Spirit Guides Confusion/"Emergency"


Hi there! My name is Joseph and I'm new to the forum. A year ago I had a strong metaphysical experience involving very intense energy, and ever since I've been following my spirit guides. Long story short, after a few radical life changing decisions, I'm currently homeless and have cut my family loose. 

Although I feel I understand the reasons behind these supposedly necessary actions, I'm currently stuck in the process. I was asked to "declutter" my life, (when I say asked I mean guide mainly through numbers), and I'm still being asked that. Removing my mom from my life was the hardest decision I've ever made, although for a couple hours I felt the best I've ever had since the energy cord was finally removed after months of trying. I felt incredibly powerful and with a significant expansion of consciousness. This unfortunately didn't last long though since after I held conversation with a guy at the grocery store I felt a huge parasite invading my solar plexus. I know I should have protected my energy better but please keep in mind I'm totally new at this. 

Anyhow, right now I don't really know what to do since I don't have much else to declutter. I have asked my angels and archangels to help me but it's not completely working. Besides, if you're homeless it's a little difficult to find a quite place to meditate. 

Thank you so much for reading this and if you have any advice I would be immensely grateful.


Kind regards,




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Hi Joseph,

Welcome to Openhand. It sounds like you've begun some powerful shifts, like plenty of others on the planet right now. I wish you well on your journey CryingCryingHeart

The important thing to realise is that the shift is not just one or two or a few changes to make. Rather it is a progressive infusion of soul over a considerable period of time that will take you through many transitions. And it's essential to develop your own internal spiritual compass to navigate the shifts, rather than just listening out for external guidance - it must start to come from within.

It would be a good idea to watch our free 5GATEWAYS documentary which details the various shifts on the spiritual path and provides plenty of guidance on how to approach them...