The Shift hits the Mainstream..."A Wrinkle in Time"

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In 1973 the psychic Ingo Swan traveled to Jupiter and reported it had wrings around it like Saturn. He was roundly laughed at! That is until the space probe Voyager traveled there several years later and actually photographed what he'd seen. They laughed no more! Interdimensional travel becomes possible when we get out of the 3D box. Doing so has widely profound benefits to our lives, because the Universe is influencing us through the dimensions. Better to be understanding and aligned with the flow. Mulit-dimensionality is now encroaching into mainstream thinking. Let's begin to live the dream now, that our minds may soften, and open to enormous possibility...

Becoming Multi-diemnsional

It only takes something as simple as breathing to soften through the internal densities. You don't need space ships or time machines. With attention and focus, the breath will soften you through the various layers of our lower density form. But it does requires persistence and patience. What we're looking for, is to sense and feel the subtle layers beyond body and mind.

What's the point? Why take the time?

We know from quantum science that everything is energy, multi-dimensional and interconnected. We know from our spiritual experience that our inner configuration of consciousness creates, and greatly influences, the outer movie of our lives. People in the old paradigm appear to have free choice, but mostly society is about repeating cycles of conditioned behaviour patterns. Like mice on spinning wheels, nothing ever really changes.

What if you could tune into the deeper meaning, the deeper flow which is working to connect and move everything as one? What if you could become the master of this interconnectivity rather than the victim of it? If we can become the multidimensional flow itself, by being aligned with our own soul, then we'll find increasingly life becomes harmonious and magical - we start to work at-one with the entirety of the Universe.

Check this article...Navigating the Quantum Soup

All it takes is some focussed breathwork and "Show me!"

The challenge is the persistence of society's restriction - locking people into limited ideas of what we can and can't do, what we're supposed to and should do. That conditioning itself limits our possibility to become fully multidimensional. I invite all to challenge these restraining thoughts within. Try this breathing meditation (or something like it), and then take some time out to play the free wheeling game - have no particular plan and ask "show me!" Let the Universe guide you and take you to signs and synchronicity.

"Show me!" becomes far more than a game however. Because by following the signs, the Universe connects you to the flow. Which, if you follow, creates a new landscape of realisation and understanding. It does take time, and it will confront you with all the internal limitations of 'why not', but if you persist, then an multi-dimensional landscape builds for you where the possibility of divine creation becomes ever more present in your life and ever more magical.

Here's an understanding on how to work with signs and synchronicity.

Opening inner Gateways

I love it that multi-dimensionality, and especially the 5D Shift, are now making it into mainstream thinking, like in movies such as this one... "A Wrinkle in Time". Yes its a Disney fiction, but according to the trailer, it's certainly imagined from quantum fact. Let's keep challenging the limitations of the small "I" - to step out of the box in our daily lives and allow expanded possibility to shape and create something much more divine.

Take a peek at the trailer. Then tune into the flow. Where might it take you today?

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See you in the space between the spaces!

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Open! This post is so powerful, it sent me flying today!! Literally. I'm flying across the continent again and haven't had the opportunity to put together a response. I'm currently in transit and just want to say YES! You just nailed it! I will be posting a comment, it may not be right at this moment, but soon. Man, your words are so inspiring and such a wonderful confirmation of what I'm perceiving. 

Thank you!