Time for Cool Heads and Steady Hearts

Submitted by Open on Wed, 06/03/2020 - 18:18
5D Shift: Time for Cool Heads and Steady Hearts with Openhand

It's like a powder key out there in the world at this present time. It's no surprise when you consider it. The human spirit has been trampeled on deceived and abused in many different forms for too long and the realigning flow of the shift is working to unravel the old construct. AND deceptive shadow energies are desperately trying to confuse matters.

This is where we must have cool heads, strong and compassionate hearts. As energy workers this is our time to hold the steady mast of understanding, empathy and unconditonal acceptance. Let the energies of turmoil move within you if so given, but find peaceful expression, which is strong if necessary, so as to encourage realignment and embodiment of the faster, higher frequency.

There is much confusion out there right now, much deception and misalignment. It's hard to know what news to trust in. Take all with a bucket of salt! Your own sovereign soul consciousness must inform and direct. So be sure to feel into what you hear, and not to let it crystallise too soon. Let it settle as your landscape only when it clicks into place as a sense of higher knowing.

Remember, even though on the surface of things we have a quiet voice, neverheless, you are a part of a family of kindred souls all evolving and ascending that are shifting the field as we go. Feel into your heart for the connection and allow that to inform you. We can be tuned into the Benevolent Mission when we choose to, which knows and sees all, that which sorts the wheat from the chaff, and sets the rightness of direction accordingly.

Have no fear, or at least work through anything that arises. These are times of profound change - a pivotal moment in human history. Keep sailing forwards with focus, empathy, commitment and strength. Let us guide the energies as we cross the Red Sea of this ancient Human Karma.


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Amazing times, myself and, like minded souls, feels like we are on the rollercoaster of life. One minute flying higlh, flared wheel arch nostrils. That's a line from red dwarf by the way.

The next day down, sloth like, not fearful but wary of others and situations. 

Still I've bought the ticket and going to see it through.