Spiritual Facilitation as a Catalytic Bridge

Submitted by Open on Thu, 01/23/2020 - 17:51
How to truly facilitate spiritual evolution?
No one is specifically an 'empath' or a 'catalyst' - the soul encompasses qualities of both and to fixate on either is to create identity which can be very limiting.
I'd say what we as spiritual facilitators are here to do, is connect people with their deepest sense of self, and to unfold back into their natural multidimensionality - that is our divine birth right as children of the Universe.
To truly catalyse someone is to empathically bridge into their reality too, for you cannot truly change what you do not connect with. So we're catalysing an unwinding from the limiting ways of the old paradigm, but then holding an empathic connection to the higher vibrations of the new, which others can then see and feel for themselves.
So I put it to you that the most effective help we can give is neither empathic support nor catalytic unfolding, but BOTH together. We can empathise and catalyse at the same time. In return, we as facilitators do not fixate in either, thus helping us unveil the fullness of our own beingness too, withouth label or limitation.
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