Transcending Fear with 5 Keys...Liberate Yourself in Any Given Situation

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Fear is what so frequently holds people back on the spiritual path. Fear of what might happen if you take a certain step. Fear of completely letting go and where that might lead. Fear of hurting others by being truly authentic. Fear invades the mind, emotions and body. But to simply 'over-write it' with positive intentions or infusing 'love and light' can lead only to more layers of self derailing identity. So how do you deal with it most effectively?

Fear only ever comes up, because it is ALREADY within

Firstly, it's important to say that you cannot 'spread fear' by raising the topic of something fearful - like fear of death for example. In a fully self-realised being, there is no fear, because there is always realisation of the One Self, which lives on through eternity. So fear can only activate where it already lies.

In other words, fear only ever comes up because it is already within. People carry it, often subconsciously. And while it exists, it's always going to be limiting, even if the tendency is to temporarily white-wash over it with some positive gloss.

In the Openhand Approach, the only truly effective and lasting way to overcome fear (to dissolve it), is by the direct confrontation of it; to get into it, and deeply explore it.

Evolutionary growth through learning and expression

In spiritual circles and mainstream motivation groups, it's so often the case to "imagine the best possible outcome of any given situation". Then to work to create that. But who is that creating? Who is imagining the "best possible outcome?" To me, it can only be an ego wanting a particular result. Whereas the soul is choosing the path to evolve, learn and experience.

In the Openhand perspective on the soul, there is only evolutionary growth through learning and expression. When the soul encounters a crossroads in life, with one direction marked 'hell' and the other 'heaven', the choice is made not based on what the most beautiful or desirable outcome might be; it is based on what can most be learned. And if that's in some temporary kind of 'hell', then so be it. When the soul confronts some kind of situation, which causes it to contract in tightness, there represents a golden opportunity to deal with unrealised limitation.

In so doing, when the realisation through the challenge happens, it always comes with the most incredible expansion. As you shake off that which previously held you back, then your soul integrates and soars like an eagle. There's immense joy that you reclaimed a lost aspect of Self.

How do you achieve this most effectively next time you encounter fear?

Bringing fear to the surface: imagine the Worst Possible Outcome

To me, I witness that fear mostly arises because in some way, we've unconsciously distanced ourselves from the truth of a given situation. Because it's apparently too difficult to deal with, even to contemplate. If it's undesirable, the tendency is to sweep it under the rug. This has a very limiting internal effect - it creates polarity. In other words, it creates a small "I" identity, which is living in suppressed fear of that possibility and can now be victimised by it; in which case you are not being The One, which can be completely okay in ALL situations.

People live their lives and shape whole realities based on such avoidance - like leaving an unfulfilling relationship for example, or ending a job which doesn't serve.

Fear represents a golden opportunity, but only if we're prepared to turn right into it, at the time it is arising, and work deeply through it. And the most effective way I've found of doing that, is to contemplate the worst possible outcome from any given situation. So you literally imagine what could likely happen if you take the step your soul is guiding you into. But then you work into it, work it through, and let go of the reactionary triggering.

Thus you regain the composure of the One. Now you can respond in the most positive of ways - from the soul, shaping miracles and magic which transform the situation.

5 Spiritual Keys to Transcend Your Fear

Here's how to effectively deal with your fear and open the doorway through it with 5 keys...

1). Locate your internal tightness: When you contemplate the worst possible outcome, then all your subconscious fear and constriction come up. What you're really looking for is the internal tightness - maybe it's in your head, your solar plexus or sacrum? Feel it, work into it, and above all, express it out into the world. This might be crying, screaming, shouting, or vigorous movement.

2). Become as-one with the pain: Now what's happening, is you're actually becoming as-one with the pain, with the fear. If you keep working with it, then there comes a point where you tire of it, where you've had enough of it, where you realise the baggage itself that you're carrying around, is far worse than the worst possible outcome. And you might aswell let it go. Thus, you're empowering yourself by becoming The One in it.

3). Be prepared to completely fall apart: You must be prepared to completely fall apart. It's like you've been controlling who you are, hanging onto who you should be - to what is expected of you. If you're to truly penetrate through this, it will often feel like falling apart. And here's the paradox of a liberated soul - that's entirely okay!

4). Become The One: As you fall apart in it, as you really let go, then feel deeply through it into the sense of emptiness - into The Void. It feels like you're touching the pure presence of complete acceptance. You're now opening into infinite potential - the Source, from which authentic soul arises.

5). Unleash the freedom of the Soul: Finally, and here's the great part, look for the natural expression of joy, expansiveness and rightness of the soul that wants to come through. That which has been liberated. Dance with it; sing and shout with it; give it wings by expressing it out into the world.

Transcending Fear: A practical example...

I recall giving a presentation to a crowded hall in Glastonbury many years ago. I tend not to plan such presentations other than the production of some slides and maybe the odd video or two. I always knew, that in coming from the source, all I needed was a thread - just a word or a feeling - from which to begin.

This particular time I began with a video and as it drew to a close, I was watching for the first words to drop into mind, a place to begin, a thread to pick up. Usually they came but this time nothing - nothing at all. As the credits to the film rolled, still nothing. As the silence and expectation of the audience grew louder in my awareness still nothing. As I stood up, still nothing. All the while I was watching my inner feelings, any arising tightness - and softening into them. Yes I was feeling nervous, realising a subconscious subtle desire for the people to appreciate me and my point of view. As that penny dropped, why would I limit myself by needing some kind of appreciation or outcome? What was wrong with how I was being? Even if nothing came? Even if I stood there in complete silence?

Time seemed to stretch right into eternity. Without need of outcome at all, any sense of fear, doubt and disbelief disappeared. I was infinitely vulnerable, and it felt completely blissful. So blissful that it felt humorous. And so I felt to begin by cracking a joke about the Pope, who just happened to be visiting the UK at the time. After the slightly uneasy silence, the audience fell about laughing and the presentation then flowed effortlessly.

Increasingly empowered, joyful and harmonious

I'm not saying it's necessarily easy to approach your fears in this way. There will always be a myriad of opt-outs - comfortable other solutions that placate the fear rather than dealing with it - really dealing with it. There'll be lots of distractions and plenty of people advising how to make the best of the situation. But if you have the courage to turn into your fears in this way, you will explode the myth that they are.

Because you are The One, which has created everything by which to know itself, and therefore ultimately, fears nothing.

So work to become the One within your fears, and they will surely burst like an exploding balloon. And your soul will expand out with empowered and joyful liberation. And what's more, you won't have to keep remanifesting those fearful situations. By working through your fears, your life becomes increasingly empowered, joyful and harmonious. I wish you an empowered journey!

If you resonate with the approach to fear, but are uncertain how to apply it, then you might like to get involved with the work of:
Openhand Ascension Academy

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I never imagined that facing our fears would be the key to their release. I've always heard that when we have an emotion that makes us uncomfortable, we should focus on something that brings us joy. I will use this approach and see the results. Thank you.


Hi Open,

Wild and cool stuff going on.  Since you challenged my comment in the zoom meeting at the recent Ascension workshop, things have sure ramped up energy-wise.  I'd made the comment that I had "no energy" and you challenged that statement.  I started going into that type of thinking, and realized it wasn't true or I'd be physically dead without energy.  During that same day on a break in the meeting, I went to turn off the bathroom night light since it was daylight by then, and it would not turn off, and I mentioned that to you also.  It was funny, like I was affecting the energy of the bulb.   I guess you could say "The light bulb went on!"  I got it.  haha

Well since then, that "no energy" has turned into "I sure have a lot of energy"  lol  It's amazing how just correcting how you say things changes how things change.  So now I'm more careful to think about what's coming out of my mouth.  As I work into things, I find less and less need to respond to many things, I just let them go.  I look daily to see what you've posted even if I don't always log in.

Thank you for challenging me that day, otherwise I probably never would have thought about what I was saying.  I got so much out of that Ascension workshop and will be participating in more of them.  Praying EmojiHeart




13/04/2022: Openhand Journal Update:

Plenty of you out there are asking the same question, "In a world gone crazy, what do you rely upon?" In this kind of community it doesn't take long to realise it's yourself. But I know that doesn't make it easy, and my heart goes out to you all. This is where connecting across the ether with each other can be so invaluable. As we communicate, together we can make sense of the real underlying truth of what's going on. And that will always be the energy field itself, because the surface is a crystallisation of that.

I feel great changes and shifts happening pretty much all the time. Now that's most likely to bring up fear. Fear is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact it's a positive trigger if we turn into it and work with it. This part in itself is essential - not to bury the fear or turn away from it, because then it only persists and you end up making poor choices in life. Instead turn into the fear, turn towards it and allow yourself to contemplate what you're afraid of - even what might be the worst outcome of the situation? Because this helps you equalise with what could happen - not that we're trying to create that of course, but we're preparing ourselves to move positively through the fear.

So fear is telling you that change is happening and wanting to happen in your life. And the ego is hanging on to the illusionary security of what previously existed. It's essential to point out - what previously existed is now ILLUSIONARY!

Once you accept this, you're ready to face your fear. And now we're prepared to deal with it, then there are recognisable keys we can apply to unlock it. Do check out my article above, as it contains 5 key suggestions with an illuminating example from my own life, which I believe can help you. Here's the link to take you to the top of the article...

Exploding Fear in 5 Steps...Liberate Yourself in Any Given Situation

Wishing you well in these challenging times

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Hi Marije - as you probably realise by now, the 'dead end' is the answer! The Universe has no purpose to go anywhere. It's just expressing. So in hitting the dead end, you'd be confronting what it is that needs a meaning, a purpose or a destination.

I felt to share this by the wonderful Alan Watts...


The universe always has its miraculous ways, so not even 24 hours after I decided to not commit to the social enterprise, I received an email for an interview for the other (paid) position in Malawi Slightly Smiling. Which interestingly is now scheduled for next week on the day that the country is voting its new President....

I am currently writing this message from Brazil. I felt this strong pull to come here where the children of my late Brazilian friend live and invite her daughter to come with me on a 3 day retreat. Other than this pull, I have no idea why I am here. And I have been observing how my mind has been very uncomfortable with this, because it actually had a lot of objections about coming here, particularly the financial investment that flying here and paying for the retreat for two people entails. During the flight coming here, I could feel my mind constantly getting pulled into this inquiry about 'why I am going there?', also bringing up lots of reasons why it didn't make any sense, to then constantly be coming to a dead end, because there was no clear answer to the question. And there was a strong sense of restlessness with that. In a way it has been quite interesting to watch these endless mind loops going round in circles into dead ends, where normally it would lead to some satisfying answer or justification for 'doing' something.


Hi Marije - if you felt a sense of relief, then strong likelihood is that was the right choice to make. Thumbs Up Sign

I can offer the reflection that having heard you speak about it several times, I didn't pick up any strong spiking in the field that it was right. At least not the job.

Very best wishes

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Hi Megha and Open!

Thanks so much for your support through the ether! In the end I made the decision today to tell the social enterprise that I am not ready to commit at this point in time and that it is therefore better if they continue looking for someone else. No idea whether this has been authentic caution arising or whether my dying ego won the battle in the end, but I can say that after I spoke to them to convey the message I felt a sense of relief. Yet at the same time the shoulder pain and inner turbulence seem to be continuing in full swing! Does all this processing ever end??



I'm with you too Marije - and that's gteat advice Megha OK Hand Sign

It's clear you're breaking down the fixed identity small self, that has rigid mental ties into the old reality. When you start to break through this, you come more into the presence. It often feels like you 'don't know who you are anymore'. You'll likely often have heard me say, "I don't know who I am until something arises in me". This is the fluid dance of the liberated soul as it starts to come through.

This breaking down of the false self, the 'death of the ego', can be very unsettling at times. They key thing is just to let go, don't need the moment to go any particular way, or result in any tangeable outcome for the moment. Just let the feeling of open spontaneity ground in your being. Just allow it to be. Then start to go with the impulses from there.

It's all cool!

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Dear Marye,

First I want to say that I have been in the last few days feeling deep feelings of love for you spontaneously . You have been in my heart . 

Secondly ,what leaped out for me is the misspelling . Self sensor ship you wrote. It feels to me that you are beginning to sense your real Self and all your previously entrenched mind patterns are therefore coming up. In my very humble opinion ,it may be helpful to ground yourself in the body and emotional plane until the disoreintation in the mental plane passes . 

Wishing you tonnes of support through the ether ! 



I am feeling quite lost and confused at the moment, although I am not even sure anymore what I am feeling lost or confused about. Nor do I necessarily have a sense of who I really am anymore, it seems like I am nobody and many people at the same time. Even as I am writing this I am not even sure who is writing this and where the words are coming from, it seems the tone of it wants to keep on changing and there is a different person operating the keyboard from moment to moment. And then what I am typing starts feeling confusing, what am I actually trying to say and who wrote these words in the first place? And when I read the sentence before the previous one it already feels like it was written by someone else and doesn’t fit with what I am writing at the moment anymore. And then there is the inner judge through which all the writing is assessed, who thinks this all doesn’t really make sense and is clearly not something to be posted. Fear arises inside, what judgement will I get from those reading this nonsense? Is there really something I am even trying to say here? And even if I am trying to say something here, how much is there that I am not saying, that I am sensoring and keeping from the view, just to maintain a ‘sane’ impression. As I wrote I was just about to remove ‘sane impression’, because of what response that might attract, but let’s not pretend for a change. Fear of expressing just as I am, with as many typos, incomprehensible sentences or unconventional ideas that might want to come out.

So in the meantime since posting my previous message I have been feeling quite shit (this would have normally been censored to uncomfortable), with stomach cramps that kept me awake last night, and today a strong pain in my left shoulder/upper back. And then this decision about taking on the social enterprise in Malawi or not hanging above me as a Damocles sword, that by now I am not such who is actually taking the decision anymore. Which of my inner children, teenagers or adults is involved, each of whom seem to have some different ideas about the whole situation, that by now I have no sense of what feels right to whom anymore. And that is making me feel lost and confused at the moment, although the medical world would more likely call it schizophrenic….


Hi Open,

Thanks! Fear related density seems to get stirred at the moment indeed... I could feel a lot of tightness, particularly down in my hip area today, so I decided to try and work with it and lay down on my bed (later I realised that maybe I was tuning into what was happening at the Devon retreat). I could feel the density arising, a sense of threat, coming with some forceful dry heaves and then a strong tightness in my chest. And then out of nowhere, there was suddenly this 'knife' appearing on the left of my neck, which took me into quite a bit of turmoil, which seems to be karma about having my throat being slid.... I went quite a bit into it, but I have no idea whether I actually came through it or not. Every time I imagine the knife at my throat, my body cringes again... And by now I feel strange, heavy, tired and a bit shaky. Fear is definitely one of the toughest things to work through for me (especially karmic fear related to being killed or badly wounded!), particularly when I am just by myself, as my whole body just goes into flight mode. Do you have any tips on how to ensure to stay with the fear, rather than to pop out into flight mode?

Just a little bit puzzled how the karma that came up is related to the decision at hand though....


Hi Marije - great to hear from you in your alchemy! Heart

That's the point, when you actually take a step like this, it's the movement itself that creates the alchemy of inner change, because it stirs up so much. It's only then that you get to activate the density.

You said...


So my inquiry at the moment is how to avoid making ‘fear-based’ decisions. Particularly, when does tightness indicate that something is perhaps not the most aligned choice and thus something to listen to? And when is tightness a sign of fear about a particular choice that might stop you from making it and keep you in your comfort zone and therefore rather something to work through?

It's a good question. I'd say watch the obvious patterns that are shaping - so you know there is fear arising around a challenging step which seems to be in rightness. The only way to truly open out that fear is to keep taking the step that initially feels right - not to deliberate too long over these things. Then once you've unwound those layers, you may well find there are other layers underneath and the dynamic will change - when to authentically apply caution for example.

You have to go with what's arising right now though - not second guess the deeper layer!

Much love

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Always so interesting when articles that you have responded to in the past get reposted here and to reread where I was at at the time. Not sure I made a lot of progress since I posted above in terms of how many fear layers I have peeled off in the meantime. But that’s probably also because I have a tendency to see the glass half empty rat her than half full, so I tend to be more aware of all the density that is yet ahead of me to work through, than of all that is gone now, because I have already worked through it. Reading the article again today, the following passage particularly caught my attention, probably because of some of the fear that has currently popped up in my life:

When the soul encounters a crossroads in life, with one direction marked 'hell' and the other 'heaven', the choice is made not based on what the most beautiful or desirable outcome might be; it is based on what can most be learned. And if that's in some temporary kind of 'hell', then so be it. When the soul confronts some kind of situation, which causes it to contract in tightness, there represents a golden opportunity to deal with unrealized limitation.

After cutting contact with my parents for the time being during Christmas and quitting my job end of January, which I left a few weeks ago, it feels like I am now at a major crossroads in my life. I have been relatively comfortable with not knowing what’s going to be next with the occasional panic, but interestingly quite soon after I left my job a few weeks ago some new opportunities have already started unfolding, that more landed than that I was actively looking for them. Such that I now have a very concrete opportunity to take over the management of a small social enterprise producing reusable menstrual pads in Malawi, though at the moment with no funding available to pay for that position, so it would require finding other sources of financial income next to it. It has all been quite an informal process so far and it seems that I am their preferred candidate, but they would like to know my decision by this Monday. Yikes! At the same time, through my network I have been recommended for another position in Malawi at an international organization that would be a paid position, for which I have now been asked to provide more information and answer some questions as part of the recruitment process, so it seems promising, but at the moment not concrete yet.

So I have to make up my mind this weekend about whether I take on the social enterprise challenge or not, and lots of fear has been arising about that decision. A part of me is ready to go and dive into it, and another part of me is freaking scared about it. And when I am trying to feel into what the fear and tightness are about, lots of stuff seems to be coming up. For example, there is a sense of loss about everything I would have to leave behind if I go for it, particularly the people around me, without knowing whether there will be something to ‘fill up’ the empty space that this is going to leave behind. There is a lot of fear about making the ‘wrong choice’ (of course I know there isn’t such thing as a wrong choice) and being punished for it, but also something about the potential disastrous impact of my ‘wrong choice’ on others. This all feels a bit karmic, as if once a decision that I made harmed people (which interestingly as I am writing this brings up a sense of guilt) and hence I have become overcautious. And then there is the fear of lost opportunities, that if I say yes to this now, that I will be closing a lot of other doors of possibilities, for example this other paid position that I am now also on the radar for.

So my inquiry at the moment is how to avoid making ‘fear-based’ decisions. Particularly, when does tightness indicate that something is perhaps not the most aligned choice and thus something to listen to? And when is tightness a sign of fear about a particular choice that might stop you from making it and keep you in your comfort zone and therefore rather something to work through?

At the same time, I received two random promotional emails today that I would normally delete immediately, but in this case I was a bit intrigued by their subjects and wondering about their synchronicity in relation to these decisions:

‘You have been invited to opportunity. Take advantage of your invitation to join opportunity.’

‘Make yourself heard.’



Hi everyone, I felt to draw your attention to this article again today...
Exploding Fear in 5 Steps...Liberate Yourself in Any Given Situation (scroll to the top)

Some people have talked about the fear that the role out of the new 5G technology activates. That's understandable - it is highly significant. But let's not surpress fear when it comes up. It happens as we identify with our concerns about potential outcomes and situations - it only activates through some form of identification with reality. Therefore it represents a golden opportunity to turn into and work through. They we can be liberated and illuminated by it. By transcending it, reminds us progressively of our greater spiritual selves.

It's good to process. If you'd like to share any arising fears here, so we can work them through, go ahead. I'll gladly offer a supportive reflection.

Much love always

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Hi Open

I spent yesterday in a horrible place in my head...came home and did the lovely 5D meditation...ahah all was well the last few days posts including the fear exploding one above. How glad I am that I did, as I woke up to a feeling of fear again and started pushing it away but then remembered your fear exploding in 5 steps and poof it had gone, just going to print it off and stick it on the fridge...oh and a second one for work!

So beautiful

Much Love Heather



I felt to post this one again today... Exploding Fear in 5 Steps...Liberate Yourself in Any Given Situation (scoll to the top).

I'm sensing a lot of courage amongst people here in the Openhand community which is immensely inspiring - awesome! The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

Fears really do represent the gateways through which to pass, so it's crucial to know how to deal with it when it comes up. And by sharing wider awareness, helps many more breakthrough and at deeper levels.

So what's happening for you in your journey right now? What are you encountering? Do share freely below, I'll gladly offer a supportive reflection to help you break through.

Open Praying Emoji


Thanks for your sharings folks Heart

Paula - glad to see you working through.

Paul you said...

Many lessons learned from spending those three hours in fear of dying of a heart attack - breathing deeply and allowing myself to feel as much as possible.

Yes I think it's essential to understand that fear does create powerful physical symptoms like this. But if we go right into the heart of it, as you did, then you'll unwind the effects and expand through. Awesome!

Love your little story Wyndè OK Hand Sign



Heyas all!

I love this topic, its something I notice alot in people everywhere and all I got to say to it is, just dont... dont deny it, dont ignore it, just see it as it really is.

Here is what I do - Every time I sense it in myself I just say hrmmm - what are you, why are you, how are you, what do I have to learn within this very moment to understand what I need to understand about it or me for me.

I hesitate to say  - but even like you Paul, I too have seen horrible disfigured faces that arise within my own mind and to that face I just gently say hello and listen however I can. Because more often than naught, its just me needing to know something I don't know.

I'll tell yall a little story that happened to me - I was standing in my kitchen one day, not alone and I heard someone yelling, quite literal loud yelling out of my name..Sure it made my heart beat faster, my blood ran a little colder, my breathing slow to a crawl and my senses heightened. I asked my company if they could hear anything and to which all replied a joke.. Like sure, you just talked, I heard you ask a question.

I did not turn away, run or otherwise halt my pathway, I ran straight towards whatever was calling my name and in the end I found myself and a whole lot of just wow, things :)

Now I have had some extreme supernatural experiences in my life and that one right there is one of my most favorite!



Very timely for me too Open. Thank you. 

Last Thursday night I suddenly began experiencing sharp heart pain in my chest. For three hours it came in waves.  I had never experienced symptoms like that before and was worried I could be having an actual heart attack. My father’s side does have that history. Almost went to the hospital, but my gut told me it was heartburn related to the fact that I’d fasted for the last 24 hours and then went nuts on dinner earlier that night. Reveling in the physicality indeed.

Many lessons learned from spending those three hours in fear of dying of a heart attack - breathing deeply and allowing myself to feel as much as possible, kissing my sleeping daughter for what felt like the last time, feeling immense shame for leaving my wife and family without a father, feeling angry at my own lack of control, feeling like I wasn’t ready to die and hadn’t completed the “mission,” whatever that is.  I can feel the same tightness in my chest again now..

The next day I ate mindfully and in balance. But that night at the exact same time of the evening, this time my lips, tongue, and throat began to swell up!  I haven’t ever experienced an allergic food reaction, but for some reason avocado did it.  An antihistamine brought it back down after 45 minutes - but it was another 45 minutes experiencing the same feelings of the night before. This time constricted breath instead of constricted heart.

(here I continue to sit with constricted chest and lump in throat and tension in solar plexus writing this)..

I didn’t find alone time for a couple days and was simmering with anger internally over the weekend.  Contained it as much as I could in my daily interactions.  Finally allowed myself to go into the feelings of both experiences yesterday — and it was like a scene out of The Exorcist. Like a spitting writhing consciousness in me who was me simultaneously spitting obscenities and grief and rage. A primal upwelling of “GET OUT” emerged and I felt energy in my lower back followed by calm.

Drawn to your shower meditation and visualizing the density washing down out of my feet.  The Bell Chant helped me let go some as well. A couple of the bell peals froze me in what felt like animated stillness.

My heart is so heavy as I type this and there is still much rage here. I’m scared it will consume me.  It feels like father figure energy distorted into extreme consumption. Rape.  A crow just cawed at me. Yup.

I keep getting this image from The Matrix where Agent Smith goes, “They’re not out yet.”

Thanks for holding the space. I’ll continue to apply these tools.




I have struggled through a lifetime of fears and am very intolerant of anyone who allows fear to control their actions.  Now I see that this is a direct message from my higher self to stop and look at the places where fear still controls my actions.  Wow!  This is a great step for me to take.  Just recently I've allowed my fear of upsetting another to control my true reaction and I avoided and capitulated.  There are 3 people in my life I've done this to/with in just the past few weeks.  Unable to see this clearly until now!  Thank you so much!!  


Hi Everyone - I felt to share this today, because I've sensed fear arising in the field of some of the shifts in the field that are taking place. There is a loving and supportive space here for people to explore what comes up. So please do explore your perspective on fear and how best you find to deal with it?

Wishing you well

Open Heart


I love the Openhand Challenge Open. This is something I have really been working on.Letting go. Letting go of just about everything.....and wondering what is there to hold on to ?

Here is a poem that speaks directly to the possibility of letting go.

Pause…Take a Breath…Read…See What Arises

She let go
She let go. Without a thought or a word, she let go.
She let go of the fear.
She let go of the judgments.
She let go of the confluence of opinions swarming around her head.
She let go of the committee of indecision within her.
She let go of all the ‘right’ reasons.
Wholly and completely, without hesitation or worry,
she just let go.
She didn’t ask anyone for advice.
She didn’t read a book on how to let go.
She didn’t search the scriptures.
She just let go.
She let go of all of the memories that held her back.
She let go of all of the anxiety that kept her from moving forward.
She let go of the planning and all of the calculations
about how to do it just right.
She didn’t promise to let go.
She didn’t journal about it.
She didn’t write the projected date in her Day-Timer.
She made no public announcement and put no ad in the paper.
She didn’t check the weather report or read her daily horoscope.
She just let go.
She didn’t analyze whether she should let go.
She didn’t call her friends to discuss the matter.
She didn’t do a five-step Spiritual Mind Treatment.
She didn’t call the prayer line.
She didn’t utter one word.
She just let go.
No one was around when it happened.
There was no applause or congratulations.
No one thanked her or praised her.
No one noticed a thing.
Like a leaf falling from a tree, she just let go.
There was no effort.
There was no struggle.
It wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad.
It was what it was, and it is just that.
In the space of letting go, she let it all be.
A small smile came over her face.
A light breeze blew through her.
And the sun and the moon shone
forevermore …

~ Reverend Safire Rose

With Love


Wow Open the challenge you posted really stirs something up inside of me. This morning the Fear is overwhelming again. Breaking me down, so much confusion, pain and sadness. Seems like there will be no end to it. I am not sure I am turning into it enough but I am sure I have created it so there is not an option to not go into it. I dragged myself to the gym this morning and went to a cycling class. The music really spoke to me and I was able to shift something inside. It helped me to see the separate part of me that is lost in the fear and can't function to an upwelling of authentic internal powerful will and the desire to push on. During the class I was remembering a time in middle school where I ran track. I always wanted to be a fast runner but sprinting was not what I was good at no matter how hard I tried to go fast. I was much better at endurance, remembering the feeling when I would want to give up and then something would shift inside and I would get a second wind allowing me to push through and keep going. That is the feeling that was arising in me. I felt to share a couple of songs that the teacher played which really spoke to me. For all of you out there reading that are facing challenges right now and perhaps some inspiration to push through. Thanks for the space to share.



Great thread to explore! A lot comes up for me. Although I'm aware I still feel fear at times, I also realize I've created and co-created fearful situations since the day I was born and have somehow managed to "JUST DO IT" over and over again throughout my life despite many challenges. So I wanna say, "You IS awesome, girl!" haha!

Not that I don't have more fear to bust through, but given my past record, I know I'll keep doin' it! I am becoming more conscious of truly empowering myself in the very moment of disempowerment, choosing love over fear. This is important since I tend to suppress through fear and then over-react from pent-up frustration and anger.

A huge challenge for me right now is becoming too impulsive and hot-headed due to the powerful upsurge of warrior energy I feel, partly fueled by anger about injustice of any sort but also by what feels right and aligned. It's like I lose all fear of any consequences but don't take the time to 'chill' and center myself before reacting. It's a tricky one since I could easily get lost in dissecting what could go wrong if I wait too long to honour my will to act. I'm feeling a bit lost on this one lately so welcome any insights others may have. I'm feeling there are blind spots I'm not seeing. I relate to your comments about the shadow identity, Open, and feel that I'm perhaps attaching to fixed ways of being, to roles that feel noble, good, and right but are off in subtle, ego-based ways. I shared with you a dream I had a while back about riding a motorcycle and agreeing to take on a passenger. You recommended I consider contemplating the shadow identity, the sidecar passenger that you explore in one of your books.

Of note, I took a quick quiz today on Jungian Archetypes and came out as THE REBEL. Included in the description was a caution to reign in my rebel nature. I heard myself say, "Fuck that!" Clearly, I have work to do. :)

x Cathy


    So, I have a challenge for you all.
    How about we do away with fear.
    What would your life be like?
    What possibilities might be open to you?
    How magical and adventurous might your life become?
    What might you discover about yourself?

    You can do it.
    You can just decide.
    Right now,
    that whenever fear raises its head,
    instead of retracting back,
    you can see it instead as a golden opportunity
    and turn right into it.

    Explode the myth that it always was.
    That you are much greater than this limitation,
    this box, that you confine your soul within.
    You could look deeply into it's eyes,
    actually make that choice that activates the most fear,
    and walk directly into it - take that choice.

    Very few have the courage to do this.
    But if you do, you'll discover something profound about life:
    that fear and liberation are two sides of the same coin;
    that the ultimate liberation of soul,
    comes from exploding the sum of your fears.

    In many ways, fear IS the pathway to full awakening.
    Because it's the only thing that limits the amount of love you can embody.

    So, I invite you, today, this hour, this moment, to simply decide,
    decide to live a blessed life beyond fear.
    Then witness just how magical your life can become.

Open *OK*


Great that you're tuning in guys - we're bound to get loads from it!

Anatoly you said...

    "So my question is the following. Do we need intentionally manifest the situations where we can explore and burst the fear or it just happens naturally? I resonate more with natural approach but the something wants to intentionally manifest to bring about the fearful situation, probably coming from ego? But how can it be - ego trying to burst itself?

My observation is it's best to let it come up naturally, as it surely will. And with regards to the second part, it's classic that when one understands the rightness of the path (ie through fear in this case), an aspect of the intellect will try to own it. In 5GATEWAYS I speak of this as a 'shadow identity' - a shadow, or echo, of the soul. So best to just let it unfold.

Marije you said...

    "Recently I had a profound experience confronting pain and it exploding, and was amazed how in a time-span of less than 45 minutes it is possible to move from the most excruciating pain to feeling absolutely elated, as if the pain never really happened or existed. From that experience it almost seems silly not to confront the pain and stay in agony/fear."

Yeah! Totally awesome! Exactly! That's the point - when you really turn full-on into the pain and fear, then you can 'explode' it quickly and expand out the other side. But you must really go into it and fully express it for it to work properly.

Treebrother - "who will pay the bills?" Had that one many times. But what I've witnessed countless times, both in myself and others, is that when you truly follow the flow of the soul, then you get exactly what you need. Not more, but definitely not less!

Wishing you all well

Open *OK*


So this is just perfect as I am exploring a change of focus from a lifetime of fixing machinery to doing something like energetic bodywork for my "job" Holy Shit the fear of the unknown is breathtaking. How will I pay the bills? Who is going to even want my services in central WI? Hell right now I don't have much to offer anyone. So for the short term this is about letting the next step unfold in front of me. And trying to be ready and aware of it when the opportunity comes.


Wow, I think I will have to bookmark this article! There is so much resonance for me here, yet at the same time the realisation that I still have so many fear layers left to work through (sometimes I feel like an onion made of multiple fear layers). This particularly resonated:
‘There will always be a myriad of opt-outs - comfortable other solutions that placate the fear rather than dealing with it. There'll be lots of distractions and plenty of people advising how to make the best of the situation.’
Oh yes, I am a master at placating and easily influenced by other people’s opinions and advice! Yet, at the same time I can see my courage to confront the fears is gradually strenghtening. Recently I had a profound experience confronting pain and it exploding, and was amazed how in a time-span of less than 45 minutes it is possible to move from the most excruciating pain to feeling absolutely elated, as if the pain never really happened or existed. From that experience it almost seems silly not to confront the pain and stay in agony/fear.
In the end, a lot of my fear seems to boil down to the fear of death, or actually the fear of a physically painful death most of all. I am becoming better at working through ‘what is the worst possible outcome’ as long as that isn’t physical death. As soon as a painful physical death peeps its head around the corner there is tightness and I instantly feel like opting out or rather running away from whatever could possibly cause it (even just a faint karmic memory of it). Still I am finding it hard to imagine that I could ever reach a point that I would be so self-realised that there would be no more fear of the pain of physical death. But I like the idea that ‘fear can only activate where it already lies.’ And so, ‘fear only ever comes up because it is already within you.’ So I guess there are still more fear layers to peel off here!

With all my fear,



I totally resonate with this approach to fear. Thank you for timely post, Open! I was exploring and contemplating about fear or fearful situations and intentional manifestation of such situations. For example, it seems i have a fear of downing and had close encounters with drowning this lifetime. I can feel tightness around it and well aware of it. So on a recent trip to the beach, I felt while in the ocean, not that i was avoiding going to the water but it seems i was overly cautious and seemed to have had conflicting feelings. One was to explore fear cautiously but in a limited way by staying closer to the shallow waters. The other impulse was to go deeper intentionally possibly without feeling any ground under the feet. I went with the first option at the time so feel like i haven't fully exploded the fear.
So my question is the following. Do we need intentionally manifest the situations where we can explore and burst the fear or it just happens naturally? I resonate more with natural approach but the something wants to intentionally manifest to bring about the fearful situation, probably coming from ego? But how can it be - ego trying to burst itself?
BTW, all the true fearful situations of drowning in this lifetime happened naturally for me without any kind of intention. Also, I feel like there maybe other ways of dealing with fear like contemplating about it as mentioned in this article or spontanious karmic experience as i witnessed on some Openhand retreats. Just some explorations ...

With gratitude,