Sword and the Stone Vlog

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Here is Openhand's sequence of 10 videos, recording a high energy journey around Great Britain, during lockdown, encouraging everyone to draw the Sword of Your Soul - Excalibur - from the 3D density. Filmed over 2000 miles across 5 nations. Be inspired...

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thank you “Open Hand”

For giving us a language to understand and choose a pathway above the present brewing human hurricane❣️

Thank you for your travelling inspiration✨💕

Light and love to all✨

Sylvia of New Scotland💖


Thank you so much for the videos. Words can not describe how the videos touched deep karma for me . Truly inspirational; I am so grateful. 

Sending much love,

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I wanted to add to previous post that I just came in from a walk and there it was .. a dead rat right in front of me on my path....I know it was synchronistic, especially since you talked about the persistence of rat energy in one of your vlogs....I will be working on what that means for me today- your thoughts would be welcomed as well. Praying Emoji


much love


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Hi Betsy - lovely to have you tune in - so glad you enjoyed the videos - it was a great adventure recording them - an integral part of the tour Praying Emoji

Rat energy usually speaks about resourcefulness. The fact that it was dead, COULD mean the sign is in reverse (but not necessarily). If it were in reverse, could it be inviting you to look for greater possibilities to be resourceful in your path? What new opportunities might want to open up through being resourceful?

Much love and support

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Beautiful job Open! Exactly the Energy movement that is needed right now. I've done the same thing here in America... I've been on the Road all year starting last January. From East to West and form North to South.  Engaging with people and shining light. Showing what it means to Breathe and Live FREE!
Well done! I enjoyed every second of your Adventure!

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Hey Jim - greetings - awesome that you've felt to do similar.

Off the radar screen I can positively feel there are people across the planet - a growing wave - exercising their inalienable rights to freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and freedom of movement.

I can feel it now - an unstoppable wave!

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If we can tear off the blindfold of self deception and unravel the whispering voices of self denial- we can birth who we truly are- the authentic surrendered self. Sounds to me like your a coming home more and more each day in the shadows which present themselves and finding the light within that stillness. Feeling deeply through your words. keep walking and finding pearls. From the heart.
Love Tess.

Yes you did! So many in fact, that it forgot them all, hahahah I love this mind. It raids the cosmic mind on a daily basis, and it only realizes this half the time. Yesterday it got that; thoughts are "things" which we use to hold information regarding the observations of our experienced existance :D and a single feeling is a near infinite collection of thoughts.

Anyways, "the return of Blue Star Kachina". Comet ISON, this mind started to shout at me... And then it thought, when comet panstarrs was here my body was very ill, being very ill is a process of purification... OMG!!! Comet ISON is going to make everyone seriously ill and purify them! Because you know, the comet will be spraying it's cosmic particles on the Earth and this comet is thought to have been in the Oort cloud since the solar system was formed, up until now. And finally it's blue... Well this is my interpretation of the "The Return of Blue Star Kachina"

Whilst this mind can just grab thoughts from the cosmic mind, it does also pointlessly chat about how it would like to have a cup of tea with you Mr Bourne, but it would also like to give you a hug because you made this wicked video!

Love & Peace

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What a serene video. Thank-you.Completely alighned with what you say.

The message which I get from this is that an acceleration of time has taken place. It is Now, the time has arrived to put our trust fully back into self, God and Nature, the natural flow of the universe and time to be who we truly are, to let go of energetic patterns that have veiled our divine light , controlled , surpressed and manipulated us and step into our unlimited potential, and ‘’feel it’’ through the divine realigning palpable flow.. The veil/mask has been lifted for sure I feel..

The Christ seed was a planted long ago in the hearts of humanity and the blue star kachina (although I am aware of many varying views of the hopi), would agree with one of their views which speaks of the return of the Messiah which in my eyes (as you also suggest) seems to represents a reactivation of this original’’ blue print’’, i.e to live from the heart and non judgemental awareness. Living from our highest essence or our Divine original Blueprint as mother earth rebalances herself as the great purification proceeds I understand to be an’’ inner alchemy’’, not as the messiah externally arriving on a cloud as Biblically suggested in Revelations ……….although I do feel that this is what is happening.

The blue ray I also learned also symbolically encompasses Isis, Sirius, Pleiades, Christ as well as Krishna who planted seeds into the genetic code of humanity from an ascended race to increase the capacity of God consciousness…Shekinah also is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process, I understand to be taking place. So the blue ray frequency has really revealed it’s true purpose with an invitation to unfold our true destiny.

What’s to come ? Changes, endings, beginnings opportunities, responsibilities...to be who we truly are.

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