How might you locate the source and reality of this energy in you?
Paradoxically it's not to try to escape and distance yourself from the container. It's to realise that at its fundamental level, the container is an illusion. And so to feel through every nuance, to equalise, normalise and therefore to transcend it. You pass through it.
A tree reminds me of this. To the outside observer it appears quite stationary, changing only gradually with the seasons. And yet on the inside, it is a dynamic interplay of subtle alchemy. And what starts as a seed, quickly becomes a shoot and before you know it, a great tree, connecting earth to the heavens.
So is the Cosmic Divine Being in us.
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