Summoning the Divine Warrior - Healing the Wounded Dragon

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The lockdown around the world is easing. But humanity is far from out of the woods. There are still some tremendously nefarious forces at large in society, and in leadership that must be challenged. It's great to see exposure of the controlling narrative arising in ever more places, it's certainly spurred a huge growth in alternative media, commentators and empowered protesters. Whatever side of the fence you are on in terms of the pandemic, surely we can all agree that freedom of speech is the backbone of democracy. And the will to defend it sacrosanct.

We may still be called on to do that. This is where we need to summon the divine warrior in us, by healing the wounded dragon. And before some mand8tory v@ccine is rolled out.

Sounding the Alarm

I've just watched an alarming interview with the US President, who many alternatives consider is challenging the mainstream pandemic narrative and those shadowy forces that have instigated it. I too have expressed some positive signs about that. However, in a recent interview with Fox, he talked strongly about needing to v@ccinate the US widely and mobilising the military to do so...

Bartiromo: “Can we get to a place where the White House is, and corporate America, where every time you go to work you just get your temperature taken, you get a test, is that where we’re going?

Trump: “You don’t want to be doing that, look, we want to go back to, like you want to see a baseball game, or you want to see a basketball, or football, you want to walk into a stadium. I went to the Alabama – LSU game last year, they had 110,000 people in the stadium, I don’t want to see 25,000 people where  you have empty seats all over the place.”

Bartiromo: “When do you think we can get back to that Mr. President?”

Trump: “I think we’re going to have a vaccine by the end of the year, we’re doing very well with a vaccine, and I will tell you something I just literally left a meeting, we’re mobilizing our military, and other forces, but we’re mobilizing our military on the basis that we do have a vaccine, you know it’s a massive job to give this vaccine, our military is now being mobilized so at the end of the year we’re going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly, I just had that meeting.”

Bartiromo: “And you’re just doing something with syringes as well, so that you can have, uh, it plentiful, you have enough vaccine.”

Trump: “We will have tremendous force, cuz, assuming we get it, then you have to distribute it, and unless you’re mobilized and ready you’re not going to be able to do it for a long time, so we’re starting now. We’re of the assumption that by the end of the year we’re going to have a vaccine, and then we have to be able to give it, to use it on most of our population.

Now, we’ll focus on elderly, we’re going to focus on nursing home and, you know, senior citiizen centers, because that’s really, if you look at it, that is so, that is a very vulnerable group, it’s a terrible thing, but, so we’re going to be focused on them.”
The interview can be see here in full, The clip begins as 13:33 (!)... Interview

Let's see where this all goes both in the US and in other countries around the world. My main point is that we're still not out of the woods in breaking down the narrative for the pandemic and reclaiming sovereignty that we have the freedom to completely be ourselves and determine what happens to us as beings. Here, to me, looks like the potential for a full on afront to that.

What I believe is yet needed, is to summon the divine warrior in each of us, by healing the wounded dragon. What do I mean by this?

Dealing with our karmic baggage

The ‘raptor consciousness' of consumption has been around since the dawning of time. It happens as presence gets lost and revels in the illusion of physicality. All manner of distorted behaviours develop. It was there for example when ‘Adam' took a big bite out of the proverbial apple. And like other places, it's very much thriving in the ‘Big Apple' today. But you can't simply sit on your higher laurels and distance yourself from it. Avoidance creates denial meaning you'll simply have to come back at some future point and deal with the karmic baggage. It is exactly this devolved responsibility, which by unconsciousness consumerism and other abrogation of personal responsibility, is progressively devouring our planet.

Yet the energy at the core of this distortion – the Divine Warrior – can be highly beneficial to each and every one of us. It has inspired our greatest achievements, fueling the courage, commitment and the passion to manifest for the better of all life. It's what gets you out of bed in the morning, sparks the glint in your eye and simply won't lay down and die.

The energy I'm speaking of is one that's had a very bad "rap" in alternative spiritual circles - it is the reptilian consciousness, which has been a part of the ET intervention here on earth for millions of years. In my observation it formed an alliance with the Annunaki and the Greys to instigate the collective energetic "matrix" we've been living in, but have been successfully challenging in recent times.
For a Deeper Understanding: Close Encounters with Reptilian and Draconian Entities

I would say the pandemic has been instigated BECAUSE we've been breaking down the matrix in very positive ways. And a big part of that has been healing the reptilian consciousness, the "Wounded Dragon", within our being where the ET consciousness gains traction.

The crucial point is, it's NOT about simply ditching or surpressing this energy. Because the Wounded Dragon is a distortion of a quality that's fundamental to the soul - the divine warrior energy. Something that is absolutely necessary to full self-realisation and Enlightenment. And especially so right now.

Realigning the Raptor Energy - Finding Aligned Qualities

Here are 6 qualities of the 'raptor energy' which the warrior aspect of the soul can greatly benefit from and call upon. And we can do it, if we honour those energies and allow them to come through...

1) archetypal survivors/warriors - with a paramount will to succeed and thrive.
2) unquestioning loyalty to their own kind and strong team builders.
3) deep respect for skill, strength and proved ability to endure.
4) tremendous coherency of being and commitment to their cause.
5) resilient, courageous and strongly focussed.
6) highly connected into the consciousness of the surrounding field - the 'gut instinct'.

The essential point being, that it's the ALIGNED aspect of these energies that we must find and express. And that you don't reclaim the energy simply by ditching or surpressing it. Instead you allow it to come through, you animate it, and then work to find the aligned expression of the frequencies that express. That way you don't bottle up or generate inner frustration. I've shared plenty of advice and recommedation in this Openhand video below, which I commend you to watch to support that realignment in you...

Enter the Dragon

When the energy has been realigned, it feels like what I can best call "Dragon Energy". It's a metaphysical energy which helps you strongly and successfully navigate and mediate through the lower first physical density of life. But to do so, without unnecessarily overriding another. And in times like these right now, it's looking increasingly likely that we may be called upon to express it in a very forthright way. Be wary of the v@ccine. No one has the right to change your DNA without your say so.

I'd say it's high time to summon the Divine Warrior in us, by healing the Wounded Dragon.

In loving support

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I felt to respost this article again today, "Summoning the Divine Warrior", to continue to encourage the rising of peaceful divine warrior energy in the face of the ongoing Plandemonium and the various measures that continue to lockdown civil liberties around the world. Tremendous breakthroughs are happening and peaceful protesting is gathering ever larger crowds, as in Germany, Ireland, Spain, Canada and this one in London this last weekend. There's a tremendous rousing warrior energy expressed in one of the key speeches, and as you'll see, a complete absence of integrity by the mainstream media. As energy workers, let's acknowledge the truth, and then keep the energy bubbling and moving inside of us, that we may ripple it ever further afield...

Behind the scenes we've been meditating on the rise of human sovereignty, by summoning aligned warrior energy. I can feel a wave of this finally rippling around the world and not before time. It must continue to grow now. Let's keep amplifying it in our consciousness. Let ever more holes in the dam open until there's a flood pouring through it...

So what inspiration summons the warrior for you? Perhaps its a character in a film or a sporting hero.

Gandalf does it for me. This is for when the va[[ine demon comes to your door! (LOL)...

I shared Fox news interview where Trump talks about using the military to get people vaccinated.  My friend was a police officer for 29 years and said it's unconstitutional to force people to submit to any vaccines.  So I told him about this interview and said they plan to use the military.

He said to do that they'd have to declare Martial Law.  I know many many people who are NOT going to submit to any vaccines, including myself.  I'm supposed to connect with Aspasia Sat. a.m. and see if I can use the zoom webinar well enough and if so I will be signing on for the N. America upcoming retreat.  My warrior energy is really rearing up strong.  Hoping to see you at the retreat!


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Hi Sherri,

In a Q & A yesterday, Trump said that the vacc$ne will be made available for anyone that's wants it and that not everyone will want to get it. So looks like he's not going to make it mandatory. However, that doesn't mean the individual states can't make their own rules and make it mandatory. So at least at the Federal level he's not mandating it but each state can and will play their games as usual. And as usual, California has the strictest rules when it comes to mandatory vacc$nes for kids in school, virtually eliminating any exemptions, so this is most likely where the biggest battle will be.

As for using the military, my understanding is that he's using the military to set up the supply chain and distribution throughout the country, not to administer it, as well as contracting directly with a US based company to manufacture the syringes for the vaccine. This gives him complete control over it since he's in charge of the military and significantly decreases the possibility that things can get tampered with by the likes of people like Gates, et al. Pretty smart move.

At least that's what it appears to me to be, but as always, I'm keeping my eyes open and using discernment.



Take a good look at this lady 'performing'. Can you feel the awesome focus of the warrior. The commitment, the determination, the unswerving coherency. Great strength, great power. But attentive awareness and no anger...

I would say to all, that when something looks particularly unpleasant on the outside, then here's where the deepest inverse mirror is. You can't control the external. Unwind through it and feel the tremendous sense of freedom that you can be. That's the possibility right now in the world.

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We're certainly not out of the pandemic control drama yet!

Do check the transcript in the article above. I'm not in the US, but it certainly sent some shivers up my spine.

Once more, as energy workers, the most effective thing we can do is work the energy field by realigning the Wounded Dragon energy and invoking that strong sense of will - to be self determined adn sovereign.

It feels like we're moving through a baptism of fire here for the new humanity!

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To me the potus doesn't seem to fit either side of the equation, neither the positive or the negative side. 

He does seem very human, unlike the soulless psychopaths who often are in power. This makes him vulnerable to all kinds of negative forces, and in the position he's in they would come at him from all sides. 

I wonder if it's also a point to stop the hate at him the media is promoting. The way he's attacked is so extreme that there must be a reason for it. To me he seems dangerous to the oc and they're doing everything they can to neutralize him and secure him promoting the dark agenda. 

My experience with the reptilian energy, which so obviously is active in myself, has so far seemed like a paradox: To align it seems to necessitate some unconditional and full surrender. At first this seemed very contradictive to the warrior energy that's embodied, however it's slowly starting to dawn that it's not about surrendering my soul sovereignty to other people or negative forces. It's about surrendering to my own soul, to my own inner being, which is what will bring fourth my true strength to truly rebel.

Easy to say, more difficult to accomplish, since it feels like actually dying in a way, letting go of so many illusions. However with the current world circumstances shorttime pleasure and "happiness" is just too small a reward, paying the price of what seems to come later if one doesn't surrender now.