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Hi Open :)
I asked about the karma associated with palpitation/fear this morning and saw a vision of what looked like a king/god very resolute like he was of stone and a queen/god who seemed to be like a fish! she was very oceanlike and she was trying to kiss/communicate with him. I thought well perhaps this is a struggle in me between control and emotional stuff. I have no idea how to work with this. This morning I awoke sobbing as in my dream I had been caught in some sort of earth movement/quake and a cat I used to have had been buried under rock. I had been too but had got free. I had then gone to a house and as my torch was not working had to borrow a strange head lamp/magnifying kind of contraption in the hope of finding my cat. I couldn't find it and I was heart-broken. Other people were emerging from the rocks. The next day there was a sign up listing those who had died and there was one blank space but because it was my cat I felt I couldn't put her name with those of the deceased people but knew I should have. I felt helpless and powerless like I should have been able to help my cat but couldn't it was a horrible feeling I woke with. I tried to soften into it and thought the cat chose to be there it wasn't just my creation and not to feel guilty.

The night before I dreamed that yourself and I and three women were in a car travelling to the workshop. The workshop venue we knew where it was but the accomodatin on route wasn't available as it should have been. So we stopped at a shop in a seaside resort town to buy food etc as we had nowhere to stay. In the shop you said you had forgotten your "migra..." a cream to help with migraines as sometimes you overloaded yourself at workshops - I laughed and said I did exactly the same. We eventually stopped to sleep in a small wooded area close I think to the workshop venue. I woke not knowing where or how I had slept it was strange.Through this dream there were about four sychronicities of things for you and I and in the dream I felt embarrassed about it for some reason - that others would think it was strange.

These dreams were all after I asked about the karmic cause of palpitations I have been having. I cant however put it all together so to speak. I have a feeling it must be to do with control versus free flowing but am unsure how to work with that?

I decided I just couldn't handle two guys I didn't really know coming to stay but very soon after that a grandmother came up to me at the nursery my grandson attends and asked was a child-minder. I have already met the mum of two wee ones who will be coming to be cared for soon. Is it the case that if one fails to flow with something that another opportunity will manifest? So funds are manifesting and life is beginning to feel more joyful.

thankyou very much for your time

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Hi Open
no I didn't think you suggested I harden - I realised after my dream I had become harder :)

Hi Elaine,

Well I'm glad you've found alignment with your intuition :-)

When I spoke in terms of the qualities of 'being more solid', 'like a rock', I certainly didn't suggest to harden. Just that sometimes I witness for an empath they can often be a degree 'washed around' by the emotional side. But of course you must go with what you feel resonates with you.


Open <3

thanks Open

a lovely dream this morning. In my dream a fawn appeared to me it was alone and needed help. It wanted to come into where I was staying - but first it came to me for me to pick it up. I picked it up and it pushed its head into my heart area and I felt so blessed in the dream. I took it in the house but then felt it shouldn't be without its mother so set about trying to find her. I found its mother and reunited them only for the mother to die very soon afterwards. I didn't follow my intuition and caused it more pain instead.

I forgot recently that I am so gentle-hearted because its been painful to be that. This fawn in my dream reminded me of it. It doesn't work to harden up or try to - being gentle-hearted is a gift. I think the dream about the death of my cat the other night was telling me I have grief to release due to loss - my cat, a horse I looked afte, my parents all within a couple of years. I think the build up of grief and just trying to live life around those (even closest family members) who are not gentle hearted (or they have hardened it too)has been too much for me and my heart. The deer brought healing and a reminder for me. Also a big message of go with my intuition.
much love

Hi Elaine,

The main thing that jumped out for me from your sharing was this one...

    "a king/god very resolute like he was of stone"

And there seemed to be a fair amount of reference to the shift between solidity or flowing.

Often an empath can get pulled around in the swirling tide of emotion. In which case, it's important to cultivate the sense of being more solid, like a rock, so as not to be pulled this way and that. There are some great tai chi movements that have you grounding like a rock - something to maybe consider.

Thanks for sharing - they're always very insightful.

Open <3