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Each and everyone of us has own own inner guru. How do you access them? It's important to gain aligned external reflections, yes, but at the same time, essential to develop trust in your own inner guidance mechanism. We are each the new leaders in the shift, the captain of our own soul. Here's inspiration to unleash your inner guru.

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You and You Team Must come Back already, Open! haha we miss you and just keep looking forward and using all the resources at hand, one day at a time, to keep the enquiry going.

I am really enjoying the videos and I am about to tuck into the 5 Gateways one, albeit I know I watched it when I was making a book selection.

It is really quite crazy and years and years of conditioning that power must belong to someone, in every aspect of the system.

Unleashing the guru within is a new phenomenon to me and your videos are just the bomb-diggidy. Bite sized and very well put together.

How Empowering!

the sisters are alive and kicking to the brim, looking forward to the next stage. Seems a lot of vegetarians have been borne since.

Ive watched What the Health and have just started cowspiracy and I’m just gomacked and all that’s ringing in my head, even throughout the night—Plant-Based Diet. It’s all right there and believe you me it’s very scary how devastating greed is. 

You say in one of your videos, I think it’s the one on Ascension, that we can achieve it all by staying in that connected stated. 

The Sisters say a huge hello 👋🏾 


Hi Open,

Great video! And thanks for the reminder about the guru within! It can be so easy to get lured into thinking that the answers can be found outside of ourselves, particularly if like me you carry a strong conditioning from upbringing that others know better/best and you have become accustomed to take on their views/truths over your own!




This is a really powerful message, Open! There is a striking clarity of your energy throughout the video. I kept feeling this subtle, but clear whisper in the background: "look within, stop seeking your answers in the drama, go back within".

There is this temptation sometimes to wait for someone else to provide the answer, to make things right, to set things up, so I can thrive. This mindset feels so old and tired and when I let it go, there is such a sense of space and fresh air and a massive influx of curiosity: what will I be called to direct my energy towards today?

I also feel my power return to my core. There is a bit of fear in that core, that if I hold that power, there is a responsibility that comes with it... and a bit of a karma leftover related to becoming a target if I stand up in my power. 

The message has been received and sank in on a deeper level. Keep 'em coming!

Thank you <3


Wow Anastasia - what a lovely experience - thanks so much for sharing.Slightly Smiling

If I may offer a reflection to explore along, I'd say the 'guru' that appeared before you, was a reflection of your own higher self. This often happens to people at that stage on the path - as we transition Gateway 2 (the Realignment). Leading into Gateway 3 (the Transfiguration), it becomes about embodying the Higher Self within. At Transfiguration, Higher and Lower Self integrate as One.

And this is where your spiritual practice becomes invaluable. So you did gain valuable discipline and background from your Ashram practice that stands you in good stead now.


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Hi Open,

Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it. You said that what I interpreted as my soul may actually have been a reflection of my higher self - the “guru within”. I realise I’m still a bit confused about the difference between the soul and the higher self. What exactly is the difference? And when you follow the pull of your soul, are you actually following the soul or the higher self? Or are you following the pull of your soul towards your higher self?

Would be very grateful for some clarification to help me understand and explore further.

With love,


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Sure - happy to offer a viewpoint. 

In the Openhand Approach the soul is the etheric essence of who you are - with various characteristics woven together in a vibrational expression - your unique 'soul ray harmonic'.

But to truly manifest, the soul needs a vehicle through which to express. Within humanity, there are 7 main possibilities - a bodily vehicle for each of the main 7 chakras (check this article... The Seven Bodily Vehicles of Expression...and How they interact with the Chakras). Now what has happened in humanity, is that the lower aspects of self (the lower three vehicles: physical, emotional and lower mind) have generally been disconnected from the higher aspects of self (the higher mind, celestial body and spirit light body). This has happened at the level of the karmic plane, where the fourth vehicle, the causal body, resides.

So in most people, what you have is a separation of the lower self (which is defined as the soul embodied through the lower 3 bodily vehicles) from the higher self (the soul embodied through the higher 3). So in most people, when they begin to connect with their higher self, it's felt as being outside of themselves and will literally manifest as some kind of form or reflection (often seen in dreams).

The challenge - the invitation - is to integrate lower self and higher self progressively, which leads to Kundalini activation and the Gateway 3 experience of "Transfiguration".

Best wishes

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Thanks for the kind feedback Jen - warms my heart Heart

You said...

I hear the challenge to where we may be missing our greatest sense of inner power by looking to others for our answers, for our way. A way that can only unfold from being in touch with our own inner navigation.

Absolutely. And taking on other's people's truth as your own. One of the most poignant things that happened on my journey, which manifested very strongly of late, is how two (or more) people might look at the same situation, and see it from an entirely different perspective. Of course this might seem obvious to be true, but I experienced it to the extent of almost "black is white" kind of juxtaposition. It just flagged up very strongly how personal perspective greatly colours the moment.

So I see this has (at least) three knock on requirements: (1) we must come first from our own perspective (2) we need to be prepared to hold multiple truths and perspectives simultaneously (3) be prepared for our own truth to evolve, in relation to the perspectives other people present - because we draw them for a reason (to evolve and grow our own perspective) 

So personal sovereignty involves not being fixed in our own singular truth also. It means holding your truth, but allowing it to evolve from the mirrors you draw - that's my take.

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Yes, I feel very much that's the perspective I am expressing here as well. For me the greatest challeng is in knowing and feeling my own vibe and sense of direction in each moment and in relation to all that arises as a reflection of that. Perhaps there can be some holding onto/defending that when offered other reflections because historically it has been so easy to flow with others truths❤️ I resonate with the three points you lay out ... And different configurations and experiences would set up for different challenges within that. 

Hi Open,

Wow! I think you just reflected back to me my gateway 2 experience. If I were to give it a title, it would be just that - The Guru Within.

When I was 15, I was introduced to a guru whose path I followed until my early twenties. Despite what many people perceive as negative about these sort of collective paths, following one given master, for me it was a lifesaver. Spending a considerable amount of time at an ashram with spiritual and humanitarian values and practices was the turning point for me as an outcast misfit teenager.  For it was the first place ever where I could completely be myself and other people actually “got” me. More importantly though, it introduced me to classic spiritual practices, and an introspective way of thinking and reflecting. One of the traditional practices was of course bowing down to the guru, placing your heart above your head. Or as I interpreted it, showing reverence to the teacher. I had no problem with this. I enjoyed feeling that moment of humility, and if I was lucky catch an eye or a word from the guru, which was considered very auspicious. However, after about 8 years, the very teachings of the path, such as “look within for the truth”, made me turn away from it. I was too caught up in the external, like not being able to integrate ashram life with “normal” life, never feeling adequate enough in my commitment to the spiritual practices and of course, looking for approval from the external guru. All of these things were hindering me from finding and following my own inner truth, and it became clear to me that the only way to truly follow the path was to break away from it.

The direction of my life actually changed drastically after that and I abandoned all spiritual practice for a long time. One thing stuck with me though, always lingering in the back of my head. The mantra Om Namah Shivaya - I bow to my own inner self.

I always wondered, what exactly does that mean, bowing to your own inner self? Well, after a long arduous 3D detour, I suddenly found myself back on the spiritual path, but this time completely by myself  and without external assistance. I had just discovered Openhand, and watched the 5 gateways film, and through this realised what was taking place. Shortly after that I passed through the second gateway...

A female spirit appeared before me, holding a lit candle between her hands. I asked who she was and she said, Mary Magdalene. This surprised me, for I was never aware of a connection with her. Then she suddenly blew out the candle and said, “Make a wish!”. This startled me and I started feeling a bit stressed. Here is Mary Magdalene, granting me a wish. I’d better come up with a good one. What shall it be, what should I choose? I asked her to give me a moment to “breathe”, and then it came to me. I didn’t have to make a choice, because I only truly wished for one thing - to be able to hear the wish of my soul, and follow That. 

As I made this statement, I felt as if something shot out from inside me and formed in front of me. Suddenly, I was standing face to face with what I knew was my soul. My heart exploded and I instantaneously fell down in a deep bow before this light, while the mantra Om Namah Shivaya echoed in my head. I had bowed to my own inner self.

At last, I understood the true meaning of those words, and why bowing to a “guru” is considered a spiritual practice. All those countless pranams at the ashram were a preparation for the real thing. So when the “Guru Within” appeared before me, I knew exactly what to do.

It was a strong video, Open! You really know how to match the visual images with the words and the meaning behind them to create a more powerful experience. There is a beautiful timing between them. Personally, the words are enough for me. Very well expressed.

With kind love,




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wow! Anastasia, such a beautiful story. I love how neatly you have unpacked you experience!

On Some, Let’s Unleash The Guru With In!

Its the second mention of 5 Gateways since I’ve been on the virtual community website, reading, watching absorbing.

I feel that my first choice in Openhand books to order is the 5 Gateways one so I’m absolutely thrilled! It should be here any day now.

Aspasia suggested the bowing meditation for my family and you drew a parallel to bowing.


i also like how honest you are about

you spiritual “home” searching and how it’s only when you broke free that you should yourself unleashing you guru.

Truly enjoyed reading.



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Hi Sindi,

I’m so glad you felt inspired by my story. It seems like such a long time ago since I wrote it I had forgotten all the details, but your response now had me go back and reread it, and suddenly I see new parallels to my journey today. For example, I had forgotten about the Bowing.

Interestingly enough, I only recently discovered the Bow meditation and it has had a profound effect on me, every time I’ve practiced it. Just like I mentioned in my story, there’s  just something about putting your heart above your head that humbles me and helps me surrender and release. I highly recommend it!

 I’m under the impression that you’re quite new to Openhand (?). If so, I want to extend the warmest Welcome to you and wish you well on your journey. 🙏🏻



This was really beautiful Open. I especially felt the passion and conviction in the way you spoke. Very uplifting and encouraging. I hear the challenge to where we may be missing our greatest sense of inner power by looking to others for our answers, for our way. A way that can only unfold from being in touch with our own inner navigation. Something I have realized lately is that the body gives me strong cues when I am convinced that I need someone else to steer this ship... Anxiety, nausea, mental confusion. When I come back home to my own senses and what is my own next step or way to show up, there is a natural sense of ease as the dissonance of trying to resolve my own knowing with another's knowing melts away to leave the simplicity of what's here for me right now. From there reflections can be seen and felt without pressure to deny oneself or to make another wrong for their own way of perceiving and being. Thanks for this very important sharing. ?

Hey everyone - I recently started making my own videos. It began with the more simple shift diaries, but this was the first of any complexity. I really enjoyed making it - do share what you think. It would be nice to get some feedback.

Open Slightly Smiling

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