The Simulation Deception

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Are we living in a simulation? How would you know? Assuming so, where does it take effect in our lives? And most importantly, how can we best break free? That's the subject of this essential phenomenon of our times. Understand this, and you understand the unravelling path to becoming all that you can be.

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Hi Open and everyone,

I'm currently about 3/4 through the Resurrection book. The realisations (and questions) are flowing with every page turn, such that I have to consciously slow down to process and integrate them.

It strikes me there are two aspects to this simulation which we perpetuate if we are not aware of it:

1. Acquiescing to being 'supported' by a parental energy - losing sovereignty in the process. 2. Embodying/expressing the same energies that Ra expresses - thus keeping others dependent. These things don't have to be glaringly obvious - they can be really subtle.

So for me:

1. After letting go of the exhausting time I was putting into a 'business' I've been enjoying many moments of expansion. Resting in the not-needing to do anything and instead just be. However, it perpetuates a kind of inertia. It's triggered by the rest I feel has been necessary for me - something I've long recognised I need regularly. However, where it becomes distorted is an attachment to this state - a 'just leave me in peace' mentality. This has kept me from certain creative expressions. Expressions which I know could well challenge that Ra agenda - both in me and in others. It seems the key is a sense of adventure which comes from being prepared to take risks. Actually there is nothing to lose if I'm just expressing without a need for an outcome.

2. Your description of Ra in the book hit me like a nail in the heart. "Clarity, wisdom, a loving care, and strength, like a gentle rock in the storm" That's exactly how people often describe me! So gosh, one has to be so careful not to let these apparently benevolent expressions become distortions. It has been a distortion in my work in the past. A subtle desire to be put on a pedestal - to be 'recognised' by others - to be the one people can rely/depend on. So there's a recognition that if I come back to that work it would have to be with a clear awareness of this dynamic.

But then the question, if one is a natural leader, how can this be expressed in a way that doesn't establish some form of hierarchy? Intuitively the answer comes that the leader is not there to provide answers, but to guide people to their own answers - thus you are helping to direct a flow that is already taking place. That being said, any further suggestions/insights are welcome.

Reflections welcome :-)

Much love


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Hi Rich - thanks for sharing your experiences of the new book, RESURRECTION, which is designed to illuminate, confront, and strip out these Intervention energies of the simulation.

You illuminate a key example of how clever this deception is. You'd seen a distortion replicating in your life - an efforting within your Facilitation. Which got you locked into a distorted landscape. It can happen to all. Especially where there's a strong soul-ray inspiration to serve and help others - as in your case. Hence you had to work to break that down, and deconstruct the landscape - well done

However, what we need to realise, is that there are many loops of programs and distortions in our consciousness that interrelate. So for example, as you rightly say, if I then simply let go of everything and seek restful peace, then the risk is this becomes a subtle intention/program too. It's the programming that detaches from the soul and steadily sucks people into the simulation . It's the unconscious repetitive routines.

Also, I would say to everyone - watch out for this key distortion in your flow and path...

That the natural flow should feel easy and supported.

The risk is to fall into the Ra energy of the simulation, because instead, we sit back on the comfortable sofa of mainstream spirituality. Plenty of times, you're going to have to work extremely diligently and in a focused way to break down intervention energies.

Consider this... You might have a soul attachment to feeling exhausted. How do you break this? The only way is to get into the state where you are exhausted. Then to work into the places where you're invested in this state - where you, as the soul, identify with it. Let's say the body is exhausted - why should the soul identify with the state? Why not just be able to feel it and equalise with it? Let's say the mind is exhausted, and that's causing tiredness in the body. Or if you're exhausted emotionally and this is impacting the energy body. All of these interrelations cause internal dissonance that the soul can attach to. Which you might then experience and express as, "needing to comfort oneself". Sounds fair right? But what about where this becomes a program in itself? You self-comfort as soon as you feel the layer of attached exhaustion or tiredness happening.

Instead, we need to be vigilant in our own field, where we slip into these repetitive behaviour patterns. Then work internally to get "inside the loops" of behaviour. Challenge the internal reactivity. Equalise with the feelings so they don't define you. Then the soul will "pass through the eye of the needle". The soul is healed, forged and integrated.

This was the approach being expressed in the new body of work, RESURRECTION. That's what I mean by resurrecting our full divinity.

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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Hi Open,

 Maybe I’m making this more difficult than it really is, but I’m not sure how to identify soul level attachments within myself.  As I work to shed layers of identity and ego and more soul comes through I’m able to recognize and work with where I’m still attached at the ego/identity level.   But what do I shed at the soul level so I’m able to highlight where the attachments might be?  It seems like attachments at this level can be so interwoven into the soul’s existence, and how it believes it is expressing authentically that attachments exist because of blind spots.  And at the soul level when does experience become attachment?  If one of the reasons a soul incarnated was to experience exhaustion and so the soul creates experiences of exhaustion, where in the process does that turn into an attachment and how is the soul able to recognize this has happened?


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Hi Ann - good questions indeed. Remember we had an exchange about this in Mexico. There's a difference between attachments/distortions at an ego level (lower self), and instead where there's a filtering of the soul coming in from the higher self.

Once the ego has largely been integrated out through purification of the lower self, and full kundalini has happened (which I sense is the case with you), then there manifest much subtler layers of distortion to work through. This is where the soul ray harmonic is being filtered to create "Imposters of the Soul". These are challenging to work with, because the infusion of soul is coming from the Source - the being feels and knows that. But it doesn't see the karmic filtering around a particular ray expression.

This could be happening around each of the 7 rays. I spoke about it in the 5GATEWAYS book under chapter 4.

I guess you might be dealing with distortion around ease of the ray 2? (hence the "adjusting" away from difficulty). I have felt for a while that there's also a challenge around this ray with boundary setting - it happens for a heightened empath. So my sense is the soul's flow is being lost, or rather subtly adjusted into easier options.

How to break the adusting dynamics?

It comes from allowing the path to create some kind of confrontation, that would be easy to persuades oneself to dissolve out. Possibly around tiredness and exhaustion? Or around friendships and connections?

It's about allowing oneself to immerse in the places you'd prefer not to - where the Imposter of the Soul is telling you that you don't have to go there.

Well wishes

Open 💎

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Our conversation in Mexico focused on the shadow so just now I’m realizing attachment is interrelated to shadow and imposter.

I am aware I adjust away from difficulty.  It tends to happen after I’ve expended a lot of energy attempting to push through with no results.  It starts to feel like efforting and I get depleted.  This makes me think I’m out of flow because as you stated above “the natural flow state should feel easy and supported.”  So I course correct to what feels more in flow for my energetic configuration.  I did not realize there is distortion in this.  And so being able to discern when I’m truly in flow is confusing.

I’m also aware I have a problem with boundaries, something I’ve been working on yet is not a quick or easy fix for me.  As I’m contemplating this, it feels like this is a symptom but not the root of my soul attachment.  Once you reflected to me I have an overly porous field which creates a problem with boundaries.  I don’t try to create a porous field, it just is.  And yet, I’m just now realizing not always.  When I’m not on retreat or with other OH facilitators energies do not constantly come in.  So it appears my soul can create a boundary when it feels right.  So why does it many times choose not to?  What is my perceived benefit at the soul level from not creating boundaries?  The answer comes as another question.  What if my soul is attached to fulfilling its mission.  What if the attachment is actually a Ray 1 warrior “all in regardless of personal cost” attachment that shows up on the Ray 2 because I’m a high empath?  I don’t know enough about how the rays influence each other to know if this is possible but when I feel into it, it does resonate.

Any reflections are appreciated.


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Hi Ann! 

Hope you don't mind me popping in here to share a couple things. I couldn't tell from your post if you understood that the statement "the natural flow state should feel easy and supported" is a pointing out a distortion...that the natural flow state will often take us into where we have resistance (not initially into harmony). From my own experience, the things I have wanted to avoid were the places my soul has taken me...and it's not felt easy or supported in one sense....but there has been some sense of knowing/feeling it's right...there is some sort of energy behind even if I feel nauseous, exhausted, like I'm breaking in pieces. 

I can relate to the challenges around boundaries...I wonder if there is a sense that you have no agency when it comes to your field...I can't say I know a lot about this...but I can share from my own perspective that there was a reason why, in the past, I allowed my boundaries to be more porous (even if it was an unconscious allowing)...there was something I was getting from that...even if it was an abdication of responsibility - which doesn't seem like something I would want - however this allowed me to not feel responsible for what happens. I am not saying that is your situation - just sharing from my own perspective. 

Great inquiry - thank you for sharing!!!

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Hi Jen,

Thanks for sharing!  I appreciate the clarification, I think I did take that statement out of context. 

I've been working with boundaries for some time.  I'm getting better (still a lot of room to go) with them in my 3D world.  Energetically I'm not able to sense when a being or group is at the edge of my field.  Energies take advantage of that by coming in without permission and I'm not aware until I find myself processing them.  It's been pointed out I don't have to process everything that shows up.  But I need to be able to sense the edge of my field and create a boundary around it so I can choose whether or not to let something in.

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Hi Ann!

I can so relate to challenges around boundaries...It's felt like a lifelong lesson for me as well! =)

Energetically speaking I may not be as sensitive to you, so I am probably not in a position to comment beyond whatever I already said. However, when I read your reply to me, the first things that popped in were the words "presence" and "attention". The way I feel it in myself is a filling of my own energy field with my if I am coloring every section of the picture with my own frequency. When you feel that someone in a 3D sense (rather than purely 4D energetic) is infringing on your boundaries, where/how do you feel that? Do you ever notice, looking back, that there had been clues that there is something going on before you make the connection? 

As a side note...As I write this, I realize that I feel boundary crossing in my solar plexus (which coincidentally is what I have been writing about and was feeling recently - heightened by the retreat)..interesting I will be exploring what that is about!!! =)

Also, I am wondering about an analogy that I was pondering today about boundaries. If we imagine a house (as a representation of the energy field) - energy moves in and out...for example air and scents and pollen etc all are free to move from out to in and in to out. However, if there is something sucking up the air, scents, and pollen from outside, like the input on the air conditioning unit, then it will get stuck on the air conditioning filter inside the house. I could be way off because your experience is likely quite different to mine, so I am just throwing this out there - let it fly by you if it doesn't resonate. But, is it possible that there is sticky place inside that these energies are getting stuck on? Maybe some belief or judgement around being an empath or around the energies that are impacting you? 

One thing that has helped me enormously to feel a stronger sense of my own vibration, which has helped me with boundaries, is to spend plenty of time alone and in my own space, and then I test my ability to stay with myself when I am with others...sometimes just for a couple of hours, other times for a weekend or a week-long trip. 

Thanks for bringing this all up!! Got my self-reflective juices flowing!!!!

Lots of love


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Hi Ann - yes indeed, it is confusing when there are distortions on both sides of a ray. For example, we know that to effort disconnects from the flow. But to just completely let go and accept 'anything goes' is a distortion 'on the other side of the ray'. Or else, excessive Ray 2 blocks out Ray 1, and vice versa. The key is to watch for where we get into strategies to deal with a particular situation - where we always approach particular things in a certain way. And, how to know where there are the subtle attachments?

Personally, I find I have to "max the inquiry" by pushing one's foot to the accelerator (so to speak). To really turn the volume up in the experience - to immerse oneself in those experiences that are most inconvenient or that you don't really wish to undertake. Then see what "breaks" inside. It's like coming into a prism and watching the intensity split the rays inside - you get to see where you might get frazzled and take the easy option or withdraw from the confrontation. Instead, I'm advocating working into these moments with acute awareness.

I found it interesting that you said...

What if my soul is attached to fulfilling its mission?

How can the Soul attach to it's mission when the soul is not an identity?
The Soul simply flows AS mission. It embodies that quality.
So, what in you is either owning or rejecting the mission?

In terms of boundaries, perhaps there's some subtle distortion of "non-judgmentalism"? (again Ray 2).
So, being acutely discerning of the energy of others, especially friends and close ones, where the boundary of "non-judgment" actually becomes "non-discernment"?

To give an example: I visited my (biological) mother the other day. She lives in a typical simulation-type environment. She's very caught up in stories and dramas, and wanted to talk constantly. It's typical to feel "it's only polite" to listen and engage - to respond. But I noticed she'd had an implant put into the voice box, by Tall Whites, which were prevalent in her space. The more I listened to her stories, the more it aligned my consciousness with hers and opened a channel into my consciousness by the Tall Whites. I had to keep interrupting her and actually bringing her into the breath.

Tall Whites can subtly dampen or divert a person's flow by slightly over-energising a particular ray expression. I believe Ra is aware of how to do this by seeing into one's karma and playing on that.

This is where the shadow work around the rays becomes intricate and sophisticated.

Bright blessings

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The big cats exemplify the integration of Ray 1 and 2 characteristics perfectly to me. They are both lethally dangerous predators potentially, yet acutely intelligent and affectionately loving creatures. These are natural qualities arising as the situation calls, there is no identity or strategy involved for them. I also find some of the Warrior Shaolin Monks an inspirational, they embody a combination Ray 1 and 2 strength and purity that moves me very deeply.

Where implants are placed in others and you spend time talking with them or go into their space, it’s quite destabilising for the soul in the early days. You could easily get lost or sucked in, until soul is firmly established. That’s why people tend to withdraw from others until stronger.

I get tense inside, most commonly my throat or solar plexus chakras locks up, my vibration lowers, the temptation is to repel, eject, push away, but that’s what we’re developing the art and strength of working through as souls, into unshakable resilience, no matter what the circumstance.

The karmic trigger points that you say are hijacked by Tall Whites, Open, they do have very highly sophisticated and intricate knowledge of the soul indeed. But once you start to see the game, their triggering strategies may change, but being triggered itself, it looses its appeal, and you no longer react.

This is not, ignoring or burying ones head in the sand. This is a knowing what is going on, and although the body may hurt, or the mind may lose some coherence, temporarily, you overcome it. It's like living a video game, a real simulated one of course.



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You offer some great perspectives Starsky, well done. I encourage all to read.

I would add this though too - we're working to empathically tune into the field, and within people, at an advanced level. Meaning, to work to feel and empathise with very fine and subtle energies. Tuning in to the degree you can feel the contractions going on, in them, as if it were in you - you're actually embody their energy (or at least a fine imprint of it). For example: what karma someone is carrying; what implants or attached are entities in which chakras for what reasons; reading past life reflections in the astral body. And so this requires a careful attunement of ray 2 and ray 4 combined. Plus a dose of the ray 7 to instigate flow into the blockages to catalyse their. unravelling It's actually performing multidimensional psychic surgery.

What this means, is that there needs to be a willingness, and empathic ability, to finely attune to a person's field, or the surrounding field - so as not to simply block out the subtlties. Then bringing in the ray 1 to catalyse a gentle unravelling.

For someone who is highly empathic in this way, of which there are several in the Openhand community, is a tall challenge. Because in opening to that degree of empathic sensitivity, the risk is that subtle, clever, and deceptive entites can infuse, even if temporarily, to then divert the pathway or decision making process. So it requires a deepening of sensitivity to ones boundary. It has to be soft, pliable and open, but definitely not porous/osmotic. It requires an advanced level of energetic mastery.

Well wishes

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Hi Open,

Thank-you for your advice on being an empathic catalyst for others. I shall integrate it loosely but fully and see what comes up in the field.

When I used the word 'trigger' it is inaccurate. What I should say is soul 'challenges'. Those weak spots or vulnerabilities of the soul that are the source of its greatest strengths. The areas we are meant to work with to transmute and reveal our most authentic expression and spiritual gifts from past lives to this.

The intervention also operates at these weak spots or vulnerabilities to subvert the soul away into 'soft alternatives' as you say. Anything to keep people in the false identity program, which it can 'control' and extract soul energy, and the energy of all in that field.

Likewise, as empathic healers, entities also infusing to subvert. Highly intricate and delicate work, and the entities are with us every step.

Keeping us all on our toes!

Starsky 🌟





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You bring up a good question and it's where I get confused.  The concepts of attachment, shadow and imposter are relatively new to me.  I do get the soul is not an identity.  At my level of understanding of these concepts, I don't fully grasp how the soul would attach to anything.  I think the maxing the inquiry exercise will be helpful and a good way to start working with all this. It seems like it will require a high level of mastery to be able to stay in acute awareness, but I'm sure I'll still be able to have some discoveries. 

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Hi Ann - yes, when the soul is fully integrated, following full kundalini activation, then it actually doesn't fragment in the density, thus it doesn't attach.

But then there's a whole new ball park to discover - these are "Imposters of the Soul". You could call them echoes of the soul, or shadows of the soul. It's something I went into in some detail in the book 5GATEWAYS (gateway 4). These are subtle karmic filters caused by over accentuation of a particular ray - over-amplification of it.

So for example, if one has lived in (let's say) a very Pleiadian landscape, then there's likely to be a tremendous level of trust in the other. Due to the transparency and zero impetus to manipulate others (as for example, often tends to happen in Sirian community). It means that an excessive application of ray 2 might drown out the questioning discernment of ray 3. So a slight karmic filter may have built causing this excessive "echo" of the ray 2, especially in interpersonal relationships.

How to resolve such a dynamic?

Ask, "show me". I expect it could be the reason for the challenging breakdown of some trusted relationships. It might well be necessary to break down any filter in that regard.

Well wishes
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Hi Open,

Everything you say totally makes sense.  I'm aware that I'm too trusting and as a result get manipulated.  I'm aware I need to be more discerning.  And it is very challenging for me when a trusted relationship breaks down.  Yet with the level of trust and transparency I have combined with manipulation of others not being something I would ever do it almost feels unauthentic not to trust.  I guess that's because of the karmic filter.  I understand echos and shadows on the intellectual level but maybe because they are so subtle or intertwined with the soul find them very difficult to recognize and work with.  When I read that "show me" is the way to resolve the dynamic, I did notice some tightness in my solar plexus.  I felt into what that might be about.  I don't know how well I can describe this in words but there seems to be some fear of losing what it means to be Pleiadian.  What's really interesting to me is it does not seem to be my fear.  It feels like it's a group level Pleiadian fear.  It seems like they value trust and transparency over discernment which likely led to some of the past betrayals.  Maybe there is a fear that if I'm able to resolve this in me it will affect them as well?  Which then leads to the inquiry if there is group level resistance, will that affect me on an individual level?

Ann Praying Emoji

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You could look at 'trust' as 'good faith'. Personally, I operate on 'good faith' continually. Even when dealing with 'bad' people in a 'bad' world, who i'm well aware will very likely stab me in the back. It's predictable from the constellation of the personaly they exhibit. You can have 'trust as good faith' because you're a virtuous being, but not a naive being, naive you don't really want. Why does it matter if people betray you, a construct, an idea? It would only matter to a false identity. And if one of those arises, it's an opportunity to overcome it and experience that euphoric sense of liberation when you do! 

I just felt to share a non-dual realisation I had recently. See what you think. I know it's a touchy subject. It might not make sense to anyone anyway,.

Who would judge or condemn a weathered face?! So likewise, who would judge or condemn a weathered soul? A mean dispicable act is just as meaningless as a virtuous one, from the perspective of The One Intelligence. There are wrinkly faces, and smooth faces, and long faces, and brown faces, and..

It's certainly freed me of judgement, which is essentially the same as worry - what good does it do?

It doesn't mean that anything goes! It just free's you from being defined or affected by 'out there'

Love to all

Starsky  🙏

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Hi Starsky,

Admittedly, I can be naive.  So using your approach, how do you (or do you) set boundaries and avoid anything goes?

Ann Praying Emoji

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Hi Ann - personally, I wouldn't see it as (egoic) naivety. I would reflect to you, having journeyed with you much, that you're quite far beyond that.

I would say this is an energetic inquiry. I doubt very much that an intellectual answer would solve the issue. I think it's a stage of the path that is way beyond that.

I don't see it as naivety - but an excessive sense of transparency, honesty, integrity, and a degree of mistaken perception that expects others to uphold those high principles. How odd that they don't? How could it be that another being would purposefully manipulate?

I would say what you're seeing here is an amplified ray 2 of empathy, care and compassion. Based on some of your other recent inquiries, I get the sense that you have a strong energetic connection to a group of Pleiadians in the ether - and that this is likely the cause of an excessive ray 2 - especially since you're working with etheric boundary issues. My strong sense is that you're actually working for the whole group in this regard. What I get the sense of, is that they're possibly projecting their collective energies through you into this realm - in a way that's slightly distorting authentic expression that would be more appropriate for this realm.

I would suggest exploring how you might "negotiate" with the group and see how you can attain a greater degree of separation and individual sovereignty from them. If there's more of a boundary, I sense the ray 2 will be less amplified. Then look more for the attunement of the ray 3 (perhaps ray 4 too).

Above all, recognise this is no simple intellectual answer. But a rhetorical energetic one - "show me", and watch the interplays that happen - what energetic "chicaines" manifest (as described in 5GATEWAYS). I'd say that's the only way to actually forge the subtle changes in the soul ray harmonic.

Bright blessings

<<< Open 💎

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Hi Starsky,

Aspects of what you share resonate with something I have been exploring. At times, there is a sense of deception happening or a type of fear of being deceived and I recognize that this stems from where I am deceiving myself. I imagine that when this is seen through, then the creating landscape reflects the integrity of being. However, if it is not seen through, this is also ok, as the energy creates an experience of being deceived. If there is awareness and a sense of creative responsibility for experience, then this can be seen, and as you say, liberation through the experience happens.

I am going to explore this deeper on my thread as I can see some distortions around what I am expressing. Praying Emoji Jen

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Wow, this is very interesting Ann and Open.

I'm noticing there are still some programs which stand in the way of 'maxing the inquiry'. For some inquiries it's easy. For the exhaustion one...  Today I woke up naturally at 04:30 to lovely bird song and the sun just beginning to rise. However, there activated a thought program in me saying 'that's not enough sleep, you need more or you'll be tired today'. I notice when I'm tired that I go more easily out of body and get stuck in the mind, whereas if I'm well rested this doesn't happen. Today I gave in and went back to bed - waking up at 07:00 feeling drowsy. It's a good lessen and shows me where an attachment to how much rest I percieve I need, which gets in the way of the soul flow.

So, maxing the inquiry sounds like a good way to approach it. It's not that I don't have much activity in my day. Sometimes there are many days of hard going. It's just that it activates a program to then rest and recuperate. I think this also connected with something you mentioned a while back - 'the pressure of incarnation' So how to deepen that inquiry to feel that pressure?

Tall Whites overly energising a particular ray expression is a new concept to me, but makes so much sense. I notice exactly what you describe in the example in my partner and her son. The tendency to be in the mind a lot and then have to speak every thought you have. It requires a clear feeling into boundaries and when it's enough.

It relates to the overly energised rays in me - that of wanting to serve - so I go over a boundary and get pulled into the mind (mine) field.

Thanks all for the wonderful inquiry :-)


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Hi Rich - this seems like a really fruitful process you're exploring here. I totally get that when one feels tired and depleted, there's the tendency to want to sleep more. My experience though is that this can actually be detrimental - particularly in the field of the simulation - because if we're too deeply unconscious, it actually drains energy.

What I've found more important than long hours of sleep, is conscious deep relaxation - where you're on the point of sleep, but not actually unconscious. Just taking a half hour of this, here and there, I find can really help.

I also witness how its possible to embed layers of tiredness that we don't actually process out. You have to really explore into those layers by allowing them, but then working into them.

This morning, on Divinicus, I felt pretty tired when I woke up, but a 5am cold plunge in the stream solved that nicely!

Well wishes

Open 💎

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Hi Open and Rich,

Thank you for bringing this up.  Conscious deep relaxation is something I've been exploring for years.  When I'm tired I tend to fall into unconscious sleep almost as soon as lying down even if I say to myself I'm going to remain conscious.  I've tried yoga nidra as a way to strengthen my abilities.  In class I find if I'm well rested, I'm able stay conscious but if I'm tired I fall into a dozing level of unconscious sleep.   Are there any tips or exercises that can help increase the ability to stay conscious when tired/exhausted and resting?

Ann Praying Emoji

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Hi Ann,

Thanks for sharing. Yes, it's also easy for me to sleep soon after lying down. The relaxation of body and mind isn't a problem. I feel though that entering into altered states where I start accessing the dreamscape - that's where I go unconscious.

I started a conscious sleeping forum here on Openhand some years back. There's some good tips on there from Open and others. Here's the link:

Rich Praying Emoji

I think it is hard to even try to describe how powerful and dangerous the deception is...

After years of walking the path and experiencing myself as the soul I somehow got totally engrossed back in the system, without noticing. Little and big choices, one by one, brought me to situations where I was degraded and put back to sleep. At some point I really couldn't tell what's right anymore. So I just wandered blindly from one experience to the next, including traumatic situations, until my mind gave up and I started experiencing yearly psychotic episodes. In psychosis there is no awareness, no insight, and at some points no even consciousness ( people told me I've done this and that, but I couldn't remember because I simply was not there). When there is no consciousness at all, how can you navigate? You can't. Something else takes over. And this is now a total madness on one hand, and on the other, it is experiencing death while being alive. I know somebody who committed suicide in psychotic state. This is how far the deception can go. It goes beyond what you eat, wear, use at home, and who you communicate with, how you exist.


For the last three years I've been recovering from the last, very traumatising psychotic state. I was fearful, tight, dense and completely spiritually lost during this time. You can say I was sucked back into the Matrix, acting like a usual hypnotised average humanoid.

Recently it feels like I woke up from the slumber... The wake up call happened after a friend convinced me to do a three-day fast drinking water only. Suddenly I woke up from coma, realising everything that transpired over the last 11 years - it was like flowing in the river that went wild hitting rocks all over the place, doing crazy things, experiencing totally new levels of pain.

So even though the entities are in 4 D, but the influence permeates through 3D, and it goes into the psyche, into the mind and body. And sometimes, when going into the density to experience and process stuff, you don't know whether you'll come out of it alive, forget 'spiritual'. All our "safe" environment is really not safe at all! It provides roof, stuff and food. But it can easily take one's life, and it definitely shuts the soul.

I don't know if there would be a better path for me, if I made different choices at the time, but now, looking back, from all this experience I feel like it would probably go smoother if I surrounded myself by aligned people and nature, and really made choice not to get involved with anything that is not that.

Right now I partially live my life that was generated when I was in "coma", and learning to flow again. There are still many fears, like the one to lose my shit again, or, in other words, lose connection and consciousness  again, the other fear is that of getting swallowed back into the Matrix again, that the system will through some bate into my subconsciousness, where I have a blind spot, and I will take the bate. So I am also learning to thread slowly and extremely carefully. Synchronistically, I saw a big turtle statue in the botanical garden on Saturday. So now I feel like I am entering a new phase - walking a minefield, and this time being aware that I am walking a minefield and can get trapped and messed up at any moment. Just remember - the Matrix is NOT safe.

Just to add that at the moment I don't know a more 'safe' (talking about safety) place than Openhand. It will rock and stir you to the bones, but it helps to see the hidden inner stuff, trigger points and the bigger picture, and this is very important when dealing with the system and deception - to see and deal with stuff internally, and acting from a place of relative, continually renewed alignment. Anything telling or offering anything else is probably deception.

That's it.

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This is a powerful sharing indeed Yulia, on the challenges of the Simulation and confronting it - I encourage all to read.

You said, "the Matrix is not safe". Indeed. People need to wake up to the magnitude of what they are embroiled within. It's no less than a war on consciousness.

Last evening I stayed overnight at a family home, on my way up to North Wales for the Divinicus retreat. It's a neat, tidy, regular house, containing typical gadgetry from the Matrix. Wifi, typical cleaning chemicals, consumer of meat & dairy etc. I can say, I have never felt the intervention energies so strong.

Perhaps it's because I'm now super sensitive, having purified my life. To lay to rest overnight, I had to strip all the bedclothes down because of the toxicity of the regular chemicals people use. I had to smudge the room with white sage and protect it with crystals. Even so, I still had to remain awake and vigilant the whole night, so as to eject the Tall White entities that kept trying to insert implants in my field.

If people are still living in these synthetic ways, with typical 'cleaning' chemicals, Wifi vibrations that are not switched off over night, gadgets still plugged in on standby, and consuming still meat or dairy (which hold the fear vibrations of the animals in the industrial food chain), then let's be crystal clear - you are consuming the energy of the simulation. Everything is vibration. Your vibration is equalising with the simulation through these regular consumptive behaviours. And that makes you an immediate target of these Intervention energies who are coming in on those frequencies - they've designed it that way.

I see what happens to the person I stayed with - constant mental loops of thought and expression. Constantly regurgitating stories and dramas. Practically no soul infusing at all. I even had to keep interrupting the constant unconscious dialogue so as to create space to breathe, and bring soul into the space. Without which, the mindless chatter was seeking to suck me in.

This is what we're now dealing with in the system - the simulation.

I'd say it's right to treat it as a "war on consciousness". Then you know the truth about what you're really facing, and can go to work to negate it. We can do it. But there must be an all-in commitment, and very positive boundary setting, so as to keep our consciousness clear. As expressed in the film above, The Simulation Deception, there must be daily meditation and chakra attunement/cleansing to keep the intervention out. I find obsidian, placed on specific chakras, a tremendous help. It can negate the interference.

Time to get crystal clear.
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I trust you enjoy Openhand's latest short film entitled, "The Simulation Deception", which is designed to illuminate, but then also to inspire, a breakthrough and breakout from the simulation of reality that society has become.

Thanks to Asya for the poignant filming!

Do let me know in commentary what you think.

Bright blessings

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