The Natural Effect of Humour

Submitted by Open on Tue, 02/11/2014 - 06:35

There's nothing like increasing awareness through humour. If we can laugh at the world and ourselves, then not only does it bring important issues into our awareness, but heals the soul too. That's what tickled me about this video. You can feel it's based in ironic truth about the nature of society, yet it gives you a good old laugh about it too. So watch the video, let it spike your awareness - in this case to deceptive food labeling - but let it tickle your humour taste buds too...

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haha, thanks Open. My son & I had a discussion about Quorn the other day and just how 'natural' and 'healthy' it is. It sounds so nice & safe to think of it as 'mushrooms' whereas it would seem that the 'fungus' is force-grown and then the protein extracted - I mean, how do you actually do that, and then turn it into food shaped stuff?? Hmm