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It felt essential at this crucial stage in the Shift to share a message with people from the Higher Dimensional Team I work with. It elaborates why the Earth is so challenged right now, and a perspective on the transfornation she's making. Most importantly, it helps illuminate a pathway through it, so that you may positively thrive in the Shift. It is intended to help many, so we would appreciate you sharing the video. With heartfelt thanks. Heart

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Greetings Bianca - nice to meet you The Sun Emoji

I think you hit the nail on the head regarding one of the key challenges on planet earth right now, for awakened people, that we felt to address in the film.

When people wake up and realise just how much the earth and sentient life here is being desecrated, there so often comes the natural desire to want to fix it. That's understandable, but the risk is it traps you in more "things that you must do". And it can bind people up in sadness, efforting and struggle - also the risk to keep making other people wrong. And then when you witness the 3D seemingly going progressively downhill, the struggle intensifies and can even lead to depression and hopelessness. But when you realise what the 'healing' really is, and that the cleansing of the 3D is the healing, yes, it's sad, but you realise some key things: (1) you don't have to fix it (2) you don't have to be perfect in your consumption (3) you can still be compassionate and caring, but that is for the sake of it, because it's simply right, not because you have to get something from it. All of this comes with a great sense of freedom.

Wishing you well.

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Hi Open,

it's a pleasure to meet you. Thanks to everyone who made the film.

It's incredibly liberating to hear you talk about things I've known but found hard to accept. If on one hand there's great sadness on the other hand I'm rediscovering the place sacred humour has for it has been with me through many dark nights. 

I'm really looking forward to the webinar

love to all


The message contained in this video gives me the permission to focus on developing my spiritual practice. It made me realise how much of my energy is going into 'fixing' what's off in the world and how I've been spread thin. Knowing what's to come is sad but it's also a great relief. I find peace in knowing that the destruction is not happening for destruction's sake but to make way for something better. 


What I have noticed through the last few years is that one of the things that binds this online community together is synchronicities. People here often connect with each others' thoughts in a completely non-linear fashion, in a sort of metaphysical way. Sometimes a word in a previous comment is enough so that the next in line can pick it up and react to it becasue it sounds meaningful to him/her.

Coincidences are always meaningful for an awakened person, that is why we call them synchronicities.

So here is my synchronicity for this video you just shared on the crop situation, Open. I am sharing now another dream from earlier this week. It was very simple: I went to the convenient store and when I got there I would see that the windows are all boarded up. I asked the owner why is that and she said: 'it is because there is nothing to sell anymore'. 

Also with reference to my previous comment in this thread above, I would like to emphasise a few things though, with love and respect for all participants. I will not defend or explain myself because of the intuitive messages I shared here. However, I don't want to turn this forum into a wall of predictions or 'scaremongering' either. These messages I shared are not 'concepts' .I do not want to convince anyone of its validity and I don't wait for it to happen. I share them because it felt right to do so and because I have received them in synchrony with what is being mentioned on this forum. In fact, as far as I experience, my life would be much 'easier' without these.  On a sidenote, what I also learnt recently that confronting such emotions and feelings arising from the current situation of our world can be an extremely overwhelming and long process but once we accepted (softened into) them it is also incredibly rewarding!   

with love to you all,



Hello everyone,

Having come back from a silent retreat and having settled for a couple of days, I’m now reading all the comments on the thread. Thank you all for expressing and for the constructive communications exchanged here. Heart I would also like to take this opportunity to add to these conversations that in my view, invite us to open up more and more to what the Openhand community is about – for me: authenticity, curiosity, empathy and the willingness to connect with each other because we are all on the same boat no matter where we have come from, ‘who’ we are and what our experiences are - or our views.

So, I would like to start very briefly with the why I posted this article on Openhandweb and why I think its ‘groundbreaking’, ‘informative’ and ‘illustrating the inevitable’. I can see now that I could have unpacked my motivations for posting this article a lot more, so as to offer more perspective and clarity. I didn’t have enough time though and also assumed that this is an inquiry we are all invited to engage in, if we wish so. And of course, so we did. Slightly Smiling

The article is ‘groundbreaking’ because these ‘alarming’ conversations about Climate Change do not normally reach wider audiences from mainstream media but are tucked away as being glossy, sensational happenings that are witnessed as  ‘just happening somewhere else’ and not really affecting ‘my’ life – of course until we perceive they do really affect our lives because all is interconnected. There were other related reasons, including the accumulation of scientific data, which are discussed here in this thread, so I wont go into these. I have a science background and of course I acknowledge there are issues with Science (its also still a narrative indeed), however the consensus is strong and reliable enough to at least respond to the invitation to ‘look closer’. In that sense it is also very informative, covering a wide spectrum of interrelated issues that we may not be aware of. And it does illustrate the inevitable if we don’t somehow respond to the calling to look closer.

I can also see and acknowledge that the alarming tone in the article can disempower people. It triggers the survival mechanism and it can ‘push’ certainly more vulnerable individuals to chaotic reactions and depressive modes. I can see how more sensitive individuals will be affected greatly. Also, if one over invests in these narratives, indeed one can loose ‘oneself’ and their own heartful wisdom.

The interesting observation is that everywhere I look in the world there is a degree of violence, a degree of ‘alarmness’. The foundation of this society contains fear. But fear  - to me – is one side of the coin; the other is Trust. Fear and Trust. To really feel the Fear is to re-discover Trust.  I also feel that no one is forcing our state of consciousness upon us and no one is making us act out of fear, blame and delusion. We will either relate from a conflicted mind state or from at least a less conflicted one, a more spacious, empathic space. In doing so, we can express our beliefs (expressing soul) from a place of love and rightness for the expression rather than from a place of blame towards the perceived ‘other’.

And of course, at the same time, I totally agree that statements/narratives like the article, which feel they push fear on people and even manipulate need to be approached/heard/read with awareness and discernment. In the Openhand community I believe, there is a lot of awareness and discernment and a willingness to look inside too. This thread is indeed a great illustration of this process. Narratives such as Climate Change are shared here as part of a wider context  - a spiritual context in particular - so that a sense of Trust, care and deep understanding is also mediated. What comes to mind is the Buddha’s teaching that says: ‘Life is Suffering’, which was taken by a lot of people to be nihilistic and depressive. But what the Buddha really talked about  - when you read further the texts – was that ‘There is suffering in Life’ and there is a cause and there is a way out of suffering. That was the wider context he offered. I feel we need that wider context to normalise and to be able to open up to ourselves and to what is real right now (in both the absolute and relative sense). Here on Openhand, this wider context: ‘The Paradigm Shift’ is offered and people who engage with the site or just visit can explore the whole picture.

Trust was brought up a lot in the thread very beautifully. For me, the inquiry is always this: How do we orient our beingenss towards trusting ourselves? I believe empowerment comes from trusting in the unfolding of our own experience every single moment, especially as we face crisis upon crisis in this world. And therefore, as we inevitably face ourselves every moment. The usefulness of a teacher here in our spiritual journey as it were  (as life is a spiritual journey) is paramount. One of the many things they can do is be mirrors, save us time and orient our being towards Presence (our true nature) intellectually and energetically. Of course, they can’t give us the Truth to what we already are. Only we can realise this. Only we can find Trust in this – in ourselves.

I feel that we are face-to-face with our own mortality and the mortality of us as a species and of the Earth as we know it. – right now. We are facing our inevitable existential challenge.  I feel that such crises can catalyse change of consciousness. The question is what change this is? The most common reactions to the uncertainty of change – including the inevitability of death, climate change etc- is fear, blame and anger.  We have all been there! And we may still go there! And that’s fine, that’s the process. I feel that these feelings arise because we tend to merge with the narrative, we become the narrative and hence a contracted sense of selfhood. This leads to divisions, more blame, anger and fear rather than openness to communicate, look inside in truthfulness and earnest and come forth with more of an attitude of curiosity, discernment and empathy.  I will be direct and clear here and say that the communications in this thread have been heated yes – which to me is fantastic – but in no way blame thrusting. I don’t feel this. I feel the communications have been powerful, fiery, honest and explorative. I’m grateful for all the conversations that push our individual comfort zones to expand – mine included – and encourage us to connect with each other in earnest, authenticity and care.  So, lets keep exploring, in our own unique ways, life and death in every moment.

Wise Love

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I've been reading from this thread all week. It makes it really hard to be non-judgemental when looking at the world through other people's eyes. As I read here I try to remain as close as I can to the-seed of thought with no attachment,[What is being said here]. There is a lot of sad things happening at this moment in time. There are also some amazing things happening as well. I have been testing the waters in which the flow comes from. By standing on the bank and speaking my truth the way I see it, to all I talk to, the flow remains clear, no Eddy currents seen. Their reactions are not surprising. You see when I tell them that in all of this change, I see god OPPS that was suppose to be good in all things. I am looked at as being psycho. This is not the first time this world has undergone massive change. Nor will it be the last. It is the first time that I remember us be able to communicate this way, and for a reason. You know at any given moment this all ends, and a new beginning will start. One solar flare can end all electronic communications, super-volcano, flood or fire, Armageddon.  You get the point. For me being guided to Openhand is a blessing. Thank you Open and Openhanders for all the sharing and caring of coarse holding the space for growth in all areas. 

Thank You, Aspasia. You sound so refreshing and so wise. 
Keep On Keepin On. 

Much Love and Gratitude

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One of the key points made in the PARADIGM SHIFT movie was the growing impact of abrupt climate change on the World's crops. As we're saying all along, it's essential we normalise and equalise with what's actually going on, so that the light of pure presence can penetrate right through the 'narrative'. Yes a story it may be, but it's starting to impact us all in the 3D reality, and the best way for us to de-energise that, is to render it as the illusion it ultimately is. And the Openhand approach to doing that, is to penetrate right through it. You look into the mirror being created, and then respond to any tightness it generates within. That's how we become the true formlessness - not by denial or deferral, rather the direct penetration with the light of pure awareness. That's the tremendous possibility such mirrors offer. So here's what's starting to impact right across Europe...

Open, I had the sense that frustration was likely because of all the expectation that was put on me. You maybe right it's also because I can't fully comprehend the impact that I have. I remember your story how you saw the reflections of your inner work in the 3D world in the work of Edward Snowden at that time.

Where I'm at I see judgements and expectation coming my way  even in abusive form because I expressed my truth. I had a huge tightness in my heart and doubt that am I becoming too spiritual,otherwordly,too excited,  too much for others. 'Taking the gloves off' in the other article makes me remember a dream that I has recently I which I'm riding my bike without grip on its  handle. Loosing grip on reality? Maybe I'm just gradually pulling off the control mechanism. Shows me how futile it is to keep on living pleasing others when  your simple truth can expose the judgments.

Megha, you said similar things as of open but in a different context. What you said about our situation in India makes me see the bigger picture and ask in my situation "So what about the other millions of people who were already under served. Are they not our people? " I also agree how it's about the question and not the answer. And holding the right question can open the inner doors.


Thank you for this Open. As somebody who lives in India ,I can assure you ,I am bombarded with tragedy. If not floods one moment,it is abuse in shelter homes the next ,the beggars on the streets,pollution in the air. Living in India seems often like ground zero. And like you ,Vimal ,I'm not often sure with what I need to do. So ,for me ,the best way to figure out what to do ,is to sit with the question ,what best can I do in this situation. Often times the answer is nothing ,just sit with it. But eventually I will be shown a place I can donate ,or a protest or group to be part of. There are a couple of such groups in which and I do nothing and still feel deeply called to be there. The opposite is also true - I used to volunteer at a school two years ago. And then I felt a massive resistence to doing so . I just didn't like the vibe of the place even though most people say good work is being done there . 

For me ,whenever I really desire to do something in a situation ,I cast a query into the Universe and attempt to catch a wave of energy that will lead me to it. It often leads me into deep denseness and several layers I come up against in the process. As I feel through the layers and unlearn something ,often that energy waits patiently for me to '  get it '  . And when I do ,it can dance with me again . 

It's actually a lot of fun 😀. Burn out ( very common issue with intensive care ) i has to be in the past because all I am doing is trying to express this moment . Be present with this child. Feel into Now . And ,as the Universe continually reminds me ,I am only responsible for being in the Flow as far as possible . 


Thank you for these reflections 


I found these two videos extremely interesting considering what we've been exploring here in this thread. They're from "Democracy Now", on how the climate change debate has been contained, controlled, and at crucial times 'hijacked', by the vested interests of "Big Oil" and those supporting it. To my mind, much deferment and even deception about the true picture is still being carried out. I share them because I believe it adds another essential piece in the jigsaw about how things are as they are now, where they're most likely heading, and how the wool is being pulled over people's eyes...

Hi Vimal, I've noticed something similar with the various activists that have come to Openhand - people who are campaigning against various injustices. Often they're a ball of frustration, because they don't necessarily see their efforts going anywhere (I realise it's different for you, but I do pick up a similar sense of frustration - if that's fair to say).

It's hard to appreciate just how powerful consciousness alone can be - in fact far more powerful than any physical action. Especially when you deeply realise that the physical is created from the underlying consciousness. Although everything seems separated, and with plenty of dense inertia, things do most definitely change, and we amplify them by witnessing the situation and holding an open inner space with the inquiry.

What we need to realise in creating from the 5D, it is not the answer that creates, but the question itself. When you realise the right question, and inquire/project it into the space, then if its aligned, the whole of the reality can unravel. There is nothing more powerful than a meme that has reached the right timing. And sometimes such a meme can be conveyed simply with a look or the embodiment of an energy. And it can work simply sitting in meditation too. But the question does have to be in alignment with the actual flow, not something that is coming from the ego (like... "how can I fix this?"). When you're really in the flow, and amplifying it, it's like you become the flow and channel it into that space.


Open Praying Emoji

Open wrote "My friend - your consciousness is what's called for. Shine the steady light"

I get this. The greatest thing I can do is to stay centred in my consciousness and honour and express my truth however challenging that may be. Right action can only flow from this space. I feel pulled by the expectation of people around and expectation of myself. When I look at FB I can see people rushing to offer help. But somehow it doesn't feel real to me. I'm not sure if it comes from a feeling of compassion or a feeling of sense of lack, that somehow I'm not good enough If I dont provide. That I maybe judged because of this. And there is a rebellion against this pressure which feels real. There is also a feeling of guilt and that I have to suffer too. I was feeling tightness all over the body all day today which got only cleared when I did some bodywork and some realizations flowed. I feel Im bigger than I allow myself to be. If people doesn't get my truth ,then so be it. But I'm not gonna do anything that I don't feel to. 

Thanks for the support guys. Truly appreciated. However it doesn't feel fair that I draw attention towards myself at this time as I'm one of those fortunate ones who is not affected. Thanks to the teachings I can only look at my distress as an opportunity to go inwards and inquire as to where I'm holding on.


Hi Vimal,

I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you during this time of  hardship. Severe Weather Europe just shared the footage of the floods in Kerala - it is devastating.

My heartfelt sympathy to you and yours.

wishing you well,



Just wanted to let you know that I just received a news flash through Swedish media, reporting on the situation in Kerala. I know it doesn’t help you or the 150.000 people who have lost their homes, but I thought you might like to know that, at least here, we have been made aware and our hearts go out to you.



Hi Vimal,

You said...

physically I feel limited that I don't have the necessary leverage to take action that might be of any benefit to anybody.

My friend - your consciousness is what's called for. Shine the steady light, from your understanding of where this is all going and what lies beyond. At some level it will be felt. I believe that's the true gift we can offer in such circumstances.

Open The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

Yes I feel the love and support from here. I'm also using the opportunity to go into what I'm really feeling. Strangely I feel the presence of Gia. As if she is speaking more strongly now. I guess everyone feels her to a degree. I can see it in articles and pictures of how nature is striking back. But it certainly doesn't feels like she is striking back but more like she is taking measures to realign back. I wholeheartedly feel that I have the wherewithal to stay centred and surrender into my feelings whatever it may be. But physically I feel limited that I don't have the necessary leverage to take action that might be of any benefit to anybody. Maybe that's something I need to work with myself and accept. I also feel like I'm surrounded and constricted and not much space to breath. I know and feel it's time like these that truly tests our limit. It feels like a realignment is called for within myself too, how immediately I may change my narrative and I have some piece of information already to work with. So it feels liberating too. 

Thank you all - my heart mates, for this discussion.  This is the first time I've been able to feel into each person's truth and then see responses from other hearts!   Thank you to the ALL !!!

Hi Vimal - wow, my heart goes out to you. Yes, I have read about the floods - wasn't sure if you'd been affected. We've also got people up in British Columbia, where a state of emergency has been declared due to wild fires; people in Southern Navada, where massive dust, wind and rain storms are causing widespread power outages. Yes, this aspect of the Shift is becoming increasingly real for people.

I'm so glad you have the wherewithall to stay centred in it. That's certainly one purpose of this community - to confront the truth of what's going on and help people mediate through it.

Our love and support goes out to you.

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Hi everyone reading, 

I doubt if this is reported in international news or even national news for that matter. But there is incessant rain and massive floods happening all across the my state (kerala). Thousands of people are being displaced and roads and bridges are under water. Even though where I live has not been affected I feel anxious and uneasy that this is happening. From where I stand the shift looks entirely real and it feels absolutely pointless to continue living as if its not happening. What inspires me at this time is that people all across are uniting to deliver help to the needy. But I also see blame from those with vested interests. It feels meaningless for me to continue doing some of the things (my work for eg) as if it matters. It feels time and crucial for me to shed off some layers and come into more of who I really am.


Hi Anastsia, I think it's timely that someone called this...

There is an energy brewing under the surface, which feels charged to me. 

I've felt it right from the start, and I was wondering when it might see itself, and have the courage to confront what that is: maybe seeing Openhand through a karmic veil of 'authority' where there is none?

Whatever, I think true courage and integrity would own their own process, and work into it. Great points have been made all round. And we must never fear to challenge one another in the quest of deeper truth. Sometimes that will look like conflict, when really it is healthy confrontation. This thread of inquiry began by pointing towards "consciously manipulating people" through the propagation of false truth, a hefty accusation, which I'm pretty sure most will agree, is most certainly not happening here (but with an open heart, I do believe that was coming through a karmic veil, which of course does at times happen in these deep explorations).

To my mind, there has been a clear and honest expression of position - why particular viewpoints are shared and promoted, so as to add volume to what we're synchronistically feeling is resonating with inner truth.  Bearing in mind that there are so many deceptions/distortions/vested interests out there. The views expressed here will have some degree of distortion in them, yes, to me, there is no fully accurately aligned truth - everything is a relativistic perception.

Isn't that an amazing freedom? To realise you can only ever make up your own mind!

I believe the quest is always about finding more aligned expression. And to succeed in that, there has to come a point, where we stop just pointing the finger outwards, and look inwards at what potential veils we might be looking through and projecting outwards? Otherwise it ceases to be healthy and productive, both for the inquiry, and the community.

I can assure all, that it is most definitely the Openhand way, to always look inwards as points are made and we make a point - to see what blindspot might be activating. It's something I'm fully committed to myself. I have learned greatly from this thread thus far, for which I am grateful. I trust all will come to gain greatly in that way too.


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Hello everyone,

So I’ve been following this thread and the debate going on, and I want to be honest about how it makes me feel. On one level, valuable and important points are being raised. Perspectives from both sides that are making me inquire into my own belief system. I’m grateful for this. On another level, it makes me feel uneasy. There is the feeling of a child watching mom and dad arguing, but not understanding why because she can’t see the full picture. She just knows that she may suddenly have to grow up very quickly, as the foundation she has come to rely on is shaking and may soon fall. There is an energy brewing under the surface, which feels charged to me. On a third level, this reflects what I see and feel on a global level right now. There is great restlessness and unease. Powerful, possibly volatile energy is bubbling everywhere under the surface, and I feel that soon we may all have to grow up very quickly and step into our full potential, whether we are ready or not.

Mark, I was moved by your sharing and it inspired me to share my experience as well, so here is my personal perspective of what’s going on: 

When I was a teenager I had a powerful and striking dream. The dream was in black and white, which was noteworthy because I always dream in colour. 

There was a war in my country which I was trying to flee from. I tried running and hiding but there was no safe place to be found. So I left my country and searched for safety in other countries, only to find the war was all over the world. Everywhere I looked, there was only poverty, terror, and grey misery to be found. It resembled an old movie about World War II. 

When I realised there was no place left to go on Earth, where this wasn’t happening, I gave up running and just walked out on an open street and stood there desolate, not knowing what to do. Suddenly, far off in the distance, right through the black and white reality I was in, I could see a bright red colour moving towards me. As it drew closer, I could see it was two white horses and a carriage, driven by a guru in bright red robes. In the carriage there were a handful of people and everyone was chanting ecstatically. The carriage stopped beside me and the guru invited me to join them. “Come with us to paradise!” she said. I stepped in, and as I sat down, the two white horses lifted from the ground and took us straight up to heaven. The End.

This dream obviously stuck with me, and to my surprise, two years later the movie Schindler’s list came out. A modern black and white film set in World War II, where the only element of colour is the bright red coat of a little girl that appears as a holocaust victim. Synchronicity...?

I always felt this was a prophetic dream, but I never saw further than the very obvious symbolism of my own personal ascension. I didn’t pay much attention to the war itself, at least not literally, because I never thought I would live through something like that. But this summer, I have felt something shift, on a global level, that makes me view the scenario in this dream, as a distinct possibility, metaphorically definitely and perhaps even literally.

I will explain why.

In my present life I’ve had two countries that have served as points of reference for me. Sweden, in the northernmost part of Europe, and Greece, in the southernmost part of Europe. Like a small scale North and South Pole, if you like. When I grew up, my life was divided between these countries. The cold and wet winters in Sweden vs the dry and hot summers in Greece. The certainty of this weather pattern has always served as a safety net for me, and many other sun thirsting Swedes, when the Swedish summer yet and again disappoints us with cold showers. We can always count on Greece to deliver. Or, can we?

I hadn’t been to Greece for a few years, but this year I really felt a pull to go. The weather in Sweden had been fabulous, for once. Two months of heat and constant sunshine (what?) but still Greece was pulling. So we bought last minute tickets, right into the flash floods...and the strangest feeling ever.... There we are, on holiday in Greece, late June, dining at a tavern called ‘Blue Sky’, (Yes, you’re sensing the irony), when suddenly the heavens open up and pour and pour and pour...For three days...

We weren’t badly affected, but on TV I watched significant childhood landmarks of mine, being swept away by the floods.

As I was sitting there, at Blue Sky, watching this torrential rainfall, l was struck by an eerie feeling. A few days ago, I was on my balcony in Sweden basking in Mediterranean heat, and now I was in Greece witnessing a very ‘unnatural’ natural disaster. At that moment, the world as I knew it, turned upside down. My North and my South Pole switched places, and I intuitively knew nothing would ever be the same again, not just for me, but probably for all of us. The order we have come to rely on had changed. 

My feeling was accompanied by the sound from the speakers, that kept playing sentimental Greek music, decorating the disaster with a strange beauty and grace. My mind went to a scene from the movie ‘Titanic’, where the ship’s musicians, with the utmost dignity, decide to keep playing the music even into their own death.

When I returned home, 80 wildfires were raging across the country. A common occurrence in Greece, but highly unusual in Sweden. Another direct shift. As hot and lovely as this summer has been for some of us up in the north, I haven’t been able to enjoy it. The effects have been detrimental to some, and if we have another summer like this next year, our water supplies will be in danger. It could all happen very quickly.

So, I’m sad. Really sad. Even though I feel this is what I’ve been waiting for all my life, that this is the reason why I’m really here, I still feel sad in the face of it. Open, you spoke of ‘tipping points’ earlier, and for me the tipping point was this summer, when my ‘world’ turned upside down. I have no idea what’s to come, I just know I need to be prepared to receive it if and when it does...

Thanks to all for listening and sharing  🙏🏻






Hi Margaret,

I think this is really aligned, and good that you expressed....

Perhaps we don’t even dare to imagine that we, the regular folks having regular experience are our own and the true Messengers of the Divine! My heart opens wide when I feel into that. Oh, my goodness, think of the potential of that!

Are we not all "regular folks?" Are we not all "ordinary".....ordinary in our extraordinaryness!
Because everyone is special, totally unique, with a role to play, which is divinely theirs.

That's why the number 1 passion in Openhand is to celebrate the tremendous diversity of beingness and uniqueness in all, to constantly encourage that to emerge, why so much time and energy is given to it.

And when you find something in yourself that feels so clear, and so strong, and so aligned, something that you've tested 24/7 to the nth degree, again and again, pulled it apart, challenged and challenged again. When your conviction is so clear, like a bell, that no matter who around you doubts or judges, yet still you come up with the same answer, the same note; when you find that, I believe what happens, is you feel the incredible passion to want to sing it out. At least that's what's happened for me.

What I observe then is, that in this deeply challenged and confused place, it does, for a time, seem to set you apart. And I believe that's probably necessary, for a time. Because perhaps what you're given to share, needs to gain some traction, and be considered in the purity of its form. Without dilution.

Maybe this is how a new consensus reality begins? Maybe that's what it takes? Maybe just one spark realising itself to the maximum, causes others to realise themselves to the maximum. And then as you say, after some time, after many moons of dedicated self-realisation and confronting one's own personal karma, there'll be "a wonderful interconnectedness that exists, and with that, a sense of equality and shared - aligned - experience". 

What I believe we can all agree on, is that we're not anywhere near that point right now, in terms of the injustice, inequity and disharmony that is daily metered out to the vast majority of sentient life here. I do believe - witness - that the disharmony has reached such pandemic proportions, that life itself is calling for the massive shift, the massive realignment that is now building and gathering in the field. I believe the Shift itself is expressing that, and what I'm doing is merely amplifying it, resonating that tone.

But I do see a time, in the not too distant future, after the realignment has taken place, where that wonderful harmony and interconnectedness you speak of, can naturally come together, of its own accord. A New Paradigm, that treats and respects ALL sentient life as equal.


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Just last night I saw a very strange dream that seems related to what you just said.

I was aware that I work in a maternal and child welfare unit that was underfunded. But then I put together some mud in a special way ,and was startled yet very happy to find a newborn baby that emerged out of the mud. Since I am a Neonatologist ,I actually checked in my dream to see if the baby had all parts intact and was not sure about the belly ,but everything else felt fine . I was very elated in my dream and was patting myself on my back 


Felt to share this ! 


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Yes Wonderful Margareth ❤️

Open Yes I agree that sometimes must an experience been lived with to make us learn. Sometimes we learn from sharing an experience. We all are on different vibration/frequenses of awarness right where we are supposed to be right now interacting with eachother. 

And yes, there allready is a «wonderful interconnectedness that excist»

We are lightflowers in the woods, suddently popping up everywhere replacing the green, making a change to our own invironment. 

I feel connected to all and I feel all growing/expanding from the growth.

All is possible and all up to us right now. 

Hi Margaret 

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your courage, openness, and honesty.

Dear Eddie, 

I was especially moved by your post. Way to go brother!

Vimal 🙏


Hi Open,


I hear and understand what you're saying. 

It’s never been the actual message you are conveying that spiked my attention, but the way it’s been presented recently. So, it seems it wasn't a "debate" after all, but more like few monologues :-) But it’s ok and there is nothing more to add as I have expressed it all pretty much to the best of my ability. I feel the experience is complete and the lessons were learned well.


I do, of course, respect the fact that this is your website and you wish to focus on your concepts and nobody is forced to come here obviously :-)


With love and respect. 


Dear Mark!

It’s good to see you. The bit you shared about people having a message for others made me think that there is a strong tendency that exists in human groups to isolate some individuals and put them in a position of authority (due to their skills, talents, perceived connections with the Divine, even external beauty, etc.). As I was having my morning coffee today I wondered what would happen if we stopped doing that even for a moment, just to the best of our ability… how would it change our sense of empowerment and sovereignty? how would it affect our relationship with ourselves? And finally how would it change our connection with the Divine, God, Benevolence?


I feel there is a tremendous potential in each individual and loosening the need for a figure of authority, an external leader/messenger allows us to tap into it so much more! I feel we’re all equally important and just inspire one another all the time with our individual expressions. There is this wonderful interconnectedness that exists and with that I feel this sense of equality and shared experience. What follows, just for a moment at the time is the sense that even the individuality slowly blurs away and is nothing but a human concept.


Perhaps we don’t even dare to imagine that we, the regular folks having regular experience are our own and the true Messengers of the Divine! My heart opens wide when I feel into that J Oh, my goodness, think of the potential of that!




In reply to by Margaret

Dear Margaret,

I love what you have shared. For me ,this exchange between people that I very much look up to ,has sparked off an internal conversation about who I consider an authority in my life. Where I unknowingly am giving my power away. 

When I was in my early twenties ,I went to see a movie( Armageddon) in which I identified strongly with the protagonist who is saving the world. In that theatre, I was seized with a strong feeling of 'This is what we came here to do' . A feeling that I forget often ,often suppress ,but that is re-emarging very strongly after I have become more drawn to Openhand. On this website,in undiluted form come together threads of my knowing that are very deep. Spirituality ,with understanding of Gaia and also understanding of a cataclysm ,all of these things I have known at some level ,all my life . 

And yet,challenging the way they are presented is also helpful to me because that pushes me to delve deeper within rather than just accept whole in one swallow what someone else is saying .

So thank you both for this exchange . It's very helpful !


Hi Marc, your sharing bowls me over.

The video clip is of course from that incredible film "Knowing". The scene you quote, pretty much depicts exactly some of the visions I saw when I incarnated during a car crash in 2002. Was that prophecy? No. Everything I've seen since, has synhcronistically confirmed it as "future-landing-now". Of course I am still open for that to be wrong, for it to adapt and change, if it's meant to be. But nothing I've heard in the 'debate' here has thus far caused any natural deviation from that view. And I believe the viewpoint to be so important, that I would be doing myself and others an injustice if I diluted the visions to embrace other, hypothetical trajectories. Where's the deeper Feeling/Knowing synchronistic resonance/proof?

I would commend the film "Knowing" to everyone. It also contains some tremendous metaphor of the Shift (although it does unduly limit by age - which of course I don't concur with).

Thankyou so much for sharing. I observe how time and again, the synchronicities you pick up, have a deep resonance with what I also perceive as the flow.

Open Praying Emoji


Hi Open, Margaret (and all fellow Openhanders),

There is an interesting debate shaping up here which, for me at least somehow also reflects the greater processes that we can now witness globally. I've read somewhere that during a geomagnetic reversal, there is a transition phase with 3 or 4 north and south poles existing parallelly at the same time.  'As inside so outside': there is now a similar mutipolarity of opinions here on the forum. :)

Open, first and foremost, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for Paradigm Shift, the new Openhand video. Especially for the energy it is radiating into the world. <3 I was reading your above article in the morning on my phone, travelling on the underground. Having gotten off the train, I saw an elderly lady falling off the escalator, only a few steps above me. (We helped her back on her feet, fortunately she got away with minor injuries). To me, it seemed very synchronistic with the part you wrote about 'feelings of dizziness, disconnection and ungroundedness'. 

Hi Margaret :),

I feel we are birds of a feather and the sharing the similarities and differences of our paths with each other has had an incredible uplifting effect on me! But I hope you know that very well.:)
I fully agree with you that awareness cannot be borrowed: being awakened means continuously questioning all our motivations, stories, conditionings, beliefs. Of course it also applies to teachings. This is very important. All our identities, be they spiritual or not, must be peeled off so that our innermost essence may shine through all that we say or do. All teachings are "like rafts that carry you to the other shore. The raft is needed, but the raft is not the other shore. " Of course I also agree that we have to avoid mimicking the teacher. In my particular case, even despite the enormous positive impact of his philosophy and energy on my life, I could not say that I always agree with every detail of Open's teachings - this is just not possible, at least not in my view.  

What I would like to say however to all reading this, that in my view, sometimes it does happen that one of us, just like Open in this particular case, has simply been given to deliver a certain message, and to do it basically at any price. Why I can fully understand this is very personal. I was only six when I shared the following 'message' with my 'audience' (family) that time, saying: "We shall be the last generation on Earth". Ever since, I have lived my life with the knowing that one day (not necessarily in the distant future) some sort of global closure will come to pass. (I also know I am not the only one feeling this). And before Open could even share his views on his scenario of a possible ending, I had seen a completely identical vision - in a meditation in Glastonbury back in 2014. At that time, I had no idea what this vision was all about. All I could see in that 'video' were the Earth and the Sun with the black space in the background, the two being in a very strange interaction with one another. It was when I got home, that in an afternoon, all of a sudden the ending scene of a movie started to play automatically on my computer. Only then could I understand what the vision was all about, 3:33 in the video here:

Can I be sure about the fulfillment of such "prophecies"? Of course not. Am I positive that it will come to pass? In my heart, most definitely. Consciously and subconsciously, this 'knowing' has been penetrating everything I do or say, since my childhood. As I also shared with Margaret in a correspondence a few months ago, earliear this year I had to relive the feelings of the demise of an entire planet. A several months long process of mourning, with waves of feelings strangely familiar somehow. "There is no way I am doing this for the first time!" - my first rection was. And as all grieving properly done, this one also brought some sort of relief eventually. 

So, this is my very personal perspective on the shape of the things to come.  

As for other aspects of the ongoing changes, I personally witness raging agression spreading like wildfire in the world (including but not limited to my home country) and a plethora of other synchronistic catastrophic events with increasing frequency pointing in the similar direction. Just think of the collapse of the Genoa bridge yesterday, at least the fifth similar event involving bridges in a few months time. Symbolic? It is up to each of us to decide. For me, it most definitely is.

with love to you all <3,

Hi Treebrother and Anatoly - great to see you sharing your warmth and love here. Heart

Margaret, I'd just like to pick up on this one thing you said...

When you talk climate, there is no spaciousness in it, no room to wiggle. It sounds more like a fixed concept than an exploration. And there is no true possibility for a debate neither, as you open a space for reflections only around your concept, only between A and B. 

I can acknowledge a degree of truth in this, and for this main reason....

Openhand is connecting with people from many varied backgrounds who've all come from different inquiries, which makes the community wonderfully colourful. But I witness that this viewpoint we're putting forwards here - namely abrupt climate change as a catalyst for the cleansing of the 3D and Shift into 5D - and specifically the mechanism by which we're saying it's occurring, doesn't have any kind of platform elsewhere, at least not in what I consider to be the accuracy of this form. What I witness, to my mind, is a great deal of confused thinking which is inadvertently deceiving people and leading them astray (yes, that's a subjective view, which I'm constantly exploring and adjusting - nevertheless, it's a strong feeling for me in terms of what I witness). So it feels to me, and those in the ether Openhand works with, to express in a clear, concise, focussed and passionate way about this main central theme, so that it sends out a crystal clear bell-note, with no fuzziness or half truths. Hence the impetus to produce the PARADIGM SHIFT movie, which is quite unequivocal about it, and for which, I make no apology whatsoever.

Quite simply, this is what Openhand is about. It is not a generalised debating portal. It's clearly putting forwards a philosophy and concept for the Shift and inviting people to inquire within that. There's never been a hiding of that fact, it's always been stated clearly and openly, right from the outset. If people don't resonate with it, cease to gain from it, or prefer to explore elsewhere, well the door is always open. Slightly Smiling

Namaste. Praying Emoji

Dear Treebrother,

I love you too. There is always more that connects us, human beings, than divides, really!

:-) M.

I am sitting here with tears running down my cheeks. Tears of great joy as I feel able to be vulnerable here, to express myself as I am is beyond words. I LOVE all of you Fine Souls so much!!! It is late and I am tired so this will be short. Thank you Anatoly, M and all Openhanders for sharing this journey with me here. Thanks to Open for holding this space. Namaste, Brother.


Hi Anatoly,

In the part you quoted I wasn’t talking about the climate change, or any idea in particular. I was talking about us (me, you, people) insisting on sharing a concept, any concept and wanting to convince others.


As for your reflection on change I feel the same! My excitement springs straight from curiosity. To me the change is happening as this moment merges with the next. There is nothing to wait for. I feel I mostly lost interest in predictions. They seem silly as the future keeps changing with our current consciousness shifts. I see clusters of events as possibilities and us as setting trajectories with our consciousness to meet them. Therefore it would seem that what mostly matters is to be in alignment with the Soul in this moment and perhaps the next one that's emerging. And give my energy only to this very moment, not any other one. Just stay with what is happening now.


Good to be seen and I see you too, Anatoly.


With love




Hi Margaret,

I don't really feel this coming through for me.  Maybe, it just me - not sure what other people are feeling.

At times you will feel resistance or tense silence coming your way, because
what you’re really saying to people is: “You are not enough, just as you
are… if you only realized what I realized, if you only knew what I know we
would all be better off, and I want that for you and for me.”

In fact, I feel the opposite.  There is sadness - yes and there is also some degree of excitement about coming changes. I don't know the exact changes and it doesn't matter to me.  I feel like the changes we are witnessing present the greatest opportunity for growth!  

And I am sure I would respect your viewpoint and accept you as you are!

With Love,


Hi Open,

You keep bringing up how the Openhand work was beneficial to me and I wonder if you feel I’m trying to undermine it here. Not at all! It was and still is groundbreaking for me. I could probably write a 10-page-long testimonial on how effective and opening the approach is. Hahaha! My hope is that there is no doubt about that J


I’m just not quite into the way you present your climate idea and the vacuum it creates around other takes and issues that we could be exploring. It feels narrow, like a tunnel and forceful (as opposed to powerful). But this is your website and you can do whatever suits you.


When you talk climate, there is no spaciousness in it, no room to wiggle. It sounds more like a fixed concept than an exploration. And there is no true possibility for a debate neither as you open a space for reflections only around your concept, only between A and B. I think the proselytizing stance can eventually make people mimic things, but I don’t think you can force their hearts.


At times you will feel resistance or tense silence coming your way, because what you’re really saying to people is: “You are not enough, just as you are… if you only realized what I realized, if you only knew what I know we would all be better off, and I want that for you and for me.”


All this made me think that perhaps what we can offer to others is to be available. Another gift would be to appreciate them as they are with what they think; and also trust the way they are/think is just right. That would be the fruit of this experience and this inquiry for me. <3


With love and gratitude




Hi Eddie,

Knowing you as I do, I believe we're on the same page. You said...

Two of my customers are using the equivalent energy of 10 households each!! At both it is a constant balancing act to see if I can reduce their consumption of electricity and still get the job done. Would it be better if they closed their doors? Someone else would just take their market share and do it less responsibly. Then was anything gained? We are ALL creating our part in this breaking down of the biosphere. 

I've followed the path (of consumption) backwards to nth degree, until I'd given up practically everything but what I could comfortably carry and was consuming the absolute minimum just to get by. But then I reached a kind of dead-end. I realised I couldn't go any further in this body. Because it was hybridised to fit within a system - in itself it is a part of the system.

We could all become organic famers, consuming as consciously as possible and living in low impact houses. But then I ask, what other creature on the planet shapes the landscape for farming? What other creature needs a house to live in? And how much acreage would each person get? What about the space that all the other creatures are entitled to - the slugs and the bugs? I've been an organic gardener on a 1/3 of an acre, and kept having to relocate the slugs and the bugs just to get any kind of harvest. We'd still be 7billion people needing to shape in one way or another and deprive others of what is right for them too. We're far past the Original Human of being completely at-one with everything on 3D Earth. Can we go back there? Although my heart yearns for it, I don't believe its possible in this Homo Sapiens vehicle.

Being conscious about consumption doesn't mean to me that everything should stop. The irony is, that as soon as civilisation collapses you get an immediate warming effect of a couple of degrees due to a reduction in industrial gases that actually reflect the sun! Neither does being conscious mean we adopt the strategy of always consuming the least. It doesn't mean I should always eat plant-based. It doesn't mean I should do this or that, where this or that becomes just another strategy. There is no "perfect" here on earth.

And so how might we best navigate this crucible of profound transformation? I believe (from my own exploration) it is to ask, "what is right now?" And by "right", I don't mean right as in "right" and "wrong" - there is no "right" and "wrong"! There is what's given by the flow in the moment, that which serves the greater collective good (which I believe is working toward the shift). Maybe I go to a restaurant that is less conscious, but in so doing, connect with someone which changes their lives, who then goes on to change other people's lives.

I live consciously. I consume the minimum. Yet my air-miles footprint is astronomic. But when I buy every single ticket, I tune in and ask, "is this given?" If the feeling synchronicity says, "yes", I do it, but I don't if not. And in fulfilling that task, it's never about the outcome, but much more about my own self-realisation in the process. It's that commitment I make to the shift. If I align myself with the movement itself, which will include flowing through the matrix, then I witness I have the maximum realigning affect.

So if it feels conscious and right - as in, with the flow - to work for customers who are gas guzzlers, then so be it. "Let he who is without 'sin' cast the first stone." It certainly won't be me projecting!

Thanks for your open hearted honesty.

Open Heart

Hi Treebrother,  

It feels like you are doing the best you can staying conscious of your lifestyle.  I know it is not easy but there is no one to blame here.  We are only responsible of what we are conscious of.  For me, It is a balancing act when it comes to consumption.  Does it serve for me to stand in the middle of the store, over analyzing whether i should buy that packaged golden tasty kiwi and being lost in the process?  What matters is awareness and action flows from it. It is a big one me and i am still working on it.  There is so much more to say on the subject. The bright side of it that it kicks of internal processes, tightness and even karma to work through!

Wishing you Well!


No matter which way the climate goes my actions on a day to day basis are going to be the same and evolving. In my business I serve industries that consume energy in large amounts. Two of my customers are using the equivalent energy of 10 households each!! At both it is a constant balancing act to see if I can reduce their consumption of electricity and still get the job done. Would it be better if they closed their doors? Someone else would just take their market share and do it less responsibly. Then was anything gained? We are ALL creating our part in this breaking down of the biosphere. I Just do not for one second believe that it is all humans to blame. The percent we are responsible is not clear. I drive a small car that gets 30 mpg for my business. Most other service people drive vans or trucks. We heat with waste wood from a sawmill that would get dumped into a pile and set on fire if no one bought it. Could I do better? I ask myself this quite often. The best is the enemy of the good too. Namaste brother Open.

Hi Margaret,

You said..

So you would agree then, that the climate theory as you’re relaying it here in articles and posts is your individual perspective based on your personal experience and make-up? It is a perfect framework for inquiry for your particular journey…

Yes...and No.

We're in a consensus reality, are we not? We're drawn together by common bonds and threads, common resonances. Yet each with their own particular story in this. From the beginning of my incarnation here in 2002, I've drawn attention to predominant deceptions and illusions of how people are caused to perceive the karmic construct. I should hasten to add though, I've never said... "this is how it is". You've attended plenty of Openhand courses and gatherings, in which you'll recognise I've presented a personal perspective, yes, but then invited people to inquire about their own truth within that framework. The work is very transformational - which I've witnessed in you too - because it tends to spike and resonate threads of truth about the nature of our reality that people can accurately feel as a reflection of their own truth - it touches at a soul level. This is what causes the breakdown of karma and the emergence of soul. If the perspective wasn't accurate in relating to reality at a collective level, it wouldn't have this kind of effect.

I believe one of the greatest deceptions going, is that of climate change. I witness it stems from the very intervention itself, which has been trying (but has essentially failed) to create a synthetic reality, contained by geo-engineering. And the greatest deception within that, is causing people to disempower themselves by creating confusion, denial, deferral and projection. We're caused to look outside and point the finger, rather than inside and taking personal responsibility. Because that's the only way (to my mind) real and lasting change can happen. I see a reflection that I don't like, whereupon I ask..... "why am I seeing that reflection? What does it invite in me?" Essentially..."why did I manifest it?"

A classic example is geo-engineering by the so called "elites". In the spiritual mainstream I so often hear it as the "cause for so much climate chaos". I agree, it is indeed causing a degree of climate confusion. But what about the 100 million barrels of oil the collective consumes daily in society? What about the 65 billion grazing creatures that are reared and slaughtered year on year? (which some now recgonise as the number 1 cause of CO2 emissions). What about our pandemic level of consumption? The destruction of 50% of the trees and 50% of the wildlife in the last 200 years alone?

People point the finger at the dangerous behaviours of the fracking companies, for example. But fracking wouldn't be economically viable if we didn't exploit electricity the way we do. So if fracking appears on your landscape today - then the reflection is asking what can you do to reduce your own personal consumption? Or if chemtrails appear, how can I reduce my own emissions? If the "elites" appear on my landscape, ask, "how am I giving my power away?"

What I'm also saying is that transformation is NOT about "saving our reality". The reality construct is a mirroring reflection for self-realisation. If you knew the world would end tomorrow, would you still plant that apple tree today? Some would say... "there's no point". The point is: does it represent an accurate reflection of you? If it does, then do it. This is the power the Intervention has been working so hard to remove by creating a collective ignorance, denial, deferral or projection - anything to prevent the inner exploration, the actualisation of soul, because that's when they lose their grip. If there's an ice age coming, then maybe we don't have to worry about global warming! There is no ice age. It's just another illusion (but don't take my word for it!).

I also want to say that, NO, I am not working on my own. Openhand is NOT a personal subjective perspective. It is my life, and my daily 'business', to be tuned into a Team of Consciousness that is committed to supporting the Shift - what I call "Openhand". It is a Team that is working with the various cosmic soul groups that have gathered together around the Earth through this Great Realignment. So it's a moment by moment personal commitment to that endeavour and those connections. They are as real to me, as anything phenomenal in a 3D sense. So what I work to do, is make myself open to guidance and synchronistic reflections that point towards a multidimensional landscape of which the Shift is a part, and climate change an element within that.

Do I have my own personal journey in that too? Yes, of course. Just as everyone does.

Open Praying Emoji


Dear Jennaya,

I like reading your posts here as I feel gentleness and depth in them (plus I know you as such person in real life). Life on a boat seems like an interesting experience bringing up consciousness around consumption and the livable space. Must be a strange contrast – the scarcity of the decks in comparison to the vastness of the ocean…. Do you fee them both? – the expansion of the surrounding water body and the contracting smallness of the cabins? I have never been on a boat!


Funny that you mention 6 months and how you began feeling something happening with the Earth. I have been feeling an increasing connection with the Earth over that very period of time. It is a good feeling, like we are compatible now.


The part of my post you quoted kind of flew from under my fingers and it strangely activated something in me too, especially the last sentence:


“So, who do you trust to deliver the truth about your reality? Do you feel assertions that are put out there in print with a nice photo are the truth? Do you trust the scientific body to deliver your truth? Who are the figures of authority whose truth you take on as your own? Where do you get disempowered? What is driving the very need for having your reality thoroughly explained? Can you hold some elements of your reality just as possibilities? These are such important questions because we usually grossly underestimate how much of our awareness is actually borrowed."


You had such interesting realizations around that and they made me ponder further. Especially around the terms we use sometimes without having deeper realization of what they mean. You mention the 5D shift and it’s a term we use here and in our conversations quite a bit. But what does it really truly mean to me? I just took this phrase off my language until I catch a deeper sense of it. So, thank you for sharing, Jennaya!


With love.




Hi Open,

I hope Aspasia is having a nice quiet time at the retreat :-)


You said:

But what is the truth? As you point out at the end, it's always a subjective perspective. And it becomes pointless then to say.... "this is the truth" or "that is not". Because everything in the phenomenal is relativistic in terms of the lens we each see through. So what is the point of exploring relativistic truth at all? I'd say because it creates a landscape through which we can self realise. And the more aligned the landscape is, the easier it becomes to feel the harmony of your soul through it. So we shift through continual iterations of rightness."


I like it how you said it. I’m with you on this.  So you would agree then, that the climate theory as you’re relaying it here in articles and posts is your individual perspective based on your personal experience and make-up? It is a perfect framework for inquiry for your particular journey…


… A long time ago a terrible mistake has been made and as a result of that many beings were led astray. It was a very difficult and complex situation and it resulted in lots of suffering. The Team that works with you (and possibly you too) feel responsible for what happened. To not over influence is so important, but not nearly as important as to trust the Benevolence to find her way through people’s hearts. The greatest empowerment you can give another is to trust them. Trust that others will find the right information at the right time and process exactly what they are ready to process. To over-influence could be to disclose something to which there is a resistance because then thee is a possibility of derailing others from their natural journey – this may be a shortcut too, and also one that may lead to complications.


I feel like saying this to you and and anybody who's reading: 

Once in a while there comes a time when we are called to access and express some very old experiences, feelings, somatic memories. They were longing for so long to come out from the shadowy realms of the unconscious. Now is that time. Grab a witness – may it be the starry sky, garden at dusk, or a stream. Allow your witness to be present as you are illuminating the darkness and welcoming the previously unseen or unwelcomed parts of you back into your heart. Open your body to sadness, perhaps even blame or self-abandonment and raw tender vulnerability. Whatever feelings arise, when allowed, will reveal a portal through which you can step back into yourself and be reminded yet again about the deep wisdom of a broken heart.


We all will be fine. We’ve been preparing for a long time, you know? Could you trust that? Would you trust us, Open?


With tons of love.




So we're still debating whether the climate is warming or cooling. Really?

I wonder which way the crops would vote in the climate change debate right now? They've been speaking to me a lot recently (yes really!) and saying just how parched they really are - they really are close to the point of no return. This is from the UK's Guardian...

Farmers across northern and central Europe are facing crop failure and bankruptcy as one of the most intense regional droughts in recent memory strengthens its grip.

States of emergency have been declared in Latvia and Lithuania, while the sun continues to bake Swedish fields that have received only 12% of their normal rainfall.

The abnormally hot temperatures – which have topped 30C in the Arctic Circle – are in line with climate change trends, according to the World Meteorological Organization. And as about 50 wildfires rage across Sweden, no respite from the heatwave is yet in sight.

Lennart Nilsson, a 55-year-old cattle farmer from Falkenberg near Malmo and co-chair of the Swedish Farmers Association, said it was the worst drought he had experienced.

“This is really serious,” he said. “Most of south-west Sweden hasn’t had rain since the first days of May. A very early harvest has started but yields seem to be the lowest for 25 years – 50% lower, or more in some cases – and it is causing severe losses.”



I've been following this guy's feed for quite a while - Paul Beckwith from the University of Ottawa. He seems to me very down to earth, very 'sobre' and genuine. He quotes many respected scientific sources. Although I don't personally agree with the concept of 'geo-engineering' to turn things back, which is being increasingly suggested. Nevertheless, here's (what I find to be) an insightful current view on the risk of trajectory into "hothouse Earth" and where he believes things currently stand. It's well worth a view...


Hi Eddie,

I have a lot of respect for Suspicious Observers, and believe they do a lot of great impartial observation, so I embedded the video for you.

That said, when you asked "what do you think?", I had to chuckle! I 'think' there are so many differing viewpoints, so much variant information, lots of conflicting perspectives, that if we only came from the mind with what is really going on, we'd be highly unlikely to come up with an accurate picture. Plus it's a very complex situation. For example Suspicious Observers argue at times in favour of increased snow and ice, with flat warming temperatures. I've embedded one screen grab from the video below, which they use to demo ice and snow records toppling in the USA. But the question is why? On the same shot, you see the simultaneous warming in California. It's clear to me (at least) this is due to the slowing of the jetstream caused by the melting of the arctic. The jetstream used to create a barrier between cold latitudes and warm ones, so the cold weather is penetrating further deep down southwards and the hotter weather heading into the arctic...


I believe there's one thing we can all agree on when considering climate change - it is changing rapidly. If I ask the Universe the question "what's the greatest cause of this?" It's clear human activity is a major factor - not the only one though. As Suspicious Observers point out, the whole solar system is changing - to me, it's all changing in accordance with the Shift.

What I would say, is that the invitation is for each to inquire and feel the truth for themselves - to look at what's going on around them, what does Gaia reflect and say?

And then most importantly, what how does that invite me to change my behaviour?

Always great to hear from you - Blessings

Open Praying Emoji


I came across this study, which seems to have scientific credibility, that essentially demonstrates (amongst other aspects) the interconnectivity of various climate change tipping points when we get above 2 Centigrade above the industrial base (of the Paris Climate Agreement), and therefore implies (accurately to my mind) the severity of change of climate that can quickly kick off, taking us into "Hothouse Earth". Whether you agree or not, these kinds of viewpoints are now more frequently making the mainstream from respected scientists.

As I've said previously, personally my view comes more from feeling through the field and watching the synchronistic interplay, supported by the spiking resonance of higher dimensional consciousness. I think it's important to explore the possible impacts that we're facing, so as to normalise in the situation we face. The severity of the possibilities are to me so striking, as to make it irresponsible NOT to share for an honest and genuine inquiry. If fear or reaction kicks off, then it's a golden opportunity to explore through.

Yes. I am grateful for a gentler timeline here in relative sense.  Gaia is such an inspiration for me, being able to hold this gentler timeline in face of all the interference and moving pieces. It is just beyond the intellectual level to comprehend it. 

I am feeling fine with the Shift looking at it as a blessing and challenge at the same time.  Of course, I don't know how I will feel when things will start to heat up but will deal with it when I get there.  The challenge ahead will require a great deal of balance between catalytic and empathic qualities depending on the situation.  Even OH community is not homogeneous which is great in activating spiritual identities as I felt myself number of times.  And I am grateful for that as well to Openhand community is this website!



Hi Margaret - Aspasia can't respond because she's on silent retreat for a week. So I thought I would reply.

You say... "Be alarmed but tell the True story" - indeed.

But what is the truth? As you point out at the end, it's always a subjective perspective. And it becomes pointless then to say.... "this is the truth" or "that is not". Because everything in the phenomenal is relativistic in terms of the lens we each see through.

So what is the point of exploring relativistic truth at all?

I'd say because it creates a landscape through which we can self realise. And the more aligned the landscape is, the easier it becomes to feel the harmony of your soul through it. So we shift through continual iterations of rightness. Knowing you as I do, I'm sure you'd agree at least in part with this.

Turning to the article, I have read both it, and watched the youtube video created about it (  and also how Scientists explain what New York Magazinearticle on “The Uninhabitable Earth” gets wrong. Personally I found his viewpoint very balanced and sober, not alarmist at all, in terms of confronting what I'm witnessing. Wherever I go for example (in near constantly travelling around the world), I witness the phenomenal acceleration of climate change in just a decade - like the hockey stick going vertical.

With regards to the scientific evidence, of course there are countless vested interests. Many scientists are paid to present 'the accepted view', to attack the non-accepted one, and have their funding revoked should they dare challenge the 'norm'. And the system seems bent on maintaining 'business as usual' (for which the evidence is everywhere!). One may consider this article alarmist, for me, in terms of the scientific data alone, I found it way too conservative in terms of the timescales it talks of. Much of what it described I personally see happening well before the turn of the century. I witness the acceleration of tipping point feedback loops going off the scale. To me, in terms of factual evidence, all we really need do is point to the lack of arctic summer ice and the impact that's clearly having on the jetstream, which is causing biblical weather patterns all across the northern hemisphere - which can only escalate. 

That said, personally, because the factual evidence is so conflicting, with so many vested interests, I tend not to rely on it hardly at all. For me, the plane of the intellect is only applied to create synchronistic feedback in terms of connecting with heart and higher mind. My number 1 source is Gaia herself. I witness what is going on around me, I feel deep into the field, ask, and then watch the synchronicity. In that, for me, the 'debate' has long since ended.

It's clear to me, we're looking at a rapid acceleration in the breakdown of the biosphere, which will lead to Uninhabitable Earth in just a few decades. And my greatest concern about saying that, is not that is might be an exaggeration, but that it is too conservative. In the PARADIGM SHIFT film I said I felt that we had just a "few decades" of viable 3D living left. What I didn't say, was that I also have the strong conviction that there are many alive today, who due to the effects of abrupt, radical climate change that is now unfolding, will not make it through another decade. The way things are going, I see that window closing day by day. These feelings are strongly reflected constantly by the Higher Dimensional Openhand Team working here with the Shift. I don't have scientific proof for this, it's more the conviction of the knowing of the flow as I perceive it, supported by 'spiking' synchronistic reflections by the Team, who've always helped make sense for me of what's going on. Besides, what scientific data could accurately predict the mechanism or speed by which an organism as complex as Gaia transforms?

My final, and main point though is, that what matters most, is our own personal journey of self-inquiry through what is taking place. Many reputable and balanced people are quoting these sorts of scenarios as being possible, and everywhere people are reporting the effects of 'biblical weather' patterns. Therefore "Uninhabitable Earth" is most definitely in our landscape of consideration and exploration - it's even seeping into the mainstream. I believe it would be alarming NOT to consider the worst possible case scenario of this. Because the essential thing is that we're able to normalise with what's taking place.

With this in mind, I ask all.... "What does it activate in you?" "What does it fire off?

And if we find our commentary at times becoming barded, or a degree projectional, then we certainly know it's fired off something within ourselves. To me that is the greatest challenge, and opportunity, of abrupt climate change. The possibilities facing us, are naturally so inflammatory and extreme, that they cut straight to our very existential beliefs, veils and karma. In that way, beyond the detail of what actually is happening, an enormous opportunity exists for each to realise themselves through they own evaluation of their truth.

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Hey Aspasia,

It took me a while to reply as I was traveling from the beautiful Hawaii back to the continent :-)

I’ll try to be brief.


So, here we are, the truth-seekers, driven to let go of illusions, working to reclaim and integrate parts of our soul, and seek the true expression of ourselves. Sometimes, mistakenly, we compromise the pursuit of that truth by allowing energies in, such as manipulation. That’s ok. It happens once in a while. However, when we repeatedly (and consciously) do so we give consent to more deception to undermine our integrity, which may eventually result in dulling one’s discernment. A heavy price to pay, in my opinion.


The article presented here to hundreds of visitors as “groundbreaking”, “informative” and “illustrating the inevitable” is definitely one of the deceptive materials posing as truth and evoking strong emotional reactions. These materials usually create trauma (they connect to preexisting apocalypse programming), distraction, energy drain, waste of time by getting people to go down a rabbit hole. They take you out of the present moment and make chunks of your energy unavailable to you in the NOW. They also spread like a wildfire! Hahaha!


How to recognize such materials? Each of us has our own ways of discerning. I usually ask myself these questions:

  • Do I feel the intention behind what’s written?
  • Are there any NLP manipulative tactics employed in the transmission?
  • Is the information trying to impose a belief system by using emotional hooks? What is it doing to my energy?
  • Can I fact check the contents?
  • Is it important for me to get to the bottom of this (is there sufficient evidence to determine whether the assertion is T or F? is it worth it? and do I even need to determine its truthfulness)?

The “Uninhabitable Earth” article is such a wonderful classic example of misinformation (as I mentioned in my previous post). It raised tons of red flags for me just based on how the information was presented. I felt no need to fact check it because:

1) The climate sciences are full of contradicting theories (global warming vs. ice age, etc.) and with multitude variables there is simply no way to foretell the future.

2) The sensational tone in which the “facts” were presented eradicated the trust that I initially had because of the OH recommendation.

For those who still trust science: I found that the article had been reviewed by a panel of 17 scientists to validate its scientific accuracy. It was given a rating of minus 0.7 (scale 2 to -2) – falling under the category of low scientific credibility. To wit:


“The reviewers found that some statements in this complex article do misrepresent research on the topic, and some others lack the necessary context to be clearly understood by the reader. Many other explanations in the article are correct, but readers are likely left with an overall conclusion that is exaggerated compared to our best scientific understanding.”

Detailed analysis can be found here:…


Why am I “harping” on it? It is not about this particular piece of writing, it’s just one of many. It is to point out how we outsource our authority and get disempowered by allowing unexamined claims to become our stories. That is something worth pondering. What do I believe about this reality? Where do these beliefs come from? How do I know they’re true? Once that loosens up, there is more space for the new awareness to come in.


Aspasia, you say that we should be alarmed and tell the story. Absolutely, yes! But let us tell the true story. The truth can stand alone and doesn't require colourful fiction to be convincing. Perhaps in the future we could also discuss issues such as human trafficking, contemporary slavery, global genocide, 5G and other harmful technologies, etc. Climate is just one of many important topics, but surely most vague because of its divinational nature and the tremendous/contradicting body of work.    


You also wrote:

“Also, relying on ones own subjective experience can be very misleading, often ungrounded and lost into conspiracy theories.”


Isn’t the subjective experience ALL there really is?





Maybe we need to expand our understanding of the word "narrative" (that we tell ourselves) Margaret?

Imagine I'm living in a house where the roof is starting to leak, a storm is coming, the foundations are beginning to slip and the electricity circuit is starting to fuse. Oh, and there's an earthquake predicted, based on a chain of events that are gathering. This, we might consider a "narrative" - no?

But nevertheless, it would be highly advisable to explore within the context of that reality framework what my conscious actions might be.

Maybe I decide (consciously) to risk it and stay in the house.

Or maybe I decide (consciously) it serves no point to stay and I leave.

In one possible reality, I do leave, the storm hits, and the house collapses.

So maybe we need to distinguish the nature of "narrative". If the narrative is full of fear and negativity that we then project out into the world, maybe this is more a drama, which we would be best to avoid. But if it is a "framework for inquiry", based on clear, non-loaded observations, then perhaps that is of value. Of course only the reader can decide.


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I understand that certain stories about Climate Change - or in general stories and narratives of any kind - may instigate fear and other emotions but calling them false in this case, I don think so. Also, relying on ones own subjective experience can be very misleading, often ungrounded and lost into conspiracy theories.

I find the author's response to similar accusations of being alarmist made from readers 'to the point'. All readers came forth using a particular story they believed in. We are story telling and creating creatures, nobody is exempt from this. I agree, lets look at the stories we all tell ourselves, then see them through, feel them through, so as more freedom to arise.…

the response since has been extraordinary — both in volume (it is already the most-read article in New York Magazine’s history) and in kind. Within hours, the article spawned a fleet of commentary across newspapers, magazines, blogs, and Twitter, much of which came from climate scientists and the journalists who cover them.

Some of this conversation has been about the factual basis for various claims that appear in the article. To address those questions, and to give all readers more context for how the article was reported and what further reading is available, we are publishing here a version of the article filled with research annotations. They include quotations from scientists I spoke with throughout the reporting process; citations to scientific papers, articles, and books I drew from; additional research provided by my colleague Julia Mead; and context surrounding some of the more contested claims. Since the article was published, we have made four corrections and adjustments, which are noted in the annotations (as well as at the end of the original version). They are all minor, and none affects the central project of the story: to apply the best science we have today to the median and high-end “business-as-usual” warming projections produced by the U.N.’s “gold standard” Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

But the debate this article has kicked up is less about specific facts than the article’s overarching conceit. Is it helpful, or journalistically ethical, to explore the worst-case scenarios of climate change, however unlikely they are? How much should a writer contextualize scary possibilities with information about how probable those outcomes are, however speculative those probabilities may be? What are the risks of terrifying or depressing readers so much they disengage from the issue, and what should a journalist make of those risks?

I hope, in the annotations and commentary below, I have added some context. But I also believe very firmly in the set of propositions that animated the project from the start: that the public does not appreciate the scale of climate risk; that this is in part because we have not spent enough time contemplating the scarier half of the distribution curve of possibilities, especially its brutal long tail, or the risks beyond sea-level rise; that there is journalistic and public-interest value in spreading the news from the scientific community, no matter how unnerving it may be; and that, when it comes to the challenge of climate change, public complacency is a far, far bigger problem than widespread fatalism — that many, many more people are not scared enough than are already “too scared.” In fact, I don’t even understand what “too scared” would mean. The science says climate change threatens nearly every aspect of human life on this planet, and that inaction will hasten the problems. In that context, I don’t think it’s a slur to call an article, or its writer, alarmist. I’ll accept that characterization. We should be alarmed.


Wise Love


I read the quoted here "Uninhabitable Earth" article in NY Mag and it made me think about the narratives we're taking on. Also, an interesting topic has been brought up here, namely: what stories are we telling ourselves? Where are all these stories coming from?

There is a multitude of false narratives constantly broadcasted (some with intervals for a better “believability” effect, so they feel like they’re hidden from the public). The large body of those messages seem to be creating a certain cohesive reality as well as compliance in people. The tactics employed to entrench some of those narratives are similar to bio-warfare as they create chaos and trauma in people’s nervous systems (please do not take me at my word, feel it yourself, if you wish). These stories entrench themselves, form belief systems that are then propagated by individuals. So, who do you trust to deliver the truth about your reality? Do you feel assertions that are put out there in print with a nice photo are the truth? Do you trust the scientific body to deliver your truth? Who are the figures of authority whose truth you take on as your own? Where do you get disempowered? What is driving the very need for having your reality thoroughly explained? Can you hold some elements of your reality just as possibilities? These are such important questions because we usually grossly underestimate how much of our awareness is actually borrowed.


The name of the game is consciousness, so it is of importance what we are perpetuating with your attention and what are we inciting in others. Is it conscious? Do you feel the necessity of convincing others of your truth? Why? What belief systems are you emotionally invested into? It is an awesome exploration that may shed light at the wounds or blind spots we all are carrying.


Getting back to the mind control topic: The article quoted here earlier is to me a great example of mind control in action (in fact, it is a really awesome example because it attempts to incite fear around the 3 main pillars of apocalypse programming, such as fear of war, cataclysm and plague). It is an old program (I call it a program because it acts like a software in your nervous system) mainly perpetuated by religions and cults over millennia. As you take a closer look, this particular article attempts to engage the limbic system, it has a certain rhythm that induces a semi-hypnotic state, it’s riddled with slippery slope fallacies, lacks broader context, contains exaggerations of factors (the bit on Syrian war) that lead the reader to the inevitable conclusion that is presented over and over and over again (by repetition your brain gets to internalize a message bypassing the prefrontal cortex). That’s your alarmist programming in a pure form. Further, it breathlessly goes over dramatic arguments without the smallest break to think. That’s because you are not supposed to think! It’s not meant to explain anything, it just puts it out to you in the most digestible form – via the limbic system language of fight-or-flight.


So, what happens when you take on this kind of belief system, you meditate on it, you tell your friends? You embody it. I’m not advocating denial or the “stay positive” stance. But if you fear a cataclysm, why not going straight to the fear of death without taking on the whole belief system? We are on an individual journey, which to me is more of a destructive process. There is often a temptation to replace one belief system with another, more woke one, so you may feel like progressing, but in fact this may be just another iteration of the same, safe, false reality (been there, done that). But, hey, there is wisdom and a potential lesson in that too and who is to say you shouldn’t have that experience! 




Yesterday I was sitting on the  beach at Lake Balaton and was visited by a family of swans. They were clearly communicating a lot of messages to me, but you just provided further possible explanations as to what the appearance of these animal spirits was all about, Open. I am grateful for this/awesome synchronicity! :)/ 

«But even this isn't the end of the story - it's really just the beginning. There's then the continual exploration and expression of this (enlightened) state - the embodiment of it through life's myriad of experiences. And really, there is nothing else going on. If you contemplate deeply the Universe and where it emerged from, you realise this is simply what the Universe itself is naturally doing. You realise that everything prior to this state was simply illusion, and this is where life takes off (at least, what I can say, is that this is what happened for me way back down the path).»

I am totally with you Open `till here.


Before when I felt I had a role in society now all that is transparent/ impermeable.

 Before I felt like one fysical me and one spirit me devided in a crazy game

After Vipassana in 2011 the concionuss process began for me. 

I think I understand when you describe the 50/50 attention/awareness. 

To me it seems more like the awareness expands, in every way.

When in the beginning I felt I had to observe in, and out, NOW feel like entangeled with everything (time, body, energy) where everything gets more intensive. Nothing goes in loops any more and all new experienses are new.

Sometimes when it expands fast I tend to get migraine or fever so that my body takes rest to keep up. 

The energy that comes with conciosness is something I am currently working with. I am amazed of the power that comes with a wake concious awarness and I have alot to learn from this expanding reality I live in.

A man in India told me with no words that I do not have to understand everything. It helps me to stay awake 🙏❤️

Edit to add 

Nature provides 🙏

If I am where I am supposed to be, I feel all flows through me. It is like a stream of constant flow where the communication lies in vibration on different frequenses. 

I feel humans and nature on these frequenses like a spider on its web. This is why I wont live in the city any more. 

The flow confirms and informs. 

If my body is not clean and lean the flow gets tangeled up. Same with ego-thoughts that cuts the flow.

Within the flow is everything. Within us 🙏❤️



Glad it helped Marije,

This sense of the Enlightened experience is indeed a tremendous paradox. It's being and not being simultaneously. Absolute truth (presence) and relativistic truth (a perspective) must exist simultaneously. It feels like a flow of nothingness through life.

The question is, how to attain and be in this state?

Firstly (another paradox), it is not to be attained - you can't attain it, because the very efforting to do that takes you away from it. It happens naturally as we confront what stands between us an this state, which in itself, is entirely natural and authentic - like falling off a log. Most people are efforting to be something they are not, including a spiritual identity (which they might equate to something 'they should be' - like the Buddha or Jesus for example), or else resisting what is presenting in the moment. Either the identification, or the resistance (which is often subconscious), keeps you out of that state of natural Enlightenment. That's why I'm constantly talking about the progressive confrontation of the moment and continual surrender into what is.

On the path, you'll find you come into moments of intense lucidity. It's like the bubble of reality explodes within you. Suddenly there's an intimate penetration through it, with crystal clear clarity of awareness, as if no one is here. Crucially there's no trying to be, or do, anything. In this place, the whole world could fall apart and it wouldn't matter, because you see the ridiculous illusion of it all.

In the beginning though, this state will not likely remain long. Because soul then emerges from it and goes right back into other circumstances where soul identifies, which creates polarity and then pops you right back out again. It becomes frustrating, because it's only after a while that you realise you've slipped out of it. Then there's another surrender, another explosion of the bubble, and you find yourself laughing at yourself or kicking yourself in the ass for being so bloody stupid (as to identify).

So the next phase on the journey of Enlightenment is then a popping in and out, over time. But the times when you're truly in presence - the non identified state - start to lengthen and join up, until one magical day, when it becomes like a continual line: presence is constantly there, and no matter what is going on, you are always touching it. Or rather it is penetrating through you. You - ceases at this point, or at least what you through was You.

But even this isn't the end of the story - it's really just the beginning. There's then the continual exploration and expression of this (enlightened) state - the embodiment of it through life's myriad of experiences. And really, there is nothing else going on. If you contemplate deeply the Universe and where it emerged from, you realise this is simply what the Universe itself is naturally doing. You realise that everything prior to this state was simply illusion, and this is where life takes off (at least, what I can say, is that this is what happened for me way back down the path).

What I'm personally working on at the moment, is building a phenomenal relativistic reflection of presence as a deeply grounded experience in my psyche. So for example I've just spent two days on Dartmoor wild camping - at the rocks where we shot PARADIGM SHIFT. I was simply contemplating the stones for two days - their grace, longevity and resilience - their immovability even in the face of the matrix (holiday makers buzzing around!). I was able to touch those qualities as an experience around the Void of Presence within myself. They helped me attune the experience.

To stay in that place (which is what my soul is naturally yearning for), I've found requires a 50:50 split focus - which I think would help anyone reading also to touch the state of enlightened grace through life and stay there: 50% of one's active awareness is always turned inwards and attuned to the rock steady sense of resilience, longevity and grace (of the rocks), whilst the other 50% is looking outwards and attuning the soul to life's general circumstances - what naturally presents in the flow. Meanwhile, through all of it, is the inviolable sense of nothingness - the empty presence. Just to reiterate, my reflection to you is that this is entirely natural, so what I'\m really encouraging is an acceleration into what naturally wants to happen.

I had a lovely synchronicity of that this morning whilst down at the local river bank. I've been getting a lot of Swan energy recently (an invitation to come into grace), and watched this particular swan swimming very majestically. I'd heard from someone that: "Swans are graceful on the surface whilst flapping underneath". But that's not what I saw at all. This swan was both graceful on the top, but also with smooth and powerful strokes under the surface. But the best synchronicity of all, was that it was swimming only with one leg - the other was neatly resting on top of its body, out of the water: 50% inwards and 50% outwards!

Don't you just love nature - the answers are all there.

Open Praying Emoji 


Hi Alex (and all reading this PARADIGM SHIFT thread),

In the Openhand philosophy, the spirit light body is connected through the crown chakra, and support movement inter dimensionally - to shift your centre of focus into different dimensions and realms of existence. I’ve explained how that works in this article….. the Seven Bodily Vehicles of Expression.

Essentially, you have to process through lower density to unleash enough consciousness to infuse this higher vibrational vehicle. When active, it feels like an incredible sense of lightness and interconnectivity. You start to live in the deeper meaning and metaphor, connected intimately with the natural flow, where all makes sense. You’re experiencing streaming synchronicity and understanding the purpose of the engagements that you then manifest - you still have to work through one’s lessons, but it becomes quickly obvious what the lessons are about.

When you embody it, the feelings begins as the activation of a bubble of lightness above the crown, which you then breathe down into, and around, the physical body. This part feels, to me, a little like working to push an air filled balloon under water (within yourself).

The spirit light body is easily confused both with the Higher Self, and a 4D bubble that is disassociated from the lower densities. How to tell the difference?

- connection to the higher self tends to come first, after awakening and committing to the spiritual path - as a moment by moment conscious choice. It will often appear externally metaphored through signs and synchronicity or through dreams, or through power animals. It’s working to connect lower and higher self, and as this process integrates, you’ll be bouncing in and out of lightness, and frequently into density

- there’s quite a tendency in spiritual mainstream to want to disassociate from the lower densities to get out of the challenges and difficulty. This is often done through some form of pranic breathing that brings you up into the 4D. Being in such a 4D bubble can feel like the spirit light body, but there are crucial differences. Firstly the flow tends to be much slower, where signs and synchronicity are more spasmodic rather than streaming. There’s an ungroundedness with it and a kind of aloofness. A disconnect. You often witness it in people through a lack of awareness through the eyes for example - as if they’re not fully here.

Activating the spirit light body, and living in it, is advanced spirituality. There is a fair old journey to activate it - passing through the 5GATEWAYS. It’s associated with passing through the 5th Gateway as we’ve outlined in the 5GATEWAYS documentary.

In loving support

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Hey all!


The explanation Aspasia gave in the video of the hooking in has been of tremendous help to me as well as your talking about the channeling aspect of knowledge exchange Open.


I can definitely say I've had a lot of experiences in this life, but just knowing and or finding clues as to what is happening is so helpful its not funny.


I try not to shut down, or shut out the world at large when I don't understand sometimes things that happen. Yet if I did not do this, I'm not sure the answers would come to me and apparently I forgot to bring my manual of all things spiritual when I was born, so those moments of oh God I'm a deer caught in the headlights please send help tend to make me want to just run not walk in fifty different directions until I find the answer that at the very least feels sufficient for me!


I've had a few terrifying spiritual happenstances over the years and as much as I hate to put on my what is this, have you not met me face on, it just seems to have to be done in order for me to at the very least understand the why's hows who's and whatnot's of life.


Sometimes I feel like God and the universe were having a heck of a joke when the dream came to me to find this site. Seems most of you are very enlightened and here I am still getting nauseous on the swingsets of life and running amok in a field of flowers or turning left instead of right when I see the incoming people signs! But, trudging ahead I go with all my vast plethora of moments at hand and I wholeheartedly agree. The end is definitely nigh. Even I don't want to or cant be deluded by this fact.


So thank you, thank you all so much for the information and knowledge given here! Oh and that song is definitely a good one!



One of the key issues I felt to communicate in the PARADIGM SHIFT documentary, is how an irreversible event line is now unfolding in terms of the breakdown of our biosphere. This is really important to hoist on board, to normalise and equalise in the new environment of profound change, driven by abrupt climate change.

As I said in the movie, the Arctic is now practically without summer ice. It's likely that in the next few years, we will see no sea ice on the summer. This is absolutely phenomenal, and will impact the weather systems across the globe in very severe ways. Firstly it changes the movement of the jetstreams which will cause unpredictable storms, floods, droughts and wild fires (see the video below). Secondly, as the ice melts, rather than being a reflector of the suns warming rays, it now actually absorbs them - thus accelerating the heating effect. That's not to mention the heating up of Greenland, and the permafrost methane which is many times more warming than CO2. This will also progressively increase the amount of water vapour in the air, which is also a strong global warming 'blanket'.

It's essential we pay attention to this things going on around us, so that we may prepare mentally, emotionally, physically and karmically for what transpires. It means that you become completely accepting of the situation and so can unleash soul through it - we make more aligned soul choices, and therefore become increasingly aligned with the flow into the Higher Paradigm.

Here's the video for your inquiry...

In loving support

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The Uninhabitable Earth

Famine, economic collapse, a sun that cooks us: What climate change could wreak — sooner than you think.


A groundbreaking article, which reports on interviews with well known environmental scientists was published in the New York mag online (9th of July) titled: 'The Uninhabitable Earth' illustrates the inevitable, interrelated destructive climate change phenomena taking place right now and in the very very near future - very accessible and very informative.…

Some of the phenomena described include 'Climate Plagues' (viruses which are locked into the Arctic ice being released) and 'Perpetual Wars' (which is already happening and will escalate enormously).

This I found very interesting from the article to reflect on:


“Consider, for example, the stories that congeal around questions like, ‘Where were you when the Berlin Wall fell?’ or ‘Where were you on 9/11?’ ” he writes. “Will it ever be possible to ask, in the same vein, ‘Where were you at 400 ppm?’ or ‘Where were you when the Larsen B ice shelf broke up?’ ” His answer: Probably not, because the dilemmas and dramas of climate change are simply incompatible with the kinds of stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, especially in novels, which tend to emphasize the journey of an individual conscience rather than the poisonous miasma of social fate.

Surely this blindness will not last — the world we are about to inhabit will not permit it. In a six-degree-warmer world, the Earth’s ecosystem will boil with so many natural disasters that we will just start calling them “weather”: a constant swarm of out-of-control typhoons and tornadoes and floods and droughts, the planet assaulted regularly with climate events that not so long ago destroyed whole civilizations.


Indeed, what are the stories we tell - novels in and about our personal lives! And how does the destruction of life as we know it informs these narratives, if not at all?

And this is even more interesting:

And yet, improbably, Ward is an optimist. So are Broecker and Hansen and many of the other scientists I spoke to. We have not developed much of a religion of meaning around climate change that might comfort us, or give us purpose, in the face of possible annihilation. But climate scientists have a strange kind of faith: We will find a way to forestall radical warming, they say, because we must.

And from another article on overpopulation, which is a related issue to Climate change:


Fenner told The Australian newspaper that 'homo sapiens will become extinct, perhaps within 100 years.'

'A lot of other animals will, too,' he added.

'It's an irreversible situation. I think it's too late. I try not to express that because people are trying to do something, but they keep putting it off.'


These conversations now become more and more important; the shift of story, the changing of narrative, the turning of the wheel.

I have been in deep reflection for a few weeks now, whilst I have been very busy with my work and re-discovering a sense of orientation of beingness amidst life as its happening and the stories I tell. Im soon off for a silent retreat, camping, and then again off to more wild camping in the arms of Nature.

I trust you are all in your flow xx











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Hi Aspasia, 

Very informative article. It is sad that that the worlds media and governments hind this info from the masses. Knowing it is happening at a rapid pace. I have found a peace in the chaos with all that is going on. Enjoy your silent retreat and your Never Ending Story . What a great story.

Much Love


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Thank you Charlie, yes, Im with you, its essential to discover a sense of peace in the chaos, so as right action and response to emerge that can deeply support everyone in the transition/s. :)

Well said, a Never Ending Story of change, impermanence and deep stability :)

Sending love for your own unfolding of story <3



Well done Open & Aspasia & everyone who contributed to that movie . Its not easy to explain how all those intricate aspects of the Intervention works + how to work with them  - so i take my hat off to the Whole Team to have managed to put it all together . On my own level , i can see , sense , feel how it impacts people , every day , everywhere & how it tries to bring me to an old version of myself .  I rarely meet anyone who feels less impacted . It has subtly invited me to take distance with former friends & Family members since last year - it was necessary to clear many energetic boundaries with accurate awareness . Today , a woman that i sometimes  cross ( she works for a social organisation nearby ) told me openly that most people she is dealing with  every week  btend to be more neglecting than before on a behavior level - which i immediately acknowledged openly . She is the only radiant being i crossed today among many i crossed .She must know a way to stay aligned with her Soul without living the impact as much as others , thats clear .  Often , i ask myself , why is it that so many out there look / feel to be so unhappy / ungrateful / stressed up / impatient / in a hurry / in a lack of overall awareness ?  while " Having " so much materialistically and not living in a country or a region where catastrophic events take place right now . Well , the rootcauses are so well described in the Paradigm Shift movie & how to work with that ( On top of karma / personal subconscious baggages ) . I have regularly offered to people to work with their issues ( painting clients often talk about their lives to me + some of their issues ) but many dont want or resit some Support to help them out ...well , what i sense is that Opposing consciousness infuse subtly more resistance energy for them to hook on a bit longer . Not an issue for me as i am very flexible & understanding of those complexe energetic dynamics . 

I took time to watch it - by parts until now and will watch the last part when it feels right this week . 

Sending loads of support & gratitude for having learned so much about this very delicate subject of our invisible reality & True History . It provided me and for many Openhanders across the planet the clear evidences & proofs that something Huge is going on for a long time . Even in very sacred places that i was drown to (South India , South West of Usa , Uk , France ) i came to understand that the Intervention has constantly been disrupting their energetic fields . That said , i have also always been connected as well to a Higher Benevolent Team of beings working at unraveling that intervention & showing me how it works to drop all judgments of why , how much , how painful , how crazy it is . 

Much soft love , Jean Bluehopi

Rebecca I see your point - I sense what you're saying is that knowing needs no proof? But maybe we need to expand our understanding of 'evidence' and why people might look for it. Because to me, I see truth at the heart of all distortion.

To us at Openhand, to be truly enlightened - and therefore beyond ego - self awareness must come unhindered through all aspects of bodily consciousness, including the mind - which is of course a tremendous tool in this reality.

I'm sure you'll agree we live in a relativistic reality. But what does that mean in terms of "the truth"? To me, it means everything manifest is relative, meaning I only know 'up' in relation to 'down', I only know 'hot' in relation to 'cold', 'love' in relation to what love is not. What is the consequence of this (relativistic) truth?

It means that it becomes impossible to experience absolute truth through a relativistic experience. We are only ever seeing a perspective on relativistic reality, including when you feel it through the heart space, for example - there is no absolute truth to your exprience. It is only ever a perspective.

So you might feel something - the light that shines from a master like Jesus for example, or the Buddha etc etc. But even this is only relativistic - a perception that you have in relation to something else. We could call it 'evidence' of an experience - but not saying this is definitely what it is - because that would be to postulate an absolute statement, and absolute cannot be experienced, because that's where everything merges back into the one. Hence in the condition of the absolute, there is no 'this' or 'that', therefore no experience at all.

What might 'evidence' mean in this case where there is no absolute phenomenal experience?

What I put to you is that what we're really perceiving is a relativistic, multidimensional, landscape, that the soul may navigate through so as to find greater alignment. To me, this is totally in accord with the natural workings of the Universe, which seems to be resolving itself through all situations to find ever greater harmony - quantum science would call it an increase in order (neg entropy).

So, the soul also works to find alignment through the vehicle of the mind too. Which again, I would say, is totally authentic and natural in this 3D environment.

Therefore it seems totally natural to me that people would want to find mind based perceptions that click into place with their landscape - 'evidence' - so that the soul can work towards greater alignment through a constantly reshaping inner landscape.

I find for example, synchronicity when observed only as a feeling, often leads people astray in this realm when not also 'triangulated' against what is perecived through the mind. It makes people a degree aloof sometimes and ungrounded.


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except for the Ego.

It is like you say Open. It is through self awarness one can find the thruth. The only thruth 🙏❤️


One of the key things I felt compelled to get across within the new Openhand PARADIGM SHIFT movie (scroll to the top), was just how much Extra Terrestrial consciousness has affected the natural balance of life here on Earth. As I pointed out in the film, there's an abundance of evidence for this. Predominantly: (1) in the sophistication of the various megalyths around the world, that could only have been developed from advanced technology (2) within our genetics and especially the chromosomes (3) past life regression therapy, where people are recalling what went on.

But of course people will still be skeptical. Often this is because they can't see or sense any intervention going on. And this is because the Opposing Consciousness has embedded itself within the various streams of consciousness that we might experience. So you have thoughts and feelings which have been condensed into limited streams of experience that you naturally think are your own. These streams of consciousness condition and program people to accepting the 'normal' way of life in the matrix. And because billions of people are living that way, they don't really stop to question too much. Even when people know there is some kind of conspiracy going, they still don't look inside of themselves for how it's impacting them.

It's only when you explore deeply your internal motivations and impulses for action, that you start to 'see' (more accurately perceive) the intervention. You start to notice two different streams of impulse/motivation: (1) that which feeds the ego, addicts to the matrix, contracts and limits (2) that which sets you free by letting go of fear, control and attachment.

I wrote a deeper article on the subject here, which you might like to explore...


How Interdimensional Entities influence Daily Life

In loving support

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Hi Everyone - thanks for the continued lovely feedback for PARADIGM SHIFT that I'm getting, both here and privately The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

I felt to touch on some of the key aspects of the film - some of the main messages. Firstly to say, the messages that are shared, are based on a thoroughly exploration of our interdimensional reality that I've made very diligently over the years that I've been incarnated here. I am what you might call a "walk-in", a "soul-exchange". I don't take any pride or pleasure in that, it just happened as a natural pull of the soul and a scared agreement with the previous soul following a life threatening car crash back in 2002. 

At first, it was pretty confusing being here, being thrown suddenly into the density of this reality, and being partially lost in the ideas, thoughts and feelings of someone else that were not my own. But one thing was abundantly clear from the outset - I came here to share a perspective on what's truly going on with the shift.

When I incarnated, I came in with detailed and powerful visions of the shift that has now begun - the great cleansing of the old reality, an unwinding of the karmic construct and the emergence of the New Paradigm in the higher densities. These visions were not so much prophecy, as the higher dimensional witnessing of "future-landing-now". 

I work with a higher dimensional team of evolved beings which some call "Ascended Masters". Although I hasten to add, it's not a terms which sits well with them - for there is always something to be mastered. Therefore "Eternal Students" is far more appropriate - it takes a high level of mastery to realise you're an eternal student! I simply call the group "Openhand".

The messages shared in the film are not so much channellings, but rather the activation of "Knowing exchange". The Team draw my attention to situations and through signs and synchronicity ask... "what do you feel about that?" Through intense and concentrated awareness, deep realisations flow.

It has come to the stage, where I feel and sense many groups in the field participating in the Shift - and that there's a general consensus on where it's all going that is shared in the documentary. So you might consider it a collective channelling from the various groups working towards the Shift. Although "channeling" is not strictly accurate, it is more a collective knowing exchange (channellings are highly suspect, since the risk is they invade your consciousness and overly influence without allowing sufficient space to have your own sovereign realisations).

It's crucial that we deeply explore what's truly going on. I witness that the body of the Spiritual Mainstream is just not getting the magnitude nor scale of it yet. And is highly prone to misdirection - trying to "heal" the earth in the 3D for example by finding more environmentally friendly ways of living. Let's be clear, we are well past the point of no return. Humanity (influenced by the Intervention) has ALREADY initiated an irreversible event line leading to the progressive collapse of the biosphere - this great cleansing IS Gaia's healing. The cancer of excessive consumption and exploitation of other life forms is not sustainable and doesn't serve the balance of life here any longer. So a Great Realignment is necessary and has already begun to unfold.

This point alone will take a great deal of processing - many things will come up if you truly explore deeply into it. For example great sadness at the loss of life here and the natural habitat. And also perhaps self judgment for what you may have contributed or done unconsciously. If these things come up for you, then the invitation is to explore deeply into them. Let me say this on those two points to help you...

1. All life changes, as I said in the movie... "in a Universe of constant change, change is the only constant". So all life is continually moving on. It's not about trying to hang on to the ways and form of the old. But know that the consciousness itself will not perish - it will be liberated to take on new forms. So even though currently around 200 species are going extinct in the 3D daily, the consciousness is moving on to other forms - some will be in the 5D.

2. In terms of self-judgment or the judgement of what others may be doing, consider that all realities are formed from a collective need to explore karmic lessons - blind spots. So the perfect environment is created to manifest the unconsciousness. That is necessary, so as to provide mirrors, so that awareness can activate the karma and bring it to the surface. That is most definitely happening now. It provides the opportunity to look in the mirror and decide who you are in the reflections - to unravel and process karma. The whole Universe is doing this and your soul willingly chooses to take on distortion so as to play it out and unravel it. It is not your fault! But it is your responsibility to then work through it.

So maybe these two considerations will help find some peace with the exploitation challenges we're facing and the breakdown of the biosphere - everything transforms and moves on.



Hi Open,

I'm looking forward to watching your new film. Just awaiting the right moment. Yes, your videos and articles are usually activating, beyond the words and thoughts they contain. All the best and thank you and all involved for putting it out there. 

With gratitude.


Ultraviolet, Charlie, Anatoly, Paul - thanks so much for the positive feedback. The film is both meant to inform a viewpoint, but also to activate energy through that. What I've heard back from people already, is that it's having that effect. I'm much pleased.

Open Slightly SmilingThumbs Up SignPraying Emoji

I was a little surprised by my initial reaction to the Shift video. I was feeling some tension around how it would spike and what it might “ask of me.”   But the timing is perfect and I am left with a feeling of reverence - it is an honor to be here. My warrior spirit grins and salutes the One in you.


While watching the documentary, several times I have a sense of what could be described as soul infusion and that was wonderful!  Thank you Open and Openhand team for the message!  I am grateful that have found Openhand at exactly the right time and challenging time.

With Love,



Sorry Rebecca I do not see it through your eyes. For if it was not for talking about what is going on I would not be in the state of present's most of the time in the now as you put it. Without talking to a friend who is a member of Openhand that introduced me to the site, I would have gone on like I was for most of my 50 plus years thinking I was an outcast. Look at my friend as water, the site as the light and the different perspectives as the shadows or dark. I have all the seeds that I will ever need to get to where it is that I am heading in this life. By talking to my friend it watered the seeds and the seeds begin to sprout, In turn this brought up inquiry, which led me to the site which shed light on the sprouts, which help them grow. And the different perspectives were the shade and the dark that these seeded sprouts needed to grow as well. 

You say; {To share the light, Be like Jesus, it is the only way. Be an example. Talking about it does not help}. How did Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad get their message out. They had to talk about it. Which was like Open pointed out [a perspective]. So it is up to the seeker to choose the path he will take. Knowing that change is only one step or one thought away. 

Being in this form we have lost the ability to communicate with out words. Some of us .lol.  So for now we share by our words, written or spoken and our action or non-action.

Much Love

CharlieHeartPraying EmojiHeart


Hi everyone, there's plenty in the community who know Jont and his work - the singer of Supernatural, "we'll fill the sky with love", in the video. Here's what he had to say....

Man! Totally honoured to be a part of your film. Just finished watching it. Wow. I'm humbled by my inclusion in such a deep and profound work. It's funny, as these things go, I have been having (without knowing what you have been teaching) an intuitive feeing along these lines for the last 3 or 4 years....and have been working away.....I'm so glad to see the film and also excited and keen to use the vibration in my music to help others to connect to the shift.... Jont

We'll fill the sky with love!

Totally with you on that one Rebecca - that's why in the film and in the work, we're always clear to say that "we're sharing a perspective", and that you must feel into and see what "resonates" (in a feeling way) with you. The reflections often spark off karma for people, which they're then able to soften into. Heart

Telling people does not work. People have to experience to be able to understand, and understanding it all, is not a goal. Experience is knowing. We all have our own thruth that comes from our experiences.

To share the light, Be like Jesus, it is the only way. Be an example. Talking about it does not help.

Self awareness comes with learning from mistakes, from lifechanging experience and can be praticed through yoga, meditation and breathing.

Awarness and empathy for Gaia and all living beings evolves naturally when we are present.

Expanding of collective conciousness is happening NOW and it changes everything. 

Being a good example by being present with each other is what we all can do to make everybody experience this magic time NOW 🙏❤️

I am blessed enough to be a facilitator of light in this amazing shift to a higher frequency global conciousness so this is an amazing remind to constantly move yo higher vibrations. Your movie is going to be a groundbreaking introduction and explanation to all souls both beginning on their journey and far down the line. Thank you to all who helped put the movie together. And thanks to you Open for bringing this amazing shift to a easy to digest movie, that will bring those questiong their perfect beingness, into a place where they can make sense of all that is happening around them. Looking forward to more of your work in the future. And Thanks to all beings both 3D and beyond, that are part of the openhand crew. You are all doing amazing work!!

What a beautiful gift to awake to this morning. The new documentary is amazing. With such an understanding of all that is. Thank you to the whole that helped made this possible. I will forever share this Divine Message to infinity and beyond.

Much Love and Gratitude

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I'd like to offer a profound thanks to all Third Party Contributors to the film. You have helped illuminate and colourise a vital message to humanity at this time. From the heart, thankyou Heart

Thanks for "Fair Use" footage:
Some Film Footage was incorporated under the "Fair Use" section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act, for the purpose of teaching, scholarship and research. Thankyou to all providers.

Special Video footage thanks to:
- Trinity Bourne, for all past footage and production:
- Transition Towns Network:
- Nakho Bear "Great Spirit": www.
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- Lena Danya, "Floating in Sunset Waters":
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Special thanks to the following music contributors:
- Jont, "Supernatural":
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Here it is, the new Documentary from Openhand, PARADIGM SHIFT. It began as an important message that I felt given to share from the Higher Dimensional Team working to illuminate and support the Shift. The message was shot in one shoot. But then I felt to colourise it with imagery and metaphor. It is meant to reach people widely, to bring the perspective into the context of inquiry for the Shift itself and exactly what is going.

As I said early on, it is not to tell you THE TRUTH! Because everyone sees reality through their own lens. It expresses my truth, and the Openhand Team I work with. You may only agree in part, and that's absolutely fine. The important thing is that it stimulates a deeper inquiry, which is so necessary at this point - both myself and the Team feel that the spiritual mainstream is missing the essence of what's really taking place. It is my compulsion therefore, to work to bring this inquiry into the wider consciousness and exploration.

I'd like to offer a warm thanks to all those who contributed their thoughts in interview for the film - thankyou.

Please help us to help other people by sharing widely.

In loving support

Open and The Team HeartPraying Emoji

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