Close Encounters with Reptilian and Draconian Entities in the 5D Earth Shift

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Humanity is waking from aeons of isolation and disconnection, progressively rediscovering his multidimensional place in the wider Universe. It's a great sign, and completely necessary to be a part of The Shift into the New 5D Paradigm. Many veils need to fall, that have obscurred the complexity of the reality we're engaged within, ones that interrelate existentially with human karma. It's clear, mankind did not evolve naturally from the apes, and is not alone within the multidimensional landscape here on earth. In fact, in many ways, Homo Sapiens has been an experiment - a slave species - to a more advanced alien intelligence, that he is now emerging from, unwinding out of.

Awareness is the key. What you fearlessly bring your awareness into, explodes the ties that bind and limit. It is with this courageous approach, that we must dig deep through the internal intervention of the "Reptilian" energies concealed within. We must confront and realign them.

Interdimensional Convolutions in Gaia's Field

I incarnated here somewhat unusually as a soul-exchange, what some would call a 'walk-in'. Even though like everyone else I was submerged quickly into the complexity of this density, nevertheless, I was at a point on my journey where I was able to retain the connection to the higher dimensional home that I know. Crucially, even though the various obscurrations of consciousness here are very intense and disconnecting, deceptive and controlling, I was able to keep righting myself in the interdimensional confusion.

The downgrading constraining influence was quite shocking, and non more so than what I have since come to know as the Reptilian Energies here on Earth - an ancient species that arrived here long before the emergence of mankind, and whose very DNA has been enfolded into the Human genome. When you look into the coding, and especially the chromosome count, it's clear that Homo Sapiens is a Hybrid species, one that has been purposefully adapted to receive interdimensional influences of supression and enslavement.

I've since had many direct encounters with these entities in the field, the most poignant of which, taking place near a crop circle (image left) in the mystical location of Avebury, UK, a few years back. Having visited the crop circle during the day, I was intuitively guided back there later that evening to camp in a small secluded valley which had spiked strongly in my awareness. My higher dimensional team made it clear it was for 'educational' purposes

(Thanks guys!).

Close Encounter with Reptilian Hive Consciousness

It was a clear night, the stars twinkling brightly overhead, and pretty much immediately the hairs on the back of my neck were tingling with the anticipation of something paranormal about to take place. In a nearby field, a combine harvestor was still working with searching headlights. Suddenly, I could feel a dense energy sweep over me, immensely constraining, focussed and powerful, you could say fearful, although these days on my journey I'm at a place to realise that fear is a gateway to greater awareness, greater soul soveriegnty and therefore one to turn directly into.

Within a short space of time, I felt like I'd lost control of my mind. A consciousness has invaded it and taken over. Although one could easily be overwhelmed by this, personally, as a being, I don't identify with lower mind; it is merely a vehicle through which to experience a particular density. The curious thing being in this case, that I had lost control of the driving wheel. How did that happen? I wondered.

Suddenly, I'm seeing the combine harvestor from the nearby field directly in my line and moving inexorably toward where I was camping. The sense was it had been purposefully commandered in my direction. My body was locked and unable to move. The combine harvestor approached ever closer and my perception was that I would be chewed up by it. I was physically paralysed, unable to move or shout.

The only thing to do now was to surrender, deeply into the inevitability of the Universe. All vestiges of fear and control vapourised at that point. If this was to be my passing on, so be it. Miraculously, with acceptance and realisation, the imagery of the harvestor vanished as a disappearing desert mirage, and the sovereignty of mind and body returned. I realised it had been a controlling projection, planted in my mind so as to subvert and bring under control. I would say this is a Reptilian phenomenon for all to hoist on board - their ability to project into one's mind a reality construct that controls by the activation of fear. This includes some of the more grotesque and overpowering imagery that's been created of their form - it's a self serving projection designed to exert power that we must each be wary of.

The mirage did not work. Fear is always an opportunity to be confronted. As the images vapourised, from the corner of my inner eye, I caught faint glimpses of the perputrators - a hive of entities, that you could say had faint lizard like characteristics.

The 5D Ascension Program

Altough this was the first time I'd encountered the phenomenal Reptilian power of a close proximity 'hive' (which works by implanting fearful illusion designed to cause the soul to disempower itself), over the years, I've had plenty of encounters with singular ones. In the work that I do with Openhand (see The 5D Ascension Program), it's my purpose to empathically connect with people in meditation, to catalyse integration and realignment of souls, so as to take part in the unfolding 5D Shift. Pretty much immediately, when someone sits in my field, I'm able to feel and diagnose the various convolutions of consciousness happening within them.

In this way, my first encounters with individual Reptilian Entities were as a curious bloating feeling that many people seemed to have in the gut. Once activated through meditation, the bloating feeling would take on more of a separated form, begin to squirm, and move around. Although physical in nature, it was clearly of a different freqeuncy to the human physical. So a sentient energy worker would feel it, but not necessarily see it. And you'd need to be able to be exanded into the interconnectivity of the field itself, rather than locate it with some physical medical device. Despite this, it was abundantly clear the sentience had a physical existence of its own.

My consciousness works as a toroidal field (as it does for everyone when consciously activated), within which, the entities would begin to move, either ascending or descending depending on their acquiescence to the realigning flow. Entities that were ready to let go and rejoin the universal fold, would begin to ascend initially into the angellic realm of the 4D. But this process was not immediately straightforwards. Each enttiy seemed to have a tether - a tentacle - that went up the spine and wrapped itself either around the throat chakra or the head of their host.

These I discovered existed in pretty much all people, although they'd sunken like white noise into the background of their experience. Hence they were having a strongly controlling effect on the being, whilst remaining invisible. I came to realise this was the energy that is precipitating such extreme consumption on the planet. Even though humanity is becoming increasingly aware of the destructive effects of society, the underlying controlling energies of excessive consumption, through this alien species, persist.

It was clear to me that something fundamental needed to be resolved in the field.

Sample this Meditation for Removing Implants and Entities

Selfless Thriving Mechanisms of Life

The answer came fairly quickly after the first several encounters. I knew realignment was the key. The entities did not belong here, their vibration was not comensurate with the natural frequency of the planet and certainly not with the Shift to the higher 5D paradigm of mutual respect and inconditional love for all life. With support from the benevolent mission facilitating The Shift, the realisation dawned they would need to be relocated with their origins from whence they'd traveled.

Shortly after I was sitting with a group during an Openhand retreat, where I could feel several of these entities beginning to activate from people's compressed inner fields. I was working to release those that were activating and acquiescent to surrender into the 4D (in more recent times, I've witnessed an increased readiness to do this - I believe because they anticipate the dramatic impact of the Earth Shift Completion). At some point, a portal in the field opened, upon which I could feel the connection to an incredibly dense energy, but one that was also extremely congruent, and felt like it had benevolent intent.

No conversation took place, rather it was a knowing exchange. I was made aware they came from the constellation Draco, and that they were the forefathers of the Reptilians on Earth. They'd applied directional - intentional - panspermia to project their DNA out into the Universe by employing meteors as the 'space-ships'. How ingenious, I'd considered, and not long after, I was directed to an affirming synchronistic metaphor in the film Prometheus. Here below is the opening clip, the being in which, to me has very much the energy of the Draconians I had encountered through the portal. And it speaks metaphorically of their approach to furthering their species, not by birthing direct offspring, but via the disemmination of their DNA...

Opening Portals in the Great Realignment

The film Prometheus (which I warn you is pretty full on) contains other clues to the way forwards. To me, it contains a (quite grotesque) metaphoric depiction of the Reptilian entities and how the energy is all consuming, including their own Draconian fore-father. It became clear to me that the Draconians were now ready to reclaim their wayward offspring through portals opening in this Great Realignment on Earth. From that point on, during Openhand Events, it became largely straightforwards to open the portal and relocate any activating Reptilian Entities in people's fields. Many were willing and ready to make the shift, which I found deeply encouraging. They were looking for forgiveness and realignment.

For energy workers interested in opening portals to the benevolent Draconian ancestors, I've found the volcanic stone Obsidian a good way to form a bridge - they seem to be able to resonate on its frequency. No doubt there are other volcanic rocks that do the same.

I think it's also essential not to polarise and demonise the Reptilian Entities. Because they perform an invaluable universal role - in that they secure and animate dense physicality; they bind a construct so that life can be experienced in that frequency. You can only bring light to something by immersing yourself in it. By its very nature, separation consciousness is designed to produce the relativistic experience. Countless life forms are working through these densities back to the light, including humanity himself.

Realignment is the key, bringing them back into the universal fold. If you merely try to castigate, you simply perpetuate the cycle of struggle and conflict, including self limiting judgment. In any case, we need to realise how we manifested them as an external actualisation of inner configurations of consciousness. In their aligned form, Reptilians have many tremendous qualities, and the way to let them go from within, is to isolate their embodied characteristics, and work to realign those aspects of yourself. That way, the distorted energy cannot persist.

6 Aligned Qualities of Reptilian Consciousness

Let's consider then the aligned qualities of Reptilian Entities, what I call 'raptor consciousness' from which we could each benefit:

1) archetypal survivors/warriors - with a paramount will to succeed and thrive.
2) unquestioning loyalty to their own kind and strong team builders.
3) deep respect for skill, strength and proved ability to endure.
4) tremendous coherency of being and commitment to their cause.
5) resilient, courageous and strongly focussed.
6) highly connected into the consciousness of the surrounding field - the 'gut instinct'.

So, as energy workers and divine servants of The Shift, we can work to embody the aligned qualities of these behaviourisms to our advantage, and in the greater service to the realignment of life. In fact you already witness many of these qualities in some of the world's best known motivational speakers, strong 'spiritual' teachers and business leaders. We just need to be careful how the energy is being applied and that it's in the selfless interests of all life. Unforunately, at the moment, it's still often coming across in quite distorted form.

Key Aspects of Inner Realignment of the Raptor Consciousness

One key aspect of realigning this consciousness, is in how we consume, and especially within the diet. If you're still consuming meat and dairy, especially that which has been produced within the disrespectful industrial food chain, then you're unwittingly embodying the fearful energy which the distorted raptor consciousness feeds off and persists within. So switching to a more alkaline, plant-based diet and realigning your gut microbiotics accordingly, will greatly increase consciousness in the gut and detach any embedded entity. I distinctly recall a week long fast to release embedded, colonic, mucoid plaque (which most adult humans who've eaten plenty of meat and dairy have), which when released, literally felt as if energetic claws were being removed from my abdomen - it was a palpable unwinding from the matrix field.
Explore this fast for cleansing the colon of distorted raptor energy

You also need to carefully consider aligning behaviourisms within physical exercise and sexual intimacy - essentially any deeply physical activity where conditioning leads to blindspots of unconsciousness. I call the process 'Healing the Wounded Dragon'. Essentially because you're realigning the raptor energy within yourself, thereby ejecting any Reptilian entity in your field, and then greatly benefitting in life from the aligned 'dragon' energy. It can help you mediate successfully through the physical densities on earth. I've included more advice and recommendation in the concluding video "Healing the Wounded Dragon".

Humanity Reawakening to Multidimensional Place in the Universe

Humanity is now reawakening to his multidimensional place in the Universe. But this is by far an easy birthing process. There have been many convolutions and interventions throughout human history. Homo Sapiens has been an experiment to create an enslaved species for the purpose of propogating across the earth and exploiting the natural resources here, including his very own genetics.

Benevolence was never going to sit idly by and let this happen. But neither would it demonise and castigate those that had been so unconscious in their explotation. To unfold a Universe of mutual respect for all life existing in nirvana, ALL aspects must be encouraged into harmonious alignment.

The solution is the PARADIGM SHIFT into the 5D. Those convoluted energies that do not belong here will either be relocated and healed or else broken apart through the galactic core - a universal cleansing mechanism. The Reptilians and Draconian entities have powerful qualities that we can each benefit from - that unshakeable will to persist in the face of adversity for example. But it must be a will that empowers ALL life, not just one aspect of it.

I'm greatly encouraged thus far by what I witness taking place in this Great Earth Shift. Entities are realigning and coming home to the Universal Fold. I lencourage all in this endeavour and look forwards to the acceleration of the Great Realignment here. Finally, in summary, this concluding video explores how we can each play an active role by healing the 'Wounded Dragon' within...


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About Openhand: Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution. Integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages, it is a way of aligning with the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe in your life. It helps you remove karmic blockages to unveil your Cosmic Self and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic and alchemical living in the Earth's Higher Dimensional Shift.
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I realized for some time that I've had some deep childhood trauma and resultant narsissistic wounding. In especially one previous relationship with a girlfriend who really seemed to try to love me I was severely hurtful and more or less gaslighting I can see in retrospect. This energy is something that I can see way back in my own family. I've tried to do a lot of inner work the last years, and I've felt I've become a kinder, more patient and loving person. I was in the delusion that I had basically aligned and healed this reptilian energy in myself. In a recent online love relationship with someone this pattern came up again, with forcing a projection onto the other person, trying to control an outcome, overriding the others soul sovereignty. When I first saw this person it felt like a claw hit me in the stomach. It wasn't a pleasant sensation, and maybe that should already have been a clue. However we still interacted a lot for 3 months without me ever seeing what was going on untill finally it blew up in utterly destructive conflicts and drama.

After processing the feelings of having been abused and gaslighted myself, the reptilian defense and projection, I could finally see how I'd behaved. The challenge is that I tried to be aware the whole time, living in the delusion that I'm somehow a bit awake and immune to these things. Facing this responsibility is excruciating, especially when ones distortions leads to others getting severly hurt, 

This almost feels like having been posessed, as the whole thing seemed so real and aligned at the time, deluding myself into thinking it was love and something special, all to have it fall apart like a house of cards in moments, waking up to the madness. It's really hard to face the truth that these energies are in me, working through me, however kind I feel and may appear to people with less than optimal perception. It's hard to not hate myself, feel like I'm evil, hopeless, a destructive force. I also realize these feelings only feed the negative agenda, and are utterly counterproductive. 

I've become utterly fascinated by the work of Bernard Guenther and Eve Lorgen, writing about destructive love relationships and love bites. To heal this further I'm planning to write a longer post about this experience after processing it a bit, gaining permission from the other party to share some details. 

The words you write of speak a truth that perhaps for many is hard to swallow. We tend to see the draconians as absolute evil the devil incarnate. Yes, granted they have for a very long time now manipulated us to be controlled in some shape or form. They have used many deferent tactics to do so. However, we need to understand that we arep ALL in this together. The choice to "fall", the choice to take instead of receive and to give, is a choice we all can make. This choice  is all too easy to make in a 3d matrix. However to continually do so can lead an individual, a species, a soul group to fall in frequency with their said choices. We however we do have free will and therefore the freedom to choose and forge who we are and what we do. Even if that means a "fall". The draconians in their "fall" lost themselves to the choices they made. One "bad" choice lead into another,  so on and so forth.  This gradually lead to a "fall" within their soul group. Though the purity of the Dragon still exists and forever will. The draconians have "lost" their way and are no longer aware of the great Dragon in which they truly are and therefore "lost" their connection to the Dragon within. With that said not all draconians are lost. The Dragon still beats its wings and roars its power out into the universe. By being a part of us, they can transcend  their "past" failures and return to the Dragon. I had once meditated myself into a rather powerful trance. During this period of meditation I opened my "eyes" and looked at my hands. They were not the hands that I was accustomed to seeing. Instead I saw a hand that had three thick fingers and thumb that ended with claws of a sort. My skin was a scaly like that of a reptiles. However, unlike the typical greens and browns that one would associate with reptilian skin tones my scales were a bright white. I then began to look around my room it too was a stark white. The walls, the floor, the ceiling and what tables and the such that sparsely filled the room too were of the same bright white. To my right was a very large window that allowed the sun to enter into the room, amplifying the brightness of the room even further. As I snapped out of this trance, I had only recently came across the information about the draconian's influence over humanity in the form of mind control and the such. So I was more then a bit worried about what it all meant. I was however lead/guided to an article, that I am yet unable to find again yet even to this day. It spoke of a group of reptilians that were very spiritual and saw "GOD" as the the most important source, force of life and the creation that is. That "GOD" was ALL that matters fore "GOD" is ALL matter and everything in between. I'm paraphrasing of course it is now years ago since I came across that elusive article. I resonated with what I read. I have always seen "GOD" as the ALL that truly matters. "GOD" is my home! Upon reading that article and ruminating over it I have come to the conclusion that the draconians simply do what they do to survive. As they "cut" themselves from the Dragon they no longer clearly see the pathway back. I'm of course generalising not all are lost. The draconians are a part of us and through us can find their way. They have in fact helped us find our way even if it was not intentional. The human spirit is strong and will push back wgen pushed to far. They have pushed and were have pushed back. Even in the short time I have been here on this planet in this incarnate form I have seen great change. Now we are in the year 2020 with all that has gone on we will be catapulted into the 5th dimension and it's in part thanks to them for pushing us to the brink. So thank you! Perhaps this was all intended. For them to play the "bad" guys and push us to this point or perhaps it is mearly them trying to survive. Whichever it may be were should thank them and honor the Dragon within.

Thank you for your article!

With love! We are ALL in this together!

In reply to by Emery Thomas (not verified)

Thanks for sharing your viewpoint.

I would add, I've never seen these beings as 'evil' - just that they've become wayward and disconnected - but as you say, they're also now returning to the light, and being realigned back to Draco in the great shift. Or else plenty are now supporting humanity in the new evolution of consciousness here.

Yes, plenty are still resistant, or confused, but I find they're much easier to realign now.


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As I am reading this article, i reflect and can find the aligned aspects of draco consciousness in my own field.  They are very powerful indeed and of great benefit when working within dense energy environment of matrix and even mainstream spiritual.  It is respected and noticed by people!  

The key is finding balance so that the dense energy at physical, emotional and mental planes does not overwhelm and distract which I noticed is happening in my case as even during meditation becomes challenging to stay clear in mental plane.  And as I am writing this, I can feel the energy movements around my throat and mostly head.  Mostly, I can feel the density closer to top of my head - similar to what you described possibly.

I am going to get Obsidian stone to help me work with this dense energy.  Recently, bowel movements have been mostly loose. Maybe, there is a clearing going at the same time.

Great article and thank you for the reminder!

With Love,


No one has commented on this one yet - which I can understand, it takes a lot to digest and probably pushes a few buttons. My purpose in sharing is to normalise in it and then equalise with it. In so doing the energy no longer holds you or defines in any way who you are. When we move beyond fear, with acceptance of what is, then it becomes tremendously empowering.

So what are your experiences of this 'raptor consciousness'? I'll be happy to offer a reflection.

In loving support

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In reply to by Open

I recently was contacted by a reptilian being, and my encounter was different than anything I've read about anywhere, so far, although I'm getting bits and pieces that make me think maybe I'm not crazy. Long story short, I was basically doing some shadow work where I visualize an aspect of myself, this time a masculine aspect. It called itself a different name than it had before, and I noticed a different feeling, and the visualization morphed into a reptilian being. He said, several times, I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to talk. So, I listened. Basically, he asked me to forgive him, I guess for playing a role in controlling me. I'm wondering if anyone has has a similar experience? It was very profound, mostly because I don't communicate with beings, I've asked to, but never gotten a response. This time, I was really just doing my own thing, but thinking about connecting with any other being. Also, because 99% of everything I've read is very negative about reptilians, I honestly wouldn't have initiated a connection with one. 

In reply to by Michelle A. (not verified)

Hi Michelle - thanks so much for sharing your experience - deeply profound. And great that you stand in your own truth about it. It's so easy to be over influenced by other perspectives. Thumbs Up Sign

In my awareness, reptilian energies have been responsible for at least part of the Interdimensional Intervention here, that has controlled humanity and the planet. To me it is that distorted energy which has generated over consumption and destruction of the environment - but fed by other energies too, such as the greys for example.

And it is an exceptionally powerful consciousness that can easily take over people. But that said, it has tremendous aligned qualities too - such as resilience, commitment, courage, focus and team work. And I totally agree, for several years I have felt the reptilian entities coming back into alignment, seeking forgiveness and healing. I've now exprienced plenty supporting and helping humanity - by supporting release from the matrix by taking back our empowerment. So it is an energy we can now work with - hence the reflections I shared above, especially in the video "Healing the Wounded Dragon".

So yes, we can work with that energy. But don't be fooled either. I still encounter plenty of people with those entities buried in their field and interrupting aligned soul expression. So there's still plenty to be done.

Thanks for sharing

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In reply to by Michelle A. (not verified)

Not all Reptilians are negative and against the human race.There are some positive ones who like to help the human race to become free and be released from the domination of the reptilians.Some can encounter us in flesh and blood or in dreams, during meditation or in the astray world in our or other dimensions. Try to contact him and establish a connection and see what will happen.


In reply to by Carina M. (not verified)

Yes, I concur with your view - generally the 'positive' ones are those who've been released from the controlling agenda.

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