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Exploring Time-Lines with Openhand

What we really need to be careful of is just how deceptive and distorting the Opposing Consciousness on earth right now is. How spiritual truths get distorted to create illusionary realties that the mind can more easily cope with. Or else seeding some "hope" for the future, whereas the True Self deals only in truth - how ever harsh that may appear to be. I find it useful to contemplate that as we sit here now, whole civilisations and planetary systems are being obliterated in the universal natural process of constant creation - AND, the One in you is eternal through it all. Grows through it all. Expresses through it all.

Let's take for example the concept of "Time-lines", which has become widespread in the spiritual mainstream in just a few years. Let me ask all this question: how can there be one moment of now, and at the same time, a "time-line" that tells you a particular sequence of events unfolding into the future?

The problem is, that it is close to a truth (from my perspective): that you can percieve a possible future beginning to land now. I call it "future-landing-now". But this is really more a current landing step in a particular direction. For example, the Galaxy (through the superwave), the solar system (through the Grand Solar Minimum) and the Earth (through the Pole Shift), have ALREADY set in play a particular step forwards. It just happens to be that this step is about 30 years in duration. In fact it's been moving that way for thousands of years - we're now very close to the focul point, meaning the possibility of other outcomes keeps narrowing to the probability of ONE outcome - the inevitable step that we fall into. A psychic, medium or Seer, is at best able to perceive that direction and the focul point. That's what we can call "future-landing- now".

Crucially, it is NOT a predicted time line. Or one time-line of multiple co-existing time-lines, which is another distortion you often hear.

"Time-lines" are a means by which an Opposing Consciousness creates a particular reality construct that it wants. It's done by getting a group of beings (humanity for example) to believe in a future possibility at a collective level (just as its doing right now in the pandemic). Once the conscious mind (and subconscious brain) believe in these possibilities, and at a collective level, they are quite likely to create that way - specfically, they're likely to create a bubble within the overall natural flow - which, to be clear, HAS NO INTENTION AT ALL. It is simply flowing as the Universal Torus.

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