The Spiritual Significance of Brexit in the Great 5D Earth Shift

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The 'unthinkable' has happened in the UK - a majority has voted against the EU 'big brother' state. No doubt there was a great complexity of reasons why the people decided to go that way, including fear, nationalism and small-self interest. But there were also many others who voted for greater personal sovereignty - rather than handing over their conscious choice to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. During the polling I went into my heart and asked... "what does the natural flow want?" As Gaia deluged the financial capital of London, to me, the mirror was saying - "look what the global consumption machine is doing to the planet!" So what is the greater significance of Brexit going forwards?...

Institutionalised Environmental Catastophe

I observe the Planet has been influenced and controlled by an Interdimensional Intervention. One that has sought dominion of the earth through the hearts and minds of the people. This "raptor consciousness" of excessive consumption has been driving the biosphere into terminal decline. On the surface it is all neatly packaged and sanitised, so that we may think such institutionalised exploitation is 'normal' and 'acceptable'. But for those who really care to look up from the mainstream media and witness the results, the facts, I believe, are stark-staringly obvious...

  • Environmental catastrophe that will soon see the arctic without ice resulting in increasingly destructive global weather patterns
  • CO2 emissions escalating through the 400 parts per million dangerous red line and the accelerating release of 50 Gigatonnes of permafrost methane, leading to perilous global warming
  • Global droughts, fires and flooding (The Himalayas are Burning)
  • Oceans that are acidifying at their fastest for 300 million years, which has always previously precipitated collapse of the global eco-system
  • Between 100 and 200 entire species of creature going extinct daily
  • 50% of the world's wildlife gone in just the 200 years since the beginning of the industrial revolution and 50% of the earth's trees
  • 65 million refugees worldwide and rapidly growing - the effect of the relentless scrabble to grab land and resources, sparking war and civil unrest.

I put it to you, the writing is very clearly on the wall for those moving beyond resistance or denial. World leadership in tackling these fundamental issues of existence has been woefully inadequate. If humanity does not willingly break down the global trading systems that are systematically raping Mother Earth, ultimately life will have to realign itself. It always does.

An essential part of unravelling the Intervention

The wholesale exploitation of the earth has been presided over by a controlling New World Order - the human level of that Interdimensional Intervention. The overall agenda (according to its actions, effects and past history) is control in order to exploit people and resources before then moving on to other realities elsewhere. It's a perspective that many are increasingly agreeing with. The EU is clearly a key fulcrum within this NWO. It 'neatly' packages and sanitises exploitation of the earth, it's people and resources, based on the engine of ever escalating consumption. Whilst people may feel more financially abundant in the short term, the effect on the natural ecosystems going forward is catastrophic.

This intervention has been engaged at the deepest levels by benevolence. Such that the foundationary 4D field matrix has been unwound and dispatched. What was left, was the controlling levels on the plane of the 3D intellect - the "New World Order" - of which the EU is a critical part. I believe how ever unpopular Brexit might be in the wider world, it signals the terminal decline of that controlling layer, which to me, can only be a good thing.

With the deluge on polling day Gaia was clearly signifying her own conscious choice - to reclaim the planet for the good of the majority of sentient life, not just the human kind. The process of that reclamation is her Shift into 5D consciousness, a more equitable and just New Paradigm in a higher vibrational frequency. For that to happen, the old structures of consciousness in the lower densities must be unraveled and realigned..

It means an unraveling of any level of control that would resist the higher consciousness shift, like for example the NWO. For whatever personal reasons people eventually voted, I believe Brexit is a natural consequence of this underlying energy shift.

Finding the universal language of Love

Of course this is going to provoke fear and uncertainty, when the foundations society has based itself upon are increasingly unraveled. There will be countless people who don't see or understand it. But I put it to you that it is necessary in order for a Great Realignment with the natural flow of life to happen. These are phenomenal forces at play. But I know that the shift is being conducted as gently as possible, so as not to wreak immediate havoc and chaos. An opportunity is now emerging for all lightworkers to step up, become more visible and step out - to make sense of the wider shift in a way that can be more generally understood.

Put simply, it is the language of love, compassion for all sentient life, overcoming fear, reconnecting with our divinity and surrendering to the natural flow of universal realignment.

This is a language which many understand in their heart.

Energy Workers Unite!

As I spoke of in DIVINICUS (rise of the divine human), I believe the breakdown of the current system will steadily encourage and facilitate groups of people coming together in more localised communities - "Islands in the Storm" - to support and help one another as life on 3D Earth becomes increasingly challenged in the years ahead. I am greatly heartened by the rapid rise of the Transition Towns Movement, quietly beavering away in the background. These are groups of conscious people everywhere, looking for more sustainable and resilient ways of living, more at one with Mother Earth and the natural harmony of life.

I wish I could say this was going to be easy. I cannot! This Great 5D shift is going to activate and bring to the surface humanity's shadow side. But such a mirror also provides great opportunity for people to express the goodness and compassion in their hearts too. We get to self-actualise through it - we're encouraged to decide who we are, through our own soul-sovereignty.

There will be turmoil ahead. Of that there is no doubt. Other societal systems will come and go. The new systems will be a necessary counterbalancing essence of stability in this Great Shift. But the 'end game' is into 5D consciousness. That is well underway now. As lightworkers, let's step up to that challenge, and be all that we can be.

Energy Workers Unite from Openhand on Vimeo.

In loving support
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Ahhhh, Brexit, OMG! We've been living with the various shennigans of Britain leaving (or attempting to) the EU for 3 years now. But before I continue, why should anyone else out there beyond the EU be at all concerned? Because I believe the most positive thing you can say about the various tooings and frowings is that it's waking people up. It's encouraging them to find their voice - to decide what is right for them. To find their own sovereignty. That's why I support the inquiry we're having here.

To catch up on the Spiritual Significance of Brexit, do check my article above that I wrote back in 2016 when a small majority voted to leave. Since then, Britain has been desperately trying to agree a deal with the EU Bureaucrats that our pailiament could accept. But so far that hasn't been possible. Saturday's 'crunch' vote in pailiament on the very latest deal failed to pass either. So there's more delay, more hocus pocus, as we pass onto the next 'deadline' of Halloween on October 31st, where the PM, Boris Johnson has said we will leave "with or without a deal".

What do the people say?

It's very complex. Now there's a small majority to remain in the EU - opinions have flip flopped. Britain feels split right down the middle - well almost - Northern Island are not at all happy with the proposed deal and are blocking it in parliament. Meanwhile Scotland has a majority in favour of remaining. This could indeed pull apart the so called "United Kingdom" - which to me would be a good thing, it creating more local automomy. There are plenty who've had enough, who, like the PM, just want to "get Brexit done", without really exploring the impact of what that will mean - possibly great hardship as the economy contracts and also possibly a sell-out to US companies.

But the really good thing I can see happening in the process, is that people are being encouraged to step out and express what's really important for them. To me, this is stirring up the requirement for people to take a more active part in how they are governed. To be more voiciferous and examining of those who are supposed to represent them.

It's clear that the powers-that-be in the background want Britain to stay in the EU - all manner of scare tactics have been applied to sway public opinion. I would say many 'remainers' want to do so, more out of fear of what they will lose from leaving, rather than it necessarily being the right thing for them.

All along, personally, I've been in favour of the UK leaving the EU. Why? Because I see countries being controlled and manipulated by an unelected bureaucratic - extremely wasteful - state. It's a highly santised and controlled way of living which is completely out of sync with the natural harmonies of Gaia. Perpetual economic growth is clearly not viable on a planet of finite resources. As the Shift accelerates, it's clear to me at least, that we need new ways of supporting one another through climate difficulty and hardship as the old 3D landscape unravels and breaks down. We need local, more sustainable means of looking after oneanother - coming together in local communites again, where we grow our food locally, help each other with low impact housing and local, more renewable energy. I believe this will have to happen anyway, as the increasing impact of climate crisis puts great strain on the globalised Industrial Resource Chain. Better we choose to do it now, rather than be forced to do it later - that way we can ease the transition together.

A great question to ask would be: "What does Gaia want?"

I asked the same question when the original vote to leave the UK happened - Gaia deluged the polling stations with rain! Right now, as the UK moves through autumn and into winter, where the weather should be pretty cool, we're starting to receive a heatwave from Europe, where there are crazy out-of-season temperatures of around 30 centigrade. Britain is feeling the heat from Europe indeed.

I'd say Gaia is voting quite clearly!

Open Praying Emoji

Hi Ellie

yes I'm 'on the road'. I did feel to tune in though. As Trinity said the course is so deep and intense you don't want the distraction of the outside world, even if you could handle it! Its funny (for me) being out in the world when the course is in full swing, yet at the same time its evoking the essence of transfigs past that I was part of. such a contrast. I've no doubt its another profound, intense and earth moving course though. been getting some interesting nature/shamanic experiences too, as well as processes. It definitely feels possible to attune to the energy of the course and be a part of the experience in some ways.


Hi Ben, Thank you for the conversation, and mirror. Are you at retreat? Looks beautiful!

Hi Ellie, I think another relevent point that stands out in this subject is about 'self belief'. I think because there is quite a degree of polarity between the aligned/5D way, and the conditioned illusion and because the soul knows a more aligned reality there is likely to be a tug of war type scenario initially where the soulis speaking but you're caused to doubt your own truth a little, or a lot! where the two contradict, epsecially if you're empathic and/or have been bought up in those environments. Just thought its worth highlighting though you probably know it. The more you listen to and honour the soul's 'voice' the stronger it will be.

oh, and I think where your 'responsibility begins', and ends, is with you; as you asked. with what you feel to do, how you feel to be and to express. It doesn't mean you ignore the world, or don't have a certain responsibility to your family or your place in the world, but it begins and ends with the feeling, that soulful pull.


well perhaps you are given to educate people? Perhpas its a genuine yearning? I guess it depends where you're coming from, how you feel to express. I think there's more than one way as well - sometiems just being the example, being the one that confronts through your actions becomes a question, a mirror. I guess how you are a mirror is up to what you feel given to do?

From time to time I've been considering getting a new mp3 player. I misplaced the one I use a couple of years ago, but put a notice up in the area I lived in, and it was returned! The screen broke/cracked as well, but its still usable. Eventually the 'hold' button went on it, so it was pretty much impossible to use, and I assumed I'd have to buy a new player, or not use it, but couldn't 'feel it'. So instead I looked online and figured out how incredibly easy it was to repair the hold button, and I did repair it, its still going! my point being the matirx encourages people to buy all the latest electro gadgets and be engaged to them, but if you're looking in your heart is it really necessary? You can be a mirror with that sort of thing too, by not buying into that game. So if you're rocking a phone from 6 years ago and are confronting the tightness of not haveing the latest tech, and people's repsonses, but feeling the lightness of not being swayed by that, then I think that's a good mirror. Same as not using wireless. I went through a phase of asking places I visited to turn off their wirfi at night.

But also perhpas you are given to educate and imform people in more obvious ways too, like you suggest? What d'you reckon? is it coming from ego/fear or from soul? how do you experience those feelings?


Ben, Thank YOU for taking time to share. Yes, your feedback makes sense, and is something I can really IDENTIFY with. haha. Knowing I'm not crazy, that I'm not the only one that feels these frequencies, provided much comfort. My own children think it's 'all in my head'. I'm very aware of the biology of belief, etc. I know I add to my own frustration because I beat myself up that I'm affected and not able to 'transcend' this. Plus, I project my 'affliction' onto others, wanting to warn pregnant moms, and parents that I see giving their children iPads and cell phones to play with, etc. It's everywhere. It's hard to be in a neutral environment. Earthing and time in nature helps me immensely. Yet, its temporary.

I know I'm responsible for my responses to circumstances in life. I get confused about where my responsibility begins? Are the corporations that continue to build the grid and deceptively sell us these devices responsible? Did I create them? Should I work to educate others? Should I work to get WIFI out of schools? I don't want to focus on negative forces/frequencies. But I still 'believe' it's not good for any life on earth. What a quandary. Good grief!

Hi ellie

I experience sensitivity to some electromagentic frequencies too. Its not always obvious exaclty, and sometimes it is very! I personally don't think we're meant to 'evolve' beyond/away from the sensitivity in that way you were perhaps suggesting ('tolerate' was the word you used), as the sensitivty shows you ARE evolving or have the potential too. After all the em fs etc are the un-real, un-aligned frequencies. I would say its a 'good' sign to feel them, but not easy to deal with.

I wonder if there's a (understandble) frustration/tightness to work through aroudn feeling them? My suggestion if its not too presumtuous is to work with any tightness, frustration and IDENTIFICATION that you're feeling in those circumstances.

For example I'm travelling a bit at the moment. Most places I stay the night or few in have wirelss internet, as well as teh usual electrics. So a couple of nights ago I arrived somewhere and in the room could quite strongly feel the high pitched buzz of that vibration. My inital response was sort of frustration etc. There was definitely a kind of identification/frustration at the experience, but actually I seemed to release that very quickly. Then I found myself naturally (not intentional) trying to realign the frequency/energy. That did't change it, but it was interesting that I tried. So I realised (but not so much as an idea) that I needed to surrender more, as I didn't feel to leave the place immediately.
So then, I guess because I surrendered more, I actually felt the vibration a lot less. or perhaps I allowed it to define my experience less. If that makes sense? it seems a good way to describe the experience. What I think happened was that firstly my vibration was very high on arrival and then has temporarily slowed rate just a little bit after being in the space, and also that I let go of a lot of the tightness/identification pretty quick. I still feel like the environment has an effect, but less than previous. I think when you get tight about it, you'll notice it more. BUt I also think there's an invitation to be DISCERNING about where you are and feel to be, and when to leave!

trusting that's a helpful persepective. I've found being more grounded/embodied helpful too, though again not always easy in the matrixy-land. haven't really explored 'earthing' practices or things like that much, though I find spending time in nature etc essential. fresh air, and actual contact with the earth.

I think society is really really REALLY... un-aligned, really. its one of the 'interesting' things to see when travelling. So I wouldn't work to evolve away from the general sensitivity/feeling, but the identification. That's my own view. I get a sense from your words that perhaps there's some tightness and frustration to work through.
but also what is your soul inviting? perhaps if you're in those environments a lot of the time, there might be an invitation to go elsewhere or spend a lot less time there? Positively I think there's been a movement for a number of years now towards smaller off grid type places. So perhaps somewhere like that? But I guess its through the tightness first?

best wishes,


Open, Trinity, etal - I experience electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) symptoms. Do you feel that part of our 'human' evolution is to grow to tolerate electromagnetic frequencies? I get jammed too - almost debilitating - physiologially, emotionally, mentally. People offer many 'solutions' to lessen symptoms. The only one I've discovered in 3 years is less exposure. Is that a belief I can transcend? Can I transcend the effects? Do others without symptoms have no belief about the ill-effect of EMF and EMR? Ignorance is bliss? Are they enlightened mind-over-matter masters?

In reply to by ellie

Very inspiring and delightful talk by Catherine Ingram! Yes to feeling beauty, delight, and joy in the midst of the shit storm. I consciously choose to do that each day. I might miss a few days here and there, but I get back on track quickly. Thank you, Ellie! Yah for the Openhand soul family!

x Cathy

Yea! Mummy Earth willed Brexit!
On the day of the referendum it rained 1 months worth of rain in 1 day in the city of London. This caused major distruptions, through flooding, of the trasnport system in London leaving many people stuck in train stations unable to get to their polling stations. And London voted to remain, so mummy Earth made less people able to cast their vote, which means a smaller number of remain votes. And we all know it wasn't a clear cut victory to leave.....

And in the Wake of Brexit, Global economic growth (raping of the Earth) has been slowed down! She willed it, I know she did ;)

Don't worry! Global economic growth has been slowed down due to Brexit. In case you are not aware, Global economic growth = pillaging the Earth of resources.....
YES!!! There has been success! Although this is only in the words of mateyboy Obama, but both a euro and british pound have lost some of their value so less buying for them.
And it doesn't end there!

Hungarian PM has just said they want out of the EU!…

Don't worry, but with Ireland being identical to Britain, how many migrants will go there and put strain on that system instead of the UK?
Might be a bad reason to vote leave because you don't want more migrants, but I think there's a deeper problem of over population. Never the less if Ireland leaves the EU in the next 4 or 5 years, then that's the 4th biggest economy in EU....

In the wake of Brexit!

In follow up to Ellie and Open's comments about grief work, I am, once again, giving a shout out to Carolyn Baker, Jungian psychologist, courageous leader, and author of many books about sacred demise and collapsing consciously as industrial civilization winds down here. Carolyn facilitates communal grief workshops in the U.S. and perhaps elsewhere. If anyone is interested, just google her name with the word "author" and her website comes up. She's also on Facebook. I have read a few of her books, most recently "Love in the Age of Ecological Apocalypse." It can get awfully lonely when most turn away from this subject, so I greatly appreciate Carolyn's books and my Facebook contact with her as an adjunct to the invaluable support of Openhand-ers and a few family members and friends who have the courage to look the beast in the eye. I continue with my own grieving process.

x Cathy

I can only guess that my 2 cents worth is not much coming from Canada. lol Not that anything that is going on in this world is a joke, but we the people of this beautiful planet have walk an unconscious path for the most and watched from the back seat as government and big businesses took control over just about everything we live for, for the sake of power and greed. Some of us have become awakened to this state we are now in, this state I will call (The conscious state of awareness). Not all here on Gaia's back, can see what has been done to her and all that lives here. I do not know how long the world will continue to be governed and controlled the way it is. I will remain the person I am, a kind and loving man believing that when this vessel I call a body dies, my soul will become one again with the universe. Until this happens, I will share what I believe is true to my soul, and try to remain in the present and not aloud the ego to take me to places of despair.

I may never meet anyone here in person on the Openhand network but I truly feel we are all one. The energy that fills the space I share with my soul is generated by loving people like Openhanders and Gaia. So what will be will be and in the end,like you put it Open, (Alright of course, in this sense, means completeness.
How can that not be alright.) We Will All Be One


I respect and admire what you're doing Ellie. Grief work is going to become increasingly essential in the great shift, and Quan Yin is a big part of the Openhand energy. And yes, abstaining from a system you don't agree with is indeed voting. If more people did it, we'd find a system comes in pretty quickly that represents the wishes of the people.


Open *OK*

I listened to the Collapse of Civilization video again. It was originally posted 2 years ago. You mentioned there were 3 billion mobile phone users. Now, there are 6.8 billion! And they all operate via electromagnetic radiation. Apparently, this is part of our ascension and increase in DNA strands? It seems everything is changing so rapidly, yet I know it is just as true that it's all standing still; it is only my awareness expanding.

My daily meditation includes "grief-work", for all the destruction and suffering. I meditate with Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, the one who sees and hears the cry from the human world. Thank you for sharing your vision with us then, and now.

"Steady as she goes." A phrase that's been repeatedly running through my head. Yes, to that. But I so relate to your comment, Katie :)


"Can we please get this over with" - I know what you mean :-)

But steady as she goes *OK*

I almost feel that only a wipe out will cleanse, reset the energies and connection here. So a lot of the conversation feels pointless when we're heading in one direction, no matter. I'm not saying it's pointless here but you know what I mean. And speaking of wipe outs - these cause problems for souls? Fragmentation, karmic repercussion, buried trauma? Is the process slow so there can be as much possibility for soul ascension, feels that way. I'd almost prefer the other option, but can perhaps remember the effect. There's definitely a part of me that feels - can we please get this over and done with. Just putting some thoughts out there. X

And what if it won't be alright in the end?
That's alright too, isn't it? hhhhh

And so Sir Riachard Branson warns about the Chinese withdrawing investment in the UK after Brexit, and at Glastonbury Festival it seems the majority were desperately ruing the exit too - there's lots of blame for the 'blinkerdness' of older generations. Even Edward Snowden is warning of the 'break up of the UK'.

    But I ask this, has anyone, anyone else at all, stopped to consider the plight of Gaia in all this? Do we really believe the Earth can simply sail along with the current degree of consumeristic plunder that is systematically taking place throughout the EU and rest of the world? Does anyone still believe that we can live in a world of finite resources yet living on an endless gravy train of ever increasing economic growth?

Has anyone actually truly considered what's really necessary to turn back the dangerous release of C02 and methane emissions? Brexit or no Brexit, the world is accelerating toward a climatic cliff edge and it appears no one in political or business leadership can either see it, or do anything about it.

It gets to a point when, if you resist the natural flow for long enough, in one way or another, life is simply going to sweep away the fixed eddy currents of control. It invites everyone to realign with a balanced way of living.

Let's dive right in, take the battering, work to release the shadow side and then become stronger for it.



Here in america the next election is giving me the same type of inspiration to not participate. It is sad how much propaganda is spread here every day. Thankfully more and more people are waking up and seeing through the lies. I just hope that people living in other parts of the world can find compassion in their hearts for the average american citizen. Our industrial-military-government is pure evil!!!

In reply to by treebrother

It is the first time in 40 years I am choosing not to vote in upcoming U.S. election. When friends cajole me, I let them know I am voting by not participating. THAT is my vote. If everyone in America boycotted this asinine joke called an election, THAT would send a message!

A couple of people asked me privately why I chose NOT to vote in the Brexit poll, whilst holding such strong views?

Yes, I do support Brexit for all the reasons I have shared.

However, I couldn't find it in my heart to vote for, and with, politicians who were mostly nationalistic or fear mongering. I couldn't align with that. So I chose to express my feelings in a different way - to tune in with meditation and work with what I perceived to be the flow.

I trust that makes sense.


Thanks for all these perspectives Open and your insight into the 'big picture' of whats going on. The Brexit result has naturally brought up some tightness for me and my current situation. But I am also excited about whats to come. And as a collapse of our system is really needed and inevitable, I should think that Britain leaving the EU in these early stages will actually ease the transition somewhat, giving people time to adjust to each step in the process.

Having said that, things are very tense around me right now both at home as we consider our futures and within a wider community. When things like this happen the difference between 3D and 5D becomes more obvious where before some of the edges were blurry.

I've posted a few thoughts on facebook, many of them echoing what you have said here. It is likely to spark a lot of controversy among my friends and I may find myself with a few less than before, but it's time as you say to stand up and be heard. Perhaps someone might resonate.