Conscious Sleeping

An exploration of staying conscious during the night and what that means.

This thread is inspired by Marye's discourse with Open about staying conscious during the night. As Open pointed out, when we fall asleep we vacate our bodies, opening ourselves up to many spurious energies, which affect us when we wake in the morning.

What if we didn't need to go unconscious but just give our bodies a period of deep relaxation? This makes sense to me as our thoughts stay active during the night anyway and our body. Our brains alternate between Theta frequency and Delta frequency during sleep. Theta frequency is associated with light sleep and is also the state our brains enter during meditation. The delta state is associated with very deep sleep and regeneration, so I'm not sure about how this relates to staying conscious - whether it's possible to enter this state while conscious or not - it's associated with very little brain activity.

I invite anyone who wants to contribute to please join in. Sharing personal experiences, advise, or questions. I also welcome anyone who wants to talk about Lucid dreaming.

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Open, you said it right there with " veils have been pulled over eyes to blind people from the truth of what's really going on"

Reminds me of another dream I had not to long ago where I awoke within a dream and could not fathom why I could not open my eyes up. It was very disconcerting to me. But it reminds me too about truths and veils etc. Arent they really just nothing more than a perception that one is just not ready to know?! Or maybe I'm just doing my best to simplify my own analogy of it.


Hi Wyndè and Marije - I think this kind of 'wounding' in sleep states is very metaphorical and indicative of deep wounding in general life in the 3D - how the veils have been pulled over eyes to blind people from the truth of what's really going on.

But by bringing awareness to these things helps illuminate the darkness and integrate soul. The Sun Emoji

Marije, I'd say the snake bite to the neck refers to the attempt by OC at blocking higher mind (accessed through the throat chakra). This is very possibly being done by some interfering energy in the 3D/4D, possibly from someone around you who isn't even aware that they're doing it.

My intuition tells me it's reflecting a need to always feel the field when engaging. It's important to allow the intuition to receive the truth of energy that's being communicated, not just what is being said on one level.

Wishing you well

Open Praying Emoji





Bane of my existence, joy of my life. I dream of the future sometimes, what will happen or what is coming my way. Its not always pretty pictures and I don't always know exactly what to do with them, but I am thankful I do this. Its led me to some pretty awesome places and well.. I get to know who and or what is coming my way beforehand, Yayy. Well at least 80% of the time, its pretty cool. The other 20% is kind of like ok, not sure what to do with that other than just let it be lol!


But your dream here Marije and the snake bite remind me of a dream(s) I had a very long time ago and am still haunted by. You didn't actually wake up with any wounds on your neck did you? Being attacked by anything in a dream is just no fun, I feel for ya!!


I was shot in the back, in a dream a long time ago. I used to dream too that I was with a group of people. Until I got shot in the back, I awoke to blood soaked sheets a particle thing in my back and still have the scar to this day. I'm leaving out a ton of context, but I guess my question really is if anyone else has been literally wounded in the “spirit plane”? I don't even know what to call it, other than a kind of spirit plane. It seems most everything I read has a different name attached to things like that.





Hi all,

Thanks for your feedback and interesting sharings!

Open, I resonate with some of your interpretations, though what stood out most for me personally was the distress about ‘missing the connection’, which has lately been a theme for me that has been coming up in all sorts of disguises.

Anastasia, thanks for your thoughts. I would love to use my dreams more as a tool to work with my distortions, but unfortunately I typically don’t remember them. In this case I was exactly quite excited I could still remember so much detail. So I might try out Open’s suggestion to set an alarm at 4am and write down what I remember.

Farzaneh, nice to read about your dreams too and to hear that this conscious sleeping forum has helped you further connect the dots of your dream.

Since my post above, I have still been waking up most mornings as if I am under high voltage, but without much recollection of any dreams. Two nights ago I had a strange experience though, when at some point in my sleep it felt like a ‘snake’ attacked me in my neck/throat, the image was mostly two teeth hooking into my neck with poison, like a snake bite. As it happened a part of me was aware of my reaction to it and telling me that rather than to freak out, to become as one with the hooking teeth and the poison and as I was doing that I woke up from the experience. More raptor consciousness trying to ‘hook in' I guess?

Much love,



Hi Farzaneh,

Wow! What a fascinating experience you have had. I visited the other forum thread and read your dream, and the connections to your real life experience are amazing. I love how you turn your fear around, after falling into the hole, and decide to continue exploring the dream. If I understand correctly, that kind of fear would previously always wake you up, as a recurring pattern? To me this is a clear sign that something has shifted inside of you, and you are able to proceed more consciously, both in your dream and in your life.

For many years, I used to have this frustrating recurring dream that I was back at college lost and confused. Sometimes I had no idea which classes I was supposed to go to. Sometimes, my final exams were coming up but I had completely forgotten to attend certain classes, so I had no chance of passing my exams. Other times, I became aware of how old I was and couldn’t understand what I was still doing there and why I was never graduating. It actually wasn’t long ago that I finally stepped up in my dream and said: “This is rediculous! Tomorrow I’m going down to the school office to find out exactly what I need to do in order to graduate! Whatever class or exam I’m missing I will take it and be done with it!”

Shortly after this dream, I actually passed one of my most difficult life tests. It took me twenty hard years to crack it. But I was rewarded with my first conscious meeting with my soul family and the memory and understanding of why that test was put there in the first place.

It’s a big challenge you’re going through now, trying to find a new place in the world. All my blessings to you on your journey, Farzaneh. Godspeed!




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Hi :)

Thank you for the reply Anastasia. Yes you got it correctly I finally managed to solve the recurring pattern. It is a very interesting dream you mentioned above. Few times I had the same dream I mean same concept in different themes. At the end I get that this is not real I passed this time and I do not need to be worried for these funny tests anymore. I use to hate school till the end of the my degree :)) Maybe there is something that I still do not know ;)

Anyhow, I think I am getting ready for the new change slowly but surly.

Thank you 




Hi everyone 

I really felt to share this one dream. This is a really interesting forum with many good informations about Dream. Thank you all for sharing your experiences in Openhand. I can see myself as a lucky human being. About 2 months ago I posted a dream of mine in a Spiritual Motivation - You've Arrived!

Once I saw this forum it reminded me of that dream I re-visisted the page and read my own dream again. I felt like I experienced this in a 3D and I recalled it; it was few days after this dream my husband and I traveled to see another country I had the same feelings I saw a houses with the feelings of ease and calmness. I sensed a feeling of fear in both of us, the fear of change, the fear of a new land with new people. 

In a dream after I get myself out of the hole I could see people with a positive energy around them. I am not sure I catch the right signal or not but it felt right, there was a strong good energy in the air of that city. At the end of the dream I got my backpack starting a journey in the mountain road walking while the sun set.

It was magic of nature. I stopped next to few people who were also watching the sun set. I looked at that city and thought why not spending few years of my life here. In the 3D I woke up early the first day and went to the beach near by the hotel and watched the sun rises in a different land. Good feeling overall :)

I can connect all the details of the dream into this 3D that I had experienced in that trip. And I managed to do this after reading the whole thing in this forum. I can see the matching of feelings in that dream and in here.

Like what Anastasia (Hi Anastasia): " The first thing I pay attention to is if there is a strong feeling or emotion attached to the situation in the dream. Usually, this feeling will still be there when I wake up, and that’s how I know what to focus on. " I do the same thing. There were times that I could create them make them stop or just observing them not knowing that It is a dream.

Thank you once again.





Hi Marye,

I'm usually well able to interpret dreams - or at least aspects of them. Over the years I've practised applying higher mind to interpret them. I'd say this is probably the most effective way to go. In the beginning, for me, I'd naturally wake up around 4am, but if you can't do this, you could set an alarm - some people go to bed setting an intention to do this. I began by simply writing in a journal on one page exactly what I remembered. But I wouldn't try to interpret until later in the day. When I then came to the journal, I'd simply right the first thing that popped into mind in relation to the dream. After a while my interpretations became increasingly accurate - they offered guidance about the direction forwards or understanding as to what had happened. These days I'm usually conscious through most dreaming.

I believe (using a higher mind approach) I can see threads in your dream. But before I share, I add the caveat that they are MY perceptions, so it's essential to process them through your own inquiry and exploration....

- "catching the plane" seems to me to be about catching the shift (into higher densities)
- "unclear signposting" usually happens because of unclear perception. So it's essential to keep working at stripping away the veils.
- the "soldiers on the tank" who helped likely mean that you have etheric support in the field to help open pathways through the density (for me that often equates to 'dragon energy'). It would be worth exploring the possibility of that connection, especially through the lower chakras - it's about how you mediate the density in one's life. When navigating the 3D path, try to feel it as much through the lower chakras as thinking it
- the "path through the jungle" likely represents 'cutting a pathway' through fixed neural pathways and conditioned thinking.
- the crocodile would represent raptor consciousness operating in the lower density. So to be mindful of how that energy would own decision making, or scare you from making the right choices.
- "white mother and daughter". I'd say this one means don't automatically trust appearances. Use discernment to penetrate through fixed perceptions and judgments.

Might OC be messing with you? Every time we go unconscious in this density, that possibility exists. But benevolence also speaks through the density. I witness that OC tends to be more literal and not that great with metaphor. Hence the guidance from benevolence often comes through in obscure form and requires higher mind to unlock the code. A few things are important to work with...

- even if you know you go unconscious when you sleep, at least set the energy field before you go to bed. So work on establishing a benevolent grid around you.
- make sure you relax as you go to sleep.
- make sure you disconnect from the technology at least a good 30 minutes before sleeping
- as you relax, work on bringing your energy from the various connections of the day back inside yourself. Work on establishing your boundaries.

I trust this helps

Open Praying Emoji

PS - Anastasia you offered some great advice above. I can resonate pretty much with all of it. Thumbs Up Sign


Hi Marye,

I find dreams are invaluable tools to detect emotional themes and distortions. I have always had vivid dreams, but it’s not until this past year that I have learnt to really work with them. 

I cannot interpret your dream for you, but I can share with you how I work with mine, in order to understand the underlying message.

 The first thing I pay attention to is if there is a strong feeling or emotion attached to the situation in the dream. Usually, this feeling will still be there when I wake up, and that’s how I know what to focus on. For example, you mentioned the anger that you felt in the “ripping off” situation. Could you still touch this anger when you woke up? 

If I can detect and identify the feeling, I stay with it and meditate on it before I get out of bed. I try to see if it reminds me of any real situations, themes, or old memories where I have felt or still feel the same feeling in my life. It can be a general theme that comes to mind or a more specific situation. It’s not so important which, because themes and situations tend to go hand in hand anyways. When I can transfer the feeling from the dream into my reality, then I start working with the images and if there are, the people in my dream. Most of the time, unless it’s a profetic or “true” dream, (in which case the rules are different), I find that the people or images represent aspects of myself. For instance, if I dream that my husband betrays me, I don’t get mad at my husband (at least not any more, haha!). Instead I try to contemplate in which way I am betraying myself. What part of me does my husband represent? So as an inquiry, you could reflect upon if the issue with the “white women” reminds you of some aspect of yourself.

If I manage to get this far, I try to put the rest of the dream into a context. I get into the details. What other interesting symbols and events are there? Perhaps there are more themes than one. Maybe more than one reaction or emotion. It becomes fun and exciting detective work, and offers a real kick when you finally solve the mystery, AND gain valuable information about yourself. You might also get a good laugh at the creativity and inventiveness that your subconscious is capable of, not to mention the lengths and loops it will go through to get you to think “outside the box”.

So, in short:

1) Identify the most prominent feeling in the dream.

2) Transfer this feeling into real life situations.

3) Translate the other role players in your dream into aspects of yourself.

4) Inspect the other aspects and details in the dream for further context and understanding.

5) Have fun with it!

Also, don’t give up too easily. It can take some work in the beginning to figure out how your dreams work for You in particular. This is only only one method I figured works very well for me.

Let me know if you get something out of it.





I felt called to revisit this forum again, since I have recently been waking up feeling very 'charged' and restless, after a usual night of sleep, although once I get up the feeling fades away and I feel fine and rested. I will admit that I probably still go pretty much unconscious when I sleep, despite some conscious moments before falling asleep, and typically I don't wake up throughout the night, nor have recollections of dreams. This morning I woke up feeling like that, while remembering random snippets of a restless dream.

In summary, I was on my way with two other people I know (who kept on changing) to Malawi and had to catch a connecting flight in Ethiopia. Somehow due to the lack of clear signposting to our connecting flight, we ended up leaving the airport and getting lost finding our way back to the airport, I somehow got very worried about missing the connecting flight. At some point we lost one of the other two people and then the two of us ended up meeting some soldiers who offered us a ride on their tank towards the airport. Then the last bit to get to the airport was a path through the jungle and just as we were about to get off the tank, there was a big crocodile on the road and I got too scared to continue by foot. Along the road there was a cafe run by a white mother and daughter there, who had a car, and we ended up bargaining with them for a ride, but they were only willing to help us out at a cost that was a total rip off (and I was somehow very pissed off at their 'white' supremacy and expressed that to them in very clear terms). I woke up restless in the middle of the dream, while in the car with the daughter on the path through the jungle, so no idea how it 'ended' and whether we actually managed to catch our connecting flight or not. 

Quite unusual how much detail I remembered of a dream and the interesting thing was that there was somehow an 'observer' present in the dream that was watching the events unfolding and aware of my responses to the events (for example my fear of the crocodile and the anger about the white women ripping us off, yet not missing the connection outweighing being ripped off). It made me wonder whether I am perhaps unconsciously processing a lot of stuff during my sleep/dreams and whether that's why I feel so restless when I wake up in the morning. Or whether OC is rather messing around with me, because I am so unconscious when I sleep?

I feel there is an invitation to make an effort to stay more conscious during the night!



I am thrilled to be on this journey. I got bumps on my flesh (always a good sign for me!) reading your paragraph about the Openhand Approach. I am requesting the universe to provide the means for which to join in your workshops when the time and place avails itself to me. Soon! smiley   =i=


Hi MollyHelene,

Well said - I concur on your view about 4D entities - they do serve an important function in the Universe. I see them as bringing attention to that which is unconscious within us. And whilst in check, I agree, that can be a good thing. Various elements of them have clearly gotten out of balance here on Earth - which has created a cancerous breaking down situation. But the Great Realignment - the Great Shift - I know, is already resolving that.

And of course, as you rightly point out, the Merkabah is an essential element of that realignment for ascending people. In the Openhand Approach, we work to bring the spirit light body through the physical, which creates the Merkabah. I see it as merging "heaven here on earth", leading to transcendence.

You're clearly having a fascinating journey.

Open smiley


Hi MollyHelene,

You've had some powerful traveling experiences indeed! Yes, I agree, lucid dreaming can tell us a great deal about our journey in the awakened state. Right on!

In the Openhand Approach to this, it's about transcending the density of the body to 'astral travel' (which can mean a multitude of things) rather than leaving it, which does pose a risk of allowing unwanted energies in. So relaxing through the physical opens doorways into universal travel. For me the first density links in a cycle to the 11th density and all that is encompassed within.

Nowadays I find I can travel anywhere in the Universe just by going within.

You might like to explore what happens as you focus on passing through the physical - I'd be interested in what you experience.

Much love and support

Open heart

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Open-Hearted Greetings Open,

Sincere gratitude for your love and support.  It seems as if all of these life experiences and remembrances are culminating rather quickly now (with the knowing that it is ALL NOW :) to provide tools for the path. I appreciate what and how you and your team offer.  

I have been experimenting, once again, with consciously using the Merkabic energetic geometry as a vehicle to explore the inner and outer cosmos along with a technique of conscious expansion I learned as a Theta Healer.  I sense that the Merkabic field is always present when we expand our conscious awareness, however I do like the awareness of visualizing this as a vehicle centered in the heart.

I agree about the leaving the body. I became aware of the 4D energies that are attracted to humans. And, through the journeys I had done in the Peruvian Amazon, I saw that many of these 4D energies are like energetic clean up crews that are nature's way to consume residual or out of balance resonance energies to recycle them. It's similar to cancer or candida cells which are naturally a very healing component of the body when not out of balance. However, when out of balance these energies become parasitic and can take over or influence the vehicle. Now granted, there are the advanced forms of 4D entities such as those of the Archonic variety that have a much more intentional influence on humans but that is another discussion.  

I have just found and downloaded Trinity's Releasing Entities meditation as I feel this is an important part of having a clean house, as it were, to approach the service I am preparing for and already providing in subtle ways through developing personal presence of conscious awareness.

I will relate my experiences through the use of the meditation and of my further explorations passing through the physical.

As Love.  =i=



I was a conscious dreamer as a child with much experience lucid dreaming. It started I believe, in part due to my laying on my back very still when it was "lights out" and I wasn't yet sleepy. Over time my body began to feel as if I was falling and rising, growing and shrinking at the same time. I would then feel an energetic "thickness" around my body; sometimes I would vibrate. I see myself falling in a tunnel where there were many doors. Some I could enter, others I couldn't, and some pulled me in. I couldn't necessarily control my dreams per se, but I learned how to ask for another door, which would usually present as a donut-shaped cloud that I could fly through to enter a different dream.

As I entered puberty, the inner awareness shifted to the outer. The lucid dreaming faded as my mind focused on other preoccupations.  As I reached an older teenage year, I wanted to learn astral travel, but when practicing leaving the body I had some lower 4D experiences and visitors that I didn't want to experience again, so I stopped.  However, several years later, I was camping with my sister and a friend, sleeping under the stars. They had fallen asleep and I was awake, lying on my back gazing at the milky way. I started to sense that I was on the side of a planet where in the grand scheme of things there really is no up or down, so I was looking down at the stars as much as I was looking up. When I could physically feel this, I started to hear a sound and then a "pop" like a cork being pulled out of a champagne bottle, then I "fell" out of my body and floated up towards the sky.  I was elated as I didn't feel the fear that I had from those previous astral experiences. I felt connected to my body and safe. Just as I was starting to fly my sister energetically pulled me back! She had no recollection of this, lol.  

Years have gone by with all of this in a chapter long passed.  Now again I am practicing laying consciously, scanning the body with a loving energy and inviting the awake dreaming once more. I feel there is very important remembering that can be whispered to us when we move into dreamtime. That what we experience there is as important, if not more so, than our waking "beta" time. I feel that to learn to be conscious in both "worlds" is our birthright. I invite the dreamer to dream!  =i=


Yesterday, it felt like torture lying on my back as if all these needles in my legs especially so on the right side. But i kept working with it, feeling through it and doing breakthrough breathing. After a while, the nervousness and discomfort have subsided so i could stay with the feeling without a need to get rid of it. Didn't get any particular emotions but at some point got slight panic as i couldn't feel my legs. It does feel heavy though and in the morning as well. At some point, i felt like turning over so i could get some sleep as i couldn't relax more. I will keep working with it. Thank you for the support, Open.

With Love


Hi Anatoly - greetings. My sense is that what you're experiencing is some karmic trauma from a past life, which only comes to the surface when you're not being distracted by other things.

The key is to keep working through it - keep feeling into it. Then observe what comes up. Does it feel like anxiety? Is there some degree of panic or worry? Some powerlessness?




I have been recently experimenting with conscious sleeping as I feel like i need some improvement in this area. Every time after about 30 or so minutes lying on the back, I get this nervousness throughout my whole body but mostly felt in the lower half. It is challenging to stay with this experience for long. I am trying to feel into it and relax but haven't had much success yet. I usually end up turning on my side or stomach to relieve it and fall asleep. I feel like this nervousness is related to my obsessive compulsive disorder (triggered by distortions with onset of puberty) that was most prominently present during my child and teenage years. I will keep working with this though. With Love, Anatoly


Hi Rich,

My intuition tells me that when you're partner is shouting at you, it's also possibly the distorted divine feminine shouting at the distorted divine masculine - for everything that has been done to the feminine. Sometimes it can really help for someone just to let rip. There's healing in that. But there's two things to watch for...
1. It must be noticeably healing for them - it must lead to a new shift. Or else it risks becoming a repetitive pattern of fixed neural pathways and behaviours. So it's wise to challenge the anger, but go as gently as possible.
2. Watch out for your own consciousness beginning to placate the distortion - adapting distorted behaviourisms perhaps because of fear around what the outcome might be. You can be soft, receptive and empathic (even to the shouting), but to be truly empathic, does not mean to take it on board and hold it - that's sympathetic which is highly distorted and disempowering.




Thanks Open,

Yes it has been quite an exploration for me. For the most part I feel fairly sovereign in my family relationships, but there are one or two things that I need to work on, which are coming up now.

I've never reacted well when people direct anger at me and at the moment there has been a lot of anger. I sat down with my partner and we had a talk last night. She claims that she gets angry, shouts and then it's gone. I asked her if she could direct her anger at something inanimate and she said she wouldn't. Okay, and anyway, the responsibility is on me to deal with how I react, working with the tightness inside.

So the pending questions would be: 1. Can I express my catalytic, confrontational side, without being afraid of how people may react? 2. How do I express my truth without compromising other peoples? 3. Will my partner/loved ones adapt to this and follow the flow of where I am going?

Just questions to hold in my consciousness for the exploration. I'm almost there. All will be revealed


Hi Rich,

When we truly step onto the path of our own self-realisation, it's going to test all 'norms' and ideas of what we 'should' and 'shouldn't' do. Especially in relationship.

The dull ache is the pain most people carry around, but never even feel, because they're so distracted from the inner world and full soul integration in it (the dull ache is why people need unconscious sleep). Because you've now spent concentrated time relaxing right into the inner layers, the dull ache has come into your awareness. So this is the pain and the stress you're carrying around all the time. Within those layers, will be lost fragments of soul. If you keep exploring, keep feeling in, then you'll start to reintegrate those fragments, which will invite you to start making different choices - ones that serve your soul.

    And just a reminder, what serves your own soul, serves all other souls (the aligned mainstream part of them).

I'd say one of the things that's already emerging, is your own soul sovereignty within relationship. In what aspects of your life do you over compromise who you truly are?



Thanks for all the comments and sharing everyone!

You're right Marye. Becoming less attached to the idea of sleep is huge. I've noticed that ever since I became more relaxed and let go of any attachment to whether I sleep or not (mainly after realising that a period a deep relaxation will work just as well) I now don't need as many hours as I previously did. I observe some of those around me, particularly my partner who gets very tense if she can't get the amount of sleep she thinks she needs, and consequently the rest she gets is never enough.

There have been a few things that have limited my practice so far. One is that my partner likes to read on her e-reader while in bed, and this has been pretty disturbing for me. I find the electro-magnetic frequencies mean that I can relax but it's harder to relax deeply and it's also harder to enter a meditative state. Also, my son is still co-sleeping and likes to have his feet on me during the night so I very often get kicked in the ribs or the head ;)

I also don't usually sleep on my back (I'm a side sleeper). However, I have been doing these conscious relaxation exercises on my back. After about 30 minutes I actually start to experience a fair bit of pain. It's like a dull ache all over my body. Just wondered if that was normal?


Dear all,

Richard, thanks for kicking off this thread and sharing about your own sleeping exploration! I had to laugh about the ‘sadistic pacifist’, which somehow struck a cord with me, I can relate to the live-and-let-live part versus the part that delights in pushing peoples buttons ☺.

Open, thanks for your further insights about conscious resting!

Since the exchange about conscious sleeping started in response to something that I posted, I have been very conscious of my sleeping patterns and it has been an interesting exploration so far. When I go to bed I try to let go and relax until at some point I eventually still end up falling asleep (but it is a start!). I usually don’t fall asleep on my back easily (either on my side or belly), so that’s the best position to avoid falling asleep and I even considered that I could even try a night sitting upright, in which case I definitely won’t fall asleep, but that still feels a bridge too far right now.

I think that the biggest change that I have noticed so far, is that I have become less attached to the idea of sleep, particularly as something that I need to be able to function ‘normally’. I always had this conviction that ‘I need at least 7-8 hours of sleep’ and could related to what Etta shared elsewhere about getting tight from worrying about not having enough ‘energy’ when you can’t sleep. Moreover, the banging at night is still happening, but it seems it is waking me up less and definitely stressing me out less (it has now become a tool for exploration).

Then this week, maybe as a result of the change of seasons, I was observing a yearning to go into hibernation. After the exchanges on conscious sleeping, the urge to sleep (go unconscious) even longer than normal seemed a bit worrisome ☺. But when I explored the meaning of hibernation a bit more and learned it is also defined as ‘state of inactivity’, it made more sense. I realised that it is more to do with longing for a prolonged state of inactivity, not doing anything, but just being, rather than with a long period of sleep. Moreover, I would love to hibernate away from the matrix for a while!

More sleep explorations to follow, but also curious to hear experiences of others with conscious resting!


Thanks for initiating this thread Richard.

Essentially there's several points to make in terms of sleeping and what we may call conscious resting.

Generally people need to go fully to sleep because they're often not living in alignment with their soul which creates stress. So the soul practically vacates the body in order to get rest at a soul level and so the bodymind may achieve some degree of rest and recouperation. There are several problems with this: you don't necessary fully rest and rejuvenate; when the soul vacates the body (practically), other energies - like Opposing Consciousness - can come in. Implants are created and other distorting energy.

What I'm advocating is the movement towards deep consciousness resting. So basically when you go to bed, you spend your time moving consciousness around the body, giving yourself permission to let go and relax. And then to continually do this as long as you can - scanning for tightness, releasing and unwinding it.

This takes a lot of mastery, because you have to encounter things like boredom, and the challenge of simply falling asleep - going unconscious. Ultimately though, you become purely present, so time disappears and with that any boredom. It takes you into many deep states of consciousness - yes you can even enter delta states and yet still be fully conscious. Yoga nidra is a practice for this and also some particular Tibetan yoga practices.

When in these states, astral travel can really take off and lucid dreaming, where you're completely awake within the dream, which can be very healing and integrating for the soul.

I'm not saying this is easy by the way! And it will take years of practice to fully master. But there's great value in it. I'd say it's a natural state the soul yearns to move into at the right place on the path.




I recently stayed the night at the farm after working a long day. Being in a different bed with lots of loving animals around allowed me to experience some conscious resting of my body. I did actually sleep for about 4 hours but spent 3+ hours conscious with cats and dogs helping keep me present. I mostly lay still scanning the body and feeling the nudges from the animals as they took turns being in bed with me. It was a magical time and am looking forward to experiencing this more!!


Hi Richard not sure of what help this could be. I have been aware of my dreams for a long long time, 40 plus years. I would say in the last 10 or so years I have been aware that I could somewhat control of{not a word I like to use} not the dream, but the people who are in it, to a point. I have a lot of moments of Deja vu and sometimes within a couple of days of the dream in question. I have always look at my dreams as being in a conscious rather than unconscious state of mind. For the most part it seems to me that I am the observer. There are time when I awake and can go back into the same dream. The one thing I have never tried was to be a participant rather than observer. I do know that some of the choices I make are directly influenced from the dreams I have. I can even dream of past loved one. These dreams are always happy ones and would like to think that it is where they are now and the dream brings me to that realm or dimension that they are in (Quite comforting).

You said; What if we didn't need to go unconscious but just give our bodies a period of deep relaxation? I believe that this is exactly what we are doing. Of course this is only my opinion and 2 cents worth. You see I believe that dreams are where spirits go to get out of this physical body and break free of the matrix here.

I can talk about these kind of things so easy when I am not trying to put them In written form like here.



Ok, I have attempted this before but seldom more than one night in a row, and I get the sense it's something that really needs practice.

The first night I was pretty tired when I went to bed. I began to go into a meditative state, and practicing scanning the body for tension etc, but my mind kept wandering (a lot more than usual) and I kept drifting off and waking myself back up. I recon it would be much more productive to go to bed before I get really tired so as to get into the practice before I start drifting off.

Interestingly, I had a dream where an 'expert' described me as a 'sadistic pacifist' - thanks subconscious! I found this rather amusing, but in some ways it describes me very well. I have a fairly calming outer appearance and a fairly 'live-and-let-live' attitude, but there's also a spark there - a part of me that delights in pushing peoples buttons.